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Coyle wants Russell-Moyle out – for being too critical of Tories. But he was happy to chat with suspended rape-tweeter

Right-wing Labour MP offended by fact that Tory policies linked to hundreds of thousands of deaths

Right-wing Labour MP has called for the removal of left-wing front-bencher Lloyd Russell-Moyle – because Moyle said the Tories have ‘conspired to murder and let die’ people.

The deaths of 150,000 or more people have been linked by studies to Tory austerity policies and those same policies were condemned by the UN as cruel, punitive and utterly unnecessary – in a report civil servants had to admit was accurate.

And analysis revealed his delay in imposing a UK lock-down has likely caused 60,000 needless deaths across the course of the pandemic.

The Tories also had to feign – but not actually perform – a u-turn on Johnson’s ‘herd immunity‘ policy after key scientific advisers ‘realised’ it would kill hundreds of thousands of people by allowing the virus to spread throughout the population.

But Neil Coyle thinks Lloyd Russell-Moyle’s ‘extreme language’ is the problem.

Strangely, the delicate Coyle – who was the subject of humiliating public complaints from local Labour members for his behaviour in the 2017 general election campaign – did not have a problem having a cosy meeting on the Commons terrace with a right-wing Labour activist suspended for tweets about the gang-rape and beheading of Labour MP Emily Thornberry:

In Neil Coyle’s fevered mind, perhaps not condemning the Tories for plans and policies to kill half a million or more people is ‘effective opposition’.

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  1. Many warnings were raised about Coyle since last year. on a related note, there are allegations the “STOP CORBYN” operation within Labour HQ, included alleged death threats. “DEATH THREATS” were allegedly made by or by individuals known to the collaborating saboteurs at Labour HQ. It appears that the NEC has only now done that which should have been done, at least THREE years ago. The NEC has only now referred these CRIMINAL allegations to the police. Let’s watch closely how the police and CPS will deal with these CRIMINAL ALLEGATIONS. Don’t hold your breath. I won’t hold mine. But we must keep these serious allegations under a constant bright light, until those who made death threats are expelled and imprisoned. It would be intreating to hear Coyle’s view on weather he approves of “DEATH THREATS” to “STOP CORBYN.” 🌹🌹🌹

    1. More warnings that Labour is going to punch you in the face again.

      Coyle doesn’t care about you or your opinion. He isn’t really all that bothered about your vote even.

    2. It would be interesting to hear Coyle’s answer, Do you approve of “DEATH THREATS” to “STOP CORBYN.”???

    3. Good news that Russell Moyle has upset coyle,Lloyd has gone quite recently and I was wondering had I made another misjudgment in helping him to get elected in kemptown Brighton.Seemed a good bloke but ,very little to say when Corbyn was being hunted down by the moderate mob,The same as most of the PLP…..deadly silence..!

    4. Your post reminded me of the “threats” Joanne Baxter received when she as on the NEC in 2016 (she was re-elected this year) She was interviewed alongside Angela Rayner and was in floods of tears because she had been “threatened” at an NEC meeting.
      This was the meeting during the coup at which the NEC had to decide whether or not Jeremy Corbyn needed PLP nominations in order to fight Owen Smith’s leadership challenge.
      It turned out that the “threat” related to legal action which Joanne was advised would be taken if the NEC decided not to automatically include Jeremy as incumbent leader on the ballot paper.
      I have never had any time for her or Angela Rayner since.

      1. Thanks for that info Smartboy. The unanswered questions which need answers include, why were thousands expelled, left unsupported, not even a kind phone call, card, msg sent via a third party a text… nothing to those who endured and are enduring injustices not just in our country but in our party.

        Yet Ashworth was defended after he, i suspect, deliberately had his Tory chummy “banter” leaked to undermine Jeremy. Twatson was rescued. Hodge not expelled at once. Starmer given a key shadow cabinet post. The painful list goes on, to the excruciating revelation that for FOUR WHOLE YEARS, inaction on serious issues, some in my opinion criminal. How could that be?

        There must be core reasons. They include a “Left” culture and attitudes of detached intellectualism. Reading every socioeconomic political book with no intention to achieve and MAINTAIN a world transformed. There are cosy middle-class social READING & POLITE CHATTING groups instead of determined LISTENING, CONNECTING & CONNECTED dynamos of change.

        Only my newbie experience, but we need more salt of the earth people at the center of TRUE Labour. People who MAKE concrete changes… tangible changes rather than have meetings to plan further meetings. We need people who can grasp the basics, eg to change the Labour party a TRUE Labour Party, you must ensure war criminals are kept engaged peddling their lies in court, attempting to evade prison. If not, they will work to keep Tory ideology around our necks.

        There was no good excuse to not move Heaven and Earth to ensure Tony Blair WMD and Twatson were convicted. These to me were basics ignored as if “they could be converted”. As long as such creatures roam free, our party will remain smelling of Tory trash. We will have more pandemics, and Starmer, Bliar & johnson will be as one. Their redundant purpose is to support, preserve and accumulate more wealth for themselves and their masters, the 1%.

    5. Sorry Signpostwindchimes there investigating the death threats and other threats ONLY NOT the allegations of corruption etc so NO investigation they don’t want that they want people thrown out and arrested who dare to be upset at the scum. Yes death threats are going to far but I understand how they can be so upset. Personally I want all my subs back for the years they have permitted false representation by claiming to want to govern but working actively to prevent that!

      1. disabledgrandad, you are right to want your subs back‼️ What happened over the last 40 or 50 years before my time is disgraceful. But to see more closely, then read of the last four years, then to rub salt in the wounds by sitting back and allowing Starmer to become leader, should disappoint and outrage all decent people. There are no excuses. The unions collaborated in this unforgivable betrayal‼️

        Worse yet, there’s clear evidence those who allowed “the scum” to survive have not learnt. There’s no sign of any meaningful reflection. There’s no sign of lessons learnt. There seems to be every intention to carry on in the same pathetic ineffective limp jellied weak manner. A manner that hopes for crumbs the right wing decided to throw or brush off the banqueting table. THAT IS A DEFEATIST PATHETIC UNFOCUSED WORTHLESS VACUUM‼️‼️‼️ It won’t do for me. No pathetic adoration and sympathy for those who had a miraculous opportunity to transform our party and kicked it in our faces. Then STILL seek to offer limp excuses. No‼️‼️‼️

        The limp guilty should get out of our faces. And we have to drive the determined poorly disguised Tory toe-rags out‼️‼️‼️ Not easy, i know. It’s a big uphill battle but not impossible. I can understand your anger. The membership like you and i, have been betrayed dreadfully. The betrayers should NEVER be forgiven. Hope squandered is more painful than no hope at all. Whats worse, it allowed the right wing scum to have the weapon of claiming “we told you the Left was useless”. No one will change that. WE have to WORK to regain our party🌹🌹🌹

  2. The Labour Party is riddled with sinister practices & secrecy. Constituency Parties closed & Chairperson’s suspended. Whatever happened to the official investigation by Bex Bailey? Individual members are often subject to anonymous accusations, not knowing who; what or why……….another example of guilt by accusation, without consequences for false & malicious statements.

    1. For quite some time on Skwawkbox, I have been describing sections of the Labour Party management as corrupt yet I had little idea just how deeply the corruption went. It has been obvious for a long time that for people as obnoxious as John Mann, Ian Austin and Margaret Hodge etc to have said and done what they did, with the sole intention of destroying the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, they must have had the backing and support from others with influence and control at the top of the Party. I believe there are others, probably deliberately not named in the leaked document, who were also involved in the plot to take down Corbyn.

      It is now evident why the loathsome Ella Rose from the Zionist JLM, who hinted at violence against Jackie Walker, was allowed to pontificate from the rostrum at last years Labour Conference. This baffling decision from the CAC has become all too clear.

      The actions of the traitors have destroyed any possibility of Britain having a Socialist government for a very long time, if ever.

      It was all done so that someone such as Starmer from the right would take over from Corbyn. Therefore because it was for Starmer’s benefit, it is pretty certain the traitors who are still Party members will suffer no sanctions. It is also clear, that because of Starmer’s actions since taking over as Leader, the the Labour Party has now become the Zionist Party of the UK.

  3. Doesn’t seem out of character for the loathsome Coyle to attack a colleague for criticising the Tories ,after all he has spent the last four years making sure we don’t have a socialist government .

  4. Off topic, sorry – musing on what comes after, got a couple of thoughts.
    We need to make the case for a non-austerity solution to ̶r̶e̶b̶u̶i̶l̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ building the post-covid world.
    The Tory view is that the rich must be protected from financial losses or there’ll be economic meltdown – and that however many of us die of austerity it’s a price worth paying. Again.

    When we wake up the morning after the first day of no covid deaths – all the raw materials, infrastructure, factories, plant, machinery, aircraft, communications, housing, agricultural land and everything else will still be there just waiting for us to start over.
    Fuck the 1% – the trillions they have stashed offshore is useless to them and they have no power over us if we just declare that old money is no longer legal tender and that the corporations they used to own are now nationalised.
    It’s year one of New Economics and SME’s are still permitted – and cherished and supported – but obscene wealth and excessive profits are no longer permitted.
    All banks are state owned – private investment, profits & dividends will be strictly but fairly regulated where permitted – but state investment to approved non-state ventures will be interest free and only repayable from profits, so private investment will be rare and ‘the market’ probably redundant.
    All land state-owned and used subject to permission and planning at no cost to the user whatever the purpose.
    We don’t need the rich for anything.

    1. BloJob talking a lot this morning and saying nothing.
      Just one of the fundamental flaws of capitalism is that “firing up sectors of the economy one by one” is about as far as a PM can go without slewing markets.
      Transparency is counterproductive when investors are constantly looking for ways to ‘beat the market’ – which makes secrecy always the default position.
      Unfortunately free and open discussion is important to solving problems like coronavirus.
      And just about everything else, come to think of it.

    2. David MCNivan…..I had a dream like that once,but now its looking very unlikly But thanks for reminding us of The Possible..!

    3. New times, new party. It’s now officially over. Who knows what the devious Max Headroom has in store. Anything is possible. Unlike most on the left, right and centre I don’t accept the the lockup nonsense. Oh no, a conspiracies. Can’t happen. Wait a minute and let’s have a look at that report again. Bad things ahead and the left is defenceless. Watch your back comrades and of course your fronts. Keep well and do what they tell you.

  5. Just how the f**k did he get re-elected ffs?

    In fact, how did he get elected in the first place? And WTF was Corbyn thinking of making him shadow leader of the commons not long after the runt was first elected to the commons?

    The other day I said the best way for the party to progress was to get rid of the co-operative. Russell-Moyle’s co-operative. Probably the only one worth keeping hold of.

    But guess who else is co-operative? No prizes…

    …And he’s got a face like a discarded clog.

  6. Back to reality
    How do you get rid of Coyle and Pantomime Dame
    In any business you have to be able to sack them on the spot for gross misconduct and working for cheap and nasties

    1. McDonald said we “should work around Coyle”. Region and NEC were unhelpful. To rouse people here to have Coyle and his cabal even controlled, took Herculean efforts. Dead weights who threaten to leave the party were the first to spring into life to say “don’t complain”, “it’s not all about Coyle” and other such brainless tripe.

      That’s why Coyle, Hodge & Co are still infesting our party. Our groups have either been infiltrated or they include deadweight apologist. Bright people who sit on their brains, thus making themselves more stupid than stones. A few have actually said Coyle will be “converted”. I kid you not. How i remain positive is logical, but still miraculous considering the glut of illogical defeatist 🌹🌹🌹

  7. Neil Coyle thinks Lloyd Russell-Moyle’s ‘extreme language’ is the problem , just like the leaking of a 851 page Labour Party report into antisemitism is a problem.

    The labourRight are difficult to understand, far from electable, far from decent

    1. If Neil Coyle has a problem with Lloyd’s language I wonder what he makes of the filth contained in the leaked antisemitism report? Why is he not calling for those concerned to be suspended/ expelled – one rule for one and another rule for another eh Neil?

      1. Smartboy, Coyle has admitted to his own foul language. He admitted to it in Southwark News Q&A article last year.

        I scanned above questions re how he got selected and voted in. He got selected because those who could have organised to stop him were extremely busy. They were reading and chatting nicely to each other about political theory. They still are. I kid you not. This constituency is FULL of middle class constipations. Constipation with theory and any excuse to avoid dealing with basic ACTION. They are bunged up. More theory is taken in but no positive useful action out.

        There may also have been LOTS of drafting of symbolic statements of support for Tibet, Kashmir and anywhere else. Hours possibly spent brainstorming what the slogan on a climate crisis banner should be. You see, Smartboy, don’t you know that a good slogan at a huge lively protest, might make those in government, throw us a few crumbs??

        If the crumbs are small and slow in coming we can busy ourselves and feel virtuous by finding another micro nano niche cause to champion. Any new genders going? What about some horrible goings on in the upper outer quadrant of somewhere far away from the UK… Brazil? Tibet, women in Chile? Argentina, Barbados anywhere?

        I suspect Coyle was selected because we was focusing his energies on the branch members etc to select him. Don’t know the procedure. But i niw know know the people who could have had an alternative, prepared them and focused on the basic keys to getting the alternative candidate selected.

        Fact is this area was held for ages by Simon Hughes. I voted for the Labour Candidate BECAUSE of JEREMY. It was the most distressing voting situation i ever had. Difficult as even from afar Coyle seemed like EXTREMELY bad news. Sadly my judgment was correct. Coyle is worse than i thought. But even now some intend to stick to John McDonald’s wet useless cannon of defeat faecal “advice” ie “work around Coyle.”

        Infiltrators or deadweights with influence, because they have loooooong been in the cosy pseudo nice social group / talking shop, spring to life only to say don’t act, don’t say anything, don’t rock the boat, don’t try anything new, don’t challenge Coyle… “convert Coyle”. I kid you not. Yes, even i wonder what keeps me hopeful? That’s another puzzle to solve. Plus how to unlock useful action from smart nice people who are stuck in a culture of can’t do and don’t do. Stuck with the dynamism of heavy sacks of stones. But the deadweight stones somehow are good at moaning, eye rolling, sighing, crying, reading, reading, reading, chatting, chatting, chatting, agreeing with each other, and being “nice” and “comradely” in their nice irrelevant bubble. Irrelevant useless “solidarity” with themselves. In my mind, i’m embarrassed for them. Big challenge. And still i’m hopeful. How??? 🌹🌹🌹

      2. I agree with a lot of what you say Signpostsnotwindchimes.
        We should have had a clear out of people like Coyle who are Labour in name only long ago. Furthermore the fact that he would associate with someone like McKenzie whose comments about Emily Thornberry were truly disgusting tells you all you need to know about him.

  8. Coyle was my MP till I left over Corbyn treatment – the detritus of Blair’s high water mark, plastic, ropey and a stink that won’t go away.

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