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Outbreaks in schools reach highest level in 6 weeks

New coronavirus outbreaks in schools have reached their highest level in 42 days, with fifty-five schools affected:

The news is unsurprising, as research in Germany and France confirmed the speed with which the virus can spread in a school setting – and that children with coronavirus are just as infectious as adults. It comes as even scientists on the government’s own ‘SAGE’ committee break ranks again to warn that Boris Johnson’s haste to lift the lockdown is too great, too early and will drive increased rates of infection.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock was recently forced to admit a link between the spike of infections that led to the renewed lockdown in Leicester and transmission in schools, yet Labour continues to adopt a stance of supporting the Tories’ back-to-school plans:

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  1. Fast-Track herd immunity program follow the Dodgy Donald approach. The R number is not that relevant if the K factor is ignored-sorry forgot the politicians making decision have degrees in Classics and Law.

  2. Thought that wasn’t gonna happen here?

    Oh well – It’s only kids, innit?

    1. Well – since ‘kids’ aren’t affected in any significant way, it isn’t an issue.

      But, it’s also simply a feature of increasing testing (and not very accurate testing at that). Has nobody noticed that the possible identification of virus-like RNA (of which there are multitudes in every body) coincides with more schools – not more illness?

      A bit of primary school maths comes in handy at times.

      1. So these infected kids live in school do they? for every child infected 4 other people (some with underlying conditions) also get infected. It’s the perfect way to produce a second wave.

    1. Hi Maria, It would be helpful if you could indicate the relevance of the document you have kindly attached. What does it inform us about the reports of cv in schools?

      1. I posted the link to a Law change in England. If you think it is of no relevance ignore it. Skwarkie doesn’t highlight much about law changes so I was sharing info for those who may not have seen it. That is all, if I had meant more I would have said so.

  3. If we go back to full lockdown the biggest victims are the ordinary working people who will suffer from unemployment, poverty and poor health (both mental and physical) which add to mortality rates over years to come. Middle and upper class people will not see a difference, they will hardly notice any diminution in income (earned and unearned) and now the death rate is falling so much the differences between cv and a bad case of flu is not very great. It is not a great sign of Marxist class consciousness to argue for policies with little benefit but massive detrimental effects for ordinary working class people. But I suppose for the metropolitan elite supping Chablis in Shepherds Bush and the other wine bar socialists around the country it was ever thus.

  4. Just an accurate summary of the real situation for those not up to speed with the technicalities amongst the fog of government propaganda :

    “In most Western countries, the peak of coronavirus infections was already reached in March or April and often before the lockdown. The peak of deaths in most Western countries was in April. Since then, hospitalizations and deaths have been declining in most Western countries.

    This development also applies to countries without a lockdown, such as Sweden, Belarus and Japan. Cumulative annual mortality in most western countries continues to be in the range of a mild (e.g. CH, AT, DE) to strong (e.g. USA, UK) influenza season.

    After the end of the lockdowns, the number of corona tests in the low-risk general population has increased strongly in many countries, for example in connection with people returning to work and school.

    This led to a certain increase in positive test results in some countries or regions, which was portrayed by many media and authorities as an allegedly dangerous increase in “case numbers” and sometimes led to new restrictions, even if the rate of positive tests remained very low.

    As was already pointed out in March, the “case numbers” are a misleading figure that cannot be equated with sick or infected people. A positive test can, for example, be caused by non-infectious virus fragments, an asymptomatic infection, a repeated test, or a false positive result.

    Moreover, counting alleged “case numbers” is not meaningful simply because antibody tests and immunological tests have long shown that the new coronavirus is up to fifty times more widespread than assumed on the basis of daily PCR tests.

    Rather, the decisive figures are the number of sick people, hospitalisations and deaths. It should be noted, however, that many hospitals are now back to normal operation and all patients, including asymptomatic patients, are additionally tested for the coronavirus. Therefore, what matters is the number of actual Covid patients in hospitals and ICUs.”

    Of course, the real problem now is the backlog of treatment caused by the propaganda over the vanishing Covid-19 virus. Anyone in contact with the health services will be familiar with the dire situation caused by Lock-Up, which far outweighs any effects from the virus itself.

    … and that’s before we get on to the massive impact of stopping most economic activity and normal social interaction.

    1. I believe Covid is out there, but I also believe the lock down legislation is being abused, and fear is being promoted to keep us in check. And before anyone says anything, my brother in law was ill in hospital on oxygen therapy for five weeks, and his brother died with Covid BUT has been very ill for a long time with co morbid conditions.

  5. Rebecca Long Bailey was right (and probably was sacked for not staying on message more than anything). WhileStarmer, Reeves and Philips supported this potential disaster. We need another leader.

  6. “We need another leader.”
    To paraphrase the poet Bart Simpson: “Earth to Sandra… Earth to Sandra.” 🙂 🙂

  7. This government doesn’t much care for purposeful opposition, that’s why their chums control the media. That’s why they’ve arranged for Starmer to lead the (lack of) opposition.

    The purpose of Sir Keir is to effectively serve no purpose! Could almost have been hand picked

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