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Video: Johnson says 12 weeks to ‘turn tide’ – then admits he can’t say what it means and CV not responding to govt measures

Cnut-like Johnson exposed during press conference

Boris Johnson today claimed that the UK could ‘turn the tide’ on the coronavirus crisis within 12 weeks if everyone in the UK follows the government’s ‘advice’.

“We don’t know where we are”

Within minutes, he was then forced to admit that:

  • he didn’t know what turning the tide meant
  • he didn’t know how long it would take – and that ‘we don’t know where we are’
  • the spread of the virus is showing no signs yet of responding to his measures to slow it – measures that ignore World Health Organisation recommendations

None of his habitual bluster could hide the fact that he’d made a claim he was completely unable to justify:

And his expression when the question was asked made it perfectly clear what he thought about being challenged:

BBC News broadcast Johnson’s fiasco – but that didn’t prevent the channel repeating his claim without challenge at the top of its flagship 6pm bulletin.

Johnson is unfit for office – and there must be a reckoning for the lives his arrogance and nonsense will cost.

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    1. Signpost “HURRAH 4 Gary Neville, the Co-Op” but not the right wing co-op MPs :-).

      1. Johnson is scoundrel and many people knew he was a scoundrel plus incompetent. Yet, the ” moderates, centrists”, Blairites, Labour First, Progress, Hodge, Mann, Philip’s leader said ” I would rather Labour lost the GE than win on a platform of socialism ” and they plus Starmer, Thornberry etc made sure that they would ensure that.

      2. Spot on you beat me to it Jack T , it’s a pity the Co_op has so many RW PLP MP that have done so much to enable this shower of shit that purports to be a Govt .
        If there was a time for a Govt of National Unity with Corbyn leading , ITS NOW . SO where is that Twatson when you need him to do something useful , oh yeh , waiting for his Lordship .

        Just watched Made in Dagenham film , effing brilliant the working class at its most effective and best , and Barbara Castle , eff me she’d eat Starmer and most of the careerist RW MP’s for flipping breakfast .

      3. That sheer determination and fire against the injustice of inequality is so missing from politics today. Castle was always magnificent and always 2x more intelligent than any of her male peers. She was a role model for many women in my generation. Laura Pidcock is a light in the darkness now.

      4. Thanks 4 putting me right Jack T. It hovered in my mind as i typed quickly that they may have supported sone very dodgy MPs… putting it mildly. Just as some of the Unions. This struggle has barbs at every turn. Yet collectively we can do it🌹 Would be illogical to not have hope and determination despite the odds. Hope, planning and SUSTAINED determination are the ingredients of all world changing victories🌹🌹 When others say X or Y is impossible, prove them wrong.

        Also, it is positive to praise a good act. It may encourage the repetition and spread of more good acts as those demonstrated by Gary Neville and The Co-Op on this occasion. Let not a single good act go unheralded eg the brave and correct individuals who against the most horrid smears and intimidation stood up to defend Jeremy against the most vicious smears. The vicious smear merchants prove they are muck with their defeating silence re Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and their ideologically eugenicist party. The silence of the unelected unrepresentative liars prove what they are. They are comfortable with a party and people which were always recognised as the home of racist, bigots, and eugenicist the architects of mass extermination of millions of people. Their silence screams everything about them. Let them and the MSM account for their silence. Until then, they should not be allowed to sabotage democracy.

        QUESTIONS: 1️⃣ to candidates for “Leadership”. If long
        l o n g before the finish line … before even getting down on the blocks, you sign away your judgement… your autonomy and sense of all of us being equal in this country, THEN what is the worth of your first step off the blocks as leader❓

        2️⃣ If you demonstrate your limp lack of resolve now, then, what will you do later❓❓

        ANSWERS: 1️⃣ Maintaining the status quo = Worse than zero. More shameful than zero as you have failed to learn from the past… even the recent past.

        2️⃣ You will do nothing that a lemming or sheep cannot do. You will do no more than an automaton. Follow instructions to the letter.

        ps During the Cameron “PM”ship and probably during that of the post micturition of Margaret Thatcher which was WMD Iraq invading Blair, even which MP would be in or out of cabinet was decided by unelected individuals, with NO official parliamentary ir civil service positions. These decisions were sometimes decided at “Kitchen Suppers” in Chipping Norton. Gorgeous part of the world, inhabited by some truly ghastly people. They think nothing of sending young girls and boys to kill other girls and boys abroad, on the basis of a pack of lies. Then as now, “Sofa Governments” enlist VERY willing “experts” to give their hogwash and lies legitimacy. Those with an inconvenient view are sidelined. Others who are no more than injudicious whores, desperate for “the noise which men call fame” and “the dross” … “gold”… those others will sacrifice their professional responsibility.

        They make the sacrifice not because they are bad. Rather it is because of a failure to reflect and guard one’s integrity. They “relax”. In fact they began relaxing ages ago. They would hardly be able to pin point when. Then, like a thief in the night, but in broad daylight, they say and do ANYTHING according the the instructions of creatures like WMD Blair & Arsetair Campbell and now Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings.

      5. Absolutely agree Florence , and Piddock could make her mark , question is how the hell we get her into the ring again.
        Could you imagine Corbyn and Castle as PM/Deputy , fooping eck the RWers would be toast on both sides of the house.

        Just a dream … sigh !

  1. ITs really beginning to look like all that money poured into Public school education as been wasted by the Tory boys who are clearly panicking and have boxed themselves and the economy into a corner.Unfortunately they will destroy many others with themselves.Noted quantitative easing is following the same route into the pockets of the elite..Nice to see how they share out our money whilst the working classes across the world shoulder the burden.The Country is drowning in Neoliberal ideology and it takes a virus to show it.

    1. Indeed Joseph! Every time i see your post these days i think YAY!!! Joseph is well & posting🤗 I also know some one who spent years in Cambodia then ¿Roubay? in France. She loves the people.
      Meanwhile, plaudits to a non Public School person, and one like Neville, not scrounging for handouts like Dick Branson.

      Give it up for MARCUS RASHFORD 🏆🏆🏆

      Three cheers also for Fareshares 🏆🏆🏆

      My Fareshares adjoins an Infoshop packed with books, pamphlets etc and some Zapatista Coffee… not sure if the coffee still available… must check. The is also a bike clinic outside. Oh and the Infoshop has a copy of “Capitalism & Slavery” by Dr Eric Williams. It seemed to jump out at me from the meticulously neat jam packed shelf.

      Fareshares, the Infoshop and the Bike Clinic are in on spot in London, Crampton St SE17, a thrilling example of fresh vibrant thought and action. Serving the community not scrounging like Branson. I’v met equally thrilling people there, incl the first person to sell electricity back to the grid. A pioneer at Green Energy. Life is so strange. I was doing a clear out of tons of newspaper clippings. Saw the one of the green fellow in the independent. Thought, i will keep that. Went to Fareshares. There he was!!! How thrillingly marvellous life is🌟🌟🌟

  2. So it was no surprise when he strongly hinted at the end of the conference that he would prefer to have the setup on line. That it would be better if we didn’t meet face to face.
    Don’t give in journalists. Demand that this incompetent fool is humiliated every day in front of millions !

  3. Trust you lot don’t mind me posting here and making a few observations whilst confined to the little Island one resides on in Hong Kong – we’re nearly two months into the Coronavirus outbreak, which migrated to the HKSAR as of 23 January – as of posting, the HKSAR has 208 confirmed cases of Covid-19, we’ve had 4 deaths, we have 106 in hospital and 98 cases discharged from hospital. Of all cases isolated in hospital, one patient is critical.

    For clarification, anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 is hospitalised and placed in isolation, persons who’ve been in close contact with those with a confirmed infection are themselves tested, and if this proves negative are either confined to their homes for 14 days, or placed in a quarantine centre – we’ve had a few persons breaking quarantine and making a getaway to China!

    It needs to be stressed, in the HKSAR most of those hospitalised are under observation suffering from mild to severe symptems – the intent here is to isolate the infected and offer treatment where necessary – had our health system been overwhelmed, then quite a few of these infections would have been quarantined at designated centres with medical staff on hand.

    Now, lets put matters in perspective, the incidence of infection in the HKSAR per head of population is lower than that that exists in Wales today, this despite a population 150% larger than Wales, a population density higher than Wales and the fact that the virus has been doing the rounds since at least 23 January – the HKSAR took stringent precautions early in the day with all educational institutions closed on 25 January and many workers requested to work from home – social distancing and self-isolation being the order of the day.

    Further, the UK in general now has an infection rate rapidly approaching levels found in China, whilst cases in China, specifically the centre of the outbreak are now down to zero these past 48hrs – this does not mean no new cases have been recorded, rather, the figures incorporate imported infections, not China person-to-person infections.

    The UK is way behind the curve in implementing any policies to contain Covid-19, and, unlike China, the infection is spread far and wide into our communities, this was not the case in China as Wuhan was quarantined once the severity of the outbreak was fully recognised by Beijing.

    Therefore, and following trends found in China, the HKSAR, Japan, Singapore and South Korea – all ASEAN member states with heath care facilities similar to the UK, for Johnson or anyone else in the UK to suggest they are going to get a handle on this outbreak in a timeline faster than China achieved via draconian measures is laughable.

    All data is taken from Hong Kong’s Centre for Health Protection, relevant heath authorities of mentioned countries and Worldometers.

    And, as a reminder, MERS is also doing the rounds, we have three suspected cases in Hong Kong, all hospitalised – little mention of this by the UK Health Authorities, never mind the MSM.

    1. That’s quite a feat – Having relatively few cases when considering the population density of HK is around 45 times that of Wales!

      But unfortunately we’ve got de piffle (allegedly) ru(i)nning the (shit)show…

      On another note…Went shopping again this morning. Took my dad to lidl. The atmosphere’s getting…Shall we say ‘pernicious’?

      Definitely more malevolence in the air. People are now wearing poerma-scowls; they’re muttering profanities under their breath, some people – even other old people are audibly ‘tutting’ at old people if they stop in the middle of the aisles or pick something up to put it down again..

      It’s becoming a powder keg, and all because people lack self-control.

      I dread to think what the scenario’ll be when the rumours once again go around that the shelves’ll be empty when we finally leave the EU.

      People showed common sense then and didn’t panic buy like some said they would – that’s if they were even remotely convinced by the bullshit at all anyway. .

      Why they insist on clearing the shelves now I don’t know. All’s I know is that it’s gonna go off over something pathetic like a packet of cous-cous if the current stupidity continues.

  4. AS Cummings ditched him.
    Said Whoa Boris I know f*** all about this, your on yer own.
    And the dickhead as nobody to tell him what to say.

    I only hope the people who voted for this vile shite hang their heads in shame

  5. “We will send this virus packing!” “How Mr Johnson?” “Er, er , er that’s the end of questions — there will be no more live updates — please address all enquiries to The Broom Cupboard, No 10 Downing Street.”

  6. We will send this virus packing…

    …YES, that’s RIGHT!! We’ll send this virus PACKING! Stacking, and ummm, FRACKING!! …And making VENTILATORS…For 35 hours per week… if… ummm…If it claims…ummm… universal credit, or is found to… here…ummm…ILLEGALLY!

    (God, I’m bored…)

  7. What Bog-roll Boris is saying is that due to his lack of early interventions the UK will achieve the perceived goal of ‘herd immunity’ of 100,% in 3 months and we can suffer societal grief “on the chin”.At least the Behavioural Insight Team can utilise their psychological expertise in advising how this can be achieved using nudge theory on those who survive.

  8. It would be useful if one of the journalists asked him what empirical evidence would prove to him that he had turned the tide, taken back control and got Coronavirus done.
    General Johnson can only speak in generalities, abstractions, impressions, metaphors. But we don’t live in them and they can’t be enacted. Only particulars can be implemented – £multizillions: what date made available, to whom, and for what purposes, to commission what productive activities? Without that – as in soon, to the movers and shakers, to do good things, to support the heroic defenders – nothing can happen.

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