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Why aren’t MSM asking ‘Why didn’t Cummings’s wife drive’? Here she is boasting of driving through ‘slalom’ rush hour…

Mary Wakefield can drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road in a US morning freeway ‘slalom’ – but apparently not when she’s ‘very worried’ about Cummings’s coronavirus-weakened eyesight

Dominic Cummings admitted during his bizarre press conference this afternoon – less than 24 hours after his boss had denied it – that he had gone to Barnard Castle during his (first) lock-down visit to Durham.

But Cummings claimed that he had made this 60-mile round trip to test out his eyesight before driving back to London – because his illness had affected his eyes.

His story was that he had made this substantial trip – banned under lock-down rules at the time and with his wife and young son in the car – because his wife was ‘very worried’ about his eyesight, which had been affected by his claimed coronavirus infection:

Yet Cummings’s wife, Mary Wakefield, not only knows how to drive – but also boasted in a Spectator article about driving a ‘slalom’ ‘every morning’ (and presumably evening) between two US cities:

So Ms Wakefield appears not to be shy about busy motorways, let alone lock-down-quiet ones. It’s possible, of course, that she has a US driving licence but never bothered to get a UK one.

But you’d think the so-called ‘mainstream’ media would at least be asking the question about this potentially disastrous hole in the edifice of Cummings’s attempt to exonerate himself – especially when it is so pivotal to his admission that he drove sixty forbidden miles during the lock-down when he was recovered:

Why didn’t your wife do the driving?

Almost without exception, they are not.

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  1. The problem that the English Ruling Class have long had is that if they say something, however barmy it sounds, they assume it will be believed such is the degree of deference that is a traditional part of English society and has been since the middle of the 11th Century (the Conquest).


      1. ps Douglas is a Scotland Office very junior TORY minister. NB no meaning pressure from IRRELEVANT SIR Dire Stoma. For SH it has FULL devotion… SIR dull Dull DUL DIRE Starmer… DESPERATE not to make his funders believes he has even an atom of integrity. Integrity is anathema to them. Integrity is the enemy of SIR Dire Stoma’s SUPER MONEYED FUNDERS. Their pockets are extremely deep. Their ethics even lower. Every day a new Tory low.

      2. … no meaningful pressure…
        excuse typos. 🌹🌹🌹

      3. If Tories keep up their coordinated pressure the real prime minister will need Satanic tricks to survive. johnson will find it difficult to survive without more than a handful of friends in the Tory party. Thus johnson will do everything to reward his master with reckless support.

        NB johnson does EVERYTHING to be faithful to his master and protector, in a sea of short but intense MSM and TORY hostilities. Defending EVEN the indefensible. Can we really not defend the TOTALLY defensible❓❓❓

        Cummings’ wife is an EXCELLENT driver. Yet Cummings admits sense which only the 1% possess by driving in a hilly area with A CHILD to test his SICK eyesight. boris johnson defends the indefensible… despite backbench & MSM pressure. Can we really not accept that we failed with out sound excuse, to defend THE defensible❓❓❓ Those who cannot see that, even now, are UNNECESSARY for any EFFECTIVE battle with ANY system.

        PLEASE, go. Go QUICKLY and form your new party. NB Don’t read. Don’t reply. Don’t apply. Good wishes and good bye. You mean well. But some of us realise we must DO well too. The rest of us have lots to DO WELL, to DO effectively, to regain control of OUR Labour Party🌹🌹🌹

      4. Having called out signpost for the lying little shill he is a couple of days ago AND drawn readers attention to the fact that in the past month or two he just happens to post the first comment in a thread again and again and again (FIVE of the eight articles/threads prior to the thread in which I drew this to readers attention, for example), I then pointed out that he started doing this shortly after I ticked him off about repeatedly ‘Replying’ to the first person to leave a comment with mammoth great long posts, pushing in front of other commenters who had posted earlier. And he did it dozens and dozens of times! Literally!

        So what did he do in THIS thread! A number of people (including myself) posted comments in the early hours of this morning, and then along comes signpost and posts SIX comments in front of them starting at 7.17am this morning, THREE of them quite long, and you can be ABSOLUTELY certain that he did it deliberately – ie because of what I said in my post a couple of days ago. There is nothing whatsoever in his posts that he couldn’t have said at the end of the comments (at that point), but he continually plays the game of making out he is Replying to the first poster.

        PLEASE see him for what he is – a devious and duplicitous little shill who repeatedly lies and invents sh*t designed to smear Jeremy and the left and left-wing members who attend CLP meetings.

  2. As I said in an earlier post its all a bit fishy and the more I hear the fishier it gets.

    1. Smartboy it’s more than fishy. Dominic Cummings is Prince Andrew with a good brain. Air-miles Andy is known to be brainless so felt his car crash interview “went well”. Prince Andrew’s “well” includes flying thousands of miles to New York to call off his “friendship” with Jeffrey Epstein. QUESTIONS: Who keeps a CLOSE friendship for DECADES with international traffickers of children for sexual use❓ Who Invites Epstein and Maxwell to ALL mummy’s council houses and other properties❓Who travels miles to stay a week in Epstein’s house, be guest of honour at a party … “to call off a friendship”❓

      But Dominic Cummings… Dominic Cummings is not a foolish fool. Cummings does have an ok brain. But he assumes enough people lack that. He needs only fool enough people.

      Throughout his appearance yesterday we saw Prince Andrew’s CAR CRASH interview played by “BRAINY” … Sooooo SMART Cum cums’ aims only to fool enough people that it’s perfect “INSTINCT” and Jacob Reece-Mogg’s “JUDGEMENT” poor people lack like Grenfel dead. Reece-Mogg said Nick Ferrari, like him, would have had COMMON-SENSE … judgement … INSTINCT, to disobey instructions from authorities ie FIRE EXPERTS.

      Jump up Dominic Cummings. Yay!!! Cum cum is sooo bright … sooo smart. Listen to Cum:

      TEST eyesight. HOW? DRIVE 40km to and 40km back, in a hilly area, with your unwell wife AND CHILD… to test your eyesight. Yes. Oh yes. OK brain man. That’s Reece-Mogg, Nick Ferrari “instinct”, “judgement”, “common-sense” to break rules. LAWS are NOT for them. Oh no. The smart 1% don’t need to follow laws. RULES and LAWS like TAXES are for LITTLE PEOPLE.

      Funny too how VERY well connected people need to travel minimum 800 km total to get childcare … yes … makes 1% sense… drive when ill 800km to and fro daddy’s farm…a farm where he admitted the nearest neighbour is at least a mile away. Brainy 1% instinct that.

      A four year old child needs no toilet stops during the minimum 800 km drive for ONE childcare trip. Yet desperate for a pee during a 80km drive… to + fro Barnard Castle… in a pretty bluebell wood… by a river. Yes that’s 1% Tory instinct for you.

      By the way, GlaxoSmithKline – GSK – have 1% instinct too. Perfect pretty place for manufacturing. We do need to revitalise the Midlands and North. But fancy choosing a gorgeous place for a massive ugly factory?

      Gorgeous environs for the bosses and employment for some of the many. Plus when the true Prime minister needs to secure child care “JUST IN CASE”, GSK is is handy for child care + elderly parents. Handy for anniversaries + birthdays. THAT’s FULL viral load Tory 1%.

      But for the safety of the 99%, if ALL 1% test SICK eyesight driving by themselves on private remote farms and estates miles from any neighbours, that may be a dwindling hope of the 99%. The 1% approves. They have said it. They have “common-sense”… “judgement” … “instinct”. And in any case, driving with known poor sight is criminal and the criminal one percent “have no case to answer”. They rarely have. 🌹🌹🌹

      1. Definitely, many Prince Andrew moments in that English country garden for this…minister? diplomat? Seems we can all now use the no. 10 garden to make the odd statement or two!

      2. Definitely keystone, Pronce Andrew 2.0
        ps , it’s a mess of a garden. An embarrassing mess to match the mess within. Also Cum cums’ neither a minister nor a diplomat… he would NEVER even be shortlisted as a diplomat, except as a hidden strategist. He is competent at that but not personal strategy eg driving BECAUSE you claim your sight needed testing.

        It slipped Cum cums that bit of driving is in the theory test – for clarity – while NOT driving. Cum cums’ so bright, so smart, with “instinct” , ah yes. So he puts his wife and child’s life in danger to drive with sick eyesight.

        Optometrist and Ophthalmologist etc should patent that test and the DVLA. Go SMART BOY‼️ Patent your eye / driving test method quickly‼️ That’s what our country needs Smart Cums. Ask Glaxo Smith Klein to help you market it. They are WELL connected to governments everywhere. After all, they’re only 40 km drive from your parent’s home‼️

        Use your “instinct” Dominic Cummings. All future birthday’s of your wife + anniversaries of your parents are sorted. You could do both with your GSK collaborations, PLUS check your sick eyesight is fit for driving, by driving to Barnard Castle. Worth more than three visits.
        Bluebell woods, streams + lovely Durham all at hand. What more needed Smart boy❓❓❓

        boris johnson desperately needs you, but not for diplomacy. Even johnson would be a less SH ow of a diplomat when singing “Road to Mandalay” in Asia in front of government officials.

        And yes, keystonegirl, it’s out of order for a backroom appointee advisor to make any public statement as he did, with any PM’s permission AND on state property, even if that shoddy embarrassing garden. Our country continues to be made a laughing stock to the whole world by these shameless people. Integrity, common sense, instinct to act “in case he MIGHT get ill” by putting others at risk by 1% Tory strategy.🌹🌹🌹

  3. Cummings, as he always has, is treating the public with contempt. As was shown over Brexit, he knows how to manipulate public opinion. There will be some who buy the carefully thought out line “I did it for my family” and there will be others who know he’s a manipulator but will be happy to help push his excuse so they can keep him and Fred Scuttle in office.

  4. ITs absolutely Barmy what the establishment expect us to believe or do.They talk nonsense in a effected ruling class acent and continue to mouth ridiculous terms Your Highness,Majesty?, Your lordship,Excellency many more ludicrous statments of utter childish nonsense we have from birth been forced to aceppt “cap in hand” .Now Cummings and the elite laugh at us whilst the police walk away and terrorise some working class peasant for far less crimes against the people.And what happens?…..Nothing……god save the Queen?

    1. Too much emotion over Brexit & not enough facts. People are too stupid to be allowed to vote eh Jack? They might vote the wrong way & then you’d have to do it again?

      1. Steve, it appears that in your world, people should not be given the opportunity to change their mind once they have seen the goods?

      2. Comrade Jack,
        is that why you have such a clean mind…… you change it often & tell me how do I know when you won’t renege on a promise?

      3. Steve, you may not want to change your mind but others may. To deny them that opportunity when they see the goods is selfish and authoritarian. But I’m afraid you are a little confused, voting in an election is neither making a promise nor signing a contract, no matter what others say without your agreement. By the way, just like you, I’ve not changed my mind but unlike you I’ve no objection to others doing so if they wish.

    1. Seen this Allan, I’m a paid up supporter of Jewish Voice for Labour, and it’s not looking good is it?

    2. There is an on-going purge of pro-Palestinian activists in the Labour Party, as by IHRA definition any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism. Under the guise of confidentiality, nothing is revealed, nor can be. Everything is confidential, which means the accused does not know specifics of the he accusation, nor the identity of the accuser. No defence allowed……..most Orwellian. The Labour Party must be proud.

      1. There is an on-going purge of pro-Palestinian activists in the Labour Party

        I can’t wait for them to get around to me. It would be the proudest day of my life!

      2. Timfrom, the problem is they won’t tell you it’s because you support Palestinian rights.

        Because they’ve got all angles covered with the disgraceful IHRA definition, they will either accuse you of anti-Semitism or ‘a pattern of behaviour’ bringing the party into disrepute.

        Make no mistake, the LP is now the British Zionist Party where Jews who reject Zionism, support Socialism and therefore the human rights of all, are not welcome.

    3. Glad you highlighted this, Allan. It’s not new (in the sense of telling us what we didn’t know) – but the degree of biased manipulation by what should be a transparent process is horrendous.

  5. I don’t for one millisecond believe that Cummings drove sixty miles so as to check if his eyesight was good enough to drive, but if it WERE true, what he was doing was in effect potentially endangering other road users and pedestrians, and especially vulnerable road users – ie cyclists and bikers.

    Anyway, the following article is from September 2018:

    Police to test drivers’ eyesight and confiscate licences if they fail

    Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “The human cost of driving with failing eyesight and having an accident can be immeasurable.

    “Drivers mustn’t just keep their eyes on the road, they must ensure they can see what’s ahead.”

    The Association of Optometrists published research last year which found that more than a third (35%) of optometrists saw patients in the previous month who continued to drive despite being told their vision was below the legal standard.

    A 2012 study by insurance firm RSA estimated that poor vision caused 2,874 casualties in a year.

    1. Fortunately, as I no longer drive, I don’t have to notify DVLA of my glaucoma but it occurs to me how many actually diagnosed with the condition bother to notify them? It’s only a legal requirement, after all but unless the NHS or your doctor notifies them I’m not sure how they would get to know! I’m sure a great many, if not most, do abide by the rules but there is also the notion that some several hundred thousand have the condition but are unaware of it.

      The problem, of course, is the lack of obvious markers as to the progression of the disease, or at least that’s the case with Primary Open-Angle which I have. While the obvious clinical focus is to control the IOP (Intraocular pressure), some people can take higher pressures without the same loss of sight that others might suffer at lower pressures above the same threshold.

      The real test to determine sight loss is peripheral vision, which I would argue is vital on today’s fast and busy roads – the ability to see as laterally as possible without having to change focus from the road ahead, or turn to look sideways. To be honest, I would make at least a peripheral vision test part of the qualifications for driving and then have them repeated at regular intervals, increasingly so once past 40 or 50 years old.

      The other thing I particularly notice is my night vision. So far my normal peripheral vision hasn’t deteriorated significantly in 5 years but at night I wouldn’t be able to drive for all the dazzle of headlights and road signs, which I find almost impossible to read in the general glare. Distances, too, become difficult to judge with so much glare.

  6. That little bit more evidence that it’s not labour, the Tories or one of the fringe groups.

    It’s the system. They are laughing at us. There is footage of cumstain smirking as he walks away…

    Nothing will change. Nothing will happen. Remember, the noise from the vacuum is the same vacuum that gave us cumstain to begin with cos ABC…

    I’m still pondering on the trail. So far, I know his sister is now on the board of the firm doing the NHS app and that GSK (who recently partnered with Sanofi) have an operation near Barnard Castle…

    1. CORRECT NVLA “firm doing the NHS app and that GSK (who recently partnered with Sanofi) have an operation near Barnard Castle…”

      Also GSK like SERCO has been fined millions for fraud. Nicholas Soames’ brother is CEO of SERCO. Fined about £19 million for fraud and false accounting. These CRIMES here are never kept in public focus by the “Left”. Every issue abroad has pull, while Tory bandits rob us blind here and atrocities abroad continue. Explain that. I condemn the Tories, and I condemn all despite the benefit of years, learn nothing, change nothing. Symbolic words and protests for crumbs despite repeated failures deserve no praise. 🌹🌹🌹

    2. I knew I had heard it before

      IDOx, the firm Cumstains sister now works for also handled the postal votes. Am now understanding what cumstain meant when he said he had seen the postal votes

  7. And now this – Coronavirus: Sports events in March ’caused increased suffering and death’
    Two major sporting events held in March “caused increased suffering and death”, the scientist leading the UK’s largest Covid-19 tracking project has said.

    Data gathered from millions of volunteers found coronavirus “hotspots” shortly after the Cheltenham Festival and Liverpool’s Champions League match against Atletico Madrid.

    Professor Tim Spector said rates of cases locally “increased several-fold”.

    1. HEADLINES…..’Science led investigation suddenly reveals that contact with large numbers of people infected with Covi 19 virus causes more infections & deaths & is not insignificant’. Scientist reveals. Something most of us knew already, but apparently politicians & their scientific advisors did not.Shambles!

  8. May I suggest that ‘Opposition Parties’ stop demanding ‘Dom’s Resignation’ & give him more rope to hang himself. He has brought ridicule & contempt to BoJo’s Tory Party & will always be damaged goods. Just keep up the ridicule!

  9. Why aren’t the MSM asking the question what do Cummings. Ferguson, the police arresting demonstrators against the Corona 19 assembly laws and the reporters outside Cummings house all have in common. They all have been breaking the social distancing laws, they have mostly not used facemasks and they don’t believe the hype, hyperbole and , in the cases of Cummings, Ferguson and the Scottish chief medical officer not hypocrites but liars. But of course this isn’t following the script to keep the public in a state of frenzied hysteria about the new black death plague!

    1. In fact – let’s cut it short, brianborou, and ask the main question :

      Why aren’t the MSM (and SB) asking any of the major questions of the day about the shit creek of lock-up – particularly now that there is *no* epidemic by any normal description? (Answers on the back of an envelop)

      Meanwhile, for anyone who has been fatally wounded by the Panicdemic virus, there’s an excellent and evidence-based summary analysis about the farce at :

      1. Well, we both know the answer but, unfortunately, many many people, including a number on the left plus SB, can only see what the MSM, the State Broadcaster, the comprised “ experts “ what they are pumping out ( critical thinking skills are not being engaged) or it’s looked upon as an opportunity to attack the Tories and disregard the bigger picture. The propagandists know this very well and there are numerous examples of where they have convinced people to suspend their minds. The WMD, 45 minutes to doom, the Reds under the bed, and the numerous wars instigated on spurious reasons come to mind.

    2. … and take note of this metaphorical summary of the really important issues :

      “If I tell you you shouldn’t eat chocolate, because it will make your head explode, then I take your chocolate off you and eat it – you wouldn’t think “You hypocrite! You fool! That could make your head explode!”, would you?

      You’d be far more likely to think “Hey, he lied to me so he could steal my chocolate.”

      (To fully complete the metaphor there needs to be a third person there, saying “but chocolate never made our heads explode before”, and being roundly insulted by the other two as a “Chocolate Denier”, who “just wants people’s heads to explode!”)

      Whether it’s Neil Ferguson or Dom Cummings or Chris Cuomo the message is the same. They are telling us they do not really believe there is any danger.

      More than that, the press covering it obviously don’t really believe it either.

      Look at the crush of reporters and cameramen swarm over Dom Cummings outside his home this morning:”

      1. Look at the crush of reporters and cameramen swarm over Dom Cummings outside his home this morning

        Not to mention the angry neighbours. Cummings’ apparent belief he doesn’t need personal security should cost him before the week is out if there is a God (and a beating heart left in England)…

      2. You wouldn’t be able to eat ‘my chocolate’ with a broken jaw! (just kidding)

      3. .. and, just to follow up the Big Panicdemic lie given away by Cummings and Ferguson – I’ve just finished looking at weekly mortality since the 1993/94 winter season.

        The result surprised even me. When you look at the overall picture for each year from winter into spring (up to this point), this year is way down the list if you correct for the size of the population. Just above both median and mean.

        Of course, the propaganda press (does that include SB?) would have you believe that it would be all down to the Great Lockup (even tho’ in the next breath, they say it wasn’t done properly) – but, like Johnson, Cummings and the rest – they would, wouldn’t they? They also told you that Corbyn was an antisemite – and that Starmer was the best thing since sliced bread. (Did you believe those fairy tales?)

        Anyway – the angels of evidence are clearly on the side of those who *don’t* believe in fairies and the necessity of a police state.

      4. No pandemic denier has yet explained who is behind “the farce” – the conspiracy to bankrupt everyone on Earth.
        Is it the Martians?

      5. No, it isn’t the Martians, although the billionaire class might as well be.They’ll be the only ones to emerge from this, not only solvent, but many times richer. And, if the eugenicist vaccinators have their way, with far fewer plebs to spoil the view!

  10. So why are the stock exchanges, especially in GB & USA doing so well?

    1. Steve Richards, markets aren’t doing well – unless you call FTSE going from over 7500 down to 5000 and back up to 6047 in four months “doing so well.”
      Unless you think the recent optimism will ignore the next rise in deaths?

      timfrom, “many times richer” with “far fewer plebs” doesn’t work either – because without “plebs” there aren’t enough customers.

      1. Enough for what? Maybe they’ve reckoned on that and decided there’ll still be enough for the future they have in mind. The majority of deaths will be in the third world and essentially out of sight anyway, so who cares, y’know?

  11. Whatdo tories do? They lie.

    What makes this car crash of a government worse is the pathetic stance from Labour. Virually nothing from our illustrious Trilateral leader, and gushing protection of cummings from Jess the mess Phillips.

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