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C19’s predecessor also associated with Kawasaki disease in children – 15 years ago. Schools must not re-open until this is investigated properly

New coronavirus has manifested circulatory inflammation in children in UK – as did a 2005 variant

In late April, the UK was the first country to report a worrying development in the coronavirus pandemic, after an urgent NHS notification to hospital trusts warned doctors to be on the look-out for serious and potentially life-threatening ‘atypical’ inflammation of the heart and circulatory system in children infected with the virus, similar to ‘Kawasaki disease‘. The US has subsequently seen cases, with 88 children showing symptoms between the UK and New York. Three children have died.

But the COVID-19 pathogen is not the first ‘novel coronavirus’ to be linked with the symptoms of Kawasaki disease in children. A 2005 study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases noted that 72.7% of children suffering Kawasaki disease who were tested in the study were shown to be infected with the then-novel ‘New Hampshire coronavirus’.

The World Health Organisation, US Centres for Disease Control and the NHS are all reported to be worried by 2019 development, but Boris Johnson is under pressure to re-open schools in the first phase of his planned relaxation of the UK lock-down. Even new Labour leader Keir Starmer has been speaking to media calling for the same, despite protests from the National Education Union that none of the five tests supposed to be met before schools open have been fulfilled.

It is clear that serious consequences for children are not just an emerging feature of the new coronavirus but may also be intrinsic to similar respiratory coronaviruses. The government must not even think about re-opening schools until this has been properly investigated and the risks are thoroughly understood.

No bowing to corporate pressure and no excuses.

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  1. Associated with New Hampshire virus 15 years ago. Still not solved. Do we wait 15 years from now until this link to Kawasaki virus solved before we open schools? Or longer till its solved?

    1. The spaff, Spaffer is spaffing this very minute, was caused by Sir Kier Starmer. The dull dire Stoma did as he was instructed. Peter Mandelson said “WORK NIGHT and DAY” to undermine Jeremy. They achieved that easily. These deaths are due to their ideology, their aims, their interest, their work.

      With McNic the trick, they worked away night and day thereby causing these avoidable deaths. “Joint Enterprise” DPP Starmer should call it. The poor have been imprisoned because they knew a guilty person. Starmer more than knew his coup plotters and saboteurs. He collaborated with them. Joined their choreographed resignations.

      Their loyalty must be returned with compound interest. ASAP and intelligently. Directly not by telepathy. Every opportunity. Make the opportunity. A decent party cannot survive with an indecent leader. Someone who worked night and day for us to lose the election should have been expelled. They worked for Tories to win. They must explain why they should not be expelled. At every meeting at every opportunity the must be asked and they must give an acceptable answer if any exists 🌹🌹🌹

      1. and yet Jeremy had enough faith and confidence in Keir to ask him to be a member of his Shadow Cabinet.

      2. SH Why do you assume it was that “Jeremy had enough faith and confidence in Kier to ask him to be a member of the Shadow Cabinet”❓
        Do you believe those were the same reasons he recommended Twatson for a peerage❓ Allowed McNic to get a peerage❓Allowed all the wrong doers in the 860 dossier to go unexpelled❓
        Are you implying that Jeremy has a world beating low threshold for “faith and confidence”❓ If so then that explains lots.
        It is worth stating clearly, I have ZERO faith and confidence in you chum Kier. I expected Starmer to be bad bad bad news. He always was. He always will be bad news.
        QUESTION SH: Do you have “faith and confidence in” Starmer?

      3. Signpost, I can’t quite get my head round why you’re on a left-wing ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ supporting website, when ALL you’ve ever done since you started posting on here is trash him, and on an almost daily basis.

        Could you explain?

  2. Significant others have to insist on postmortems on their loved ones. Otherwise it would be easier for those responsible to evade criminal prosecution for corporate manslaughter, eg.

    Relatives and care home managers are BEGGING for residents being discharged even in the middle of the night from hospital, to be tested before discharge. They are obviously symptomatic but it is being reported that hospital MANAGERS are refusing to test.

    Care home managers cannot leave their inappropriately discharged residents on the street. RESULT: Great distress. Spread in the homes AND to staff and their relatives. The underpaid staff work in other homes, hence more spread. They often do other jobs to make ends meet on pitiable salaries. MORE SPREAD. More avoidable deaths in one of the six richest countries in the world.

    1. ………….but our clever politicians; scientists & journalists would already been aware of the probable outcome months ago? Are they not very bright or is it just another example of cock-up over conspiracy?

      1. DEFINITELY NOT cock-up… though that is boris johnson’s true and single care … well other than lying just for the fun of it. CONSPIRACY full strength➕➕➕ Think of it. We gad the benefit of foresight and forSEEING China, S Korea, Italy & Spain, yet ZERO testing and tracing early o’clock. The most extraordinary laughable excuse by the lady “scientist” for not screening & quarantining arrivals. I was aghast. More so after the peculiar “journalist” all failed to pursue her stunning science free answer.

        Consider too the deliberate acts. Stringently limit NHS admissions DESPITE capacity. The most capacity DEFINITELY mor than throughout the last 20 years. Most likely more that the 10 years before that.

        Add the conspiracy of REFUSING testing to staff and patients. Discharging obviously symptomatic elderly people to nursing homes untested DESPITE PLEADING. Ordering coroners to not put PPE contributed to deaths. Certifying doctors “advised” to refrain from putting Covid-19 as cause of death.

        Steve, i could go on, but the only cock-up ie boris johnson’s preoccupation, is them believing that in the end even RH will be embarrassed to fail to attribute the EXCESS DEATHS as being MAINLY directly due to Covid-19 and some indirectly so caused. Those indirect deaths may be off set by, more than 3,000 saved due to better air quality and some reduced stress, fewer traffic accidents and train line deaths. Also to date, fewer homicides, due to knife and gun crime. Sadly in the next few months, those may begin to rise again to Tory induced levels.

        Were it up to me, there would have been swift positive intervention to harness the exceptional abilities of the non Saville Row suited gangsters. They appear to have the nimbleness and imagination which many of us lack. Those are often very bright underused people who need to feel part of a positive society. Re: the Saville Row suited bandits, no good will ever come of them. 🌹🌹🌹

  3. Way of subject but I thought this may interest others

    On Wednesday, 13th of May, at 12pm My Life My Say will speak with a globally recognised pro-democracy activist — Joshua Wong.

    Joshua is a Hong Kong student activist and politician who serves as secretary-general of the pro-democracy party Demosistō. In 2014, Joshua made headlines during the Hong Kong protests, inspiring hundreds of thousands of young people. He has since been nominated for the Nobel Prize Peace Award and selected by the Time’s magazine as one of the most influential teens in 2014.

    1. The struggle of Hong Kong democracy activists v the Communist party of China makes David v Goliath seem a well matched pair. China has broken its treaty promises and like all ruling parties in 1 party states seeks to protect, promote and enrich its elite and stay in power. Mao learnt a lot from Stalin. I don’t know how Joshua and his colleagues can prevail but they deserve our best wishes and support.

      1. They are very brave people and there is little doubt that Joshua is both inspirational and an organiser par excellence.

      2. More drivel and ignorence of China by the conservative and unionist party.China has been the leader of a rise i from poverty and ignorance to a dramatic surge in the economic prosperity of SEast Asia.IT looks like your mindless bigotry stretches to all corners of the globe and no doubt racism as well..Get back in your hole.

    2. You are even more stupid than I thought,you grovelling establishment shit.Hong Kong has been alive with US and UK money and agents you moron,stirring the shit and buying “activists” but you come out with your simple minded garbage,No wonder you think “Kier” is so wonderful,you sad specimen Stevie boyAanyone who thinks Time magazine is a quotable source on a left wing site is clearly not really “all there” politically.

      1. I don’t call China a socialist utopia – but if we ever manage to create one, those who desire a return to capitalist neoliberal feudalism will call themselves “democracy activists.”

      2. John – The Labour Party believes in Democratic Socialism operating within a well regulated mixed economy if you believe in communist dictatorships then you are in the wrong party..

  4. It sums up the Govt’s attitude when they insist on calling the teachers and Unions ‘The Blob’. What friendly nick game would readers give Johnson?

  5. Absolutely brilliant journalism Steve. Skwawkbox should be praised.

    The susceptibility of children to Kawasaki Disease and its possible significance to COVID-19 is critical – both to the management and control of coronavirus and to the more extensive health and immunology issues associated with ubiquitous mineral deficiency mostly resulting from industrial food production, extensive use of profit-optimising and health-impairing agro-chemicals, the breakdown of the planet’s delicate but essential sulphur cycle, and capitalism’s vicious need for ever-greater population in order to counter a systemic and inevitable reduction of profit rate.

    This proves that a free presss IS critical to a democratic society – and that the billionaires’ MSM and press is hardly a critical part of it.

    Well done Steve Walker. Well done Skwawkbox

    1. Why is children’s susceptibility to Kawasaki disease critical when dealing with cv? The figures are minute. There is no ubiquitous mineral deficiency. Industrial food production puts cheaper food on most peoples plates round the world, poverty, child mortality and total morbidity and mortality have all declined enormously in the last 50 years, indeed over the last 200+ years. Sulphur cycle? Was that in the Tour de France? As people and societies get richer, they get healthier and people have less children because fewer die before maturity and societies have savings so they don’t have to rely on their children to feed them and prevent starvation as they age. How can capitalism ‘have a vicious need’ to increase the population? Is that like hens having a ‘vicious need’ to lay more eggs? Honestly qwertboi this evidence free blather gives socialism a bad name. You are confusing ER emotional myth with facts.

      1. ”Why is children’s susceptibility to Kawasaki disease critical when dealing with cv? The figures are minute.”

        Would you want your kids copping for it?

        ”There is no ubiquitous mineral deficiency…poverty, child mortality and total morbidity and mortality have all declined enormously in the last 50 years ”

        No? I seem to remember headlines in the rags around 18months ago about rickets, scurvy, scarlet fever, TB etc ‘Victorian diseases’ all hitting the highest levels seen in decades…Remind us all just how many children & families are living in WORKING poverty in toerag Britian, again?

        You’re confusing yourself with the ‘reality’ of iain dummkopf-schmitt, squire.

      2. Why is it critical to ascertain/know a possible correlation between coronavirus and kawasaki’s Disease? Simply, because we need to know more about both health issues. Yes, of course coronavirus is topical and an urgent priority, but, although not a massive killer of children, biochemists and doctors do not know what the cause of Kawasaki disease is and the autoimmune nature of the disease is – a bit like a virus – very worrying and of critical importance.

        My point was, though, the scientifically investigative thrust of Skwawkie’s journalism here is a lot more socially and scientifically valid than the info-commercial dross put out by the billionaires’ MSM.

      3. “Honestly qwertboi this evidence free blather gives socialism a bad name.”

        Although I routinely state on xx forms that my religion is “Other (please specify): Socialism”, I was not posting as a socialist, but as a practitioner and benefactor of orthomolecular medicine.

        Yes, although denied by pro-capitalist interest, especially petrochemicals and the food industries (and you, it seems), I do believe that extensive mineral deficiency or imbalance, sulphur inadequacy (resulting from capitalist excess’s destruction of the sulphur cycle)and nutritional impairment causes both an increasing amount and scope of human health problems. It’s not just the planet that we are killing.

      4. Ignorance is bliss when you speak for the Conservative and unionist party Plain Stupid

  6. Yet another Tory disaster on PPE.

    Hospitals are reportedly being urged to recall more than 15 million pairs of goggles which do not protect medics against coronavirus.

    An urgent alert has been issued to pull the Tiger Eye goggles from NHS supply chains as they fail to meet safety standards, the Telegraph reports.

    Hospitals were told to immediately remove the eye protectors from their stocks after it was found that the British Standards Institute does not recommend them when treating coronavirus patients.

  7. Tories should swing for inability to conduct straightforward commercial transactions. Bojo the clown and his slapstick administration.

  8. There is no risk to bairns from Covid19, statistically insignificant, so they are safe to return to school
    There is no evidence they spread the disease
    Watch Spiegelhalter on the Andrew Marr to get figures in context for other age groups
    Enjoy him putting down Uncle Festa and government for daily shit show and being misquoted
    The biggest thing to fear about Covid19 is the media
    We now know enough about how to manage the virus and keep ourselves safe
    But as I was told a long time ago, nothing is 100% but it’s a hell of a lot closer than some of the shite being spewed out by folk who should know better

  9. Biggest threat to bairns is the fact we are raising generations of battery hens so there immune systems are not as well developed as those of us raised on a diet of dog shit
    Excess deaths from lockdown are now showing up in statistics, the build up and backlog of life threatening illness is going to exceed those from Covid19
    Time to get real folks and have an adult conversation about how we plot our way out of this pandemic
    Good news is we are behind most other countries who are now making their moves out of lockdown

  10. To qwertboi re your last: I’ll look at orthomolecular medecine, not familiar with it, ditto sulphur cycle. wrong of me to be scathing before taking a look. Bit hypocrotical to diss it without evidence. Cheers.

    1. Thanks Citizen. FWIW, you’d be a fantastic proof reader/ copy editor of articles/posts before publication. Your response made me realise that I didn’t quite say exactly what I meant when I posted the first message. The criticality refers to investigating the possible relationship (s) between CV and Kawasaki disease, not the seriousness of the diseases they cause per se. You’ve got a sharp eye and mind. provides a useful (if messy) place to get a good overview of the scope and extent of orthomolecular medicine, which is not a widely used term, although its subject matter is extensive and important.

      1. “Dietary supplements” and “vitamin pills” are the more widely-used terms I believe. “Alternative medicine” is another.
        A more accurate term would be “Overpriced alternatives TO medicine.”

        {{Two-time Nobel Prize winner, and molecular biologist, Linus Pauling, Ph.D.,coined the term “Orthomolecular” in his 1968 article “Orthomolecular Psychiatry” in the journal “Science.”}}

        The above is prominently displayed on the cited website’s home page with an image of Dr. Pauling – one of the more blatant fake associations by which pedlars of potions try to acquire an aura of respectability.
        Dr. Pauling’s work was serious science – nothing to do with dietary supplements, homeopathy or any other quackery.
        SHAME ON YOU qwertboi.

      2. qwertboi – orthomolecular medicine, which is not a widely used term,

        Is that because most people aren’t gullible enough to be conned by a fancy name and therefore prefer to use the much more commonly used and descriptive term 🦆 Quack Medicine 🦆

      3. I would certainly welcome an investigation into diet and CV. There is a pronounced association between Corvid19 mortality, and serious secondary effects, with diabetes … and there have long been concerns about the lack of micronutrients/vitamins in modern diets plus the ubiquitous addition of corn syrup and type 2 diabetes. Notable in the Toxic Shock/Kawasaki disease in children is severe abdominal pain … a difference in the immune responses with adults is that there are clusters of antibody-producing cells on the small intestines, Peyer’s patches. When inflamed, it is thought that normal peristalsis attempts to move the ‘lumps’ and can cause severe pain. The possible connection of inadequate diet with C19 triggering an autoimmune response and a cytokine storm seems very plausible.

  11. I dont know a lot about alternative medicines ,but saw a lot of it in South Africa when I lived there and even more so here in Cambodia and Veitnam.The cupping treatment seems rather disfiguring and the grinding up of bones and plants seems puzzling.But then again all medicines are a mystery to most of the population .and so I can only say that I he seen beneficial effects on treatment that is commonly used here in SEast Asia.,but have not ventured into the idea myself.We must remember that all medicines are ancient in discovery and should not automatically dismiss has a sham.,because even our western medicines are mainly plant based.

    1. Joseph, the fact that some ancient remedies worked doesn’t justify the exploitation of people who may have suffered one of modern medicine’s relatively rare failures – by pretending vitamins and minerals are cure-alls.
      It doesn’t justify the killing of tigers or rhinos for “traditional”…”medicines” to be made from their body parts either.
      Exploiting a Nobel Prize winner who, being deceased, can’t complain about his name being hijacked to give “orthomolecular medicine” a veneer of credibility with the unwary and sometimes desperate, is as fake and despicable as the “psychic surgery” of the “reverend” Alex Orbito.

      qwertboi will say there’s no comparison, but there is – all “alternative” medicine relies on some degree of deceit – even if it’s only reliance on the placebo effect, an actor wearing a stethoscope or an implied association with a Nobel Prize winner.
      “Orthomolecular” would deny any attempt to deceive of course – not their fault if people think Pauling was a supporter – they didn’t actually claim that if you read their puff piece more carefully.

  12. Great to hear from you Joseph, the comedy socialist. Surprise you support the policies of China which explicitly espoused the capitalist reforms of Deng Xiao Ping from 1976 onwards and lifted a billion or more out of extreme poverty and where wealth and living standards have rocketed, but not surprising you back the elites thuggish policies. I suppose you hysterically supported the ‘socialist interventions’ in Hungary and Czechoslovakia by those charitable helpers from the Soviet Union as well? Yours are the views of a simplistic cretin and no doubt counted as ‘a useful idiot’ by the powers in Moscow and Beijing. Keep up the good work.

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