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Cummings’s press statement has made his behaviour worse, not better…

Dominic Cummings has made a statement to the media to explain his behaviour during the lock-down. He immediately showed his behaviour to have been worse than portrayed, not better:

Cummings quickly ‘explained’ his actions by saying that his wife had taken ill – with symptoms that ultimately proved to be coronavirus – and called him home.

So he dashed home, stayed around a probably-infected person for a couple of hours – and then went back to the office, risking passing the infection to others.

And he then decided to make the 260-plus mile drive to Durham.

Cummings also admitted later in his statement that he did go to north-east beauty spot. He claimed this was ok because he didn’t interact with anyone apart from one person at a distance – and that he made this drive to see whether he was fit to drive.

But the April date when he did so was before the relaxation that allowed people to drive anywhere for a walk – yet he drove 30 miles or so, breaching the rules the rest of us were expected to live under. The law had no exemption to say ‘no driving to anywhere distant – unless to see whether you can drive a distance’.

Cummings’s claim that he and his wife were never tested and therefore don’t know for sure they had the virus are challenged – by his wife’s own Spectator article asserting that she ‘actually’ had the virus, not that she thought she might have had it.

And in playing down his wife’s symptoms and whether they actually were coronavirus, he undermined the main plank of his excuses for having to drive to Durham in the first place.

He has incriminated himself even further. He must go and his press stunt from the Number 10 garden has backfired spectacularly – because the indefensible cannot be defended.

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  1. He should walked into the garden & read out his resignation statement & walked out of the garden. It’s obvious who’s in charge of this government & it’s not Boris Johnson!

  2. Both the PM and Health Secretary were self isolating before Cummings ran from Downing Street. Cummings wife was unwell. He never sought any medical advice before his journey. It does not matter whether his wife had Covid symptoms or not she was ill and if you are ill with any virus you wait at least 48 hours before venturing out to stop speading that virus. Other viruses have not disappeared during this outbreak. Cummings could have become unwell himself on the journey upto Durham and caused an accident. His actions are that of an extremely selfish person who has no thought for others around him.

    Cummings must be the only person in senior government who was not issued or already in possession of equipment to work remotely from home.

    1. and not tested. Charles & Camilla were tested but the real PM of the country not. Stunning. Who drives from Durham 30 to Banards Castle to test if your sight is bad rnougg❓❓❓ V hilly drive. Very pretty but pretty dangerous. No??? Never mind my heartbreak at our Labour party. The whole world has gone stark raving mad.

  3. Strange man trying to explain his strange behaviour in strange times. Zero empathy. Zero insight. Are others hearing Air-miles Andy from the big council house down the Mall?
    Me too. Except Andy is a fool and does not know it.
    Cummings is smart and knows he is on thin ice but seriously underestimates the smartness of others. Even the usually poor “journalist” make Cummings look like a total smart fool. Another strange Tory day.

    QUESTION: Covid-19 symptoms. Odd symptoms. Anything could happen. Cummings reports poor sight. So wife advises test DANGEROUS SIGHT, by driving THIRTY MILES and back. Yes people. Our country’s safety is in safe hands. Gosh…. every day without fail a new low. Today’s low and my skin is tingling. Not sure if i’m afraid or not. I don’t feel angry. So maybe just shock. Gosh.

  4. I will now be referring to cummings as ‘The Victim’ from here on in.

  5. Nit picking, lockdown is over. Govt has lost moral authority. Starmer should start going for Bojo’s throat now, forget gentlemanly questions. Never heard Cummings speak before. Seems a lot more competent than Bojo, Gove etc who in comparison appear in need of long term therapy, so we now know where the policymaking comes from.

  6. ‘A test drive’ to ‘gauge his eyesight…’

    If your vision’s impaired you DO NOT even attempt to drive. Period.

    Arrogant prick, all those threats he’s supposedly had are self-inflicted. Hateful rat bastard he is anyway; I’m not sure at least half those threats aren’t reciprocal. If he gets his heid kicked in I won’t bat an eyelid. That’s what happens when you treat people like shite.

  7. ”The hospital’s five miles away….two miles, three miles…something like that…”

    Which is it? You can’t blame covid for not providing a more definite estimate.

  8. pretend PM johnson on 19:00hrs. Be v interesting. How low can they go❓❓❓ Immunity to Tory lows building up. High viral load at Downing Street.

  9. What is scandalous is the herculean efforts being made by Durham Constabulary to avoid charging the fucker

      1. Should be £30 per constabulary/county he travelled through.

        Backdated. And because it’s been more than 14 days, each and every one of those fines should be increased to the max. Then get a court order on the bastard to pay his fines or seize his assets.

  10. He said that in Durham he looked after his child himself, his relatives didn’t. So he could have done that in London and saved the fuel and the CO2 emissions.

    1. Open mouth;
    2. put foot in it;
    3. keep job;
    4. become object of scorn;
    5. Make Johnson look ridiculous (more than usual);
    6. Job done

    1. When I finally come back to Britain from Cambodia I will test my eysight and hearing by also heading North..I understand that the police are very amicable and user friendly and I can imitate a elite accent so hopefully it will be just a site seeing tour.I might pop into the local Catholic gravyard to veiw the pots of ashes next to my mum and dad’s grave.To think whilst my brothers were herded into a care home to die Cummings and family were having a tour of the north and enjoying themselves….Nostalgia is everything at my age,but revenge is coming and served very much colder.

  11. The drive to ‘test his eyesight’ to see if he was fit to drive happened to be on his wife’s birthday and it didn’t occur to him he might be endangering the life of his wife and son if his eyesight failed him. It reminded me of Prince Andrew giving his Pizza Express Alibi to Emily M.

  12. Who is this nerd, that he commands the hallowed ground of the No10 garden. Is he a minister? If he is, I don’t know what ministry he heads. Oh, I forgot, Cummings is the Prime Minister! The last piece of crap that landed in the garden was a clutch of mortars, launched over the wall by the I.R.A.

    1. Hmmm, (stroking beard thoughtfully) I wonder if they have any left…

      1. I understand that transit vans with sunroofs are still in demand?

  13. Cumming’s came across as a shifty lying spiv !!

    No remorse
    No regret
    No apologies
    No contrition
    No humility
    No regret

    His ‘ statement ‘ reads like a fairytale.
    Pure fabrication and full of holes.

    Guilty !!
    Guilty !!
    Guilty !!

  14. Every single one of the 14,000 Lockdown fines issued recently should now be cancelled.

    And sir eriK armreSt should be leading Labour to ask for more than an “explanation”. He’s letting himself and his undisclosed sponsors and the trilateral commission down

    And most Labour members are not too happy either.

    1. Indeed they should be cancelled – and the bill for the lost revenue landing squarely on Cummings doormat*

      * By doormat I mean the one behind his front door. Not Johnson himself…but if they both were forced to pay it out if their own pockets id happily let the matter drop.

  15. Due to parenting responsibilities, I’m only now starting to understand what was said during that address (the kids wanted to watch Moomin Valley rather than listen to this old C…ummings) . Clicked on the link to his missus’ article and after a few lines, I was gobsmacked:

    “I had thought that actually getting the coronavirus would bring clarity — that there would be some satisfaction in meeting the enemy, feeling its spectral hands around my lungs. No such luck.”

    Holy Mother!!! This is top level lunacy! This is a chuffin death cult!

  16. This lot thinks Joe public is thick……well given who was voted in, they’re right

  17. It seems likely Cummings panicked on hearing Johnson was ill on the same day 5 April when his Uncle, Lord Justice Laws to whom he was very close and had gone to the same public school, died in Chelsea and Westminster hospital of Covid. Sure he was scared he was going to die too if he wasn’t careful. The video of him running down Downing St sums it up. He didn’t stop running until he was in Durham ‘forgetting’ to tell ANYBODY what he was up to. His main concern he says now was his wife and child but in truth he was his own life he feared losing. The idea he could have given both child and wife the illness as a result of a 5 hour drive may have occurred to him but if it did he dismissed it. I’m assuming here his wife didn’t fall ill that afternoon and never had the virus. Neither of them called a doctor or took advice from the NHS because they knew they’d be told to lockdown at home. So they ran as fast as they could. A wonderful example of a Tory with his own interests at heart, bugger the herd.

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