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Russell-Moyle employs Momentum founder Lansman as ‘researcher’

Brighton MP linked to moves to widen socialist MP group to include ‘soft left’

Brighton Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, now on Keir Starmer’s front bench as an environment minister, has employed Momentum founder Jon Lansman as a researcher, according to the latest Members’ register of secretaries and researchers.

Russell-Moyle was reportedly linked to an attempt to replace former deputy leadership candidate Richard Burgon as secretary of the Socialist Campaign Group of left-wing MPs as a precursor to widening the group’s membership to include ‘soft left’ MPs and argued in a LabourList article for working with the soft left.

In January, Jon Lansman was accused of arguing that left-wing activist umbrella group CLGA – the group that has previously announced unified ‘slates’ of candidates for key Labour positions but failed to do so this year in the National Executive Committee (NEC) by-elections, to the detriment of the movement, also needed to move toward the centre and soft left. He subsequently smeared Labour members who had voted in a poll to identify the best left candidates for the by-election as ‘sectarian’ and unrepresentative.

Jo Bird, a candidate not on Momentum’s slate, had been the runaway winner of the poll and and the SKWAWKBOX called on Momentum to back her. She subsequently massively outperformed Lansman pick Leigh Drennan. However, the divided left vote allowed right-wingers to take the position.

(Edit: Russell-Moyle has said he is not employing Lansman, but has included him in his list of ‘researchers’ so he can go in and out of Parliament)

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  1. To think that despite him eong a co-operative, I used to hold russell-moyle in good regard.

    But following this news, he’s just a co-operative like the rest of them.

  2. Momentum. Lansman. Absolute power corrupts absolutely as the Zionist cabal now no longer needs to hide, it is the Labour Party.

  3. ……..the noose tightens, no more Corbynistas, no more Socialism. What about a merger with the Lib Dems if we promise them ‘Proportional Representation’? Prepare for government!!!!

    1. You know what ,I was thinking exactly that this morning , Labour is now a party ,, again that represents the middle class Guardinistas champagne swilling socialists . Those who are to shy to admit their Tory sympathies and fed up of having no influence in the Libdems , they have infiltrated and piggy backed onto the Labour party for a chance at power , and have been quite happy to use the Israeli lobby to aid them in doing so.
      Lansman well nuff said !! I hope that Foreward Momentum gets shot of him

  4. The left needs a PV wallah as secretary of the SCG about as much as it needs a hole in the head. Appointing Lansman just confirms all the doubts anyone has ever had about Russell-Moyle.

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