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Tory sockpuppets claim CCTV of crowded tube is old video. New footage proves them wrong: film is new and shows crowds were responding to Johnson’s broadcast

Tory sockpuppet accounts and supporters claim undated footage of crowded tube platforms was filmed before lock-down to try to exonerate Johnson – but BBC News and ITV broadcasts this morning confirm CCTV footage was taken yesterday

After the SKWAWKBOX published footage of packed train platforms as people thought Boris Johnson had ordered them back to work yesterday, social media saw a stream of Johnson’s ‘supporters’ claiming that the footage was old video taken before the lock-down.

Some of these accounts may be genuine supporters, but many appeared to be ‘sockpuppet’ accounts and the Conservatives have a track record of using fake accounts to discredit video and images that damage their interests.

But this morning a BBC News broadcast ironically proved the claims that the videos showed pre-lockdown commuters are fake news – and confirmed that the CCTV was filmed yesterday:

ITV’s Good Morning Britain programme also used the same footage and confirmed its date.

Johnson’s decision to force people back to work while the coronavirus is still widespread is insane enough – but it is made even worse by the fact that he led millions to believe they had to return yesterday morning, with no time to prepare and government guidance on supposedly-safe travel not even published until yesterday afternoon. Johnson’s idea that people walking or cycling to work will solve crowding was a sick farce, as many people are too far from their workplace.

The new broadcast confirms what was already clear but came under attack by Tory disinformation: Johnson’s confusing message and the Tories’ disregard for working people’s lives is going to lead to a new ‘spike’ in cases and deaths in a few weeks.

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  1. Must give Angela Rayner her due this morning when she told Kay Burley who was trying to excuse the ‘mistake’ by the government of saying workers should go back yesterday, that it wasn’t KB’s job to support the government. To which Burley threw her dummy out of the pram.

  2. Odd how Tories always try banning sound evidence of their incompetence and deadly ideology. Yet they pump out falsehoods by the hour with MSM chums. They lack shame.

    We on the other hand have underestimated the necessity … BASIC necessity to crush Tory lies. Erase Tory myths. Erase them every hour, every day. I’m hoping that we take a sabbatical NOW from endless readings of political theories and indulgent “we all agree”, “we are oh so virtuous” and consensus self soothing Zoom meetings.

    The endless consensus inward looking metropolitan chatter stultified true education, true growth and TANGIBLE change. The inward polite chatter, entrenched errors and defeatism. They entrench “lets wait for another miracle” rather than facing honest diagnoses, then driving forward with dynamic EFFECTIVENESS. Virtue signalling is worthless with out ACTION to erase myths and ESTABLISH virtue. Fail to do that and we will have another five or ten years of Dire Stoma dragged Tory mal government.

    We cannot be as woeful as that. 🌹🌹🌹

    1. I see signpost is off again! But he never-EVER elaborates of course, and the reason he DOESN’T is because he is just spouting – and REPEATING for the umpteenth time! – complete and utter B/S. Now ask yourselves, how on earth would signpost know what goes on at zoom meetings across the country by CLPs. He DOESN’T of course and, as such, is just being malicious, no different what-so-ever to the saboteurs who conspired in all the false and phony allegations of A/S. And needless to say, he knows damn well that as a consequence of the lockdown, CLPs are arranging and organising zoom meetings so they can hold their monthly meetings. And ask yourself how on earth he would know that there’s ‘inward polite chatter’ and ‘entrenched errors and defeatism’ etc, etc. He doesn’t of course, and it is ALL pure fiction, fiction that he keeps repeating over and over and over again.

      Signpost is trashing US, the left, practically every single day, and yet he pretends to be on the left. So signpost, can you tell us how you know about all these ‘endless readings of political theories’? He DOESN’T of course, but just dreams up anything he can think of to criticise the left – ie first he invents something, and then he criticises it. He is a complete and utter fraud, and like the calculating, devious little shill he is, he ‘intersperses’ his B/S criticisms with ‘material’ that he knows readers will feel the same way about.

      I don’t think it’s even 24 hrs since he spouted more-or-less EXACTLY the same B/S!

      1. Here’s an example from a couple of days ago, and it is of course ALL complete invention and fiction, because signpost obviously doesn’t know – or COULD know – the things he implies he knows. If you haven’t got wise to him already and seen through his MO, all it needs is a little critical thinking – ie just ask yourself how he can make such sweeping statements about the left:

  3. Wouldn’t surprise me to hear that fat f**k ferrari squeal something along the lines of: ”Well at least Corbyn isn’t claiming to be on THAT train…”

    Fat gobshite.

    1. I wonder how long it will take the “funny fakers” on here to get their right wing establishment propaganda going?.The Fake knight has certainly emboldened the Trolls on here

      1. We’ve got the starmer diehard. (No prizes) Most definitely emboldened by career drama’s ‘ascendancy’ (by execrable means) to the leadership position

        We’ve got another one that in fairness hasn’t really changed his topics too much post-starmer and doubtful if he will. Not as rightist as the other two. Hard to figure where he stands though, he doesn’t get that he contradicts himself with every other post

        But the third has metamorphosed into that godawful ponce (with a massive overbite) the self-titled ‘tory boy’ andrew pierce – Only on steroids. again – No prizes.

        They’re about the only things NOT ‘fake’ about them in fairness, Joseph. And they’re about as funny as a pube in your cornflakes. Let’s see which of them stakes their claim to the descriptions…

  4. How did ‘the Toffee’ know I had a pube in my Cornflakes? Fake News Post Truth! No it’s not true, I had packed sardines for breakfast.

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