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Exclusive: Starmer and new general secretary offer job to GMB official named in ‘MeToo GMB’ report, after union backed Evans’s appointment in NEC vote

Anonymous complaint to GMB union claimed Lisa Johnson aware of allegations against boss

Labour is offering a job to senior GMB official Lisa Johnson, who was once tipped as a potential new general secretary. The anonymous ‘MeToo GMB’ complaint against the GMB’s general secretary alleged that Johnson was one of seven senior union officials who  ‘[had] knowledge of the incident’ described in the report.

Johnson’s allies told the Huffington Post that,

the anonymous letter sent to [union] president Barbara Plant last Wednesday appeared to be deliberately aimed at implicating her in the controversy

and the news was widely considered to have damaged her chances of taking the post.

Blairite former assistant general secretary David Evans has now been appointed to the role instead – another in Keir Starmer’s largely white and male admin team – and neither he nor Starmer appear to have been put off by the report’s allegations. The SKWAWKBOX understands that Johnson has been offered a senior role, with party insiders linking the offer to a deal with GMB for their two representatives to back Evans’ appointment, swinging the balance in yesterday’s 20-16 NEC vote.

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  1. I was just doing a search re the soldiers shooting at a picture of Jeremy Corby (which I’d forgotten all about), and ended up clicking on a Telegraph article about it and, as such, saw the following headlines to a number of articles listed:

    Dominic Cummings’ Tory critics need to grow a spine and stop being the Left’s useful idiots

    Leave Dominic Cummings to get on with his job’ – Telegraph readers on what should happen next

    with the sub-headline

    Are there still unanswered questions regarding Dominic Cummings’ Durham trip, or is it time to move on and focus on more pertinent issues?

    Newsnight’s anti-Cummings rant exposes the BBC’s true partisan colours

    And the following posted at 4.53pm

    Emily Maitlis broke impartiality rules with Dominic Cummings speech on Newsnight, BBC admits

    1. Oh, right, but the Panorama job was perfectly legit and completely balanced and impartial!

  2. As expected. As posted. As pleaded. BEGGED.

    DON’t vote 4 Starmer EVEN as 2nd preference. I BEGGED.
    Starmer was ALWAYS bad news. Check Starmer’s record. Check his treachery over the last four years. Only our lot are “knifed from the front” – over and over – do EVERYTHING exactly as the last 60 years – then whine – not our fault – could not do anything else…

    Beyond belief.

      1. bevin ,Starmer more like Robert Peston. to me. Not from the heart … because there is no heart. All artifice eg all Peston’s excruciating crawl like bliar. Soulless because no soul. Frankly, maybe i should not say it but, when u loom at us passing 60,000 avoidable deaths because Starmer & Bliar worked for this Tory horror show… Bliar endorsed Cummings controlled johnson, … bevin and all, forgive me saying but they deserve to burn in hell. The wilful wickedness. Dreadful things are happening bevin. People are bearing it apparently amazingly… don’t know how.

        My dad’s mate from their teenage days, died end last year. He was much loved he is much missed but i’m so relieved he did not live to die from this predicted pandemic. Don’t think its erratic symptoms were expected and so infectious and for people to die in such an horrific way in the UK. Hope all learn, we live in a shrinking global village if not a mixed up global house. We beed learn that quickly bevin. The 1# think they can insulate themselves. They can’t. No one can. We must learn. Afraid not enough will learn that we need to learn. 🌹🌹🌹

  3. Lisa Johnson, Starmer’s one-time ‘favourite’ for general secretary, is from the same Snake’s den (GMB upper management) that birthed McNicol, and is also named in GMB ‘MeToo’ report for knowing of yet not reporting sexual abuse.

    Things can only get better….

    1. As expected. As posted. As pleaded. BEGGED.

      DON’t vote 4 Starmer EVEN as 2nd preference. I BEGGED.
      Starmer was ALWAYS bad news. Check Starmer’s record. Check his treachery over the last four years. Only our lot are “knifed from the front” – over and over – do EVERYTHING exactly as the last 60 years – then whine – not our fault – could not do anything else…

      Beyond belief.

      1. Who did you beg signpost?

        And WHO exactly is whining?

        Yep, just MORE fiction from signpost!

        PS Oh, and he felt the need to post the same thing TWICE in a matter of minutes. Repetition, repetition, repetition!

      2. Get help AH if you are sincere. If not, raise your game as u r tiresome and it will take more than u to deter me. U should have realised that by now.
        I quite enjoy SteveH’s attempts. A wider menu. Though he is getting a bit stale. McNiv has cooled dow a bit, maybe different shift. RH is minimising great Tory caused tragedy so i won’t have fun with that. But u AH concern me in case u r genuine. If u r it is my duty to urge u, GET HELP. It is there. If not try harder. Raise your game. It’s good chance for us to develop a thick skin. To realise words if we are NOT public figures are just that words. If u were troubled and i were a public figure, i would urge u get help. Would even get others to arrange it for you. If though i knew you were working for the other lot, counting posts and all that weird stuff… who has time for that??? I to my shame don’t even re read mine … STILL😂😂😂
        But AH, if knew u were a bad un + i were a public figure, i won’t hope u stopped, i would sue you for every last penny. Sounds harsh, but as a public figure, vital. Problems don’t disappear in politics. I’m not a politician and i could see that. Anyone could see that if they appreciated plain reality. So consider yourself lucky ish. But it is my ethical duty to urge u seek help.🌹🌹🌹

      3. ps and further, i corrected an error ie the potter woman was not helping Lees but offered to pay a years salary to the Civil Service tweeter.

        When the police take “action” it does not mean suing. When a person takes legal action, i may be wrong, bu i see the police as part of the legal structure of this country. Perhaps just terminology. But as posted, Lees went to the police, gave a statement, and has since been THOROUGHLY interviewed by the police. GREAT detail.🌹🌹🌹

  4. Barely a word was uttered re the squaddies using Jeremy’s photo as target practise… barely a word by our lot. They call it “Zen”. I call it ostrich. Problems will vanish. Invite enemies in. When they walk out, invite them back, promote them, be “knifed in the front” over and over in the daylight, say nothing recommend front stabbers, rescue them, grin with them, be stabbed again, say nothing, lose everything, hand our miracle to Blue Tories, because of owning the noose of Red Tories, say barely a word, some well meaning supporters insist could not do any thing else, do the same again, in yet another new place but the same people and same unchanged attitudes, hope for a different result, demand little, get less, whisper for even less, get even less, scream for crumbs, wait for crumbs, say nothing could be done differently, despite the result, do the same again, insult the base, they’re not smart like us who do the same over and over but hope for a different result, have the support of millions so “do everything THEY asked”, “THEY” not the supporters, “THEY” – the few a tiny fraction of the 1% who rape the world, don’t admit errors, hurts feelings, repeat errors, hurt again.

    Repeated unforced failure hurts me more than admitting obvious errors.

      1. Along with your verbiage based on your BIG Goebbels-type lie!

      2. AH, years ago when WMD Bliar the warmonger finished its first long episode bringing our party into sad disrepute, Membership down, reputation down, Scotland lost etc, so long ago , though I voted Labour, never dreamt of joining a political party. Yet still remember a few weeks after Gordon Brown took over the wreck Blair left, I asked someone, what fo you think of our new prime minister. They had no clue, we had a new PM.

        You see AH, that’s another trait of our lot. A parochial conviction, that no matter what, everyone everywhere is as interested about what concerns us. Everyone everywhere, is neither, plumbing, knitting, toiling in factories, doing multiple shifts across several care homes, sweeping streets, running market stalls, checking water is potable, producing, foodstuffs, multidisciplinary teams saving lives from a myriad of diseases… The list is endless AH.

        But sadly AH, though you may have lived double my lifespan, you fail to recognise that. Moreover you must know, you SHOULD know if you wish to win elections, sell products and services or ensure health education is absorbed as widely as possible – stop smoking, keep Britain Clean, Stay Home Save Lives etc etc even Get Brexit Done as per my posts, despite overwhelming evidence YOU demonstrate that passionate fiery determination to punch out your own eyes, stuff your ears and LEARN NOTHING.

        Well known adage, “when you are sick of hearing a message, many may only be just hearing it for the first time”.

        I follow current affairs quite a lot on radio and reading. If I say I’v not heard something, you can bet your house, VERY few have heard it. Even fewer have read it…. Paywall or no pay wall.

        What’s remarkable is, once again you erupt with your accusations of lies, admit that you have just by chance SEARCHED for something and seen something behind a Telegraph PAYWALL. AH can’t you see how ridiculous you are presenting yourself? Can’t you see that? Go out wherever you are or phone around ask ten random people NOT your clique… elections are not won by talking only to your agreeable clique. Ask others if they even remember the vile target practise we remember. Let alone the response of Labour to that. Come back and report honestly what you find. I GUARANTEE out of TEN random people you ask, NOT one would recall the incident. Ask a hundred. You would be hard pushed to find one. Even then I would again guarantee that none of a hundred would have remembered ANY Labour response.

        Ask a thousand. You may then find one person who has a vague memory. You see Ah, elections are won by reaching OUT of your little clique. And, keeping issues alive until you are sick of repeating x y or z. Hence my plea to qwertboi yesterday i think, BOLT successes down! Repeat. Regular readers may have read things before. But AH, hopefully gets new readers every day. They need not be deprived of what we said many times before. Eg seek professional help AH, while it is still free ish on the NHS. Get help. Waiting lists are long due to short staff. Phone your GP. They will point you in the right direction. You need it. 🌹🌹🌹

      3. You lied didn’t you signpost, just as you do all the time. Everyone can see quite clearly that you lied about there being “barely a word from our lot”, just as you lied two or three days ago about Robin Lees – the guy who spotted Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle – taking legal action against Cummings, so that you could then berate and put down Jeremy for not being forceful enough etc. And THEN – in a post in response to mine in another thread – you claimed you DIDN’T say that, even though I had copied and pasted the passage in question.

        And THAT’s what signpost does all the time folks – ie makes something up, or lies about something, as in this case – so that he can THEN spout his verbiage, yet AGAIN.

      4. Here’s extract from my post for the benefit of others:

        “BUT, Bless the teacher who claims he saw cummings, wife and child at Barnard Castle. Robin Lees, has taken ACTION. The EXCELLENT CITIZEN Robin, has reported Cummings to the police.
        A trillion tons of praise and best wishes to Mr Robin Lees. Every blessing & success🌹🌹🌹 ”

        ie has taken ACTION ie in next sentence “has reported Cummings to the police”

        In the interest of your health and in the interest of truth. Withdraw your slander and apologise AH. I have had enough of you now.

      5. What is it with you and “signpost” Howard,do you have an unrequited passion for him, have your advances been rejected,just give it a bloody rest you loony.

  5. What does it take to get a left candidate elected to head GMB
    Last one was elected on 3% of membership
    I’ve seen a left slate for Unite elections
    What can we do as Labour members

    1. Lisa Johnson could be considered as left by GMB’s standards, if anything this job offer could be a way to ensure that she doesn’t run for General Secretary of GMB. Tim Roach was never Paul Kenny favourite for the position and he doesn’t want another upset. So Lisa is conveniently out of the way.
      In answer to your question, I was told by GMB comrades that in order to get your hands on an electronic ballot, you have to apply through a rather cumbersome administrative process, that put off most members.

  6. Wheels within wheels , deals within deals and the rot and corruption that exemplifies Centrist Nu Labour Mk2 imo .
    The further up the greasy pole they go the more cushty the life becomes the more they align with the capitalists nature .
    Starmers Party and GMB/Unison stinking cess pool of rot imo. DRAIN THE SWAMP

    1. Rob….Very little chance of draining the swamp this side of the pond.ITs all part of the establishment system led by the Royals and supporters of the Status quo.No Constiution,for the people just drift in the mother of all enslavments The British establishment way…..god save the Queen?..says it all really.and now a Knight led Labour party crashes out of the 21st century to lead us all back to the future.So very depressing and need never have happened.

  7. Not sure that we’re up to draining the swamp, Rob. Even before Sir Trilateral Armrest deceived his way to party leadership, we couldn’t even run re-selection votes effectively. Ask Margaret Hodge.

    That’s not to say that we shouldn’t stay, organise, mobilise and fight. Sir Keir is giving us good reason to. Lisa Johnson, David Evans and Keir Starmer remind me that it’s darkest before the dawn and that until FPTP is replaced we have to put up with Starmer’s sh*t and make Labour the party of the Many again.

  8. The hegemony’s more or less complete. The bliarites know where their remaining weak spots are better than the socialists, and will have them secured before any successful countermeasures can be implemented to prevent it.

    It’s time to remove all semblance of support from them. Like a zombie, the party is only superficially appears to resemble what it once was.

    Providing countenance to the party nowadays is akin to giving the zombie your right arm to munch on. It won’t cure the zombie and it won’t do you any good.

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