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Video: as NHS staff beg for PPE and testing, not ONE journalist asked about it at last night’s press conference

Supposed ‘mainstream’ journalists fail to challenge Johnson on protective equipment and testing

The front-line staff of our NHS have been publicly begging the government to give them adequate PPE – personal protective equipment – and regular testing, to ensure that doctors, nurses and other health workers are protected and that they do not pass on the coronavirus to those they are treating.

Last week, Boris Johnson and his team claimed the PPE situation was ‘fully resolved’. It was a sick joke – desperate staff have even been adapting bin bags to get some kind of protective barrier and much of what has been delivered to hospitals does not have the level of protection recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Nor has the government implemented the kind of ‘test and trace’ programme the WHO is calling for.

The NHS staff’s pleas were all over social media all weekend – but at last night’s official government press conference not one journalist challenged Johnson or his advisers about it:

Instead, a series of questions Johnson could waffle through were asked, mostly about issues that have been discussed many times before.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said supplies are being delivered this morning to hospitals – but not enough for every front-line staff member – and he still has no plan for regular testing of NHS staff.

But don’t expect anyone to challenge Johnson about his arrogance and incompetence toward our NHS heroes at the official daily ‘presser’.

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  1. Pollution levels dramatically down due to lock down across world,
    How many older/vulnerable people die from pollution in the air in certain parts of our major cities
    Start asking PM, will you resign if resources not in place in 12 weeks

  2. The journalists at the 5pm press conferences are utterly pathetic. Soft questions enabling Pol Pot to repeat ad nauseam his favourite sound bites but mostly no actual Questions at all. And no follow ups which make it useless. Presumably they aren’t allowed to say ‘but PM you didn’t actually answer the Question’. Even their voices are subdued and ‘respectful’. Any display of independence let alone a hint of hostility presumably means they don’t get asked a question at all. Pol Pot knows them intimately, it’s all first name terms.

  3. The desperate need 4 proper adequate personal protection equipment – NOT CHEAP TORY TRASH – for ALL frontline workers, incl care homes, social care, prisons, refuse collectors, and supermarket staff etc has been posted here on repeatedly. Johnson may not read . He should if he cared to do the right thing. We know doing the right thing us not in his psyche. Be it a choice of his children, or their mothers, or the 99% of citizens, Boris Johnson’s only concern has always been Johnson himself.

    The journalists will never hold the Johnson to account. They, the political lobby journalist are nothing but tools. They offer little public usefulness and lots of public harm. The MSM works to mislead the public. They succeed. They lead enough of the public to a miasma of ignorance. They need only mislead enough for Johnson to get away with anything. Only a true Labour Party could take away their power when we realise it won’t just happen. How many radical social changed occur without conviction, communication, and, determination❓❓❓

  4. Once again the MSM collude with the Tories to manipulate the gullible public.Never underestimate the power of these people- they managed to convince the electorate that Jeremy Corbyn – a man without a bigoted bone in his body was a rabid antiSemite. Now they are not telling us about the inadequacy of the Tory’s response to this pandemic – what a surprise,

  5. I wonder if Cumminge is using the old “loose lips sink ships” threat to silence the press?
    “If you publish any hint of dissent there’ll be panic in the streets, millions will die and WE’LL PIN IT ON YOU.”
    Next he’ll ditch democracy, purge Fat Boris and take his rightful place as leader of Das Neue Reich. I heard he’s got the uniform and everything.

  6. IT reminds me of my father who was part of the Royal marines doing guard duty at the begining of the the strategic town of Dover.He complained to a Toffee nosed young Officer that pick axe handles were not exactly great weapons to fight the Germans off….He was given a trip to the glass house and punished c cleaning the abolition block with a toothbrush..Nothing much changes does it even the make do and mend attitude when it comes to ordinary people and their lives.Asset strip the NHS and starve the NHS of vital equipment to save lives including those on the front line ….ITs wartime again but apart from a killer virus whos the real enemy of the people.?

  7. You couldn’t blame the NHS staff for running away, after Matt Hancock tried to wriggle out of responsibility for the protective clothing disaster. Disaster, what disaster?

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