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Maitlis deletes massively-shared tweet posted late last night saying “No 10 is trying to control the media”

Newsnight presenter under pressure again?

Twitter’s message on Maitlis’s now-deleted tweet

BBC presenter Emily Maitlis may have come under pressure from her employer again after tweeting a link to a February article by Sky News broadcaster Adam Boulton late last night.

Maitlis shared a link to Boulton’s article for the Times, titled “No 10 is trying to control the media, and everyone in our democracy should be afraid”, at 23.43hrs last night:

However, it has was deleted earlier today without explanation.

Ms Maitlis was attacked by the hard right in May after she dismantled Dominic Cummings’s excuses for his multiple breaches of the coronavirus lockdown and Boris Johnson’s defence of his adviser:

After a flood of right-wing complaints, the BBC upheld accusations of bias against her – and she was subsequently absent from her usual Newsnight chair and replaced by another presenter for one episode.

It seems that she may now have fallen foul of her craven employers again, for tweeting a 5-month-old article stating the obvious.

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  1. Is anybody really surprised at the antics of this pathetic woman.She clearly thinks a lot more of her job and salary than she does about speaking truth to power.The saddest thing is,she is one of the better denizens of BBC current affairs.Shudder.

  2. The Maitlis matrix
    When cheap and nasties are under attack in GE from little boy on floor, count how many visits Uncle Festa has made to hospitals during campaign compared to JC
    That proves NHS is safer with scumbags apparently
    Shame she didn’t do it for visits to your children
    It’s all theatrics for thick people who couldn’t vote for JC because
    Fuckem all

  3. Emily is a strange journalist. She was at her worst during the 2019 election with hyperactive reactions, demented scribbling of notes that she never subsequently refers to and reacting like a rabbit caught in the headlights when she realises a camera is on her (surprise surprise!). She was intently anti Corbyn/Labour raising her eyes in derision at any positive comment. Presumably she doesn’t like Cummings rather than Tories; he’s probably been rude to her? It makes me jittery just watching her.

    1. I agree with Paul. The first time I recall Maitlis behaving badly was during an interview with Denis Skinner about Jeremy’s leadership ( this was in 2015 or 2016 I can’t remember which ) . She asked Denis if he would take a front bench/shadow cabinet role. He said no and explained he had never wanted such a role and had turned it down under a former leader The interview ended and Maitlis said something like -there you have it – Denis Skinner refuses to work with Jeremy Corbyn.
      Denis heard this and came back and challenged her.She was totally embarrassed and said it was a joke so Paul is absolutely right- she is definitely anti Corbyn .
      However it appears that Keir is just more acceptable to her than either Jeremy or Johnson. What a surprise.

  4. ‘The New York Times fabricates Russian murder plot’

    Not since William Randolph Hearst cabled his correspondent in Havana in 1898 with the message, “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war,” has a newspaper been so thoroughly identified with an effort to provoke an American war as the New York Times this week.

    The difference—and there is a colossal one—is that Hearst was fanning the flames for the Spanish-American War, a comparatively minor conflict, the first venture by American imperialism to seize territory overseas, in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. The Times today is seeking to whip up a war fever directed against Russia, one that threatens to ignite a third world war fought with nuclear weapons.

    There is not the slightest factual basis for the series of articles and commentaries published by the Times, beginning last Saturday, claiming that the Russian military intelligence service, the GRU, paid bounties to Taliban guerrillas to induce them to attack and kill American soldiers in Afghanistan……

    1. It’s a good article in Wsws. It’s clear that electing a Biden will only increase the shift to War. The BBC takes the biscuit for unashamed anti Russian and Chinese propaganda of the most incendiary sort. Most of it comes direct from the Secret Services and FCO presumably. In the media the ghastly Luke Harding is back with a new book on the subject. Lie after lie is applauded.

    2. The most telling fact is that only 9 US soldiers have been killed this year: and two of them died in an aircrash.

  5. Cancel your Tv licence if you haven’t already. Cancel it, and donate it – or part of it – to Skwawkbox**, who provides inquisitive, insightful and trustworthy news, rather than the same tired. old, rehashed, pro-governmental shite that these so-called ‘journalists’ attempt to palm us off with, day-after-friggin’-day. Nobody tells Skwawky what to write (Apart from the pub-bore, known to regulars on here as RH, who, for some reason, persists in trying.) and as a result he gets 100% trustworthiness ratings from independent analysts.

    Independent analysts. Not from himself – as we all know, the bbc self-congratulates every saturday morning, while whitewashing all criticism with it’s North-Korean levels of propagandist garbage it has the temerity to label ‘newswatch’ .

    No poncey taxpayer-funded backslapping award gala dinner rigmaroles necessary here, Skwawky just gets on with the job.

    Whereas the people who infest that corporation are no more than a bunch of thoroughly corrupt, paedophile protecting, openly pro-tory public school failures that don’t possess the miniscule amount of brainpower or charisma required to become an MP, (usually) aren’t inbred enough to be hereditary peers (Although they get their peerages if they become DG; just another of the perks for the old school tie brigade), and are deemed too torpid to even become anglican archbishops.

    Which is why they won’t see a shiny penny offa me. Ever.

    **Other independent left-wing sites are available, but none are as recommended. (When can I expect my 10% skwawky? 🙂 )

    1. This week Private Eye made its customary smear of SBox and Canary describing them as pro Corbynist conspiracy sites. What a horrible man Hislop is.

      1. What a horrible man Hislop is.

        Thinks his ”organ” is the last bastion of journalism…Yet nasty nick cohen writes for them?!!

      2. Which column is Cohen’s? He’s one of the nastiest people in the country. Him and Freedland were first out with how wonderful Starmer was in sacking RLB.

      3. @Paul.

        cohen writes in ‘eye’ under the pseudonym ‘ratbiter’.


        Why should anyone listen to you?

    2. Why would you donate a licence fee to Skwawkbox – which has been *imitating* the same establishment narrative as the Beeb over Covid?

  6. S. Box is an excellent site, but I’d like to see an article on here, showing the letter that was written to an MP, put in the public domain by the LP, which led to the suspensions of four Wavertree CLP officers. Sqwarky does an excellent job in exposing the actions of those in power. I’d be interested in the responses when they read the very polite letter for themselves for which the four suspended officers have been accused of racial bullying. Cmon Sqwarky, I know you’ve got the letter 🙂

  7. “you wouldn’t be sitting in that seat if you didn’t know what you had to say” or words to that effect were said to Andrew Marr By Noam Chomsky, when Marr said no one told him what to say.

    All BBC journalists are the same. They know where the ‘Overton Window’ is when it comes to speaking out loud.

  8. As if we didn’t know , good grief even my 98 year Aunt no longer believes a word the bloody Beeb says

  9. Interesting fact : the Beeb has, over the last couple of days, put out more anti-Covid narrative comment than Skwawbox has ever done in its endorsement of the establishment line !

    Pots and Kettles!

  10. Ms Maitlis is the ultimate champion of ‘Guardian’ readers. A right wing, bourgeois, anti-Socialist, pro-Blairite globalist, anti-Corbyn Zionist, she is also popular with many ‘left-wing’ feminist commentators because she despises both Donald Trump & ‘Body-Bag’ Boris because of their misogynistic behaviour, which even I find appalling.

    Ms Maitlis found David Cameron much more to her ‘liberal’ liking & would have had much in common with Christabel Pankhurst than Sylvia who remained friends with Keir (not Starmer). It would appear she dislikes the riff-raff Labour Party intensely. It wasn’t just Dennis Skinner who made her squirm, but also my favourite twosome from the Daily Mail, Peter Hitchens & Peter Oborne. Ms Maitlis has stopped modelling ‘hooker wear’, but still has massive ego problems, especially when promoting her own agenda.The biggest lie was the role she played in the promotion of the myth of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, which was designed to sabotage Socialism & Jeremy Corbyn. The perception industry is the most powerful teacher.

  11. The BBC has from the moment of its conception been an extension of the propaganda narrative of the establishment. It sided with the government in the General Strike of 1926.

    JB. Priestly and George Orwell both complained about being marginalised because they didn’t support the right wing story of the day. In the 1950s and 60s MI5 had an office at the State Broadcaster vetting any potential “ Reds under the bed’ subversives. It distorted TV images against the miners strike in the battle of Orgreave to give the impression that it was the miners attacking the police when the truth was actually the opposite. It supported the war in Iraq with Marr giving his sycophantic speech about the war criminal Blair’s victory with all the innocents blood on his hand.

    Recently, it produced its latest scams about the AS fabrications and the new “ Cold War” plus the hyperbole surrounding Covid-19. As Chomsky said to Marr many years ago, “ you wouldn’t be in the position you are in, unless they liked the way you think”. So Maitlis is just another presstitute in the propaganda conveyor belt.

  12. It never bothered the shit when it came to Corbyn, so why care now?

    They have reaped what they have sown. And it’s hilariously priceless too.

  13. Doesn’t she see the irony of complaining she is being pressurised by No10 and then complying by removing her tweet?

  14. Maitlis is disgusting. A BBC stooge. Classic guardianista. Adores Obama, Blair, trudeau, the bird in NZ, the eu, macron etc etc. Hypocritical. Cowardly. Inane. Craven. A purveyor of constant fake news and wilfully misleading propaganda. High time she was punted. She’s hideous to look at too.

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