As distancing discipline breaks down across the nation – why won’t Starmer wear a mask?

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and even right-wing leaders have been seen wearing masks, but why not Keir Starmer?

Around the country, thanks to the appalling examples set by Dominic Cummings and other Tory figures – and encouraged by Boris Johnson’s anti-scientific haste to lift lockdown measures – discipline among the public in social distancing has essentially broken down.

Even though the government has finally admitted, after long denial in spite of the scientific consensus, that wearing masks helps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, masks are becoming less evident in many public settings, in spite of the greater mingling of the population in retail and hospitality settings, as any visit to a shop or a walk by a pub will reveal.

So why won’t Keir Starmer set an example by being seen wearing a mask?

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn routinely wears one for his shopping, and has done for at least 57 days now. Boris Johnson and even Donald Trump have made token efforts to sport one for PR purposes. But a search for Keir Starmer wearing a mask reveals no examples:

The government re-opened pubs a week ago, in spite of continuing high incidence of the virus among the population – and yesterday saw infections hit an 18-day high. Yet in spite of the official advice to wear a mask in enclosed settings, Starmer was pictured during a photo-opportunity in a pub this week and again wore no mask:

When hairdressers re-opened this week, Labour’s PR machine made much of Starmer’s visit to get his hair cut, yet even then, in persistent close proximity to his hairdresser – no mask:

A simple ‘behind the ears’ facemask wouldn’t have impeded his ‘do’ and would have set an example for others rushing back for styling after the lockdown to do what they can to protect the poor salon staff, but it seems that getting his face on camera was too important.

People continue to die needlessly of this virus. Experts – even the government’s own ‘SAGE’ scientists – are warning that Johnson’s lockdown-lifting haste will fuel a second wave and kill at least another 27,000 people. Yet Labour’s leader, again, is facilitating Johnson’s actions instead of opposing.

Starmer must – again – do better.

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  1. So Starmer isn’t entirely stupid.

    Why would anyone with a brain copy Johnson and wear a pointless/useless and debilitating mask when you only have a 1 in 5000 chance of crossing the path of someone with this mild (for the vast majority) virus? The random chance of death from it are currently about 1.5m to 1!


    Or is this just a new policy of boosting Starmer?

  2. Here in Cambodia and countrys bordering here wearing of masks and bowing with hands clasped together has been traditionally accepted and followed by many before the virus and seen as manners and a form of respect .One hundred cases of CV here ,half foreigners like myself.who like me brought the virus in.No deaths and strict adherence to lockdown.Children to return to school in August,no more confirmed cases.Makes you think that in a country and a region known for breeding leathel viruses and disease all is well.Maybe the knight would find wearing a mask and bowing even lower a more suitable attire for the so called leader of the Opposition.

    1. He’s got the bowing bit off, OK. I suspect that like RH and the libertarian/free marketeers, he believes in ‘business as usual’ and 70,000 deaths is nothing new-three days at the Somme- and most of those old folk weren’t ‘producing’ anyway.

      1. Stick to the facts, bevin – religious fervour spiced with insult is no substitute for intelligence.

        The Wolfie left have been totally absent in the Tory assault on civil liberties – that’s the only reason the libertarian right look good – and why the Tooting brigade has been so incredibly useless in general. They’re searching for their arse whilst their pockets are being picked.

        From Brexit to Covid, the display of political point-missing has been spectacular in its incompetence.

        But dream on – it’s more comfortable under the duvet of delusion than is the reality of actually defending livelihoods and civil rights against the Tory predations.

    2. Joseph – the situation of Cambodia has absolutely no relevance to the situation in this country – and the differences are certainly not to do with Lock-Up or masks. The climatic conditions (particularly temperature and humidity), population distribution, as well as the culture are entirely different.

      The interesting comparison in NW Europe is Sweden, which did no strict Lock-Up, and has come out of it with much the same outcome as neighbouring Denmark, and a better outcome than Scotland or Finland – which did.

  3. Maybe he thinks he is exempt from catching it. I think something of pride, unnecessary risk taking and fall in whatever combination comes to mind.

    1. Well – a mask isn’t going to stop him catching it – only the compliant and the illiterate/innumerate believe that.

      And his chance of even catching it is far less than 1 : 5000. Which – even given that mask fetishists aren’t by definition the brightest in the nation – should be spectacular enough bad odds to deter bowing the knee to the Tories and the Scary Fairies.

      1. Starmer is Mr Establishment. The facemask and the compliance it signals is now a mandaTory requirement by Right Thinking People Everywhere, which makes Starmer’s non-compliance very odd indeed!

  4. I’ve just noticed the following phrase in the title :

    “distancing discipline”

    SB as Miss Whiplash of the Mussolini Memorial Front!

      1. Which if I follow the Covid narrative then becomes a dangerous bio hazard, covered in potentially infectious, deadly spittle.

    1. Don’t be ridiculous. He’s only posing with it, a la Farage. I bet the boring bastard’s teetotal!

      1. If he isn’t teetotal he’s deffo one of these poncey craft gin or prosecco types.

        The poncey twunt,.

      2. Like Humphrey Bogart, I “never trust a bastard who doesn’t drink” (unless his/her teetotalism is enforced by medical circumstances)!

      3. timfrom – Do you include those whose religion forbids the consumption of alcohol n your rather arbitory policy on who to mistrust.

      4. Oh yeah include religious reasons too, of course! Anyone else I’ve forgotten?

      5. Who’s ‘objecting’ to stammer’s alleged teetotalism? I haven’t seen anyone ‘objecting’.

        Now look here, you thoroughly confounding oddball – we’re all of us, only too well aware you’re besotted with the useless article to the point that you’re now modelling yourself on his every quirk & peculiarity; but that doesn’t mean you can – like stammer – go around making allegations you can’t substantiate.

        And I seriously doubt anyone’s remotely arsed whether the greasy one imbibes or not. Doesn’t change the fact that he – like you – is a horridable pretentious twott.

        Oh, and I had the misfortune to catch a bit of that article of him pulling the pint on Tv… He had to be shown how to do so after the first one had head on it like Colin Kaepernick.

        Which demonstrates clearly and unequivocally that stammer’s just like the rest of these careerist MPs; when it comes to actually doing something that requires a little manual effort and/or dexterity, they’re fooked. Isn’t one of them can jump on a banjo (use a shovel) pour a pint, or even stick a label on something.

        I’m surprised some of them can push out a turd, nevermind hold a pen.

  5. Hes a tough male! Just what we need more of after thousands of years of it

  6. The effectiveness of face masks in healthy and asymptomatic individuals remains questionable. Experts warn that such masks may interfere with normal breathing and may become “germ carriers”. Leading doctors called them a “media hype” and “ridiculous”.

    Various countries have introduced or are currently discussing the introduction of mandatory masks in public transport, in shopping malls, or generally in public.

    Due to the lower-than-expected lethality of Covid-19 and the available treatment options, this discussion might become obsolete. The original argument regarding a reduction of hospitalizations (“flatten the curve”) is also no longer relevant, as the hospitalization rate was and is about twenty times lower than initially assumed.

    Nevertheless, the question of the effectiveness of masks can be asked. In the case of influenza epidemics, the answer is already clear from a scientific point of view: masks in everyday life have no or very little effect. If used improperly, they can even increase the risk of infection.

    The medical benefit of compulsory masks therefore continues to remain questionable. In any case, a comparative study by the University of East Anglia came to the conclusion that compulsory masks had no measurable effect on the incidence of Covid infections or deaths.

    We did not find evidence that surgical-type face masks are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission, either when worn by infected persons (source control) or by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility

      1. brianbotou – For goodness sake catch up, the ‘information’ you have linked to was posted at the beginning of May. This is what the CDC are saying now 28/06/2020. Knowingly spreading misinformation about health issues is a dangerous, despicable and contemptible thing to do. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        •CDC recommends that people wear cloth face coverings in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.
        •Cloth face coverings may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others.
        •Cloth face coverings are most likely to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when they are widely used by people in public settings.
        •Cloth face coverings should NOT be worn by children under the age of 2 or anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

      2. Brian, your CDC article is about influenza, not Covid-19. They’re different viruses, so conclusions about one aren’t necessarily applicable to the other.

      3. Mask vs. no mask comparative tests in the general population don’t take into account the fact that the public have never been trained in how to use them safely.
        Health professionals are trained and that, PLUS THE AVAILABILITY OF MASKS makes them effective.
        It would be easy to train the general public in the effective use of PPE with videos, but then they might start asking why there isn’t enough to go around – that would expose Tory incompetence in failing to ensure adequate supplies and safe/environmentally sound disposal of used PPE.
        That would never do, would it, RH, Bubba?
        Better to pretend doctors and nurses are soft in the head for wearing masks and gloves to limit the spread of infection.

        Here’s what is stupid – the country needn’t have been locked down AT ALL if the Tories had planned for epidemic, hadn’t sold off the PPE supply infrastructure to their fuckwitted mates and hadn’t been completely oblivious to the need for test and trace until it was too late.
        Hardly any businesses need have been shut down or employees been laid off if everyone had PPE and knew how to use it.

      4. The CDC is wrong on “cloth face coverings” as a moment’s thought will convince any reasonably perceptive person.
        Dedicated masks have an inside and an outside and locate naturally on the face in the same position every time to within a few millimetres – “cloth” doesn’t do that. Every time cloth is adjusted/removed/replaced it risks putting previously contaminated areas next to mouth, nose or eyes. What was the outside five minutes ago can become the inside – that makes it worse than useless.
        With a mask you only have to protect the inside of it from contact with anything that could be contaminated including your hands – that takes thought, care and a little dexterity but it’s doable.

      5. You’re way behind the curve, SteveH. Nothing has changed in the overall assessment of wearing face masks in a community situation – i.e that there is no evidence for their effectiveness. They are chain link fences attempting to stop mosquitoes – pure wishful magic. Meanwhile we *do* know that wearing masks has detrimental effects. The balance of evidence is quite clear – don’t do it. There are *no* RCTs that contradict this conclusion by any normal scientific criterion.

        That would be true whatever the rate of infection – but, of course, simple scientific illiteracy becomes total absurdity when you get a grip on the levels of infection. To even come across a Covid-19 infection, you would now have to meet about 9-10000 individuals. !!!!! To die from an infection is a 1.5m to 1 chance.

        If you want to believe Brown-Shirt Boris and bow down with Starmer against all the evidence in this situation of a disappeared epidemic – that’s your Tory arse-licking right

        But please don’t involve the sane amongst us in this Scary Fairy enterprise.

  7. And a quick mention of a true rock solid English footballer and working class supporter..jack Charlton(RIP)….remembered by us oldies as a hero of the miners and a hero to many in Ireland .Jack always remained like his family loyal to his roots and despite his World cup winner ! Medal was always modest honest and was never impressed with the trappings of celebrity or the titles…..the Labour party and many others could learn much about loyalty and kinship from a very special man…!

      1. Steve H…..youve just lost track…and everybody knows..!

    1. What relevance has an honest, successful, hard working man of integrity like Jack Charlton got to a wine bar crackpot socialist like you Joseph? If there is any point in any contribution here you will always miss it and spout your paranoid tripe. Stay in your luxury in Cambodia with the other tax exile expats but don’t try and con us you have anything in common with the ordinary worker in the UK.

      1. Nobody,but Nobody comes to Cambodia to be a “tax exile” or to be a wine bar socialist “mr plain stupid of the Bolton popular font for the Conservatives and unionist party…I recieve seven hundred pounds to live off per month for myself and my wife..I have given most of my money away to more deserving family members after selling property in the UK and USA.I paid money to the undeserving US government last year and have not given my life to the Labour party or anymore donations.I came to Cambodia To do somthing,and make a difference for a country that deserved help.You and your kind will never understand that…,,its beyond your comprehension.I have made a difference and enjoyed my time providing water,sanitation and solar power to a people who needed help after an horrific genocide by Pol Pot and a system of government that drove them into the Stone age.Do not make comments and stupid generalisation about myself and my actions that always will be motivated by a belief in the good people of Ireland the UK and most importantly the working-class of all countrys.including the one I came to love Cambodia.

      2. Joseph – You really shouldn’t be surprised that people think you are a mini Bill Gates. You did write this about yourself.
        I was very lucky in Business and had extensive property in the UK and abroad which allows me freedom and an insight into the greed and averice of the wealthy.I work as a volenteer for a NGO in Cambodia and Veitnam.I travel back to France yearly and campaign in the UK “

  8. “The information you posted was at the beginning of May. This is what the CDC are saying now 28/06/2020. Knowingly spreading misinformation about health issues is a dangerous, despicable and contemptible thing to do. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

    Now, are you saying that the information that the CDC posted at the beginning of May was not true? In addition, you have found an update from them which is commendable.

    However, you may or may have not noticed that I also used more than source ie the studies from virologists, doctors, medical institutions and the University of East Anglia Study concerning the effectiveness of face masks from the May.
    Dated. Updated: July 2020;

    Are you saying that the information from the University of East Anglia is not true?

    1. brianbotou – Are you having a laugh.

      “Now, are you saying that the information that the CDC posted at the beginning of May was not true?”
      Given your level of comprehension I don’t suppose its your fault you don’t know how scientific opinion works. Are you saying that the CDC who’s early May information you were relying on has now got it wrong.

      you have found an update from them which is commendable.
      It is disingenuous of you to make out that ‘finding’ this information was anything special. As soon as I saw the date on the nonsense you posted (which has subsequently proved to be incorrect) I clicked on the CDC’s homepage and then clicked on the prominent icon for Covid-19 and then clicked on the icon for face coverings. 2 clicks from the homepage is all it took, The question is why didn’t you check for up to date info.Were you too dumb, too lazy or just being malicious.

      How dumb are you to link to yet another article that was written at the beginning of May

      Even going back to the begining of May this is what the UEA webpage that your Swiss ‘experts’ link to actually says. Not quite as definitive as you are trying to make out.
      Wearing facemasks in public was not associated with any independent additional impact. But the researchers say these results are too preliminary to reliably inform policy.
      Dr Julii Brainard said: “The use of face coverings initially seems to have had a protective effect. However, after day 15 of the face covering advisories or requirements, we saw that the number of cases started to rise – with a similar pattern for the number of deaths.
      “Face coverings may even be associated with increased risk, but the data quality for this is very uncertain.
      “The results on face coverings are too preliminary to reliably inform policy, but what results are available do not support their widespread use in the community.
      “Wearing face covering as an intervention certainly merits close monitoring,” she added

      As for the Swiss website you are relying on it appears to be a false fact checker for conspiracy theorists and self evidently relies (like you) on out of date information to make it’s feeble case.

      You’ve completely buggered any credibility you may have thought you had. Please don’t waste my time.

      1. “As for the Swiss website you are relying on it appears to be a false fact checker for conspiracy theorists… ”

        and “You’ve completely buggered any credibility you may have thought you had. Please don’t waste my time.”


        Don your face nappy, be happy…

      2. Because of your lack of reading comprehension, you missed a key point, the second article it was about INFLUENZA NOT ABOUT COVID 19. Here you can read it again.

        “ We did not find evidence that surgical-type face masks are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission, either when worn by infected persons (source control) or by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility. “

        Are you saying the second quote is false.

        Now, in regards to the first source if you have proof that the information cited frequently from the Swiss site not only from myself but also from other posters is false let’s see your evidence since I presented evidence concerning the establishment propagandist Aaronovitch cited in the integrity initiative document.

        Show some backbone man!

      3. Emoji are for children and watered down effect. I’m too old to know how to deploy them even if I chose to.

        ROFL is exactly what I meant!

      4. Maria,

        “Face nappy”. Brilliant! I’m using that if you don’t mind!

  9. Trump, Johnson, Corbyn all pushing mask wearing as Covid is waning… very strange bedfellows indeed… or perhaps not?

    Personally I can’t wait for the photos/film of Parliamentary donkey’s all wearing their face nappies soaking up the nonsense and toxic fumes spouting from their mouths.

    1. Laughing so much at the masked ‘elected’ twits, apostrophes being given to donkeys. Actually, politicians wearing masks is most appropriate… masked raiders, enabling stealing from the public to give even more wealth to the lazy Rentier classes who can easily afford to buy politicians and policies.

      1. The politicians are hired hands for the establishment of rentier classes as you so rightly pointed out. Unfortunately, there are some who cannot grasp this hence why the democratic socialist Labour Party ended up with a lackey for them in the shape of the knight of the realm.

    2. There has always been a simple problem for politicians. It’s not ideological : they simply don’t like being unpopular – particularly in terms of their carer prospects within the Party.

      Then there’s simply the fact that control of information is now so comprehensive that even the well-intentioned haven’t the stickability or simple ability to dig below the surface of a narrative.

      As someone once mentioned – there is a strong similarity between politicians and nappies : they need to be changed often, and they’re often full of the same stuff :-). Sad – but often true. And it isn’t getting better.

  10. Stark.

    In first post I made it said right at the top of the page from the link.

    Facts about Covid-19

    Updated : July 2020;

    Agreed the second citation is about influenzas and I included in the quote the fact it was about influenza.As it states “ We did not find evidence that surgical type masks are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission…”. I never claimed otherwise!

    1. brainbotou – Hopefully next time you’ll follow the links and do a bit of critical reading before jumping in with both feet.

      1. Read the post I have made in this thread and the other. Then you can apologise for not reading people’s posts properly. In addition, have you found the backbone to defend what you have written about Aaronovitch who I stated was an establishment propagandist and cited in the integrity initiative document. Perhaps, if you to spec savers it might help with your reading comprehension but your lack of bottle is a different issue.

      2. brianbotou – I’ve wasted enough of my time reading the nonsense you’ve posted today. You keep digging I’m quite happy to watch you make a fool of yourself.

    2. All I was saying was that conclusions drawn from influenza research isn’t necessarily applicable to coronaviruses. They’re entirely different viruses.

      1. Well in terms of the effectiveness of masks in influenza they’re unequivocal. Bh

      2. brainbotou – Even by you low standards that’s a bit desperate.

  11. Hey folks, what’s going to happen in the autumn/winter when Covid is back killing all in it’s path… masks wont have worked, will the public all be issued hazmat suits made by Dyson (if they have capacity if still making ventilators) and worn 24/7… or will all suspected of being infected be herded/forced into some sort of camps by Gov appointed private contractor PublicHealthOfficers? What next to save all from the 2020 “plague”?

    1. brianbotou – Does anybody care, it’s irrelevant. A picture of you appropriately smiling like the village idiot doesn’t inspire confidence.

      1. ” does anybody care ” well, you don’t seem to care that your reading comprehension is woefully lacking and you post a citation concerning the establishment propagandist Aaranovitch who was cited in an integrity initiative document without having the backbone to defend what you have written. The idiocy is all yours my dear boy. Looking for a new occupation, you are aren’t making the grade as a propagandist dear boy.

      2. brianbotou – I don’t care about your obsessions. I’m quite content to stand by my link to an article highlighting the character flaws prevalent amongst people like yourself. Keep up the good work.

  12. According to the latest polls Keir is getting more and more popular.

    Competent, likeable, decisive: Keir Starmer beating Boris Johnson on all counts
    An Observer poll finds voters now believe that the Labour leader is outperforming the prime minister .

    Half of UK voters say they have formed a more favourable view of the Labour party since Keir Starmer became its leader in April, according to the latest Opinium poll for the Observer.
    On Monday Starmer will mark his first 100 days since succeeding Jeremy Corbyn, and he has made a far greater positive impact with the electorate than his predecessor did in his early days in charge.

    1. The British have formed the view that media intendeds them to… what’s new in UK?

      1. Maria – “What’s new”

        It’s a long time since we’ve seen a Labour Party Leader leading in the polls.

      2. SteveH, UK polls are an extension of UK media establishment propaganda/public relations/influence ops… so as usual British public is easily manipulated. Who leads in polls is of zero practical use to those suffering in the Covid response trashing of the real SME economy.

      1. RH – I remember reading recently that Keir was doing better in the polling than the party but both were moving in a positive direction.

        Some of the results of the latest YouGov polling are quite striking
        ““Among Labour voters, 73 percent back Starmer as most appealing to the general voter, while only 7 percent still hang on and say Jeremy Corbyn had a better appeal.”

    2. Steve : citing the Guardian whilst rubbishing the well-referenced and wide range of the ‘Swiss Doctor’ site isn’t exactly a mark of discrimination about information 🙂

  13. The Observer along with the Guardian and the vast majority of the MSM sustained a continuous propaganda campaign against the democratic socialist Labour party leader who offered clear blue water between the Tories and the Neoliberal dogma which has benefited the 0.1% to the detriment of the 99.9%.

    Now the establishment lackey, who is controlled also by the US right wing oligarchs, is considered by the levers of power to have returned the Labour party to the Neoliberal fold all the stops are being pulled by the organs of truth to support the Knight of the realm. It’s back to a two sides of the same party that’s the Business party.

  14. Steve H. 10.190m 12.07
    ” I don’t care..”. Exactly, you don’t care that your are citing establishment propagandists cited in a document of state run propaganda organization integrity initiative. namely, Aaronovitch. Look for another occupation my son, you are not cutting the mustard as a propagandist. Your supervisor needs to have a word in your shell like!

      1. Oh dear, so speaks a Lachiko with no backbone to defend his posts citing the establishment propagandist who was cited in a state run propaganda organization ( integrity initiative) document, namely, Aaronovitch. Listen to good advice speak to your supervisor and confess you are not up to it as a propagandist. You keep getting caught out my old son!

    1. brianbotou 12/07/2020 at 10:43 pm
      Your desperation is showing. You are either incredibly stupid or dishonest, why else would you selectively quote only ½ of a short 6 word sentence unless your intention was to deceive. If only you were ½ as clever as you think you are you are..

      What I actually wrote is “I don’t care about your obsessions.”

      1. Steve H, 12.30am 13.07.2020. You don’t care is the key phrase hence why I highlighted it.

        You don’t care that you make statements such as the CDC statement about the ineffectiveness of face masks against INFLUENZA IS CRAP.

        You don’t care that the statements from the University of East Anglia, medical doctors, Professors, virologists, institutions stating that face masks are not very effective against COVID 19 stems from a propaganda site. Yet, You can offer no proof, evidence, documentation to support your claims.

        You cite an establishment propagandist who is cited in an integrity initiative document, namely David Aaronovitch, yet, you cannot defend what you have cited about him.

        It’s very obvious that you are a propagandist, however, you are not fulling your role very well. Your supervisor should tell you that’s time for a career change!

      2. brianbotou – Please just accept the fact that the articles you linked to were either out of date or irrelevant.

        Perhaps you should be more concerned about your own rather perverse insistence on trying to defend the fact that you were irresponsible enough to post advice and/or information that was either out of date or irrelevant.

        The known facts have changed so logically the scientific opinion has evolved and changed, for most of us it really isn’t a difficult thing to understand.

  15. Deju vu man of the masses Farage’s mate or BJ at his chums Tim (zero hours) Martins.

  16. And Steve H will still “Mask” the behaviour of his employer the knight of the Labour party no matter what the vile right wing establishment pantomime politics purveyor of greed supports..Money and titles talk to Steve H …and the propaganda does not mask the intent and direction of the so called opposition leader of the Labour party.

    1. Joseph – Self evidently you are the one with a perverse obsession about titles, not me.

  17. With the disarray and detachment from reality and promotion of the Tory narrative about Covid-19 seen in this thread, the 77th Brigade will soon be redundant. 🙂

  18. Steve H.4.14pm 13.07.2020 Is the article from CDC concerning the ineffectiveness of face masks for INFLUENZA false or in your words “ crap”. I have asked you numerous times to say YES OR NO.

    Furthermore, can you provide evidence, proof documentation which refutes the study from the University of East Anglia plus medical doctors, Professors, virologists institutions which states the wearing of face masks is not very effective against COVID-19.

    In addition, you cited an establishment propagandist David Aaronovitch ( journalist for is a columnist for the right wing Murdoch owned paper The Times) who was cited in an integrity initiative document which I provided proof for it. To date, despite asking you innumerable times to defend or refute you have refused to do so which can only lead to the conclusion you are a propagandist! and should be treated as such !!!

    1. brianbotou – The CDC info on influensa is irrelevant in the context of Covid-19

      The information published by UEA although no doubt produced in good faith at the time has now proved to be inaccurate. The science moved on several weeks ago, it is high time you caught up.

      As for your obsession about Aaronovitch being mentioned in the long article that I referenced about the character traits prevalent in those sucked down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories (supported by several academic studies) then your obsession is your own, it only forms a very small part of the article and I’m just not interested.

      If you are not bright enough to understand all the above then that again is your problem.

      1. I asked you a question is the article from the CDC regarding the ineffectiveness of face masks for INFLUENZA false or in your words “ crap”. Yes or No

        I asked you is the study from the University of East Anglia plus medical virologists, Professors, doctors institutions regard face masks are not very effective against COVID-19 false and if so can you provide evidence, proof, documentation to prove it.

        I also asked you to defend or refute your citing of David Aaronovitch an establishment propagandist cited in an integrity initiative document.

        To date you have done none of these. You are a propagandist as a number of posters have already stated.

      2. You’ve had my answer. if you are really too stupid to see that as new knowledge becomes available then the scientific advice will change then I can’t help you. If you want details of the research behind the change in advice regarding masks then I suggest you start by looking at the CDC web-page that I linked to.

  19. SteveH.8.02pm 13.07.2020. ” You’ve had my answer…’. Did you you answer the first question. Answer NO

    Did you answer the second question. Answer No.

    Did you answer the third question. Answer No.

    What you did answer is whether you are a propagandist. Answer a resounding YES as a number of posters are already aware of!

    1. brainbotou – It’s the only answer. you are going to get. If you are finding it difficult to understand it then I suggest get a friend or family member to help you out.

      1. “ It’s the only answer you are going to get. “ Yes, quite. It’s perfectly understandable why you are unwilling to answer the 3 questions I have continually asked you. Being a propagandist your supervisor won’t grant permission. Your are in quandary!!!

  20. Steve H, 11.23pm 13.07
    2020. By refusing to answer you confirm that what you said about the CDC referral to masks as being ineffective against INFLUENZA as ” crap” is false.

    By refusing to answer concerning the University of East Anglia plus the medical doctors, professors, virologists, institutions concerning the wearing of face masks as being not very effective against Covid-19 as TRUE

    By refusing to answer that you are unable to defend what you have written co concerning Aaronovitch who I stated was an establishment propagandist and cited in the integrity initiative document as being true Aaronovitch is an establishment propagandist working or with integrity initiative a state financed propaganda organization.

    Lastly, you refuse to answer what I and other posters have said you are a propagandist.

    Yes, I can see why you cannot answer !!!!

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