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Excl: govt had procured mass mortuary space BEFORE extra NHS capacity

Could there be a better demonstration of Tory priorities and their awareness of consequences of ‘herd immunity’ plan?

A Spanish ice rink turned into mortuary – UK government made similar preparations

The government has announced today that it has expanded its mortuary capacity by 30,000 spaces as a response to the coronavirus.

What it has not acknowledged is the fact that, while the announcement has been made only today, the procurement of huge extra capacity for storing the bodies of coronavirus victims was made before the announcement that the first new ‘Nightingale’ facility was even planned.

The SKWAWKBOX revealed exclusively on 27 March that the government had requisitioned ice rinks to act as temporary mortuaries – but can now reveal that the procurement had been made well before then, at the absolute latest by 22 March and had been in planning for much longer.

Matt Hancock announced his Nightingale plan 24 March and the first facility did not open until 3 April, with a fraction of the announced capacity. In addition – and also not mentioned in Hancock’s announcement – the sickest patients are excluded from the new facilities and hospitals have to provide staff and equipment to care for those they are allowed to transfer there, making the ‘Nightingales’ little more than a PR stunt.

And while the mortuary requisitions and the PR stunt were going on, the Tories were still not obtaining personal protective equipment (PPE) for the NHS and other front-line staff who they knew would be faced with such a scale of catastrophe – and they are still not even now, with supplies of some types of PPE now completely out of stock.

The Tories’ ‘herd immunity’ plan was announced around 12 March, coinciding with the mortuary preparations. The SKWAWKBOX warned – and experts now admit – that it would result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands or even millions of our people.

In spite of that, the government has not abandoned herd immunity – it has just changed the way in which it is described:

Preparations for – and plans to allow – a huge number of avoidable deaths first, with extra NHS capacity only an afterthought when the public outcry grew too large. And even then, a sham for appearances rather than anything substantial.

Could anything better sum up Tory contempt for the rest of us and their disregard for the value of our lives?

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  1. For me it’s beyond political. They’ve proved couldn’t give a f**k whether me or mine live or die, so I’m taking it personally.

    I remain unaffected by 99 year-old war veterans walking around their garden. Essentially, all Capt Tom’s done is cover the cost of renting those beds (that remain unused) from the private sector.

    I remain unaffected by the call to clap for our NHS workers. There was no call to applaud them any other time; of course the toerags applauded denying them a payrise not too long ago, and the murdoch rags even wanted the junior doctors sacked when they went on strike ffs.

    And I remain unaffected by the abject fucking futility of all the rest of the social media shit they expect me to be part of, just so it distracts from their callous & aloof incompetence.

    I have always said this current shower of shite would fuck up a disaster. I’ve been totally vindicated.

    Well they can fuck right off. Their untimely demise would be greeted with jubilation from this particular quarter.

    1. Absoloutely correct. Months ago. Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan-Smith and Matt Hancock prepared. They prepared for thousands of avoidable deaths. Tens of thousands of needless deaths… as many as 200,000 AVOIDABLE deaths.

      Were it not for alternative media like , the make shift morgues would be filling up in near secret. They have been very discreetly constructed. Howecer the mass graves in Chisselhurst Kent are not that discreet. The govt had little control over that.

      Very strange times. The electorate has been conditioned over hundreds of years to be passive and defer to their masters. Note well how during the press conferences the bum journalist are subservient. They ASK if they can ask XYZ. PATHETIC especially the Peston one. Their whole approach lacks self-awareness. They apologise for asking questions, when that IS their job.

      The press conference is supposed to provide USEFUL information from the government and their embarrassing “experts”. The Government & the MSM “journalist” are joint failures. They together, spent the last FOUR years, attacking the opposition, while nurturing these CALLOUSLY NEGLIGENT DECEITFUL Conservatives. Think of it, what was more URGENT to this country’s welfare a campaign of VILE LIES against a timid opposition leader OR a sustained RESPONSIBLE scrutiny of the Tory governments❓
      Criticising Jeremy’s dress sense OR Tories failing to prepare for this PREDICTED pandemic❓ Being tools for WMD TONY BLAIR’s underhanded machinations OR serving this country by exposing the WILFUL dereliction of the Tory governments.

      Giving WMD Tony Blair free space to promote itself with vacuities and trite tripe OR exposing the litany of Tory incompetence & negligence?🌹🌹🌹

      1. ps VIRGIN ATLANTIC should NOT get a penny of PUBLIC FUNDS‼️
        RICHARD BRANSON, use your OWN billions‼️

        You GREEDY HEARTLESS PARASITE‼️ Have you no shame⁉️ Why should public funds be denied sick and vulnerable people to give to you with your private island and space palaver⁉️ Why⁉️⁉️⁉️ Do you know that those with infinitely less than you, are denied help for having more than £16k savings⁉️

        Richard Branson, are you a TAX EXILE❓ Do you have assets elsewhere directly or indirectly❓ How many £16k s do you and your relatives have❓ Many in this country will share my firm view that this government must not allow you to SUE the NHS some months ago and now SCROUNGE BILLIONS from the public purse. You Richard Branson are an unfathomable SELFISH DISGRACE‼️ Ask Phillip Green to bail you out. Scrounge from the Duke of Westminster. He has BILLIONS too.
        Scrounge from Heseltine, WMD Blair, Tory Billionaires and multi millionaires. Scrounge from Sunak and his Multi billionaire in-laws.
        Do not deprive the poor. Do not scrounge from the public purse. PLEASE🌹🌹🌹

      2. ” the bum journalist are subservient. … They apologise for asking questions, when that IS their job.”
        No their job is to protect their masters. That is what they get paid for. Those who ask tough questions get fired. Those who look as if they might never get hired.

      3. Apologies bevin, great observation. Missed that possibly due to a pinch too much of of idealism, several pinches of irritation, and being a newbie to more intense analysis of UK politics. Were the journalists to try at other professions in their amateur, unfocused and un tenacious way, patients would be very dead.

        And people are dying now because the journalist and MSM failed especially over the last four years to scrutinise the government. Thus the MSM are guilty of more than “JOINT ENTERPRISE”. They distracted the electorate from the long running incompetence of Tory governments. The MSM are jointly hazardous to life, catastrophic for the country’s welfare. They are beneath contempt. They have allowed the negligence that is causing these thousands of deaths and many more thousands full of grief.

        Their stupid questions “serve their masters”. Following the Q&As by radio while multitasking. Thus, cannot assess by seeing them. They never ask tough questions, and to me, they each sound from the very first few seconds as if they could not ask tough questions, not through being forced but through not having done so throughout their “journalistic” life.

        Seems akin to Thornberry as a good example, these people are set and comfortable in their own clique. They feel they are the cream of a crop… just listen to Peston. He is another good example. He clearly has no clue that he is quite unnecessary. Airwaves are disturbed by him, but never enhanced.

        With all the MSM like Peston and the parasitic PLP eg Thornberry, all in the end are, no harvest. They are a mound of withered vines, and dry barren dust… loss. That is the story of Peston, Thornberry, the MSM, WMD Tony Blair, Keir Starmer … polling even lower than slandered Jeremy. LOSS is the story of Priti Patel, Dominic Cumings, Boris Johnson, Twatson and Iain Duncan-Smith. Morally & ethically dead… dust they are…death, grief and the poison that caused avoidable losses.

    2. Imagine their thoughts on learning on the same day that every petrol can from every petrol station in the whole country had suddenly been bought and filled up with petrol and that there were tens of thousands of cars with no number plates on the roads.
      Just a thought, don’t take my feverish ravings seriously 🙂

  2. It’d be negligent of any government not to plan for large scale emergencies with mass casualties. In fact plans for emergency hospitals and mortuaries will have existed and been war-gamed, stress-tested and reworked for generations.
    What those two instances of ’emergency preparedness’ have in common is that only planning on paper is required – nothing concrete, therefore no expenditure before the event.

    PPE is different, huge stocks being required to cope with such emergencies.
    Large stocks have to be warehoused, ideally distributed for normal consumption to keep stock in date, monitored for deterioration in storage, buildings have to be scrupulously maintained and secured to avoid water damage to soft goods, prevent theft, etc. etc.
    When governments want to make savings, reserves larger than needed for normal use, that cost money to maintain and might never be needed, will be seen by the beancounters as overstocked and ripe for the plucking.

  3. I just received the results of a Hope Not Hate survey.
    Some astonishing results:
    “35% agree that once the current lockdown is lifted, the Government should cut public spending in order to reduce the public debt and balance its budget while 33% disagree.”

    “64% of people say that they trust Boris Johnson and the Government to deal with the coronavirus pandemic appropriately, up from 50% in the week before the lockdown.”

    “76% of people think that the lack of Coronavirus testing has limited the Government’s ability to deal with the pandemic. This includes 70% of Conservative voters.”
    “46% think that the Government has been too slow in dealing with the Coronavirus – 35% of people think that the Government is blaming China to deflect from criticism that it dealt with the outbreak too slowly. Younger people, graduates and labour voters are all more likely to agree with this.”

    With these kind of percentages, we are truly f*cked beyond compare, and even more so after this crisis is over.

    1. One statistic was left out, namely 70% of the British public are as thick as pig shit

      1. Is that all?

        It’s apparent that 100% of COBRA are even thicker than that.

      2. Richard Branson offers his island as collateral as Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia face collapse
        By Hanna Ziady, CNN Business
        Updated 12:03 PM EDT, Mon April 20, 2020

        Virgin Australia liquidation???? Aussie government no bail out funds???

  4. Branson should not get anything from us, he used the Flybe bankruptcy to pick up £100M worth of slots at Heathrow for next to nothing and that idiot Rebecca Long Bailey wanted to bail him out. The reason people didn’t want to use Flybe was it was too expensive and didn’t make economic sense unless you were rich or an employee of a local authority or government agency so the taxpayer paid. Why should my tax (an OAP in the north) subsidise wealthy air travellers)?
    We can’t criticise for not planning then moan when they plan ahead and book a morgue. That and PPE isn’t an either or question.
    I see Sweden will have achieved herd immunity by end May with not much of a lockdown, but their press and commentators aren’t as hysterical as ours.

    1. Another party political broadcast by the conservative and unionist party

    1. Oh well, that’s not far, just around the corner really.
      I should probably do the socially responsible thing and drive there, check myself in and save Boris the trouble of collecting me.
      I hear you get a good last meal and they play nice, soothing movies for volunteers.

      1. Will you get stopped on the way by our money-enthusiastic police and fined £120 for a non-essential journey?
        Not too far from me either, a couple of bus rides via Preston…..

  5. The point is that a government has planned ahead for mass murder and sarcasm and joking about a planned murder of the elderly and the vulnerable is a CRIME against HUMANITY….dont you imbeciles realise whats happened whilst you were laughing and dont panick conspiracy theories chatter?Look around you and realise that people like me are too frightened for themselves and family to come home to the UK .We don’t feel safe in an environment were euthanasia is okay?and people passively aceptt they should be “Put down because they are not economically viable….Some of us will not walk into oblivion and say Dont panick its all a conspiracy.theory whilst the bodys are hidden and pile up.

  6. Joseph, your anger is understandable but your aim is off.
    Gallows humour doesn’t imply any lack of understanding – on the contrary.

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