Video: Tories still understating health staff deaths by at least half. Here are 88 heroes known to have died

Hancock and his spokespeople still won’t be honest about the cost of their incompetence

Last week, Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the nation that 19 health workers had died of COVID-19 – and tried to weasel out of Tory responsibility for their deaths by stating that they may have contracted the virus elsewhere, rather than during 12-hour shifts without adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) amid infected patients.

The NHS has now run out of some types of vital PPE entirely and the Tories endlessly repeat their mantra that they’re doing everything they can.

But the arrogant heartlessness continues. This morning, government minister Oliver Dowden insisted that 43 health staff have died – and was confronted with a double-page newspaper spread showing eighty front-line health-workers lost to their families.

But in fact, the number was already at least 88 – 88 mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sons, daughters who have died because the government continues to scorn its duty to protect them properly:

Even if the Tories got PPE to every front-line worker this very second, many more will already have been infected and will die because of the government’s arrogance and slackness.

We who value our front-line heroes – not just in the NHS but care homes, other public services and those who keep shops open and deliveries coming – demand proper PPE.

Every time they need it.

Right the **** now.

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  1. Seen this earlier this morning.

    Horrible, gormless bastard had a patel-style grin on his grid towards the end of that interview. Why it wasn’t pounced on, I don’t know.

      1. See my reply to Joseph, below.

        (That said, it was piers moron interviewing the toerag moron).

      2. Hugh Pym has always been a Tory lackey, his family are all Tories. His uncle Francis Pym was foreign secretary under Thatcher during the 80’s

  2. ITs becoming self evident that their is far more than just the virus going on here.IT would seem that the Torys have held their nerve and are proceeding full steam with their Austerity \euthanasia project under the cover of CV19 virus and getting away with it….IFonly we had an opposition to the plans?

    1. Indeed, Joseph.

      It seems the only person willing to hold the toerags’ feet to the fire is a right-wing newspaper editor; and his motives for doing so are questionable.

      And instead of getting angry,the populace are falling for farcebook – style social media publicity stunts that are (or at the very least, should be) totally unnecessary.

      Dafuq’s up with people?

      1. The Times only now reporting what was reported first here on is due to a stushi between Gove supported by the Times and Johnson supported by the rest including Keir Starmer who’s personal polling is now lower than Jeremy’s LOWEST polling.🌹🌹🌹

  3. Eventually, as posted before on , the Boris Johnson & Dominic Cummings fatality figures are deliberate under reporting OR gross incompetence. Their deceiving figures are of fatalities with a Covid-19 test in NHS Hospitals. A minuscule number of tests have been done ONLY in response to public scrutiny at best on Skwawkbox.

    As posted before, many healthcare professionals, auxiliaries and ancillaries have died untested OUT OF HOSPITAL. They were told to self- isolate, take Paracetamol. They have been denied hospital admissions after being denied adequate masks, visors, gowns, gloves and aprons. Flimsy Tory tat aprons with shoulders & neck exposed, were available but unsurprisingly ran short due to Matt Hancock rejecting urgent pleas in 2016 to prepare for a pandemic.

    Of course Hancock with NO medical, NO scientific, NO infection control nor ANY OTHER, relevant health care giving experience, could neither understand nor appreciate in anyway the URGENCY at hand.

    The CALLOUS neglect, as posted here over a month ago, (AH, SH & McNiv would know), is also causing additional deaths due to oncology care being shunned at this time. Issues like these are a challenge to Tories as only THINGS are precious resources. Lives are not precious as far as they are concerned, except the 1%.

    On another point, another Tory, despite FULL BACKING of the MSM, the PLP, VAST FUNDING by foreign shady outfits, including ones with which Priti Patel has intimate DIY WORKING FOREIGN POLICY MEETINGS… unauthorised… Well REJOICE, just like the Liberal Democrats, the CUKS, the TINGED CUKS, Ummuna, Swinson, Soubrey, Berger ALL REJECTED by the electorate… the Tory KEIR STARMER has just polled LESS popular than Jeremy Corbyn.

    YES, you read that right. Jeremy, despite all his deficiencies, despite all the VILE SLANDERS of LIARS, despite a determined Peter Mandelson effort “working night and day” to destroy Jeremy. Keir Starmer has polled as being LESS popular than pollsters lowest figure for Jeremy.

    MORE news Priti Patel WILL have to defend herself at a tribunal or in court against Sir Rutman claiming constructive dismissal for BULLYING.🌹🌹🌹

      1. Doug, PP all ready tried that months ago now. Rutman refused. Ask AH, SH & McNiv to find my post on that months ago. The can find it much easier than i can. Wish i had their staff and their extraordinary ability to not read my views but know what i posted in detail. Now thats a gift to have😂😂😂

      2. Allan Howard’s the only other commenter I can think of who’s accused people of stalking him – he’s mad paranoid too so you two should be friends, not enemies.
        I once tried using WordPress search to find an old comment but it doesn’t work – it only searches Skwawkbox’s posts, not comments.
        Anyone who cares can try it for themselves and confirm that you’re an eejit – although if they can’t tell from your comments…
        Allan by the way has also accused his detractors of “fixing” the ‘likes’ to make his comments appear unsupported, of being one ‘troll’ with multiple names for the same reason – anything but admit he might occasionally have his facts or his analysis wrong.

        If I’m not thinking of some other idiot you’ve alluded to your work in “healthcare” but left the actual nature of your work unstated?
        Based solely on the quality of your comments, I say you’re not a healthcare professional.
        A porter maybe, or a cleaner or caretaker – worthy jobs all, but not evidence of expertise in any field.

      3. Doug, no Patel has already tried that months ago. Rutman rightly refused out of court settlement. Hoping he holds out unlike those who enabled slimy warmonger WMD Tony Blair to escape parliamentary censure. Alex Salmond worked hard at it, then was let down by jellied weakness… AH, SH & McNiv… that’s for your delectation😊

        But back to point, I believe that the despicable WAR MONGER TONY BLAIR LIED with Arsetair Campbellend who goes by the name of Alistair Campbell, i believe they KNOWINGLY MISLED PARLIAMENT and the British Public with the help of Charlie Faulkner who withheld full and proper legal advice from Cabinet. That is my belief. Blair wilfully misled Parliament when the creature slimed that Iraq could destroy us in 45 minutes with busted old rusty weapons Blair’s operators sold them to attack Iran decades ago… hmmm was i even alive?!?!?! Read books comrades for facts to expose the warmongering parasites. Drop the political theory UNTIL THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTION

        Anyway AH, SH & McNiv as u three are the only ones scrutinising this far … every libe every word every typo, every punctuation nark 😘 Wish you three could proof read for me. Save me the time and geart ache from seeing my many errors.

        SO for The Toffee, SO SO SO lets look to see if we can learn and absorb resolve and tenacity from Rutman. We need to learn to learn from friend and foe. Ruthman may make Patel testify in court for her alleged bullying.

        By the way, do you remember Jess Phillips who boasted that she will “Knife Jeremy in the Front” … that vulgar harridan… when knife murders were rife??? DISGUSTINGLY IRRESPONSIBLE of anyone. Especially adult. And in public office… AND AN MP. and un expelled… constipation. Constipated NEC & PLP. Rx Robust CONSISTENT policy. FIRM STRENGTH QDS…

        Did Phillips and her chums ever condemn Patel for her alleged bullying? Did Phillips ever speak up for Dianne Abbot when she was mercilessly bullied? No! me neither. I suspect Phillips did not speak up as she and her clique do not care one jot about women, bullying or knife crime. What sort of public figure BOASTS that they would KNIFE anyone in the front, back or anywhere???

        Yes Boris Johnson agreed to give his Eaton chum, the convicted criminal Darius Guppy, the address of a journalist so as to have a few of his bones broken… just a few according to Guppy… thats the quality of Eaton dragged up scum. Yet even i would be amazed if Johnson would wilfully set out to break anyone’s bones…

        … even journalist’s bones. Yes, we all know that Johnson bashed with all force into a tiny child at rugby and possibly smashed all of the poor child’s bones… possibly Johnson sang Road to Mandalay as the child groaned in agony. But doubt it was any malice to the child or any latent tendency to child neglect, abandonment issues, curiosity as to where any of his children may turn up…. after all any child could be his…. but Johnson SMASHING his FULL FAT GROSS BULK on a child of fragile build was just mindlessness. no malice, just mindless exuberance… mindless carelessness… mindless self absorption but NOT pure sulphurous malice as Jess Phillips.. or shiny Assange pursuing and much other wickedness typical of Conservatives, Keir Starmer & 45 Minute Tony Blair WMD.
        Good night, morning afternoon SH, Ah & McNiv

  4. In times of trouble and strife you stick close to your mam, when it’s safe you go looking for the nasty bastards
    Visceral hatred of NHS
    Largest cut in funding in its history
    Lions led by donkeys
    It’s all about the language and how you frame the debate
    Why do we play the game when we are effectively 3-0 down before we even get on the pitch

  5. Did I mention spivs and thieves
    Financial pandemic is going to make Covid19 look like a tea party
    C9vid19 + No Deal Brexit = Bankruptcy

  6. Just heard an excellent email read out on radio murkeyside phone in just now

    …Went along the lines of : ”How is it that a few men, most likely educated to no more than (state) secondary school level & armed with nothing more than mobile phones plus the werewithal to do so, can supply the region’s, if not the nation’s needs for a Saturday night’s ‘leisure’.

    This is despite the relevant agencies, both national and international, working to enforce the law on such outlawed trade; yet this government – with all it’s privately educated members and all the available agencies – cannot supply necessary safety equipment to our national institutions? ”

    1. Toffee – Doesn’t the market sector you refer to have known quality control issues that all too frequently result in the death of the end user.

  7. MSM JOURNALIST continue to FAIL the public. They must ask TODAY: What are TOTAL fatalities to date compared with similar period December 2019 to yesterday April 19th❓ Total deaths in + out of NHS hospitals for ALL causes, compared to similar period last year.

    From that INCREASED figure, minus homicides ie gun + knife crime ie Jess Phillips endorsed crime. Knife + gun fatalities are down by at least 20%.

    Were the “journalists” competent they would have already asked the above questions. They would have collaborated with fewer questions + combine to get useful specific answers. How amateur for each to pose TWO unconnected questions? More amateur still, remotely with no control of the mute button. Further why ask Qs which can have only useless speculation. Eg, “when do you expect schools to reopen or lockdown to end?” Surely a Tory Minister and govt incapable of delivering THINGS like face masks to help “save lives” will not be able to answer. Those ARE stupid questions. They serve NO useful purpose.

    The working classes manage to get things from A to B, day in day out rain or shine. Yet, Boris Johnson’s government cannot even do that DESPITE warnings in 2016 that they were not prepared.

    How then could the MSM clique ask such foolish questions? And, not have the basic sense to work together to try to get useful answers?

    And, that Peston man⁉️ What the HELL is he on⁉️ Peston is the worst‼️ Tedious‼️ IRRITATING‼️
    Clearly loves his irritating voice. PESTON, you are a WASTE of SPACE‼️ You clearly do not realise that hundreds are dying during your questions alone‼️ 🌹🌹🌹

  8. When SME’s restart if we as workers ask for payment in cash and explain why – some smaller ones will grab the opportunity to make back some of their losses – when buying from smaller businesses do what used to be commonplace and offer cash “to save the VAT.”
    Tories allowed the gig economy to flourish, but we can make it work against them.
    Taking a year off from paying income tax, NI and VAT will seriously fuck them up and they won’t be able to do a thing about a black economy running on cash.
    Make excuses. Keep them waiting for every penny. Taking us all to court will cost far more than they’ll recover from the fines we don’t pay.
    Make the Tories feel the austerity this time – we know they’re going to try to give us another decade of it to preserve the riches of the rich – which doesn’t suit us at all.
    HMRC can do little about a huge black economy so they’ll have time to chase the rich tax dodging billionaires instead. Yeah, right…
    But when the rich fuck off abroad we take power, shut the City, nationalise all the banks and start fresh.
    That’s the abridged version, obviously. I like my freedom 🙂

    1. Which is why I refuse to pay for anything by card (other than car insurance and the odd internet spend if the price is better than the high street).

      And NO, in these times it’s NOT irresponsible.Far from it. It’s upholding basic liberties that have sustained and served societies adequately for thousands of years

      I want no part in assisting society to sleepwalk into a kafkaesque world where the bastards have even more of an eye on you than they do now.

  9. I keep asking myself the same question.
    Are all the deaths put down to COVID 19, absorbing deaths that would otherwise have been attributed to flu/ pneumonia?
    Or are they incremental to the ‘ flu/pneumonia figures ?

    1. RH keeps pointing to a few experts who take the view that the numbers are average.
      Usually though, when there’s virtually global consensus among experts that there’s a problem – there’s problem.

      1. David
        It was predicted 5 years ago by experts, we could have been ready for it

      2. Doug, the certainty of occasional pandemics has been known for a lot longer than 5 years but the timing can’t be predicted.
        Having the systems in place ALL the time is what counts so that we’re always ready for it.
        Money-grubbing Tories start seeing preparedness as a waste of money after a few years of nothing happening.
        There are always scientists who can be persuaded with grants or gongs to defend whatever pennypinching a government of morons wants to commit.

      3. Well it HAS to be a global consensus dunnit, or it won’t work…

  10. These links will give the necessary information about influenza.What differentiates flu occurrence and SARS Covid 2 is that during a flu epidemic lockdown does not occur,social isolation does not occur and usually the vaccine offers some protection to the population especially the vulnerable.These are important variables any model which excludes these is not robust.

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