The video that shows beyond reasonable doubt that Starmer’s approach to ‘opposition’ = don’t upset the right

Toe-curlingly awful interview as Shadow Treasury Secretary Phillipson contorts all ways to avoid saying Tories should scrap parking charges for NHS staff

During this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), Keir Starmer told Boris Johnson that Johnson’s plan to reinstate car parking charges for hard-pressed NHS staff was ‘wrong’ and asked him if he would withdraw it. But he didn’t demand it.

A few hours earlier Starmer’s Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Bridget Phillipson, had appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain t o discuss the Tories’ plan to reintroduce NHS parking charges. She too managed to say it was ‘wrong’ – but contorted like a fish on a hook when the show’s presenters asked her whether Labour would call on the government to abandon the plan.

It was toe-curlingly awful:

Phillipson is not alone. Unite’s Howard Beckett was forced to speak out yesterday after Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds backed away from calling for a wealth tax to fund investments in the country rather than hitting the poor and vulnerable.

Bridget Phillipson has her own form, of course – she attacked Labour’s hugely successful 2017 general election manifesto for offering too much. But she is following Starmer’s instructions, as a leaked letter she sent to MPs in May makes clear.

And Starmer’s instructions seem to be to avoid committing to anything, giving a clear answer to anything, that might offend slash-and-burn right-wingers and those who fall for the Establishment’s lies about affordability. Rather than making the case for something better – an argument Labour had already won – the current Labour stance seems to be all too reminiscent of the days of Harriet Harman’s craven order to abstain on the 2015 welfare bill.

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  1. ‘NHS staff deserve to be treated fairly, and have their work recognised’

    …So, you’re gonna offer them another clapping session on a wednesday night, are ya?

    Beneath contempt. To paraphrase cromwell: ‘Ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

    Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you?

    Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation. You were deputed here by the people to get grievances redressed, are yourselves become the greatest grievance.

    In the name of God, go!”

  2. We had a left wing leader for four years and still couldn’t wrest control from the parasites.
    Corbyn winning the leadership was thoroughly deserved but still an accident – a lucky fluke.
    Seems to me nothing’s changed – we’re back to square one.
    The right still have the BBC/MSM, the police, the armed forces, 90% of the wealth of the country and 87% of Labour MP’s – in effect their resources are unlimited.
    With only a right wing Tory party and a divided, mostly right wing Labour party, how do the electorate choose socialism?
    We need a real socialist party united behind a genuinely socialist manifesto with workable policies that have survived rigorous academic examination.

    1. David, you are talking in abstractions here. What you need is concreate action. What about activist standing for election as independent Cllrs? A lot of Labour Cllrs are just fat cats that go along implementing cuts that affect the working class but no cutting their allowances.
      Hence, why no stand against them? with a good programme that addresses local issues, independent socialist, local candidates can win in safe Labour seats in which voter participation is very low around 35% or lower, the LibDems and the Greens don’t bother to run candidates, the Tories don’t reach 500 votes. But Labour candidates get elected time and time again with less than 2000 votes cast in their favour.
      I don’t imagine for a minute that the independent candidates will manage to take control of the LA, but they can return a hung LA. Under those conditions decent independents that are there to sever the community in their wards rather than to line their pockets, can make demands.
      Labour leader you wish to keep you position as leader and your senior Cllrs as lead Cllrs? This is the price for our votes. Start making demands such as improvement of services on neglected former safe labour wards (now represented by the independents) bringing agency staff in house, and giving deadlines. You (LP) don’t implement our demands by the agreed time and we will bring you down. The Tories are just waiting to take over.
      The Tories wouldn’t agree to bring staff in house, but they would agree to protect services in the independent controlled wards and even improve the services. Better than to keep Labour fat cats in their positions while they don’t deliver.

      1. So “we’ll bring you down” so the Tories can take over ? Have you actually thought what that would mean ? Or is that what you want to happen ?

      2. David, I have think it over, in many Local Authorities under Labour control, Labour is the establishment; labour Cllrs impost the cuts while protecting their allowances. If Labour cut services but the Tories will protect services, the choice is very clear, allow the Tories to gain control for a while.
        Then to turn to Labour and say to them, did you see? The Tories didn’t cut services affecting our wards, so if you want to regain control of the Local Authority, this is our price: bring workers in house rather than hire them through agencies, cut your fat cats allowances in half so that services are protected.
        To me is about providing a good service to the residents and it the Tories deliver better than Labour then it is a non-brainer.
        At the same time, socialist independent Cllrs would be getting into position of been the king makers
        Everybody likes a winner don’t we? So perhaps a time would came in which to negotiating their membership of the Labour Party and at the next local election become the LP incumbents.

      3. Maria, in our connected world I’d dispense with local, town, county and regional councils altogether – I’d replace them with continuous local online issue-specific forums where ideas and opinions can be expressed, considered, commented and voted upon, completely detached from party politics.
        Having layer upon layer of infrastructures is enormously wasteful of time and resources – they always duplicate effort, compete for resources and become self-perpetuating gravy trains.
        Parliament is and always must be the final authority on everything anyway.

    2. I somehow managed to cut this – the whole point, really – from my comment on local issue-specific forums.

      On many issues Labour and the Tories would take opposite positions.
      The advantage of discussion and voting on specific issues instead of on party is that it constrains the Tories from bullshitting to quite a large extent.
      The point is that they can’t support an issue locally and then oppose it nationally, or vice versa.
      The people finally get to see on a continuous basis what the Tories really think and want instead of the propaganda they spout in the run up up to elections.

  3. I’m pleased I didn’t see the live version of this. I would have been fuming with anger at yet another right wing Labour MP sucking up to the Tories. How the heck are people such as Phillipson chosen to represent their constituencies in the first place? You just know that with MPs such as her and Starmer as leader, there is no way if Labour became the government, that we would get Socialist policies.

  4. It’s much worse : there has been no push-back from the left against the government’s manufactured agenda over the Corona virus. All the significant scepticism has come from elsewhere, allowing the right to capture the resistance to the imposition of totally bonkers totalitarian measures and the impoverishment of the working population.

    Result? The wider left is just becoming more and more irrelevant in key areas of political debate as the right seizes the initiative of opposition.

    1. “manufactured agenda over the Corona virus. All the significant scepticism has come from elsewhere”

      Indeed, Trump, Bolsonaro and Cummings would no doubt applaud you.

      1. Your sources must be very limited or are you just indulging in one of the smear by association propaganda tools in common use these days, at least you didn’t manage to weave anti-Semitism into your smear somehow.

        Many experts from different medical research fields, doctors, even some nurses have been pushing back or haven’t you bothered to read or listen to the many links that have been provided for you on these comment sections.

    2. “It’s much worse : there has been no push-back from the left against the government’s manufactured agenda over the Corona virus.”

      Even worse still, the so called left and many so called Socialists cheer the totalitarian measures on and demand more, even indulging in the odious modern liberal shaming to silence questioning and force hegemony of their, Tory and establishment Covid narrative. Suddenly they are noticing that jobs are being wiped, lots forever… many are people that have been around for decades on the political scene but can’t, or wont, see past the establishment fearmongering and endless confusion and distractions.

      Never before in my life have I witnessed such a political consensus.. all I see are political gobshites preserving their own status and benefits putting their fingers in their ears, stamping their feet and refusing to really question and look past their own noses.

      1. Indeed, Maria. The sort of abdication of the brain exhibited by many (such as PW ) who seem to equate being ‘of the left’ with crass gullibility and stupidity, believing Johnsonian MSM pap – is indeed sad. No wonder that the Tories have walked all over their faces without evoking even a murmur!

        We really are Through the Looking Glass when the putative ‘opposition(s)’ – from the Board of Deputies’ Starmer to the Wolfie brigade are all in agreement about licking up the Tory sick that is the Covid fiction – against all the hard evidence.

        … and they then are surprised that (oh dear, oh dear – crocodile tears) that the working population have been comprehensively stuffed by the Tories! Now – who could have seen that coming?

        [Statistic of the week : You’d need to lick the face of about 3000 people before coming into contact with a Corona virus on present estimates of infection.

        You’d then have to get infected. You’d then have to have symptoms. You’d then have to develop a serious respiratory disorder – and then you might die … I’ve run out of calculating capacity and patience to work out the remote possibility of reaching that final stage. BUT GET THAT USELESS F.ING MASK ON!!!!! AND DON”T BREATHE – BECAUSE THAT’S THE WAY THE VIRUS SPREADS!!! ]

        I do have a solution : supporters of the ‘narrative’ could swap with residents of Leicester. The former could have Tory Lock-Up, complete with Beeb Fearful Fairy local broadcasts in perpetuity, whilst the sane Leicester citizens could enjoy fresh air. Job done.

  5. Scrapping parking charges should clearly be Labour policy but the MSM always looks to score points from Labour by demanding any MP makes policy on the hoof on any random issue in the news.
    It’s an easy win for the presenter so wankers like Morgan never tire of it.

    1. Sadly they are of course not Labour, but Neo-Liberals pretending to be. Sickening when we remember all those right wingers with the slogan we love the Labour Party.

    2. Spineless and gutless politicians playing MSM and toilet papers game, recipe for propaganda disaster
      Change the language
      Free parking was in our manifesto, the cheap and nasty Tory party have a visceral hatred of the NHS, staff and patients, they have spent 10 years running it into the ground
      1000’s of people have died saving them face because the NHS was not prepared
      Has Uncle Festa taken the NHS off the table yet

  6. Comes to something when crocodilian piers organ is more socialist than our Labour party (even if his sudden conscience is so obviously insincere….our opposition don’t even feign any decency that’s the amount of contempt they have for the 99%)
    I curse those rightwing mps who sabotaged any chance of a socialist government, and I am so angry with those who support keir starmer etc.
    I am so disheartened that our chance of a real socialist govt was taken away
    I blame msm, rightwing “labour” mps, and those voters who were either through laziness (sucking up the msm lies instead of looking for their own information) or bigotry ( blaming immigrants, the sick and needy, instead of tax evaders and capitalist swindlers) werehoodwinked into 1 not voting labour then 2 voting in starmer
    I feel hopeless tbh
    Last year I was energised by #changeiscoming and #forthemany, now I am dumbfounded by #moretorythantories and #toryenablers
    Desperate times

    1. Helsbells, I blame the left. It is our failures that lead us where we are. We didn’t support Corbyn in an efficient and organised manner. The first time straight after the 2017 General Election when Chukka Umunna put forward an amendment during the investiture of the new government, against a clear manifesto commitment to enact Brexit, the Labour whip should have withdrawn from him.
      It should have been make clear too, the PLP, that if out of principle a MP couldn’t vote against Chukka’s amendment, they should stay away from this vote. That no vote in favour or recorded abstention would be tolerated against a clear manifesto commitment. They have gone to a General Election and won their seats on a clear manifesto commitment to enact Brexit.
      Hence, if anyone defied the Labour whip by either voting in favour of abstaining the labour whip would be withdrawn from them.
      For the record and for the avoidance of doubt, I am pro-remain. But first and foremost, I am a democrat. We lost the referendum vote and we went to the 2017 General Election with a clear commitment in our manifesto and it should have been respected.
      Instead many of the left jumped into the bang wagon of the People’s Vote even John McDonnell and Diana Abbott with Parliamentary seats in London, jumped on the People’s Vote too, further isolating Corbyn. Hence, stop blaming others and start taking responsibility for what we all did. I am including myself, I could have tell a few left comrades that were going on about the People’s Vote to get their heads examined, to put it politely, but I didn’t.

      1. “Instead many of the left jumped into the bang wagon”

        And even more on the right, I’d imagine! 😂

      2. Maria Vazquez, you are right to blame some on the Left, i.e. those who have held on to their outdated position on the ‘Common Market’. The ‘people’s vote’ was a perfectly acceptable view to hold.

        As more and more information became available about the stupidity of leaving the EU, it was democratic to ask voters again if this is what they really wanted. Some on the left because, of their long standing animosity to Europe, chose to make it a campaign against the right wing when in fact many on the left, supported remaining in the EU. The result was that ironically, some on the left ended up on the side of those such as Farage and Tommy Robinson on the far right! They split the Labour Party, most of whose members supported Remain.

        The major damage to Labour was done by the Israel Lobby who undermined Corbyn with their anti-Semitism smears to such an extent that those MPs who left Labour crying persecution and intimidation, backed of course by Dominic Cummings and his massive social media campaigns, gained enough sympathy from the public who were being manipulated, to swing the vote. This was further exploited by the right and some on the left, to cause even greater splits and the situation we have today.

      3. Jack T, it wasn’t acceptable for Labour members to lobby Labour’s leadership for a “People’s Vote”
        1- It was a referendum and we lost the vote. First democratic principle accept the result.
        2-we went to a General Election promising to upheld the result. We should have kept to a manifesto commitment rather than force the leadership to perform a U turn.
        If you and others as individuals wished to campaign for a People’s Vote that was perfectly acceptable, but lobby the Tory Party that is the one that is in power, Labour wasn’t in power. It wasn’t on Labour’s leadership hands to give you a ” People’s Vote”
        Why you behaved so stupidly?
        1-Are you unable to understand simple mathematics? The Tories with the DUP had a majority
        2-How on earth did you imagine that by pushing Labour you will get a People’s Vote? We were in opposition.
        3-Did you not realise that on a General Election no only Labour members vote, but all adults with a vote can vote? Hence, it doesn’t matter what most of the 500K members of the Labour Party think or want but what millions of people that have a vote want.
        4-Wasn’t it clear to you and your pathetic friends, that 2/3 of labour held seats have voted to leave?
        I am sorry to be so insulting but perhaps if I have been so blunt in my approach and calling you and others like you morons in 2017-2018 when the People’s Vote furore started perhaps you would have stopped trying to change Labour policy and target the Tories that were in government that is the one you should have been targeting with your inane People’s Vote all along.
        Hence, thank you very much Jack T for ensuring another Tory government, that will impose cuts on working families, a brexit without a deal and Starmer as leader of the Labour Party.
        Are you enjoying the Tories in government? Starmer’s style of leadership? Why are you not protesting against a non-deal Brexit what are you and your friends do it to try to stop it?
        Or poor you, Starmer isn’t interesting in resisting a non-deal Brexit, isn’t he? Why you don’t put pressure on him, see it that works?
        Like morons you and your chums were lead by the right wing of the Labour Party, to embrace the People’s Vote even when it was clear that it wasn’t going to work. But, you allowed yourselves to be lead like donkeys following a carrot.
        Now please argue, why are you as a Corbyn’s supporter aren’t a moron?

      4. Maria Vazquez, you sound like the chief lemming who said, with his parachute on his back, we’ve had a vote so now let’s all jump off the cliff. As the pack (herd?) tumbled past him to their deaths he shouted “suckers, it won’t be a soft landing”. If you think that a majority vote is always democratic then no wonder you reacted so cattily with your intemperate response to my comment. You are incapable of seeing through the red haze in front of your eyes, it prevents you from recognising the real reason for Labour’s defeat but you’re not alone, many Brexiters acted in exactly the same way when challenged, even to the point of feigning insult by even being confronted.

        Labour’s position after the 2018 conference wasn’t to overturn the referendum vote, although many wanted to, it was to give the public a second choice to see if they still wanted to jump off the cliff, an entirely democratic option. The far right and the blinkered left in Labour wanted to prevent that option, precisely because they knew the mood in the country had changed and feared they would lose. They therefore piled on Corbyn with their juvenile screams about going against a democratic vote, in the same way you have just done.

      5. Jack T, you and fellow Corbyn’s supporters that followed the right wing of the Party’s lead, haven’t manage to stop Brexit, haven’t you?
        So what are you doing to do to stop a non-deal Brexit, smart guys? Because in less than 6 months Brexit is going to happen in case you haven’t noticed yet. It is morons like you unable to understand simple parliamentary arithmetic that have lead us to a non-deal Brexit.
        It would have been far better to keep our manifesto promise to enact Brexit and convince both those who voted to leave and those who voted to remain that we needed a brexit that kept us in the custom union and kept EU standards on food safety, employment protection etc, and stay closer to EU social legislation.
        It made sense for the right of the LP and for the LibDems to pursue the People’s Vote because their main priority was to stop a Corbyn’s lead government.
        So what you and your fellow Corbynistas that pursue the People’s Vote have to show for your efforts? A Tory government and Starmer as leader of the Labour Party.
        As somebody that voted for Corbyn in 2015 and 2016 leadership elections, as someone that canvassed in favour of remaining in the EU, that cried the night of the vote when it became clear that we have lost the vote and brexit had won, I hold you accountable, you morons.
        Still, you still believe that you were right in pursuing the carrot that the right of the LP put in front of your noses, without wanting to admit that by pursuing the People’s Vote you were the once running towards the cliff and you were taking the rest of us with you.
        You were so busy pursuing your People’s Vote mirage, that you forgot to listen to committed socialist Europeans like Varoufakis that despite wanting further EU unification in the form of a United States of Europe, were warning you against pursuing the chimera of the People’s Vote.
        Thank you very much Jack T, for leading all of us down the cliff and without a parachute. Because, I don’t see you or your chums doing anything that would stop a non-deal Brexit and keep us at the very least in the custom union.

      6. Maria Vazquez, it’s quite telling that you are going to such lengths to denigrate those who wanted to check if the public had changed their mind about one of the most important decisions this generation will ever have to make. I reckon this qualifies you as a fully paid up Brextremist who is more determined to leave the EU and push us into the arms of Trump, than in having a Corbyn government. You pay lip service to democracy but are terrified when asked to support it.

        Very soon the public will find out it was madness to leave the EU and it will backfire upon those who denied them a chance to ‘take back the goods’ after they’d seen those chlorinated chickens in the box.

      7. Have we ever seen jpenney and Maria Vazquez in the same room together?

      8. Imagine where the NHS would have been if JC had won in 2017, how many lives would have been saved, where the economy would have been
        To those who voted for this cheap and nasty Tory party Eton mess hang your heads in shame and for too many of you your ancestors are spinning in their graves
        You complete morons

    2. Perhaps this is a part of essential history, I believe a lot of people that voted for him did so because they really believed his image would get Labour elected and that some caring policies would come out of it. It’s pretty obvious to them now, that it’s just business as usual. Leopards never change their spots, it now up to the membership to get rid of Starmer and his cronies just like they did to Jeremy Corbyn. Johnson will sooner or later get dumped for the New Boy On The Block – Rishy.

      Starmer is dead in the water.

      1. “it’s now up to the membership to get rid of Starmer and his cronies just like they did to Jeremy Corbyn”

        Trouble is, that would need a gutter-dwelling ruthlessness which we have conspicuously lacked so far. Could John McTiernan possibly be bought if we offered him enough cash…?

    3. “Comes to something when crocodilian piers organ is more socialist than our Labour party….”

      Says more about self identified Socialists than Morgan who remains the self serving opportunist he has always been!

    4. HB Just received this from ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’. This is the sort of racist action which Starmer supports:

      “It’s sickening to watch Israel march ahead with its annexation plan. In June alone, Israel demolished 43 Palestinian homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, leaving 137 Palestinians without a place to live. Let’s be clear: Annexation is a moral abomination that makes Israeli apartheid official.

      In solidarity,
      Rabbi Alissa Wise

  7. Career politicians believe people are stupid, it doesn’t surprise me that Starmers team don’t resist Tory Neoe-Liberal policies, they are all in it together.

  8. Gang of Four
    Internal report
    Never again
    Start with Blair and clean out the stables once and for all

  9. Before Len moves onto Strictly, how about he takes a delegation to Keir and Tony and asks what will it take for you lot to jog on, which bits ars you taking with you, PLP, Cockwombles and Unison
    Trust me, as long as we keep Labour party the rest will follow

  10. Some of you who post on SB might remember Labour list had a comments section when it had some backbone. Prior to JC being elected, prior to the 2017 GE it was deluged with professional and amateur trolls ranging from the far right through to the Tory lite masquerading as democratic socialist Labour party supporters plus the Tsunami of MSM propaganda.

    The objective was clear prevent at all costs a challenge an alternative to 40 years of Neo Liberalism dogma. They didn’t succeed so the establishment mobilized almost every resource it had to derail democratic socialism and for the moment they have succeeded.

    But a moment is only a snapshot in time and time is on the side of the democratic socialist Labour party members and will succeed but not with faint hearts and not by leaving the party

  11. “The video that shows beyond reasonable doubt that Starmer’s approach to ‘opposition’ = don’t upset the right”

    No change there then.

  12. Starmer playing the long game whilst millions are on benefits, NHS in crisis, billions spent but nothing to show for it! It took him days to come out and support Dawn Butler when racists attacked her constituency office and staff. Calling BLM a moment! Starmer is part of the establishment and will always defer to their demands. Look at the nauseating Bridget Phillipson MP who couldn’t even agree on GMB that hospital parking should be free! She was given an open goal, not only was the ball not going into the back of the net, nor over the top of the goal, she didn’t even kick it! The government spends £12m on a tracing app that doesn’t work, yet Ireland has a working app for £650K.

    Meanwhile, we have a shadow chancellor that doesn’t believe in a wealth tax, the party wanted children back to school sooner than the government. Which party is the Tory party? I’ve voted for over 40yrs and seen many a poor MP in the shadow cabinet but this lot take some beating as the most inept, out of touch rabble, that have graced the green benches in Parliament. Led by a leader who doesn’t believe in anything that puts at risk the status quo. They have the temerity to think they are the ones who’ll lead us into power, the only thing this lot will lead us to is defeat at the local elections. Why vote Tory lite when you can vote for the full fat version. Starmer isn’t a leader he’s an administrator and a poor one at that.

    1. ”She was given an open goal, not only was the ball not going into the back of the net, nor over the top of the goal, she didn’t even kick it! ”

      Indeed. Metaphorically, philipson made Diana Ross look like Pele!

      Now, I know the shadow chancellor looks like some sort of ‘Crystal Tipps’ tribute act, but where have I seen philipson before? Ah, that’s right!! She was wearing glasses; that’s why I had difficulty recognizing her at first….

    2. Yes – But why (even given the undoubted handicap of a captive media) has the alternative to Starmer been so lacking, given the original impetus behind the election of Corbyn?

      Why was any putative alternative so comprehensively stuffed and walked over, and more noted for whining from the sidelines and shooting itself in the foot, than actually posing a threat to the establishment? Why can’t that potential opposition even identify the underlying threats, let alone counter them? Why can’t it create effective alliances, letting the libertarian right walk away with the issue of the day that should have been meat and drink to the radical left alternative?

      Genuine questions from a ‘Blair Marxist’ 🙂

      1. RH, good questions, from my point of the British rank and file had never been very good at successful organising. They have courage, they fight well but always follow the orders of the upper classes. They are the ones that organise and for some reason the British rank and file have a sort of adoration for their “betters”
        1-Take the so called “Peasants’ Revolt” in the late 14th Century, the King appears, tells the peasants that he will sort things and they go home. Of course, the king doesn’t keep his word and since they have stood down kill the peasant leaders.
        2- The “Hurrying of the North” in the 16th Century more of the same.
        3- Take the levellers on the 17th Century, they allowed Cromwell to co-op them so to speaks, only once a winner Cromwell turned against them.
        4-The General Strike 1926, the strike was going well, but the Labour Party and the leadership of the Trade Unions decided to called it off.
        Things aren’t going to change it the rank and file believes that salvation comes from above, rather than by standing shoulder to shoulder with the brother/sister than stand firm by your side on the barricade.

      2. I think, Maria, that there are a multitude of partial answers. I’m a bit wary of historical parallels, because social structures have changed so much since the pre-medieval era. But the divorce between the Levellers and the ‘SDP’ of Puritan landowners may have some relevance as the situation developed into the Protectorate. Certainly, the incredible profusion of ideas seen in the genuinely democratic outburst of the Putney Debates was overwhelmed by the descent towards the Restoration and the general compliance of the population to the return to monarchy, assisted by the autocracy of Cromwell et al. Pre-echoes..

        Currently, there is a major problem on the ‘left’ with a sentimentality detached from reality. For instance, the victory of the Tories at the last election was attributed to a ‘working class’ revolt against ‘betrayal’ over Brexit.

        Of course – that’s a self-justifying myth. The revulsion was much simpler – actually against the image of Corbyn as painted by a wholly captured media, which the so-called ‘left’ actually *reinforced* by continually shouting ‘Betrayal!’ at every opportunity. Result : ‘Hello, Starmer”

        The same foot-shooting is seen in this current lack of opposition to the Tory Covid operation.

    3. Yes, he’s a neo-liberal Governor of Labour for the neo-liberal right.


      But socialism, which, electorally, FPTP restricts to the Labour Party with its vote-mangling, offers hope and change.

      Me, I’ll stay in Labour but only stuff envelopes, door knock and campaign for OTHER real SCG candidates and incumbents. The rest can rely on their good friends (?) in the MSM.

  13. Sir Keir should maybe negotiate a statement via the Mail and Express lead writers.
    Save some time.

  14. Maria Vasquez, “First democratic principle accept the result.”
    I disagree – the first principle is “Tell truth to the people.”
    I’d argue it wasn’t any failure of the left to support Corbyn that cost us two elections.
    We could have done nothing to influence Labour staff to remain impartial in carrying out their duties.
    If they hadn’t been working for the treacherous war criminal Blair and against Corbyn I strongly believe we’d have won in both 2017 and 2019 despite the sleazy, racist tactics of Netanyahu, the MSM, the BoD/JLM, the Tories and the Quislings in the PLP.

  15. We will always have corruption that is a matter for the authorities and regulators, not least the Electoral Commission, give them the powers and resources to drain the swamp
    Same goes for AS Scam, make it a hate crime and prosecute the fuckers, then throw out Israeli ambassador and pursue war crimes and BDS

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