Video: Venezuela delivering food to citizens in response to CV crisis – including family of NEC candidate

Blockaded by US, Venezuela has already organised food deliveries to elderly and vulnerable in isolation

Venezuelan government delivering food aid

The Venezuelan government is already organising food deliveries to its citizens to help them weather the coronavirus crisis – and a Labour NEC candidate’s family is at the heart of the effort.

The distribution programme – socialism in action – involves local residents who receive the food aid from the government for their street and distribute it to the other households on the street.

The SKWAWKBOX has obtained video footage showing part of the process, as boxes of food arrive at the home of a local ‘Chavanista’ family – the aunt of Deborah Hobson, a candidate in the by-elections for Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

NEC candidate Deborah Hobson

The footage was shot by Hobson’s uncle and Hobson’s aunt is the lead in distributing the food to everyone who lives on their street, including Hobson’s Chavanista grandmother:

Venezuela has been subjected to sanctions by the United States, as well as a sustained – if not hitch-free – media campaign attacking the left-wing government, in spite of brutality by right-wing ‘democracy’ protesters and the blockade of food imports by the right-wing owners of import companies. The US and UK recognised the unelected Juan Guaido as the country’s president.

However, the country appears to be making sure its citizens are fed during the pandemic crisis.

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  1. Great story. One of the most shocking aspects of New Labourism is its affinity for Latin American fascists and its hatred of popular democracy overseas as well as in the UK and the Labour Party.

  2. Despite unjustified economic sanctions, Cuba is caring and sending aid to Italy and elsewhere. Venezuela is getting food to the vulnerable. But Tories Red & Blue, do as they’ve always done. Chile? Thatcher shields Augusto Pinochet from prosecution. Thatcher called Pinochet a friend. Thatcher called Pinochet friend. Blair befriended Gaddafi up to his last days and tried to protect him. So bevin you r very correct. When Craig Murray pointed out the atrocities in Uzbekistan, including people being boiled alive. Jack Straw felt happy to put in writing that Murray was too concerned with such things… in his dismissal letter.

    With so many facts that damn the Tories including Blair & Straw, it grieves me, and will grieve me to my dying day, the failure of Jeremy’s “team” and him, yes AH, Jeremy too, but his team mainly, to counter the hypocritical accusations. I say mainly his team, as Jeremy has already brought an inordinate contribution to the party, unparalleled in my opinion. Similarly today, the approach should not be one determined by avoiding MSM hostility. They are hostile already. It is being thrown about that the situation should not be politicised. What does that mean❓ The crisis is all politics. ie the political choice to flog off parts the NHS to private parasites and starve the rest by not investing in critical care beds for eg. These are ALL political choices. It is the job of the opposition to keep these political decisions in focus ALL OF THE TIME with sound clear arguments delivered with the strength and clarity they deserve… EVERY DAY. Make the opportunities to do so EVERY DAY. The myths of Tory competence is only that. MYTHS. The myths have a hold because there is insufficient SUSTAINED taking the arguments to the MSM. We lack the practise on the “Left” to cope with opposing views and rebutting them with evidence and debate. That is my diagnosis and prescription for the lame culture amongst those who started out with transformation as their goal.
    Yes, on Skwawkbox.org the situation is better, contributors at least put their points boldly. Only three or four resort to abuse of anyone with a different view. There are many who may thus put off from contributing. They should not be. We need to up our game as a group QUICKLY. Anything can happen ANYTIME. We must be prepared. NOW is a good time to get ready. Covid-19, its handling, is a test of everything… including politics. 🌹🌹🌹

    1. The USA hates a government who won’t let them rule them they hate it enough to cull many with its sanctions

    2. “Despite unjustified economic sanctions, Cuba is caring and sending aid to Italy and elsewhere.”

      As are Russia and China despite also under US/EU sanctions. The sadistic, murderous gangster so called democracy that is US has increased its criminal sanctions on Iran to “maximise suffering”…
      EU follows suit of course and showing its colours offers NO help but sees fit to fine Italy for supporting it’s tourist industry!

      Syria has a confirmed (imported I believe) case nd iit remains under severe US/EU/UK sanctions.

      I don’t comment much because I have nothing positive to say about LP or UK at this point in time. Last thing LP members need is more negativity.

      1. Maria its not negativity to rebel against the unacceptable situation that the country is in…Maybe we might get lucky one day and clean out the establishment and their little helpers inside the Labour party.

      1. Rob that batch was diverted to the Carlton club in st James to feed the vunerable Tory mps and Company Stars that frequent the Tory Temple of doom

  3. Killer Clown Trump’s hateful economic sanctions against the people of Venezuela (and Iran) and his atrociously clumsy support for a vile right wing neo fascist ‘democrat’ , i.e. Juan Guaido, to affect Regime Change failed to convince the military AND failed to persuade the citizens to abandon their democratically elected Government.

    The people of Venezuela deserve our admiration and support.

    CIA support for Sir K Starmer might succeed where Guaido and sanctions failed. It worked with Blair.

  4. The first two cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, have been confirmed in the Gaza Strip, one of the most densely populated places in the world.

    Yousef Abu al-Rish, a health ministry official in Gaza, announced that the pair had recently returned from Pakistan and were already in quarantine when diagnosed.

    Both patients were transferred to a field hospital in Gaza’s southernmost city, Rafah, where preparations for potential coronavirus cases have been made. All those who came into contact with the patients have been placed in compulsory quarantine.

    A third Palestinian, in the occupied West Bank town of Salfit, who attended the same conference in the Pakistani town of Raiwind near Lahore, also tested positive for the virus.

    This brings the number of confirmed cases in the occupied West Bank to 57, two in the Gaza Strip, and approximately 1,000 in Israel, where one death has been reported.

    There are currently about 1,200 Palestinians in 18 different quarantine centers in the Gaza Strip

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