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Video: Health Sec Hancock blatantly breaches social distancing for Commons backslapping

Hancock’s position should be instantly untenable

Health Secretary Matt Hancock was caught on camera just before today’s PMQs indulging in a spot of social undistancing with a parliamentary colleague in the Commons chamber.

Hancock sauntered into the House, stood inches from another MP and patted him on the back, before finally seeming to realise – told by his colleagues? – that he was breaching his own rules and awkwardly, eventually, finding some kind of distance:

In such an office of responsibility during the worst health crisis in a century, Hancock’s position became instantly untenable – especially as the Tories try to persuade the public that adherence to distancing and isolation is important in spite of the non-sacking of Dominic Cummings and even more so as someone who has allegedly been a coronavirus sufferer.

That he is still in post this evening is a sad reminder of the stale shamelessness of his boss and his whole party, who have sacrificed tens of thousands of lives on the altar of their arrogance.

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  1. Jeezus – being dumber than Hunt takes some doing but I think he just nailed it.
    And is that a trick of the light or a reeely bad comb-over?

    1. Professor Sir David King just took apart and shredded the Tories’ response to Covid on BBC News. I wish I’d recorded it because I seriously doubt it’ll be on every half-hour like the most important kind of news – ‘news’ like ‘Labour antisemitism’.
      His main criticism was of the dismal failure of testing and tracing, the blame for which he laid squarely on the Tories for awarding contracts to private companies at a few centralised locations instead of to existing local healthcare infrastructures that already knew how to do the work.
      The time needed to send test kits away to distant hubs for processing means results aren’t available for much longer than the 24hrs he says is the maximum tolerable delay if test and trace is to be effective.
      He also said hotels should have been requisitioned as quarantine centres to make oversight and medical support easier – solutions obvious to anyone except this government of feeble upstarts.

      1. Raab thinks taking a knee “..seems to be from ‘Game of Thrones’..” and also that it’s a symbol of subjugation.
        What an idiot – it has a long history in US football and army as a quick search would have told him.
        Far from being an act of submission or subjugation, fool, it’s a pause for reflection or prayer and of being united in a common purpose – in this context it’s a protest against subjugation.

  2. No doubt a few drinks in the subsidised bars at the House before entering the lions den….A steadying hand whilst intoxicated settles the , “Shakes”.Maybe Social distancing from alcohol 🍸 might help many MPs?…or could it be somthing they sniff?or swallow because the performance of !most mps in public is disgusting.


    ‘Why are the lab escape denialists telling such brazen lies?’

    A recent Guardian headline instructs us to “ignore the conspiracy theories” about the potential role of a Wuhan biolab in the emergence of the virus that triggered the current pandemic……

    Since the start of the pandemic, Daszak has been all over the world’s media, as well as social media, decrying suggestions that SARS-CoV-2 might have come out of a lab as “preposterous”, “baseless”, “crackpot”, “conspiracy theories”, and “pure baloney”. And he has backed up these complete dismissals with a welter of questionable claims.

    NB If you type >covid 19 laboratory< into their search engine you'll find lots of articles regarding the lab scenario

    1. Allan, I have no idea on whether it was the Chinese lab or a natural occurrence, but the publicly quoted experts seem united in thinking that on balance it was probably natural.
      Seems to me that even if it was the Chinese lab they’ll never admit it – and nobody wants a war over it – so I don’t see much point in falling out over it.
      If it was a release I see no adantage to China in doing it deliberately, so I believe it would have been accidental.

  4. Allan –
    Coronavirus: Social media users more likely to believe conspiracies
    Rory Cellan-Jones Technology correspondent
    From the idea that the coronavirus was created in a lab to the belief that it is all part of a plan to bring in compulsory vaccinations, conspiracy theories have been plentiful in recent months.

    Now, research indicates that people who get their news from social media are more likely to believe in such theories – and also more likely to break lockdown rules.


    Mr Hancock said he was “so sorry for a human mistake on my part”.

    Yeah, cos mistakes are things only humans make, aren’t they, you f***ing reptile?

    When’s the bastard gonna say he’s ‘So sorry’ for the tens-of-thousands of unnecessary human deaths he’s caused?

    He isn’t. Because that weren’t any ‘mistake’.

    1. Who were the other mps here…. looked like a unsocially distant barman dance,
      Also good to see our reliable media avoiding mentioning this as they blithely chat on in background

  6. The BBC from the moment of its foundation has supported the state. Eg the government in the 1926 General Strike. Both George Orwell and J.B. Priestly complained that they were alienated because they refused to follow the government narrative of the day. In addition, in the 1950s-60s MI5 had a censoring and personnel vetting service in the BBC.

    Furthermore, it manipulated the broadcasts on the miners strike and was the cheer leader for the WMD, 45 minutes to doom scam.

    Moreover, as Andrew Marr, standing outside no 10 giving sychophantic praise to New Labours efforts to murder hundreds of thousands of people of people on false pretenses and being unaware that he was being manipulated ( as Noam Chomsky demonstrated to him in an interview some years) . In addition of course, the misrepresentation, selective bias and downright lies about Jeremy Corbyn from a plethora of senior BBC political editors, journalists and documentary film makers was further proof, evidence that it’s a propaganda outlet for the government and narrative of the day.

    So it’s very amusing to read comments that BBC is decrying other media outlets as being ” conspiracy theory ” peddlers.

  7. Yet another Tory failure.

    The Tories have thrown in the towel and are abandoning their ‘all singing, all dancing’ (big brother) Track and Trace App in favour of the Google/Apple solution that respects our privacy.

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