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Breaking: Scottish minister Ross resigns over Cummings affair

‘there remains aspects of the explanation which I have trouble with’

Douglas Ross (official parliamentary portrait)

Moray Tory MP Douglas Ross has resigned from his position as a minister for Scotland in protest at Dominic Cummings’s excuses for his trips to and around the north-east, during lock-down and while suffering suspected coronavirus infection.

Mr Ross said that he was resigning because he was unhappy with ‘aspects of the explanation’:

The move will massively increase pressure on Boris Johnson to sack the unrepentant Cummings for actions that have endangered the public by weakening the anti-coronavirus message. Will more front-benchers follow suit?

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  1. As they say : “So what?”

    Now have a look at the important underlying issues as the caravan passes on.

    1. NOTE WELL: If Tories keep up their coordinated pressure the real prime minister will need Satanic tricks to survive. johnson will find it difficult to survive without more than a handful of friends in the Tory party. Thus johnson will do everything to reward his master with reckless support.

      NB johnson does EVERYTHING to be faithful to his master and protector, in a sea of short but intense MSM and TORY hostilities. Defending EVEN the indefensible. Can we really not defend the TOTALLY defensible❓❓❓

      Cummings’ wife is an EXCELLENT driver. Yet Cummings admits sense which only the 1% possess by driving in a hilly area with A CHILD to test his SICK eyesight. boris johnson defends the indefensible… despite backbench & MSM pressure. Can we really not accept that we failed with out sound excuse, to defend THE defensible❓❓❓ Those who cannot see that, even now, are UNNECESSARY for any EFFECTIVE battle with ANY system ANYWHERE.

      Go QUICKLY and form your new party. Don’t read this. Don’t reply. Don’t apply. Good wishes and good bye. You mean well. But some of us realise we must DO well too. The rest of us have lots to DO WELL, to DO effectively, to regain control of OUR Labour Party. It IS doable. 🌹🌹🌹

    2. ⚠️ps Avoidable Covid-19 death figures govt will spin tdy are out of date. (Avoidable except for Tory eugenic ideology). Thinking deliberate, as they never make lag by as much as 30 days, explicit. They speak of the weekend lag, because of horrendously low weekend staffing… in ALL areas eg a handful of pharmacists for a whole block in a major hospital with several huge floors⚠️⚠️

      Anyway – minimum UK TESTED deaths from lagging data up to March 15 is over forty-seven thousand UK.

      The TRUE EXCESS deaths were minimum 66,000 two week ago.⚠️⚠️⚠️

  2. Douglas Ross MP’s resignation is to be respected. Whether it is really a principled resignation or dirty machine politicking, we’ll never know. Anyway, glad he’s done it.

    BUT there’s still a bigger elephant in the tories’ elephant covid chamber:

    AS THE WONDERFUL Kit Knightly (Off-Guardian) says:-

    “From Ferguson to Cuomo to Cummings, the high profile Lockdown violations show the establishment don’t believe their own hype.”

    Do you think we are all being played and Cummings is letting the cat out of the bag?

    1. Like us, SNP’s Ian Blackford is coordinating the opposition party leaders to express outrage at the HORRIFIC Tory lows this very hour.

      Guess who is not taking part❓ Easy. Think – saboteur – treacherous – coup plotter against Labour – disgraceful pursuer of tremendous whistleblower … Think all round bad egg – Bad news – each day worse news. Need not be named.

      Interesting, another SNP Alex Salmond stood up DESPITE horrendous establishment pressure and MSM hostilities, i heard and read it. He was pursued in court like Craig Murray, like Julian Assange – like MILLIONS of people in the public domain who know, despite the difficulty meaning well and symbolic virtuous words are enough. In fact, this morning, i feel they are almost worthless. 1️⃣ Actions speak louder than words. 2️⃣ They are more likely to be effective 3️⃣ Other great people, have proven throughout history, everyday everywhere, that though difficult, you have to continuously self assess, be nimble, quick, use what is likely to be effective, try new methods rather than old proven failed ones.

      Stand up like Alex Salmond, Craig Murray, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, Julian Assange DESPITE HOSTILE pressure. Stand up as each of the above did. Stand up like Alex Salmond, to get Blair prosecuted for international crimes plotted in the USA and HERE. Right here at home. Salmond did not have the numbers in parliament. Who failed to vote FOR??? Who ABSTAINED??? Who found other things to do so did not even turn up???

      I rest my case🌹🌹🌹

      1. Sir eriK armreSt? Is he the opposition leader who’s choosing NOT to participate in the SNP’s venture?

        A dog can’t serve two masters, it’s either the Trilateral Commission sponsors/billionaires or Labour Party Members Sir eriK. Them or us.

      2. qwertboi , have another guess.
        I’m not saying u r wrong. To bolt it down. When correct BOLT IT DOWN. Quick and do EVERYTHING to bolt success down. Don’t hide waiting for events to prove you right. People are busy. We, U, I and others here are putting aside important things we all need doing, to make things plain. People are busy and doing tiresome work and domestic duties. You know it thank goodness and several here. THANK GOODNESS AGAIN.

        So providing an opportunity to bolt down your success or if necessary try again IF in the unlikely event YOUR “instinct”, your “Judgement”, YOUR “COMMON SENSE”, Labour common sense failed.

        Asking u to stake your metaphorical house, that u r 💯% correct. If it is, BOLT it down. Let EVERY ONE KNOW. 🌹🌹🌹

      3. First ‘the establishment’ ridicules & attempts to marginalise, denegrate or isolate you with smears about your ‘personal life’; then it dismisses you as a freak or an extremist & definitely not to be trusted……….aka character assassination. It is so easy to make accusations now, usually anonymously, without being held to account. The favourite weapon of the Labour Party.

      4. … who know, despite GREAT difficulty, meaning well and symbolic virtuous words, are NOT enough. In fact, this morning, i feel, virtuous words they alone, are almost worthless.

  3. Well, it’s no surprise…Ross doesn’t like the ‘travelling community.’

    1. And the bbc don’t like you pointing that fact out on their have your say pages – even though you can link to their version of it.

      They’ve also removed two other comments I made about kuenssberg’s sycophantic, supine servility towards cummings yesterday.

      The bias is endemic within that pederast protecting, criminal corporation.

    2. ps this very hour, our lot are inviting people to attend a course on Marx.
      Intelligent well read people, this very hour, are EXACTLY as posted before, are inviting people to attend a course online about Marx.

      Crash alarm goes off. Don’t drop everything and RUN to save the patient. Oh no. No pull. No appeal. Too much running. Not polite and too messy… dirty business, never ideal or perfect except the ideal, the perfect will and ACTION to be as EFFECTIVE as possible.

      In the moment, here now, the most perfect coordinated prepared actions, matching the words, – turning up to prevent loss of life. Getting hands dirty in ACTION – not decent intentions.

      Our team believes – continue reading. Read more. Invite well read cliques who agree with each other to read more. Read faster. Learn nothing new. Read no new ideas, especially those that plead action. But SOD the dying patient. Re read and chat about the perfect way to save the dying patient. Patient DEAD. No matter. Keep reading. Take a break and chat passionately about patients dying thousands of miles away… then read some more … read some more about them.

      I rest my case again 🌹🌹🌹

  4. I’ve no evidence whatever for this and there could be evidence that makes nonsense of it, but what if neither he or his wife ever had CV at all?
    What if it was just an opportunistic holiday at the nice, safe family farm, taking advantage of his boss being off work sick?
    Once spotted and snitched on by members of the public he’d need a good excuse for flouting his own rules so flagrantly – and isn’t it a weird coincidence that he only broke quarantine at the farm twice and got spotted and reported both times?
    To make up a story you’d need to wait for all sightings of you to be reported and then think of a scenario that fits.
    What other fiction than “we were ill with suspected CV” would have the remotest possibility of being accepted by the public as justification?
    I doubt he and his wife can be forced to take an antibody test to prove whether they have or haven’t had CV.
    If they’ve actually had positive tests that would disprove my suspicions.

    1. you think those test would be honestly reported ? The lie would continue .

      This is what happens when we have a pack of liars as a Govt , headed up by the biggest liar of all,, Bopo the Clown .
      We end up postulating all sorts of scenarios trying to make sense of the corruption and confusion deliberately seeded by them to deceive and cover up . Perhaps a good place to start investigating is what Carol Cadwallader of the Groan was onto regarding the twat Cummings and his alleged passing of the public’s data to his mates in the A.I industry .?

  5. Dominic Cummings said yesterday, he wrote about Coronavirus last year. That is a lie. Someone “edited” / “modified” / “added to” his writing, end April / start May this year … 2020🌹🌹🌹

  6. It is a shame that an elected Tory MP who did not breach the lockdown rules is now out of his job
    while an unelected advisor who did is still in his and is giving us all the V sign

    1. I just wonder what game this Tory mp is playing?Suddenly gets a dose of morality?Who do these rotten to the core torys think they are kidding?Most of us recognise that decency and morality are not a trait or ideology of the Conservative and unionist party..Cummings is scum and so are the rest of the tory party and their supporters.

      1. Me too Joseph, I wanted to believe it was a principled act, but then wondered if the MP was just politicking the way centrists like him and his RW cousins in Labour do.

      2. They are getting it in the neck from their constituents Joseph, thats why. One of them Robert Hafron issued a grovelling apology to his constituents following a post in which he sought to trivialise Cummings 500+ miles return journey.
        Everybody is affected by this virus and Tory members/voters who are heartbroken because they have lost family members or deeply upset because they missed out on the wedding they planned, the big birthday/anniversary party they wanted or the fantastic holiday they booked are outraged by Cummings clear flouting of the lockdown rules. The MPs concerned are simply responding to anger of their Conservative Association committees and members. Unlike many Labour MPs they don’t want to bite the hand which feeds them.

    2. Smartboy, Ross resigned. A Tory found a dot of decency despite the cost, imagine that?? Strange times. Unlike SIR Dire Starmer. Normal times for SIR. SIR is afraid to pay the price of pressuring his establishment controllers. Desperately afraid of upsetting his funders. In total they have at their EASY disposal, £ BILLIONS. Not one or two billions. Certain forces are prepared to maintain the Status Quo, almost what ever it costs. I kid you not.

      That’s why constant thought, improvement of strategy and battling clever is vital. Fight clever, nimble. Don’t be afraid of making errors. We all make them. Successes are achieved by acknowledging errors and fixing them ASAP. Don’t be afraid of anyone. People have lost much more. How many of us can be disappeared??? 500,000??? Not even in these horrific times. I prefer to die trying SMARTLY. Not constant rants full of swears. Of course there is more than enough about which all could rage… white hot rage, rant and swear. But that is not always the best means of battle with the bastards. They can swear better than most, but know when it has best effect.

      Often successes take years. They often need successes of others before us. Successes built on practical achievements of others eg crushing myths, to make space for truths to blossom. If we only leave practically irrelevant words to nice cliques often in private, about issues elsewhere, yet stay silent on Tory crimes throughout the UK, day in day out, we allow a steep hill to develop. Eventually, an almost impossible mountain rises for those who follow.

      Should tectonic plates move in our spectacular favour AGAIN, we will lack the insight to seize the successes, bolt them down and protect them and MAKE and secure more. And at least make it easier for those after us. Not rants without analysis nor suggestions. We need suggestions to help us understand why we find ourselves in this Tory horror show.

      In my CLP’s Jeremy supporting group, the meeting planned to understand what went wrong, was no such thing. To me it was a twitfacewap job, but with people physically present. We must escape the toddler bite sized approach to solving multifaceted deep issues.

      We are not children. The election result proved that twitfacing, + thousands of numbers do not make wins. NB – Sanders and all other true Democrats. Once again a Same Old Same Old merchant was left a free run by the SAME “Left” hope. Quite an remarkable – Declare defeat despite huge devoted followers, funding and facetwitting. Give up before the race is even halfway. Give up even though the race may not run. Expecting to lose. Ridiculing the idea of “no one knows what will happen”.

      To give in TWICE, is evidence of what I keep trying to explain. It shows again, nothing was learnt from the first time. If anything was learnt, it was crushed by the crushed. How??? By a guaranteed to crush – defeatist culture. Crushed by a determination to reject facts because they are painful. Immature sensitivities trump truths.

      Repeated defeats feel terrible. So repeatedly trump truths. Feeling worse for letting immature feelings trump truths? Dig heals in on that, but not on what matters. Inevitably we feel the worst for trumping truths. So self medicate that frustration over decades. How?

      Ah! Rage at Trump and his doings elsewhere. Display passion, even in the face of hostilities, though amongst people who agree it’s easier to noise about problems than seize opportunities for action.

      The further away from here, the more the appetite for useless words.

      AH, SH, McNiv, have read every last word word of this long post. They love sucking on a long post as far as they can go. They will moan and come back for every last mm. They love it and hate it at the same time. Some people pay for that sort of thing. Wish they would publish their detailed minutes of my posts / catalogue / index my drivel for me. Make it easy for retrieval. I have neither time nor the staff for that.

      Please AH, SH, McNiv help!!! Sorry not SH, it already has its mouthS FULL of SIR. Maybe that’s why SH’s SIR could not turn up to help Blackford today. Well done Blackford and ALMOST all who bothered to turn up.

      Plants and infiltrators are everywhere… not just in Labour. 🌹🌹🌹

      1. Put a sock in it signpost you lying little shill……. Oh, in case you didn’t know it, signpost’s (alleged) CLP has meetings EVERY week, and all they ever do is discuss theories. The left-wing members that is of course! And he assumes that it’s the same in every other CLP in the country! And now he’s come up with ANOTHER infantile ‘word’ – ie twitfacing – and in an earlier post he’s started referring to Cummings as cum-cum! He is NOT for real, and I would advise EVERYONE to just skip past his posts.

        So what CLP is it signpost? And do you have a link to your (alleged) CLPs Jeremy supporting group? Oh, and who were these ‘hostile presenters’ who you claimed couldn’t understand why JC hadn’t sued any of the individuals that called him an anti-semite?

        Yeah, he spends ALL day EVERY day posting comments on here, but he’s not a shill of course…… I haven’t counted them up (in the different threads), but it must be, yet AGAIN, another twenty or so TODAY, many of them long posts. Well it’s a full time job you see, and I can only assume he gets paid by the word!

      2. Just quickly counted them up, and it’s 25 so far today AND he probably posted ANOTHER comment whilst I was counting them up!

        So he posted his FIRST comment – which was pretty long (as many of them ARE, and some of them ULTRA long) – at 7.17am this morning, and more than twelve hours later, in the latest thread, he’s STILL posting comments!

        PS And just in case you didn’t know it, CLPs have meetings once a month, and their agendas are emailed to local members several days or more prior to the meeting, and consist mainly of local issues and problems – eg, threatened closure of local hospital, or a unit in said hospital etc.

  7. Surprised you haven’t yet covered the currently fast-growing extra problem for Cummings’ credibility – ie, that he faked up a personal blog from last year, by adding a paragraph mentioning coronavirus, very recently (just after he got back from Durham) – to appear to be ‘ahead of the curve’ on the dangers of coronavirus ! This is sooooooo Cummings , ie, building his self-image as the savant seer future predictor – through sheer lies and trickery. It’s all over the media now , even the BBC – so yet another proof of the narcissism and serial lying of this eugenicist neoliberal faker !

    Mind you, is it likely that Johnson would dare to sack Cummings ? To quote a humorous comment from elsewhere … ‘ it would be like Emu sacking Rodd Hull !’ (for those of us who still remember the priceless Rodd and the ever-violent Emu. )

  8. Just watched Alastair Campbell interviewed on BBC News. Couldn’t remember if it was Alas- or Alistair so googled him.
    Didn’t even count the entries much less read them, but he appears to have been all over the media for the last day or so.
    Is he working for Starmer or Blair?
    Asked what he thought the Tories should do instead of what they are doing he read off a list of 10 PR bullet points like the media whore he is.

  9. Cummings said ytdy he wrote about Coronavirus last year. LIE.
    Someone “edited” / “modified” / “added to” his writing, end April / start May this year … 2020🌹🌹🌹

  10. I didn’t even know Ross and Cumminge were gay, much less having an affair.

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