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Video: Patel hit by THIRD “tsunami” of bullying allegations. Source says “armageddon” if Rutnam case goes to court

Home Secretary ‘categorically rejects’ allegations, which source says will testify to under oath if case of senior civil servant goes to trial
Bully? Priti Patel

Reeling Home Secretary Priti Patel has been rocked by yet another set of bullying allegations, this time relating to her time in the Department for International Development (DfID).

Newsnight reported on the new allegations – which Patel ‘categorically rejects’ – on Tuesday evening:

Senior civil servant Philip Rutnam has resigned from the Home Office citing Patel’s alleged bullying and is suing for constructive dismissal. If Newsnight’s report is accurate, the government is terrified of what will be revealed if Rutnam’s case gets as far as a court hearing.

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  1. The fact that nobody is in the least bit surprised by these revelations says a lot about peoples perception of this odious woman.

  2. Why are you so Establishment, Skwawkbox? This is absolutely nothing compared to the battle royal which would ensue if you had a genuinely democratic socialist Labour government up against the ruling class’s civil service.

    Re-read Tony Benn for God’s sake – or even Marcia Williams!

    1. You are absolutely spot on.The odious self interested middle class bureaucrats need a boot up their arses. They frustrate, stymie and wilfully obstruct the legitimate expectations of the working classes.
      They are lucky not to be treated like a true socialist Chairman Mao did against the landlord class in China in 1947 onwards. They were taken out and shot.

    2. It’s getting a little boring now getting ‘Tony Benn’ chucked at us by some on the left, particularly Lexiters, every time they want to try and substantiate an argument. I admired TBenn as much as anyone but those of us who have been around a while know that he made quite a few mistakes in his career and was certainly not the Messiah.

      1. Benn NEVER made the mistakes of ignoring the electorate, OR bulldozing through policies undemocratically.

        Benn never took his eye off the ball, by making EU membership the be-all & end-all, like 70% of the party were warned against doing.

        THAT mistake cost the nation a socialist govt. But a socialist govt was always gonna come a distant 2nd to your determination to keep the country in the EU despite the vote going the other way.

        You’re quite right, though. Benn WASN’T the messiah…but your childish tantrum insistence and actions on EU membership most definitely weren’t.

        Were they?

        No, it was them jews lost us the election, eh, jack? Them jews – following their false messiahs ‘n’ all…

  3. Convenient it all goes off after cheap and nasties have bought another GE, if there was another election the morra, they would all close ranks again FFS wake up and smell the horseshit

  4. A lot of this anti Patel, pro civil service stuff beginning to sound like racism and misogyny dressed up as self righteousness.

    1. “racism and misogyny dressed up as self righteousness”

      Not really. She is truly odious by any criterion.

      1. Only just noticed, jack?

        Figures, I guess.

        ‘Sleepers’ eh? I’d call them dozy-arses meself, like, seeing as they don’t really hide it too well, do they?

    2. How exactly? I’ve not seen any comments that even remotely refer to race or gender?

      1. Is it possible that we have ‘sleepers’ now infiltrating Skwawkbox?

  5. Priti Patel and others 2012:

    “The British are among the worst idlers in the world. We work among the lowest hours, we retire early and our productivity is poor. Whereas Indian children aspire to be doctors or businessmen, the British are more interested in football and pop music. ”

  6. Scan the media shitstorm being hurled at Bernie Sanders, remind you of anything
    Cut through it and there is a chance he could double six them by getting enough delegates before the convention
    Now that would send tremors through the neo liberal establishment

  7. Anyone ever though that patel might’ve been livid with rutnam over windrush; seeing as she’s the daughter of immigrants, too?

    Nah, me neither.

  8. I doubt it will keep me awake worrying over another toffee nosed knight on his constructive dismissal.,even when its serial bully Pratel!.Maybe our own knight could advise on the agony of being a upper class twit.

    1. precisely , my sympathy lay with the ordinary plebs she has no doubt bullied the hell out of in times past , but have no clout or recourse .

  9. The upper echelon of the civil service come from the same privilege and are as Tory as Tory MP’s.
    In a war between two Tories we should just wish them good shooting and buy plenty of popcorn.

  10. These are baseless smears on our Home Secretary, who is doing all she can to protect us from counter terrorism.

    1. frank, your ‘I’m voting class war’ sent me on a Google hunt for an image/cartoon I vaguely remember of a troop (?) of black-clad nuns (or maybe they were monks?) walking purposefully, hooded, heads bowed and armed with pitchforks.
      Couldn’t find it but I do love the randomness of search trails.
      Next demo I might rent a nun outfit and pretend I’m lost after a hen night if I’m nicked 🙂

  11. Way off subject but I thought that the Richard Burgon’s supporters and those still undecided might appreciate reading this

    Burgon’s “ten next steps to strength members’ say” are as follows:
    1. Enable members to select their candidates for elected positions through open selections at all levels.
    2. Ensure the sovereignty of annual conference and guarantee that all policies achieving an agreed threshold at annual conference into the party’s manifesto.
    3. Work with CLP and trade union representatives to devise a new policy-making process to replace the national policy forum, with a genuine bottom-up process that harnesses the knowledge and expertise of grassroots members and trade unions and makes much better use of digital engagement.
    4. Guarantee that a women’s conference with policy-making powers occurs annually and separately from annual conference, and facilitate such conferences for BAME, disabled, LGBT+ and young members where desired.
    5. Properly resource our equality structures so all oppressed groups have opportunities for proper democratic involvement and can play a full role in the party at all levels.
    6. Reform the rules on electing Labour’s leadership to stop the Parliamentary Labour Party acting as gatekeepers.
    7. Direct election by Labour Party members of Labour group leaders to help ensure greater interest and engagement in local government.
    8. Increase representation for both constituencies and trade unions on the national executive committee.
    9. A new national student body that secures maximum involvement of student members. Work with Young Labour to provide the support they need to engage young members, including through fully functioning regional Young Labour committees.
    10. Invest in digital tools and technical support, so that CLPs can properly engage with their members using a range of channels, bringing the party into the 21st century.

    1. A bit of a mixture of good ideas and ‘motherhood and sliced bread’, woolly knee-jerking.

      1. I agree that it is a bit of a mixed bag, personally I’m still not convinced.

    2. Thanks steveH , helps confirm my decision to vote for Burgon is the right one for the party , shame he’s not standing for leader , be even better then.

      1. i second that Rob✅ I was already sparklingly convinced that Richard Burgon is a worthy oerson to take the baton from Jeremy… still hoping he will change his mind. Was impressed with his PMQs tdy & last week. Need to use the listen again. But i detect a definite improvement.

        Back to point, i wish to thank and applaud SH & RH for their comments re Richard Burgon as they make him even more appealing to those unable to devote the attention we do to these matters.

        So Three Cheers to RH, SH, Richard Burgon and Jeremy Corbyn this v minute 19:30 laying into BloJohnJonnieJon 🤗🤗🤗

    3. Para 4 looks like it fell straight out of ‘the Guardian’ as the elite bourgeoisie ensure that Blair was right & the class struggle is over. As I asked RBL when she was ‘elected’ on a single gender ticket, “Why do we need yet another solicitor & not more dockers?” She declined to answer.

  12. And this. What barbarity! The prejudice! The pure cruelty and ignorance of what it means to be decent human beings. The behaviour being reported on Reuters, shames any right thinking person with any sense law and basic justice.

    Those responsible lack shame. Their attitude of superiority over everyone else is the essence of all the worst attributes of humans, combined into one mess. Arrogance and a confusion of brute base force eg billions worth of instruments of death, unleashed on children throwing stones in retaliation… the confusion of brute force with strength and power. The brutish barbaric acts in this Reuters report, is neither strong nor powerful. It is weak, embarrassing to all of humanity and pathetic. The pathetic behaviour of bullies. Sad bullies with shiny bulldozers, crushing the homes of defenceless children. Only pathetic people would bulldoze others peoples homes … ie doing unto others that which one would not wish done to oneself. How far away from goodness us that ? ? ?

  13. SteveH 6:19pm, I think most of Richard Burgon’s ideas are OK but I have reservations and questions.
    I’ve seen “I want ten great ideas, people!” lead to the mediocre dragging down the good before.
    Outside of maths, fingers and toes there’s nothing special about 10.

    1 – OK
    2 – Once a year isn’t enough in this fast-changing world
    3 – CLP’s yes, unions no
    4 – six or more conferences will sow division – does a young, female, BAME, disabled, LGBT+ member get to vote six times?
    5 – OK
    6 – OK
    7 – OK
    8 – no special interest group representation on the NEC
    9 – don’t I remember reading of a number of existing Labour student bodies already at war with each other?
    10 – OK

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