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Johnson bows to parents, unions and grassroots to drop school return plan

Win achieved despite Labour leadership’s ‘supportive’ approach to re-opening of schools

Boris Johnson has caved in to public and union resistance to his mad plan to force English children back to school even though his scientific advisers know – and studies in France and Germany show – that returning to school while the coronavirus is still prevalent in the population would fuel a new wave of the pandemic.

The victory for common sense and the safety of the nation’s children has been won by the joint efforts of unions, parents and grassroots Labour activists and in spite of the Labour leadership’s decision to take a ‘supportive’ approach to the school return.

While union figures such as the National Education Union’s Mary Boustead and Kevin Courtney and Unite’s Howard Beckett took a strong line against Johnson’s recklessness and Labour mayors stated that the safety of their local children came first, Keir Starmer was publicly calling for children to go back to the classroom at the earliest opportunity:

Even after the scale of resistance became clear and Starmer was asked whether he would back unions looking to protect people against the dangers of returning, Starmer would only say that he would ‘have to look at it’:

Angry Tory MP Robert Halfon appeared on BBC News this morning to rant about Johnson’s decision – and when asked why Boris Johnson had u-turned on what Halfon considers ‘the science’, he blamed only unions and local authorities:

The win shows what ordinary people can achieve when they work together – an important reminder in the current vacuum of political leadership as the nation faces a historic challenge.

Now it’s time for Johnson to do the right thing and pull England’s early-years kids back out of school. If it’s not safe for other years to be back, it’s not safe for them either.

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  1. Real headline :

    Faux ‘left’ “Skwawkbox celebrates further social deprivation and control as it supports government ‘scare’
    narrative” and Labour failure to oppose it.

    1. RH, I don’t keep count or anything but it seems that you’ve stopped commenting on every other subject but ‘fake CV’.
      I can’t quite see why the bosses at ‘Integrity Initiative’ care so much about diminishing the seriousness of this virus that they’d insist you trash your credibility on it – after all, if it’s as trivial as you want us to believe, the Tories will still look stupid for swallowing fake news and taking the virus as seriously as they did – albeit not seriously enough in my view.

  2. Starmer can dream of becoming PM, the truth is he is boring, what he calls leadership will be seem as an example of cowardice by tradicional Labour voters in the “red wall” seats plus he cannot enthuse a crowd like JC did.
    First test would be next year elections in Scotland when I predict we are going to loose seats in Holyrood big time, the ones for the Wales Assembly in which labour could perhaps loose a couple of seats too, but no big loses.
    Then the local elections across England that could see LAs always under Labour no longer under Labour control. The loses could be relatively small for Labour, but can produce dramatic changes as some LAs are Labour marginals with Labour holding on with one/two seats.
    Hence, the big test is London, would Labour retain its Major and all the positions in the London Assembly? or would Labour lose seats in the GLA? If Labour manages to maintain London, Starmer could claim the loses every where else to be a hangover from Corbynism. However, if Labour loses in London too, Starmer would have not place to hide and would be forced to take responsibility for the loses.

    1. Maria Vazquez, “ If Labour manages to maintain London, Starmer could claim the loses every where else to be a hangover from Corbynism.”

      I agree +. The + is, they’ve said it already several times. Immediately after the GE result, all the usual suspects were all over the MSM saying that it will take long after the next election to repair the “damage Corbyn has done to the party”.

      It is called, expectation management. Blame all future failures on the past “Corbyn” but claim all future successes as their own “Starmer”.

      Same as the bandits of big business/capitalism. They claim all successes are due to their exceptional prowess deserving vast £££rewards. But losses are not due to their incompetence. So government tools bail them out with £trillions as č Banking banditry and now Covid-19. Their app and everything else are vampiric sucking of the public wealth yet again, to benefit a few eg CRIMINAL SERCO. Follow the money.

      NB- When Jeremy was leader, at no point was it highlighted, let alone repeated, that under Blair, Brown, & Miliband, Scotland was lost, membership dwindled, the party was gutted, hence the membership welcomed Jeremy’s ACCIDENTAL nomination as a rare chance for REAL CHANGE.

      That CHANCE for change was not guarded on on any front. Every single battlement was left down or open. The reality is that the minute the Starmer gang achieved what the worked for “night and day” ie hand our victory to the Tories, they did not set about playing happy families or building a broad church or bringing people together etc. From the minute Johnson got our victory, Starmer & Co set about guarding their narrow church, prosecuting whistle blowers, and in advance – blaming any possible defeats on “four years of Corbyn”.

      Those who can, may try listen again on LBC, and Talkradio. From the very minute of the final results, for about three weeks afterwards, every program every day, Starmer’s gang were out EVERY HOUR. They ran from prog to prog. You will be able to hear some being out of breath.

      There was not a single discussion about the failure of the Liberal Democrat’s. I have a vague memory of three or four mentions of Ummuna Berger and all the other ship jumpers having lost their falsely occupied seats. Other than that, Starmer Blair’s tools were all over the MSM. I suppose the same applied to the BBC post election coverage.

      During the last four years Jeremy and team did not do as Starmer and his gang are doing now. There will be effective expectation management. There will be 1% Small Church Thatcherite clique and policies TOTALLY in keeping with SIR Kier Starner’s record.

      A Starner record of unremitting deceit eg pretending that he supported Jeremy and his aims, unremitting wickedness eg pursuing Julian Assange, and unremitting crushing of socialism and socialist eg he made it plain in a BBC interview several years ago. It was repeated two months ago. Do a search for Kier Starmer interview on BBC Radio, it was around the time that he snaked his way to be “leader”. So they repeated the interview … approx 30 minutes.

      The fact is Starmer needed no great effort snaking. Starmer & his Tory clique were given every help. No doubt they laughed at us. We were i suspect, objects of ridicule. Note well SteveH, stated words to that effect, to which Joseph oKeefe, spotted swiftly and responded. We had and have the capacity and ability but not that particular grasp of reality and attention to basics.

      Another poster here also pointed to the “careerist” nature of many on the “Left”. I was not alert to that initially. Certainly now, that is clear. Compelling evidence of that from September / October 2019, stands out on reflection. As one tries to analyse the situation, you join the obvious dots and the “careerist” stain becomes vivid.

      So Starmer needed no hard work, but neither did the BBC. The BBC needed no hunt for that Starmer recording of him saying in effect that he rejected socialism and the “left” since his late teens or early twenties. The recording needed no dusting down. It was in the machine, ready and waiting. Waiting to press “play”▶️

  3. No T T & T
    No schools opening
    Equally every school should be open in September and operating normally, not new normal but old normal

  4. It often occurred to me how Orson Welles in his 1938 drama “ War of the World’s “ inadvertently convinced a section of the US public to believe it was actually happening with the ensuing fear that followed.

    Looks like some organisation has used this type of model over the latest drama. “ Covid-19” .

    Starring Prof Ferguson with co-stars Imperial College, plus the supporting cast of W.H.O, B&MGF, GlaxoSmithKline, The Welcome Trust, the “ medical experts” and the M.S.M. State Broadcaster.

    Edited by the 5 right wing billionaires plus their counterparts in the USA.

    Financed by Bill and Melinda.

    A fantasy production from “ We Don’t Get Fooled Again “ studios$$$$$

  5. Angela Raynor has a meeting coming up on new policies for the Labour Party. Here are some ideas of mine as I cannot make the meeting: Money in dentistry for the first time since 1981 instead of the poorly qualified Spanish dentists Cameron imported. Humane killing of animals – ask any Jew or Moslem what they think about British meat. Money for Israel as pretty soon with their debt we will have to support Hamas and the Palestinians and the Israelis with food. Cannabis – 10 kgs only to registered sellers so we can tax and stop them selling to black marketeers who would sell at inflated street prices. Statues of the Queen. In Trafalgar Square and elsewhere in the country.

  6. For Black Lives Matter – 1900 deaths in custody in the last ten years. Introduce the same rights as all Mental health detainees have, namely a doctor there at all times to assess health. Fits dues to PTSD are known in the armed forces and when a policeman says: “He just died” it could be completely true. So a physical examination on detention is a must.

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