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Video: father of London Bridge victim condemns Johnson – “instead of tragedy, he saw opportunity”

Bereaved father condemns Johnson’s inhumanity and cynical rush to try to exploit his son’s death

Dave Merritt, speaking to Sky News

The father of London Bridge victim Jack Merritt has spoken out to condemn Boris Johnson’s inhumanity in immediately trying to exploit his son’s murder for political gain.

Talking first about his son’s fine character and ideals, Dave Merritt then condemned Johnson’s cynical rush to use the tragedy to try to gain a campaign advantage over the Labour Party.

Where a measured and sympathetic response was required, Johnson did not even bother to contact Jack Merritt’s family – and ignored their wish that Jack’s views on rehabilitation be respected. Instead, he tried to deflect blame onto Labour and look tough by promising tougher sentencing – even though Johnson himself had tried to water down Labour’s sentencing laws:

Disgracefully, when Dave Merritt first spoke out against the politicisation of his son’s murder, the Tories tried to smear him – claiming that he was politicising it by speaking out.

Mr Merritt’s response to that was simple: if the Tories had not launched their campaign of exploitation he would have kept silent – and if anyone has a right to be heard, it’s Jack’s dad and family.

Shame on the Tories. During this campaign they have displayed their utter contempt for even the most vulnerable – and even for the victims of London Bridge and those who miss them.

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  1. We lost a real human being that day to a very sick individual and we also lost a great member of the legal profession…rest in peace !

    1. People like Jack RIP, and his dad Dave Merritt, are proof that the world is FULL of amazing positive people. His colleague who also was killed, giving their lives to make this world a better place. They ARE both outstanding credits to their parents. They LIVE on. All the good they have done, is still here. Despite the unspeakable loss for their families, their dedication to others, IS key to a better world. True worthwhile living. Inspiring to me and surely many.

  2. Now that took a lot of strength. Lord knows no one wants to have that kind of tragic loss used in such a way.

  3. Harry Dunn’s family lied to, ignored AND denied justice.

    Jack Merritt’s father’s wishes ignored and Mr Merritt himself smeared

    Jack Williment’s mother accused of staging that photograph by pro-toerag journalists with encouragement given via NO rebuttal, or order to withdraw their accusations from CCHQ.

    Yes folks, welcome to toerag britain, where you’re worse than shit on their shoe if you want something putting right because of their cavalier incompetence..

    1. I beg to differ Toffee 597 – I don’t think it’s “cavalier incompetence;” it’s more like good old-fashioned malevolent, contemptuous class war. They hid Rees-Mogg after he nearly gave the game away but if they win he’ll be dusted off and brought out again on Friday.

      1. I was being reserved.

        As for rees-smog, the toerags have done exactly what I suggested labour should do if someone has a ‘mare of an interview (for want of a better phrase in moggs case) with rees-smog

        That said, today, the gobshite in charge of labour’s main focus of attack – namely the NHS – has bollocksed up massively; right on the eve of the election.

        I hope that fucking IDIOT ashworth loses his seat, the utter, UTTER BELLEND šŸ˜ 

  4. Take it as a given about Johnson. It’s all been said.

    But what intellectual/emotional/moral failure of comprehension will be displayed by every cross against the name of a Tory candidate?

    The age old question : when the stakes seem obvious, where does responsibility lie for being complicit?

  5. Shame none of Johnson’s audience today saw the opportunity to help him out with a nice alliteration for “deadlock” and “gridlock” when his brain couldn’t keep up with his mouth.
    I’d have said “err – bollocks?” quietly enough that he wouldn’t know why people were sniggering behind him.
    Fucking with their heads is much more satisfying than cheap laughs šŸ˜Ž

  6. I am so deeply sorry for this poor man losing his wonderful son. My thoughts and prayers are with him Jack’s mother and the family circle.

  7. I said yesterday that the BBC’s 6 pm bulletin was pretty balanced.

    Today – not at all. It led with the Guido Fawkes/Ashworth stuff – at length. Johnson was given an easy ride, with the significant story about Tory lies concerning customs checks being right down the running order.

    In terms of other ‘twitter storms’, (which is all the Ashworth incident was) the following got no mention :

    … yesterday’s non-punch
    … Tory fabrications about LGI
    … the father of the terrorist victim criticising Johnson

    The dire economic news wasn’t covered at all, and Kuenssberg’s political summary played on anti-Labour tropes rather than presenting a lucid summary of reality.

    Later, John Pienaar’s item from Wakefield and Pudsey wasn’t so much unbalanced as just a tedious rehearsal of the expected journalistic tropes, focussed on those who largely aren’t sure whether it’s shit, shave or breakfast time.

    1. If you were adrift in a shark infested sea and you saw two life-rafts marked “BBC” and “Murdoch Press,” you’d probably take your chance with the sharks.

    2. RH
      Makes no difference it’s all been priced in previously, its nowt new
      Under FPTP it all comes down to the ‘Peterborough factor’ how Labour vote holds up
      Tories are fighting on more fronts than us and will lose seats in London, Scotland and South West
      Labour will win seats in London and Scotland, then it’s a crap shoot around the country to win most seats,
      Keep an eye out for Copeland, Hastings and Sheffield Hallam
      Throw in a few Portillo moments to get us roaring from the couch, beer and bacon to get us through the night

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