Fawkes attack on Lavery for doing his job is vile political exploitation of crisis that is taking lives

Gossip site does exactly what it accuses Labour chair of doing

Labour Party chair Ian Lavery MP

Right-wing gossip site Guido Fawkes has mounted an appalling attack on Labour Party chair Ian Lavery this morning – for doing his job.

The trash site has published a recording of Lavery exhorting Labour members to do their bit – to seize the opportunity to help their local communities – and used it to claim Lavery is exploiting the coronavirus pandemic as a political opportunity for the party.

With no apparent trace of irony, the site says:

It is an understatement to say this is beyond crass, this crisis is not a partisan opportunity, it is a global tragedy.

The appalling article is, of course, doing exactly what it’s claiming to attack – exploiting the tragedy and using it to attack someone who is doing his job.

A Labour source close to Lavery told the SKWAWKBOX:

Labour has more than half a million members and in this crisis Ian’s role as chair is to help galvanise them into action for the good of the people of this country.

Ian telling them to seize the chance to show that Labour stands for solidarity and service is him doing his job – disgraceful attacks on Labour have been par for the course over the last four years, but this Fawkes smear is one of the most disgusting I’ve seen.

Unsurprisingly, the author of the shameful hit-piece has not been brave enough to put his or her name against it.

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  1. It’s that reprehensible little shit tom harwood according to zelo street.

    He comes across as the type of snivelling little bastard that’d offer you a fight after school in front of the whole class then think nothing of sneaking out 5 minutes early and running all the way home.

    In essence he’s a shithouse that does and says anything for the shit it causes.

  2. Sounds like envy to me,Labour can galvanize a massive membership to help our people at a time of crisis and thats what reall politics is about.We help the Communitys we come from and no freak snivilling Tory can get their heads around that.Yes our power is in the membership not parliament or our non government.

  3. Similarly, Labour leadership contender Lisa Nandy attacked Corbyn for doing his job in trying to find out the truth behind the attack on the Skripals. The official narrative is not questioned by Nandy but, fortunately, is questioned by others.

    BBC journalist Misha Glenny writes:

    “It remains enigmatic what the hell was going on with novichok. If they (the Russians) wanted to kill Skripal, why not just put a gun to his head? And what had he done to make them violate the spy swap protocol (that swapped spies are not harmed)?

    Both governments have been very tight with information. I don’t think the cabinet was told because Theresa May reasoned, quite understandably, that if she told someone like Boris Johnson, it would get leaked.” (The Observer, 12 August 2018).

    Her disgusting attack on Corbyn can be read here:

  4. Don’t expect this to be put right by the MSM. And expect to see the little twat harwood on tv, probably to double down, and spout more dishonest shite.

    Just like that the broadcasters did with that useless fat twerp ferrari, after #traingate was proven to be a load of bollocks.

    It’s about time these twunts were called out for shite like this. At times like these to lie about someone’s alleged motives shows just what type of fucking lowlife reptiles these right-wing ‘pundit’ snides are.

    de liar stains, his canlad – harwood, nick (more of a larder [sic] than a) ferrari, julia (The silly-named and silly demeanoured) heartless-brouhaha, alison (so far up de piffle arse she’s brushing the back of his teeth) pearson, sarah (fucking obnoxious, there’s no other description apt enough) vile, dan (as long as there’s a hole in his arse he’ll NEVER get anything right because he’s utterly fucking useless) hodges, et al.

    Not one with a modicum of decency. Not a single one. Not an exhaustive list, neither.

  5. The present crisis is in danger of becoming a national disaster because of political decisions taken by the Tories at the outset. We were told that mixing with others was Ok because of “herd immunity” money making sporting events were allowed to go ahead , no financial provisions were made for people isolating themselves or for businesses that were forced to shut etc as a result of the pandemic. The Tories decided it should be business as usual.
    The reason why Johnson wanted things to go on as before was that he did not want to spend the money to subsidise individuals and businesses affected by the disease – that was a political decision but of course if its mentioned we are accused of playing politics. Same with the lack of testing for the disease, exposing medical staff to it by failing to provide them with adequate protective clothing thereby endangering not only them but all the sick people they come into contact with. Its all down to money – the cost of testing, the cost of protective clothing – and the political decision to put money before saving the lives of sick and vulnerable people.

  6. Does anyone actually take Fawkes seriously? It’s mad, clearly made to help the hard of thinking come to terms with their cognitive dissonance.

    It’s entire reason for being is to create and endless supply of excuses for the mounting failures of the rightwing and increasingly desperate attack lines against the left, in a pathetic attempt to deflect attention from the omni-shambles of the Tory government.

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