Reg number noted in Barnard Castle confirmed as vehicle seen bearing Cummings. Cummings statement this afternoon

Car number plate noted by eyewitness corresponds to vehicle in which Cummings has been seen

The eyewitness who claimed to have seen Dominic Cummings out and about thirty miles from his Durham base during lock-down shortly after his recovery from coronavirus also made a note of the number plate of the car in which he saw the family.

UK newspapers have now checked the registration written down by the eyewitness – and found that it matches that of a car in which Cummings has previously been seen.

Cummings has said that he will make a statement this afternoon, even though the code of conduct for SpAds (special advisers) forbids them from statements on issues of political controversy:

Special advisers must not take public part in political controversy…They must observe discretion and express comment with moderation, avoiding personal attacks, and would not normally speak in public for their Minister or the Department.

Anglican bishops today joined Tory MPs, Johnson’s own science advisers and much of the public

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  1. No matter , the twat is bullet proof , missile proof , even effing nuclear bomb proof , all thanks to that Clown blojob .
    Just remember all you plebs , one rule for the great unwashed and no rules at all for the elites and their lackeys

  2. Johnson currently refuses to say which of the allegations against Cummings is ‘false’, He should be pressed and aggrieved libelled witnesses should take legal action. Crowd sourcing means it can be done despite the Tory Party’s attempts to price ordinary people out of the civil courts.

  3. “Fuck’s sake, Boris, I can smell your elbow” said Dominic from the back of the pantomime horse.

    1. She was strangely silent yesterday. Now she’s giving the ‘heads up’ on details.

      I wonder if that’s what they mean by ‘ we’re in it together’…

    2. She can’t not. It’s part of her condition. Hard left labour activists are stirring this because they think he’s hewish. Yet more evidence of extensive antihemitism in Labour.

  4. Any stolen sheep in the boot? The locals around Barney get very up tight about that sort of thing.

  5. Suspect no government minister was prepared to draw the short straw and take questions on this in today’s daily briefing.

  6. Even if Machaevellian character is sacked his counsel will be sought. He survived after his time with Gove in education.
    If he is dismissed from his SpAd post then Johnson will be seen as responding to public opinion.At this time the resentment and anger is at a heightened state and this will resonate and fester in those who voted for the Tory party.This is a short term victory and will be forgotten in 4 years time. If he resigns then Johnson will claim that having the full facts his protestations and defence would not have been forthcoming.

    1. ITS got to be serious when the Tory party at prayer are having a potshot at Johnson and Cummings…I would be worried if I was them when even the church of England recognise the spiritual connections between the twins Johnson and Cummings.I think Cummings knows were all the bodys are buried and Johnson can’t get rid?

  7. Cummings: ‘My wife was ill but she DIDN’T have a cough or a fever’

    Then she DIDN’T have covid.

    I know, the GOV.UK website told me so when I filled out the questionnaire.

  8. ‘They showed pictures of my house…’

    So? You said fuck all when they were outside Corbyn’s gaffe day after day

  9. His wife…Suffering from Covid (allegedly) was allowed to accompany her son to the hospital in the ambulance?

  10. I was told it WAS safe, I COULD return to work AND SEEK CHILDCARE…

    Utter fucking bollocks…

    I drove to barnard castle to see if I was fit to drive..

    This prick must think we – everyone of us – fell to earth in the last rain shower…

  11. ‘I didnt want to make my sister’s home the target for harrassment.’

    If you did nothing wrong, WHY the merry fuck did you think your sister would be ‘harrassed’

    (And of course, kuebnssberg’s first up with a shit pathetic question to which everyone knows the answer)

  12. There’s plenty in the Tory party that detest and despise Bozo and his creepy adviser. Sure, he won the election for them, but it’s getting near ‘time to go’. There is of course, one huge problem — the Big ‘B’, Brexit. No-one wants to be on watch when the whole shaky fiasco comes crashing down. In spite of what Creepy Joe says, Brexit is NOT done, nowhere near it. Be prepared for the Tory long-knives to come out around next Christmas. However, I have a nasty suspicion that this will not end well for Boris, who is on course to destroy this country. Do I hear the sound of a scaffold being erected on Whitehall?

  13. “When the doctor told me I could go back to work after I thought I ought to come back to London to help the government… blah blah… including getting more investment for the NHS… blah blah”
    Not one of the ‘journalists’ thought to ask him whether he meant government investment, private investment, Chinese investment, US investment…
    Any half-decent journalist would have jumped on that.

  14. BBC saying the government could have answered all these questions weeks ago and saved all the hassle
    They couldn’t invent a story to fit “the facts” before they knew what “facts” the media could prove, stupid.

    1. And almost every one of the ‘facts’ from the victim are bollocks anyway.

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