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Video: Hancock admits Tory schools return fuelled Leicester lockdown crisis. Starmer’s team still pushing for more kids in classroom

Health Secretary admits infections in pupils contributed to Leicester virus hotspot – a massive, though of course oblique, admission of failure. On the same morning, Starmer’s Shadow Chancellor was on TV saying government had done “remotely enough” to re-open schools

Matt Hancock was forced to admit this morning that sending children back to school has been a contributing factor in the massive coronavirus infection spike that has forced Leicester back into full lockdown. Of course, being a Tory, he didn’t admit he and Boris Johnson shouldn’t have done it, but the facts were clear in his comments during a BBC interview.

As a result of the Tories’ blunder, people will die needlessly in Leicester.

At more or less the same time, Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds was appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain – saying that the Tories hadn’t done enough to get children back into the classroom – and that Starmer’s Labour had been “urging the government to start the process of getting children and teachers back into the classroom from the day after schools closed:

No wonder Starmer used a pretext last week to remove Rebecca Long-Bailey from the post of Shadow Education Secretary. Long-Bailey had sided with the unions in their insistence that it was not yet safe to force pupils and staff back into school with incidence of the virus still too high and no adequate test-and-trace programme in place.

Long-Bailey and the unions were right. Starmer and co were wrong. The Leicester lockdown shows it and Matt Hancock couldn’t quite weasel out of it.

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  1. But, but, but….It’s safe. Even dicky & the brain say so.

    dodds…As much use as a retarded guard dog who would always first and foremost chew YOUR leg than a burglar’s. What IS the point of it? I’m yet to hear ONE instance of opposition from any labour ‘front bencher’.

    Just a single instance…Anyone? (No NOT you, steve h – Merely asking de piffle a simple question that a primary school kid could think of does NOT constitute meaningful opposition)

    Also, I see UC sanctions are being reintroduced for those deemed ‘not looking for work’ , despite there being no bastard jobs anywhere. They’re not convincing people with their lies, so now they’re gonna play hardball and coerce people to jeopardise their own and their families’ health by starving them into submission, the absolute fucking reptiles.

    I predicted this a few weeks back.

    Although you won’t hear a peep out of stammer’s labour on that, neither. In fact, how long until they offer their support for it? (If they haven’t already?).

    Nor will the spineless serwotka and his ‘sonderabteilung’ PCS have much to say about it; other than perhaps to complain about how unsafe it is for their staff to be on the frontline, sitting across a desk from the ‘great unwashed claimant hordes’…Who, the way things are going, will be getting rather peeved with the lot of it…If you catch me drift?

    You can only push people so far….

    1. “It’s safe” Indeed, it actually is – particularly if the normal recommended measures (i.e intrusive forget useless masks and even more intrusive useless lockdown) are used when a raised level of infection is about.

      My response to the fictional Scary Fairy is always the simple up-to-date evidence of the CEBM – a one-stop shop for actual information :

    2. @Toffee

      I hope you’re wrong, but I keep thinking about the run up to Christmas, covid second wave and no jobs anywhere to ease the pain.

    Johnson extols capitalism while promising to borrow and spend more than any government in history ever dreamed of.
    “Borrowing to invest” – now where have I heard that before?

    1. Yeah – all £5bn of it.

      That’ll give us about 3 miles of HS2 track.

  3. Two excellently made points skwawkie:

    1 – Children at school become conduits for covid (even if they do not become ill themselves), and;

    2 – Sir Nicely Nicely is out-torying the Conservatives, rejecting the pleas of the Labour Movement teaching unions (which Long-Bailey honourably respected) and is distrusted by parents and teachers alike.

    1. “Children at school become conduits for covid (even if they do not become ill themselves)”

      Actually – No. That is not what the evidence shows. It’s another Scary Fairy.

  4. If ever a leader of a party wanted to get it wrong at every turn, they would mimic the Tories. The other salient point is, when around the world where schools have been opened and later closed down again due to the virus, wouldn’t you think the clone society would recognise the folly repeating their mistakes.

    The membership of the Labour Party needs to wake up and fast, even if they win by default, which I doubt, but left with this level of incompetence and sheer lack of political nous, will destroy the Labour Party.

    It is these people that lost us Scotland never to return, the North because they followed the Libdems, and Neo-Liberalism which attacks the very people they pretend to want to help.

    1. “when around the world where schools have been opened and later closed down again due to the virus”

      Didn’t happen. A few like Boris’s Spivs panicked in a few places when they wanted to look macho as they wetted their pants.

  5. Where is the science with the current Labour Party stance? They need to share this with the general public and party membership, so they are understand the rational and decision making process.

  6. How the public is being conned about Covid-19 tests.


    Dr Pascal Sacre

    The Test Set: Another Brick in the COVID-19 Disinformation Game Plan

    Do you want the true answer, or do you want the answer given by propaganda, official government versions and the mainstream media?

    I will give you the true, medical answer: the tests do not answer any of these questions, they are unreliable, they give overly simplistic answers that can be used by governments to make people believe what they want them to believe.

    There are two main types of tests:

    Molecular tests: RT-PCR
    Serological tests: looking for antibodies in blood
    RT-PCR [1]

    In cells taken from the back of the nose, RT-PCR searches for fragments of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA, forms the corresponding DNA using the enzyme Reverse Transcriptase (RT) and amplifies (multiplies) the RNA-DNA fragments found using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique. By a complicated technique, therefore subject to many missteps, we are told that this test could quantify the viral load.

    This test, the results of which can take 2 to 7 days, is supposed to prove that you are infected (RT-PCR +) or not (RT-PCR -) by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and that you are contagious or not contagious.

    This is not the truth.

    1. brianbotou, Dr. Pascal Sacré is being a bit disingenuous here – in fact he is being downright dishonest. Of course neither of the two types of covid tests are foolproof (it would be worrying if they claimed to be), but even with the expected rate of false positives, only a charlatan would claim that the possibility/probability of some errors means that the tests are ALWAYS unreliable.

      As a biochemist I know that Dr. Dr. Pascal SacréPascal Sacré has form on this issue. He speaks some sense sometimes (on corruption, big pharm and the WHO,for example) but his logical integrity as a scientist is often dubious.

      1. If it was just his view, your point would have a lot of validity concerning the Covid-19 test.

        However, he states that other medical institutions and doctors have found the test to be unreliable.

        For example, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, Professor Sucharit Bharkdi and Dr John Ioannidis and so on.

      2. Does “probability of some errors mean(s) that the tests are ALWAYS unreliable”?

        Actually – yes. Reliability is a fixed overall figure. Being sometimes reliable in terms of probability is like being a bit pregnant. There is a point at which tests are statistically unreliable. And in situations like this, reliability is important – particularly if the compounding data errors flow from a number of sources – from the test itself, through the nature of the population sample and testing procedures, to the interpretation of the data.

        Neither of the two types of test say anything about actual disease – even if the presence of the virus were accurately identified. Lock-Up – a massive infrigement of civil liberty (as in Leicester)- is being justified on the flimsiest of evidence about a generally mild virus that has declined way below epidemic levels, and is shown to behave very much like any other as data has accumulated. The sceptics, as said, have been shown to be correct, not the fear mongers.

  7. Another good laugh (a dry one) at SB quoting Hancock as an authority on *anything*. The faith that SB places in this notoriously incompetent government anxious to keep the fable going is amazing. After all – we now have 3 months of data showing that the sceptics were right all along.

    One real downside of Lock-Up is people having time to lie in in bed dreaming disaster from fervid imaginings.

    Actually a non-event, based on a growth of notably questionable tests, defining ‘cases’ not actual illness.

    For the overall picture :

    Real data – not Chinese whispers fuelling an extended twitch. It shows good news all round and totally unexceptional mortality. Another psy-ops experiment.

    1. ”Another good laugh (a dry one) at SB quoting Hancock as an authority on *anything*.”

      Oh aye?

      Where does Skwawkbox do that, then? ‘Cos I don’t see it anywhere in the OP. That’s right, dicky – SB doesn’t…YOU do it, and attribute it to Skwawkbox.

      1. “Where does Skwawkbox do that, then?”

        In the headline. Doh!

        SB has consistently been in the Tory fantasy club over Covid-19 and trying to ramp up the TTTTT..eeee…rrrr… orrr! It’s been the poor man’s Guardian. Just as inaccurate and unconcerned with the damage being done to the workers.

        Thus a minor upsurge of virus identification in Leicester, amplified by this government of losers is jumped on as a story – further amplification of the experimental control agenda that lies behind all this nonsense.

        Toad and Cummings must be laughing up their lying sleeves at the sight of professed ‘lefties’ cowering in their rabbit holes!

      2. RH30/06/2020 AT 5:33 PM
        “Where does Skwawkbox do that, then?”

        In the headline. Doh!


        Oh aye? Let’s copy & paste the headline below and see what is says, shall we?

        Video: Hancock admits Tory schools return fuelled Leicester lockdown crisis. Starmer’s team still pushing for more kids in classroom

        Hmmm….Can’t find any reference to hancockup’s ‘authority’ there…Anyone?

        Oh, and let’s not argue about any semantics here; you mentioned the word ‘authority’ as though it was an appraisal of hancock and his alleged knowledge of his brief AS WELL AS the ‘authority’ his position may or may not afford him. Here’s the evidence…

        RH30/06/2020 AT 12:58 PM

        Another good laugh (a dry one) at SB quoting Hancock as an authority on *anything*.”

        …”quoting hancock as an authority on *anything* ”

        …They’re your stars, nobody else’s. So WHY are they there if not to reaffirm you think SB’s somehow delegated authority onto hancock?

        Not only does Skwawkbox NOT quote hancock’s so called ‘authority’ in any way, or in any form (Indeed, the article’s critical of him, but you wouldn’t understand that because you’re criminally fucking stupid.) but NOWHERE is the word ‘authority’ used in the entire OP.

        And you go on about ‘psy-ops experiments’? The load of gibberish you’ve spouted proves you wouldn’t know a psy-ops experiment if it jumped up and bit you on yer arse, sunshine.

        As the saying around here goes: Don’t try and kid a kidder.

    2. Toffer – have you really not grasped the role of psy-ops in this whole scam? It ‘s embedded and explicit in a sub-group of SAGE (the minutes have been published), recommending making people fearful and more obedient. Then, the Cabinet Office links to the security services, and 77th Brigade ……

      I know you’re more interested in making a sweary noise rather than thinking – but has this factor *really* bypassed you?

      It’s really not difficult – or conspiracy stuff.

      1. Oh, but it really IS conspiracy stuff, dicky. And it’s YOU spouting it. I mean, you’re making it up as you go along, soft lad.

        First it’s Skwawky supposedly saying things that it’s obvious to everyone else he hasn’t; now it’s the 77th brigade…

        And you call us ‘paranoid’? Have another go.

      2. We live in a world of disaster. And have done so since Ronnie and Maggie.

        It’s obvious that those in charge and their marionettes (the government) would exploit the situation. Jobs for the boys etc.

        It’s what they do.

        77th brigade is everywhere. One of us here _will_ be either from GCHQ, 77th or the plod. It’s how it is.

        Psy ops are in everything. Private companies run their own teams. It’s all part of the post modern world we live in. What they do not do, is confirm that covid doesn’t exist.

        Mockingbird was a success.

  8. Bbt
    Is that why, in the same interview, that ‘ number of people tested , was not important statistic ‘ !!!!

  9. RH.

    There have been 67,000 incremental deaths.
    I’d suggest C-19 is responsible for this. Wouldn’t you ??

    1. The NHS issued an article dated the 2.06.2020. It showed that 95% of the recorded deaths had two or more prior serious illnesses, the median age was about 80 and 5% of the fatalities occurred solely from Covid-19. I have produced the link on a few occasions. According to 8 countries regional health authorities, including Europe, North America and elsewhere in the world, the fatalities rate is between 0.2-0.46 %. The fatalities rate in the U.K. for the last 29 years is between 0.2-0.6%. Has Covid-19 existed for 29 years?

    2. No. The total mortality rate this year is higher than average, but not remarkably so (only the eighth highest in over a quarter of a century).

      Do you think that deaths from other causes stopped? The reality is that the deaths from other causes far outstrip those directly caused by Covid, with Lock-Up casualties being one of the main factors in this. It’s not a plague situation by any stretch of the imagination.

      Covid is generally a mild disease that affected the already vulnerable population living on borrowed time and is now well below epidemic levels. All the nonsense about ‘exponential growth’ was a load of toss, and the sceptics have been shown correct at every stage.

      The problem is that the foundation of reliable data about the virus was destroyed in advance by legislation. Cynical me sees that as a deliberate act to lay ground for the scare stories.

      However, we will see continuing efforts to continue the Scary Fairy stories (see Leicester) because the government and Scare-Crows such as Ferguson and other shills have a massive amount of egg on their faces if the truth gets out! Watch the attempt to get the population to wear useless face masks after such a move was originally rejected – another psy-ops experiment. It’s politics, not medicine, and I hope that people don’t go crawling on their bellies any more at the behest of the Tories.

      Again, go to :

      It’s a great source of vaccination against panic and the resulting idiocy – and the government narrative.

      1. Rh “The problem is that the foundation of reliable data about the virus was destroyed in advance by legislation.“

        Please provide detail. What legislation, how?

      2. …Do you think that deaths from other causes stopped?..

        No. I know they did. Industrial accident deaths dropped. As did the fatal injuries on our roads.

        And that’s just two examples.

        And whilst I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone, the fact is that it doesn’t tend to kill you in a matter of weeks.

        Am curious as to why you want the machines back on so quickly. After all, the current situation is probably the best catalyst for change we had in decades.

  10. On the contrary Keir Starmer has been pressing Johnson for months to plan for the safe opening of our schools. The safety of our children, the staff and the wider community has been at the core of what he has been working for. He has also been working closely with the Unions to make sure that there is adequate provision for the safety of those returning to work.

    “Sir Keir Starmer has accused Boris Johnson’s government of being “asleep at the wheel” over the reopening of schools in England insisting there had been a “total lack” of planning.

    The Labour leader’s remarks follow the U-turn by Gavin Williamson, the education secretary, earlier this month – dropping government plans to return all primary pupils to school before the six-week summer holidays.

    Speaking to Sky News, Sir Keir said: “From the day the schools were shut down, it was obvious what needed to happen to get them back open again. You needed a risk assessment, and you needed to look at the space. I’ve talked to loads of headteachers, and the points they have made to me were obvious and practical and could have been overcome.”

    He added: “If you could put up Nightingale hospitals – a good thing to do – you can certainly put up temporary classrooms, you can certainly take over libraries, community centres.

    “Had there been work on this from the day the schools closed down, I genuinely think we could have had all our children back in school by now, but the government was asleep at the wheel, didn’t get to this until too late in the day, and now we’re in the situation where children will be able to do other things this weekend, but not be in school on Monday.”

  11. ‘He has also been working closely with the Unions to make sure that there is adequate provision for the safety of those returning to work.’

    You mean he’s ”looked at it”, like he said he would, has he?

    Mighty ‘white’ of him, isn’t it?

    ‘The government was asleep at the wheel’ says stammer.

    Yeah – and who was it only last week lending the government it’s full support on easing restrictions (As well as every-f**king-thing else?)

    And that prick wants MY vote?

    1. Toffee – Tory Boy you’ve already told us all quite clearly that you prefer another Tory government to a Labour government at the next GE

      1. That’s right bellend.

        I’d rather an OPENLY tory government to one that pretends it isn’t. What’s your problem with that?

        Oh yeah…I forgot. You honestly believe there’s a difference between stammer and the toerags, you sadsack.

      2. Toffee – Thanks for confirming to everyone that you are a sado Tory Boy

      3. Oh, I didn’t get the ‘yawn’ emoji this time. Just the usual ‘thanks for confirming’ bollocks.

        No defence of you thinking there’s a difference, though. That’s because you’ve no defence. It’s plain as the nose on your face you’ve deluded yourself that the brave sir knight is a whole universe different to anybody within the current toerag government.

        Until it’s pointed out to you – then the person pointing it out there’s no difference is a tory themselves…That’s how it works on planet stevey-boy.

        What a sad, juvenile, hypocritical nonentity you are. You don’t even know the difference between your arse and my elbow – nevermind your own. How does it feel to be derided by all & sundry, no matter what you post?

        What goes on your tiny little mind that thinks we should all ‘wait and see’ to discover what stammer will agree with the toerags about next – Is it because you’re always the very last person to cotton on to what you’re being told will happen, happening?

        Why do you make all sorts of outlandish and downright weird claims; and convince yourself you’ve answered others’ questions by asking more questions?

        You’re really not cut out for this political caper, stevey-boy. You’re in way, WAAAY above your station.

      4. Toffee – “You’re really not cut out for this political caper, stevey-boy. You’re in way, WAAAY above your station.

        Says the Tory Boy who’s cage I have just rattled. Will you be voting Labour at the next General Election, I will.

    2. Toffee “And that prick wants MY vote?”

      As somebody I know to be a Labour member said (using the screen name Shai Masot ) said

      “Stay in Labour. Vote in internal elections and support socialist candidates. Don’t vote Labour or for anyone else in external elections. Don’t knock on doors or stuff envelopes. Starmer won’t be able to attract enough Gammons through his reflex UKIP-lite dog whistling to make up the numbers he needs for victory.

      “We nned an organised national vote strike.”

      Shai Masot’s sentiment daily becomes the position of more and more Labour members every day that Sir Nicely stays in post.

      (“Tory Boy”, lol. RH (rhodium boy) probably means what he types, so mixed-up and antagonising is Sir Nicely Charmer’s effect as party leader)

      1. Bottom line (no apologies necessary for mistaken attribution above) – Starmer will be hoping that the awkward squad leave the Labour Party, as Jonathan Cook has pointed out.

        He and his cultivated Israel Lobby friends will look to that as success. Seems to me to make sense to stay and kick back.

      2. Don’t be sorry to either qwerty.

        As for Steve h; Lad don’t flatter yerself to think you have me ‘rattled’. You’re not even a challenge. You ARE a massive weirdo though.

        As for your question… No. I shall NOT be voting labour, as it is NOT an alternative to the toerags; a fact you’re unable to accept because of your blind devotion bordering on obsessive deification of your beloved knight of the realm.


      3. Definitely true RH at 5.44, the left-hating centrists are doing their best to persuade lefties to leave Labour. This alone confirms my certainty that remaining is a major threat to them.

  12. There doesn’t appear to be much love nor solidarity in many of these posts, Comrades. I really wouldn’t mind the fact that there isn’t too much interesting debate demonstrating the power of logic in any vain attempt to change minds, but what I really object to is the poor quality & lack of humour in the insults.

  13. Never Voting Labour Again. 6.02am 2nd July. “….the fact is cancer doesn’t tend to kill you in a matter of weeks “. It depends on what stage , what type and when it was diagnosed. It also depends on age and physical health plus any concurrent medical conditions.

    Moreover, some have refused to recognise the fact that something is drastically wrong eg passing blood etc and have died within weeks of being diagnosed.

    In addition, many operations have either been cancelled or postponed which can cause, for example, a stage 2 to progress to a stage 3 cancer or the fact that according to the NHS over 900,000 fewer people are attending A&E than over the same period last year because of the fear of the “ pandemic “.

    By the machines not working, the economy has contracted by 25% more than 3,000,000 are unemployed and within the last week:Airbus has made about 2,000 people redundant along with a low budget airline of sacking 743 pilots plus the ground staff and Harrods plus other stores have fired over 1200 workers to add to the estimated 15% of automobile workers who will lose their jobs. It’s going to be a lean mean time for them and millions thrown on to the scrap heap because of hyperbole over a “ pandemic “!!

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