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Exclusive: Starkey resigns university fellowship over ‘damn blacks’ interview

Cambridge University’s Fitzwilliam College accepts resignation: “We do not tolerate racism”

The SKWAWKBOX has learned that Dr David Starkey has resigned an honorary fellowship of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University, after the college contacted him about vile comments in a video interview with a right-wing page.

Starkey, who has been a frequent guest on the BBC and other channels, denied that the centuries-long enslavement of black people had constituted genocide, because there are still ‘so many damn blacks’:

Starkey’s comments caused outrage when they emerged earlier this week. The college has issued the following statement:

The SKWAWKBOX is trying to reach David Starkey for comment.

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  1. Why is it that apparently intelligent people say such stupid things? I used to respect Starkey especially over his spat with Laura (the world owes me a living and I’m a self righteous bitch – see You Tube) Penney, but no more.

    1. I was unaware of her existence until a quarter of an hour ago when I looked at some of her tweets and the video where the old cunt Starkey bullied her by shouting over her and standing over her on stage.
      I can’t see a thing wrong with her so far.
      Enlighten me please?

  2. For entitled old fuckers like him the status quo is ‘a good thing’ because he personally is a beneficiary of it.
    He’s in a good place so the world is clearly ‘in balance’. Oh, except for those stroppy “damn blacks” who want to tear down the statues of the heroes of the empire he’s spent his career studying and whose passing he clearly mourns.
    The British are a superior race in his view – after all, we ‘let in’ all those black immigrants, didn’t we?

  3. He’s always been a conceited arsehole, that one. Hopefully that’s the end of his Tv appearances, too.

    …Except it probably won’t be. Quite the opposite, I’d imagine.

  4. Talking about history revisionism. What next? Would he agree with Nancy Astor MP? She had the cheek to tell black US citizens that they should be grateful that their ancestor were enslaved or words to that effect.
    Scratch the surface and the British upper-middle class in their majority, despite their cultural sophistication, they still a bunch of racists at heart. It is the only explanation for Starkey declarations. He just forgot that he was making them in public and was caught.

    1. I’m reasonably well-educated Maria, but I dispute “their cultural sophistication” because it largely stopped at the 19th century.
      Bob Dylan is (sorry Bob, was) ten times the musician of a Beethoven and ten times the poet of an Eliot.
      Opera and ballet have got NOTHING on The Simpsons, the Renaissance wasn’t painting’s pinnacle it was Jack the Dripper and Shakespeare is ‘a bit dated’.
      I’d be proud to be called a philistine by such as Starkey.

      1. David my mistake, and thank you for the timely correction. Just because the upper-middle class see themselves as “culturally sophisticated” it isn’t a need for us to accept their perceptions as correct and you are right in your observations.

  5. So the holocaust wasn’t genocide because there’s still so many Jewish people left

  6. The older Universities were established by ‘the slavers’ to educate the ‘Ruling Classes’, not the plebs.. Nothing much has changed in these ‘seats of learning’ as public schools dominate entry. In Liverpool, the University is expanding rapidly & annexing most of L7 & L8.(Toxteth), while turning its back on the ‘local population’ who live there, much like Paul McCartney’s ‘Fame School’.

    1. Think there’s more students in Liverpool than residents, these days. Almost every dwelling being built is student accommodation.

      Back to topic..

      Now imagine if the tables were turned and I’d said to starkey (And that odious little shitehawk darren grimes, who conducted the ‘interview’) that perhaps hitler didn’t wipe out enough homosexuals because those two still infest the planet?

      I don’t care how inflammatory it sounds but rightwing homosexuals think they’re better than everybody else. OK for them to hate on others, but they shriek about discrimination louder than any other sector of society about when they’re refused their gay drugs or someone refuses to bake them a cake ffs.

      1. Toffee
        If I get a signed copy of the profanasaus sent to you, will you rejoin Labour party

      2. It’s ‘Profanisaurus’, but thanks for the info, the website’s hilarious 🙂
        I’d no idea Viz was still alive.

      3. Agreed Toffee, but the students aren’t ‘local’, usually overseas or ‘international’ as Liverpool University refers to them…….higher fee paying for the education business. Now I’ve gone native or little Englander, but it was difficult getting places for my FE students.

      4. @ Toffee, to be fair to Starkey, I remember years ago, when I was still watch Question Time, Starkey argued that under the principle of freedom of expression a religious person Christian, Muslim etc, have the right to speak against homosexuality and argue that it was an abomination.
        Nevertheless, your point is well made, I don’t think either will appreciate your brand of historical revisionism. Although, perhaps Starkey wouldn’t condemn you as much, as moderate members of the Labour Party that would take your words out of contest and brand you a homophobe and take the opportunity to present Starkey as the injured party

      5. black women lesbians with learning difficulties especially… or anybody with a badge?

  7. The most arrogant and obnoxious person I’ve ever come across.
    Let’s hope he never appears on TV or radio programmes again.

  8. Ah well, he’ll be off to the BBC with Rachel Reeves.

    They’re quite sympathetic to Tory racists there.

    And that’s the point. These kinds of attitudes are endemic within the Conservative Party and even more so than in the Labour Party.

    Don’t expect the EHRC to be investigating anytime soon because racism may be endemic throughout the establisment as a manifestation of Britain’s imperial legacy as Starky will agree.

    Still, the other endemic characteristic of the establishment is corruption and that is what will ensure the continued existence of the Conservative Party and the continuing careers of Starky, Reeves, Starmer, the BBC and all the rest.

  9. Every time he has opened his mouth over the years he is deliberately offensive and clearly racist – yet he has been a favourite of the BBC and still is! Very few media is reporting the ‘so many damn blacks survived’ remark concentrating on ‘denies slavery was genocide’. (Except the Telegraph I noticed). He should be banned in the way David Irving has been.

  10. It amazes me that a person who expressed such disgusting views was allowed to resign his university fellowship. If the university had one shred of decency they would have removed it from him.

    1. I believe that ‘The Master’ contacting him and then accepting his resignation is polite code for, ‘we called him to tell him to resign and if he didn’t do that we would remove him’.

  11. Talking of Tories and racism. Mike Sivier has a report on a failed appeal by the odious Patel, obviously at the public’s expense, trying to send an 11 year old girl back to Sudan where she would face horrendous type 3 FGM, which had killed both her sisters.

    Trying to claim that there was no substantial risk to the girl according to the immigration court’s risk assessment, quite rightly the judge pointed out that in family court matters it is the child’s welfare that comes first and foremost.

    I bet that wiped the smirk off her face. What a pity she isn’t liable for the waste of more taxpayer’s money.

  12. This man has been spouting his racist nonsense for years on ‘respectable’ outlets within the MSN for decades, without any question or issue. Their line has always been to hear “the other side” of the argument. If BLM had not been in the spotlight, he would have continued to do what he has been doing. It’s a bit dishonest of institutions to want to distance themselves from him.

  13. Should have been sacked long ago, he is an obnoxious little creep who claims to be working class yet he looks down on them at every opportunity, I couldn’t believe his attitude and behaviour the last time I saw him on This Week he should have been thrown out.

    1. The BBC and commentators like Andrew Neil love to big him up to say something atrocious that tickles the audience. It’s invariably racist or anti Left; if he was deemed anti Semitic Or anti Tory they would drop him like a hot coal as they did with David Irving. Their tolerance over the years for Starkey reveals those basic themeS in British culture;Empire, Exceptionalism and deep racism that is essentially white supremacist. Go back to the 1850’s and read the newspapers covering the Crimea War and you have to pinch yourself to remember that was 150 years ago and not yesterday. Nothing ever changes in Britain. And Nobody is ever to blame. It’s a fossilised Society

  14. Starkey thought that the destruction of Statues a disgrace,but thought the destruction of a thousand years of British history was okay in the protestant reformation.including the destruction of statues,,…..Art……burning of books and the demolition of centres of learning including monastrys and churches and the murder of thousands.A dispicable Tory racist and bigot of the right wing establishment.

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