Video: man who called black people ‘piccaninnies’ and skipped shaking hands with black men says UK ‘less racist’ and ‘happier’ while threatening BLM protesters

Boris Johnson has issued a video telling black people and other ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters that the UK is less racist than it was and they should be less angry because the UK is a happier place.

Johnson being Johnson, he combined it with a threat and a smear – and ignored his own towering hypocrisy. A PM who has called black people the disgusting term ‘piccaninninies’ with ‘water-melon smiles’ and was complicit in the Windrush scandal – and only last year was seen skipping shaking hands with black well-wishers – is not someone in a position to tell victims of racism to suck it up and look on the bright side:

Johnson also found a moment to blame protesters for the surge in coronavirus infections his government has been actively creating and planning for months before the protests began.

Singer Jamelia was unimpressed – along with millions of others who actually think black lives matter.

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  1. Is what you’re trying to say “You’ve never had it so good” Doris?

  2. Indeed. A known racist himself, and someone who refused to criticise Trump’s heavy handed aggressive response to the protestors in the US, Johnson is having real difficulty saying anything even vaguely supportive of the BLM movement. I pity this shallow venal man, without a shred of decency or integrity, clumsily attempting to strike a posture that might do, and failing every time.

  3. steve h.

    Before you start again, just watch de piffle’s eyes – he doesn’t even look the two black lads in the eye. He’s looking at the woman who he shakes hands with next.

    …And nor does his tart acknowledge their presence neither.

    The camera doesn’t lie.

    As for the ‘less racist’ part, I’ve got to agree with that. The place is FAR less racist now than the 70’s and 80’s. You wouldn’t see anyone black in work, anywhere, back then. Black footballers were having bananas hurled onto the pitch at them…Where does that happen these days?

    In ITALY, maybe…In EASTERN EUROPE maybe…But NOT here.

    If we were still as racist as we were in the 70’s then there’d be repeats of ‘love thy neighbour’ , ‘curry & chips’ and the ‘black & white minstrel show’ on telly as often as they do dad’s bleedin’ army.

    There are bame people who will just take offence, no matter what.

    There are white people who will take offence on behalf of bame people for things bame people aren’t really arsed about; and people like that are the problem, rather than the solution.

    An example, one week you can say ‘ethnic minorites’, the next week it’s: ‘bame’ and if you’re still saying ethnic minorites’ you’re castigated for it.

    It used to be ‘coloured people’ , now it’s people of colour’. your’e slated for saying the old version ffs. It’s like it’s a crime for being old fashioned or not being ‘with it;’ enough to have kept up to date or to know the fucking miniscule and pedantic difference.

    It’s hard to keep up, and I for one don”t appreciate being made to walk on eggshells at times.

    1. BBC were I believe considering the return of ‘Til death do us part which does reflect where certain groups are within society.Humour can be one of the most effective ways of challenging bigotry. Warren Mitchell was the antithesis of Alf Garnett- unfortunately this was not the message that was heard by some of the population.
      Did BJ miss the last few years in the political arena or does he have no insight.

  4. Is Keir Starmer any less racist than Boris Johnson? He still has refused to suspend pending investigation former highly paid Party Officials that engaged in the type of racist language one could expect from the far right.
    Then, is Starmer going on about how the statue in Bristol shouldn’t have been toppled into the river, how it should have been removed by consent.
    I don’t recall black people consenting to the erection of the statue in the first place. I bet they weren’t even consulted. Hence, why should they wait for consent to remove a statue that is an affront to them? Beside, it appears that petitions to remove the statue were filed through the official channels and ignored.

    1. If he doesn’t suspend those Cockwombles named in the report then he has to bring back every member who was fitted up by them, never forget he only has the hardcore support of 25% of members
      To do any other means he would face a challenge in next 12 months
      For now stay and recruit or better still rejoin and recruit
      You could say It’s the Maths stupid

      1. Yes Doug it’s maths all them lovely subs paying for scum that take the piss out of the members and ignore there wishes. But hay ho if we imagine and pray we might wish away all them nasty right wing folks that are and never will be up for election as the jobs there in are safe. But change a few deck chairs around and the culture will change no it flaming well won’t we did that and history has demonstrated what happened we had years of ass holes fucking with the party and deliberately throwing elections while being employed to do so. Oh and what happened when exposed oh yes fuck all!!

        So explain how changing a few faces will remove all the regional bodies, all the hidden cabal of right wing scum that will stab you in the back at a moments knotice and then we see people who spend all day saying to members stay and fight wink wink I am total not a shill for them so idiots will waste there time on a party that has spat on the founding ideals to be this big fucking tent bollocks.

        But we have done this dance before and I remember the BS you come up with last time so shill who do you really represent because it sure as fuck isn’t the Labour party unless your talking about this plastic new Labour 2.0 Starmer crap idea of a party?

      2. disabledgrandad
        Do the maths and read the report, you think there is any going back now, throw in Anti Semitism scam and there is a reckoning coming
        Your right we are not a broad church, so unless JC legacy and manifesto is honoured then off they must fuck, starting with the bastard offspring of Thatcher
        But you cannot do anything outside the tent pissing in, so put up or shut up

  5. The Zionists expose their racism.

    As protests sweep the world in the wake of the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd, Israel lobby groups are struggling to appear on board with the Black Lives Matter movement while upholding their support for Israel’s racism.

    While some are trying to jump on the anti-racism bandwagon, others are dispensing with subtlety altogether.

    Morton Klein, the head of the Zionist Organization of America, demanded that the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization, “immediately put Black Lives Matter on their list of hate groups.”

    I urge the SPLC to immediately put BlackLivesMatter on their list of hate groups. BLM is a Jew hating, White hating, Israel hating, conservative Black hating, violence promoting, dangerous Soros funded extremist group of haters.
    — Morton Klein (@MortonAKlein7) June 6, 2020
    “BLM is a Jew-hating, white-hating, Israel-hating, conservative Black-hating, violence-promoting, dangerous Soros-funded extremist group of haters,” Klein railed on Twitter.

    1. I wonder if Morton Klein isn’t engaging in antisemitism himself, since George Soros is a Jew. Isn’t Klein engaging in the meme of Jewish money paying for civil unrest?

  6. Something that came up recently was Uncle Festa and cheap and nasty Tory party have frozen police recruitment, so there manifesto commitments broken in 6 months
    Dear Keir
    Ask for figures on police, GP’s, Hospitals and Nurses

    1. Sir keir…supporter and recipient of the Archaic ideology of Nobility gongs..knighthood ,,Lords and Ladys..Barons and Baroness….dare I say “Monarchy” and would happily endorse Slavery if Johnson’s regime suggested it under a new work creation scheme?..I know how these people think and have always thought that if you do not eradicate vermin at the source…they will return under one disguise or another.We may be entering a new phase of Black and white lives do not matter if you are working class and vulnerable….meaning no wads of cash and little in assets.Yes poverty is now a Crime and the deserving and undeserving poor will be blamed for being poor regardless of colour.Elitism and the religion of ME first has been adopted on both sides of the political Backside….Arise Sir Keir and God save us from the Queen??

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