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Test, test, test: searing WHO condemnation of Tory approach to coronavirus

Ghebreyesus’ update also makes mockery of government advice for suspected sufferers to self-isolate for 7 days

World Health Organisation (WHO) director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus issued an update today that that included a withering condemnation of the scandal of Boris Johnson’s insane approach to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ghebreyesus informed the world of the scale of the crisis outside China – and then emphasised the absolute necessity of using all measures to fight the virus at the same time – and that partial measures cannot succeed.

And he had a searing message for Johnson’s decision not to offer testing in every suspected case of infection:

You cannot fight a fire blindfolded – and we cannot stop this pandemic if we do not know who is infected.

And Ghebreyesus also made a mockery of the government’s current advice that people who think they may be infected should self-isolate for just a week, pointing out that people with the virus can infect others for up to two weeks after symptoms stop.

In response, Johnson has now announced that people should stop going to pubs and theatres – measures he said people might find too extreme.

But he still isn’t closing schools – and his lunatic refusal to deny testing to all who might be infected is blindfolding the UK while the virus spreads near-unchecked, which will massively increase the death toll.

The inadequacy of their approach is clear to the world. Johnson, Hancock and others must be held accountable for the deaths their wilful recklessness is going to cause.

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  1. Well, let’s hear them pooh-pooh this fella like they did with Prof Alston about austerity and the Brazilian woman (Who’s name escapes me) for the housing crisis a few years back.

    And when they do…The msm best tear them a new one as big as the grand canyon.

    But like that’s ever gonna happen?!

  2. I wonder if they’ll ‘pooh-pooh’ this like they did the Alston UN report into UK poverty & austerity; and that Brazilian woman (who’s name escapes me) over the housing crisis.

    1. And here’s a special brand of ‘herd immunity’ that works only for our most valued people:

      The only “herd immunity” that’s solid as a rock is that enjoyed by US Big Pharma vaccine corps.

      Since 1986, when they were provided with immunity from prosecution, this herd of bulls have been crashing around creating illnesses & making $trillions from suffering and death.

  3. *Raquel Rolnik.

    (Got a feeling there may be a duplicate post as the first one didn’t show first time then the 2nd didn’t show after posting. Please amend as & if necessary, Skwawkbox, ta)

  4. Yep, it appears my posts aren’t showing up until I make another then te original shows instead.

  5. If we have to import ventilators, which looks likely, they will need to be CE marked i.e. they will need to meet European standards – yet another advantage of being in the EU partnership; harmonised standards. Oh the irony!

  6. The problem with the Tories isn’t the conspiracy stuff – it’s the sheer incompetence.

    The current professional advice shaping policy does actually have a credible rationale. Simply aping other countries’ approaches is no quick fix just because it’s not coming from the UK

    … but Johnson’s burbling bluster is crap – showing an absolute inability to focus on key issues and push home important messages in a convincing and succinct way.

    1. Hydrogen peroxide and other oxygen therapies can be very effective in addressing the symptoms of respiratory infection, but are not antiviral per se.

      Iodine is, though, an orthomolecular nutrient that is definitely antiviral and in which many, many people are deficient. Earthclinic has an iodine section which is worth consulting (or any book by Dr Brownstein). I’ve just made a litre of Lugol’s iodine solution (for loved ones and friends) and have seen it achieve wonderful things against viruses (herpes, rosacea, malaria, polio) and much more.

      1. qwertboi, very interesting, thanks.

        There is evidence that hydrogen peroxide can kill viruses. My thoughts were that if it was used as a throat and/or a nasal spray before the virus had a chance to enter the bloodstream, say when having to make a quick trip to the shops, it could be effective – possibly? It certainly wouldn’t harm.

  7. More than anything, Ghebreyesus’ words suggest that a government led by an enthusiastic eugenicist, is not trying to stop the pandemic inflicting hundreds of thousands of British people, but instead internet on a very different strategy.

    “You cannot fight a fire blindfolded – and we cannot stop this pandemic if we do not know who is infected.”

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