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The long list of shame: Tory ‘achievements’ 2010-2019

Shame: Tories have been a blight on the UK

Below are some things the Tories never promised in their manifesto, which voters may wish to bear in mind this week.

As ‘achievements’ go, it’s a shameful list entirely in keeping with Tory values:

  • more than one in three children live in povertymore than 4 million
  • national debt has risen £1,400,000,000,000 from £850bn to £2.25 trillion
  • UK government and policies condemned by UN for inflicting needless poverty and misery
  • 1 million poor, hungry children deprived of free school meals
  • 43,000 NHS nurse posts unfilled
  • student nurse bursary abolished
  • 5 million bed spaces per year gone
  • millions of cruel benefit sanctions
  • millions left with no fundsintentionally – through Universal Credit system
  • massive failed NHS privatisations
  • massive social care crisis
  • approximately 185,000 extra deaths linked to politically-driven austerity
  • 10,000 fewer medical professionals
  • 25,000 fewer bed spaces for mental illness
  • almost half of people claiming disability benefits have attempted suicide
  • food bank use up 2,400%
  • homelessness up 1,000%
  • rough sleeping up 1,200%
  • left most of the Grenfell Tower survivors without a permanent home for years after promising to rehome them within three weeks
  • Bedroom Tax caused mass evictions
  • evictions running at record highs
  • massive cuts in school funding
  • student fees up 300%
  • student debt has risen 150%
  • forced academisation of schools against parents’ wishes
  • 1,000 Sure Start centres closed
  • 780 libraries closed
  • 700 football pitches closed
  • removal of EMA (education maintenance allowance) for poor pupils
  • pound down appr. 15% versus EUR and USD
  • manufacturing in recession
  • construction in recession
  • services close to recession
  • 25-30% cuts to all govt departments
  • 25-30% cuts to all councils, mainly centred on Labour councils in poorer areas
  • half of councils close to bankruptcy
  • 21,000 fewer front-line police
  • 20,000 fewer prison officers
  • 10,000 fewer border officials
  • 10,000 fewer firefighters
  • OECD calculate 3 million hidden unemployed, rate is really 13%
  • mushrooming insecure work: temporary, self employed, gig economy and zero hours contracts
  • only 30k full time work positions created.
  • almost half of workers are in insecure work: self-employed, ZHC, or part-time ‘precariat’
  • 80% of the 5.3 million self-employed live below the poverty line
  • more than 1 in 3 self-employed only earn £100 a month
  • 25% cuts for our disabled people
  • 80% cuts to Mobility Allowance.
  • Remploy closed
  • 40% of working households just one crisis away from destitution
  • 70% of households have less than 10k savings
  • 60% of households can only survive 2 months without a wage
  • household debt reaches new peak, despite emergency base rates
  • 50% increase in hate crimes
  • 150% increase in knife crime to 22,000 per year
  • teenage suicide up by 70%
  • suicides up 12% just in 2018
  • self-harm among young women up 70%
  • life-expectancy down – for first time in decades – by 3 years
  • lowest ever NHS satisfaction level
  • council-home building down 90%
  • 200k social homes lost
  • ZERO starter homes built, despite Tory flagship programme
  • council home-building down 90%
  • one million families on council home waiting list
  • 36,000 teachers have left the profession
  • multiple collapsed private rail franchises
  • collapsed building and maintenance giants leaving schools and hospitals in the lurch – that the government knew were coming and ignored

This is only a partial list. More will no doubt be added.

None of these things were mentioned by the Tories in their manifestos.

A vote for Boris Johnson is a vote for more of the same.

A vote for Labour is a vote for real change and a return to a decent country.

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  1. I just came across the following whilst researching something else:

    Anfield loses England game over ban on Sun journalists (and check out the short video of the brickie down the page a little bit)

    So I then checked out the Daily Mail article (which is from a couple of days ago). See link posted below.

  2. In no particular order can we please add:

    1. The 2 child cap.
    2. The rape clause in order to get child benefit.
    3. The “Skype families” as a result of the required earnings to bring spouse to UK.
    4. The entire Windrush saga, including those who died after being deported, deportations that Rudd said didn’t happen.
    5. The highly qualified people refused a visa, including experts invited here.
    6. The risk of actual death to children who need medicinal cannabis.
    7. The fact that we are the world’s top exporter of “medically unproven” medicinal cannabis.
    8. The fact that May’s husband owns a big chunk of shares in UK produced medicinal cannabis.
    9. The “lost” file of historical child abuse by MPs.
    10. The Rotherham child trafficking and abuse scandal.
    11. The lack of any action to prevent another Grenfell.
    12. Pushing fracking despite earthquakes.
    13. The 30% per week reduction of ESA.
    14. The increase, and further planned increase, of the pension age.
    15. The Jimmy Saville investigation that doesn’t seem to have caught any of his perverted cronies in high places.
    16. The abandonment of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe after causing her sentence to be increased.
    17. The Go Home vans.
    18. The wasted millions on a shipping company with no ships.
    19. The number of knighthoods and similar rewards to Tory donors.
    20. The number of empty mansions paid for with dirty money.
    21. The lack of consequence to crooks such as Philip Green.

    Just a few things that came to mind. If there’s any I didn’t spot already on the list sorry about that.

  3. 130,000 deaths (And counting) due to Austerity.

    Almost twice the number of UK civilian deaths during WWII.

    The first duty of government is to keep its citizens safe… Well that’s how safe the toerags have kept us.

  4. Over 600 homeless deaths in 2018.

    The equivalent of just over SIX Hillsborough disasters. One at about every two months

    Or, over EIGHT Grenfell tragedies. Around one every six to seven weeks.

    And, like both catastrophies, nobody held to account.

  5. Allowing their own vaunted business ventures such as Carillion to collapse. Failing to support the steel industry. Letting a good UK business collapse into foreign hands eg Boots. Tories would sell us all as slaves if the money was reasonable.

    1. Paul, Conservatives would sell their own mothers to any passing OIL SOAKED despot or Post Thatcher/Reagan created Russian Klepto Oligarch. The money need not even be reasonable. It just has to be MONEY. They think they know the price of everything. They value nothing… not even their mothers‼️ They don’t even value their mothers’ concerns. On Sunday i heard a right wing presenter lament David Cameron doing just that. I.E The ALLEGED onanist cum niche proclivity for porcine bestial necrophilia, in his auto-biography, that he SHOULD have gone F U R T H E R with A U S T E R I T Y 😱😱😱



      His own mother expressed her concern about SUFFERING caused in pigheaded pighead man’s own constituency and hers. Even she, a Tory saw that vulnerable people were suffering by ideological Tory CUTS. Yet Cameron at his final PMQs, pompously told Jeremy, Mother Cameron “would tell him” JC, “to wear a tie” or some such piffle‼️

      Thinking of Tory Piffle & Parents, check the pattern: CAMERON’s priority? – Mummy’s words re tie wearing but NOT NASTY TORY IDEOLOGICAL AUSTERITY🥶🥶🥶
      while JOHNSON’s daddy sneers about poor people not able to spell a storybook liar, YET GIVES NO EFFECTIVE PARENTAL GUIDANCE to his son to value TRUTHS & FACTS… to RESPECT working class people.
      Stanley Johnson finds every reason to hate working class people. His Tory crass prejudice leaks out. HE ASSUMES they can’t spell.

      No surprise then – BORIS JOHNSON writes, WORKERS are “drunkards” lazy , feckless , undisciplined . His chums think people go to food-banks because “they are there” and “they don’t know how to budget”‼️

      So Blame TORY MP’s HATRED for WORKING PEOPLE, partly on their parents. Their Nasty ARROGANT outlook on life and other people. Awful Tory parenting. Evil ideas, Blind Heartlessness, NASTY (theresa may’s own words) N A S T Y CONSERVATIVE views about nurses, teachers, post, police, fire, cleaners, carers, cafe workers, porters, street cleaners, tree surgeons, school assistants, dinner and lollipop people, meter readers, train drivers bus drivers, waterway dredgers park attendants ANYONE WHO KEEPS OUR COUNTRY RUNNING – NOTE WELL – TORIES HATE YOU‼️ They ALWAYS HAVE‼️ THEY ALWAYS WILL‼️ They live to scorn!!! They will die HATING ALL WHO WORK ! The more you need to work, the more the Tories DESPISE YOU!!! NEVER CONFUSE the BLAIR INFESTATION of LABOUR as LABOUR. They are not. Thatcher hissed that Blair was her best creation ir achievement. JEREMY CORBYN is our FIRST CHANCE to DITCH the TORIES for a generation‼️‼️‼️ That is why the MSM & tiny helpers are trying EVERY LYING PROPAGANDA. Don’t be fooled. They could not care less about the working classes anywhere, ESPECIALLY in our Labour Heartlands. Johnson and his WHOLE family and the P Conservative Party L O V E the EU. They always have. It suits them. Look at the Tories who are fighting to protect it. CONSERVATIVES especially the Johnson’s are DETERMINED to keep it going. Take the risk to vote for them and prepare for the MOTHER of ALL disappointments. At least with Jeremy, we have an EXCELLENT chance to make him DUMP his Remainiac enemies. WE CAN RECALL THEM AFTER FRIDAY and select proper Labour MPs who hold our views. Peterborough MP was successfully recalled and replaced by a LABOUR MP. That can be done again.

      HEARTLANDS , VOTE L A B O U R N O W and then let us work together to R E C A L L ANY MP who tries to undermine JEREMY. We have the numbers to do that and really get Brexit done🌹🌹🌹

      A JEREMY led and inspired Labour party is the ONLY way to truly deliver Brexit with our FIRM … call it ENCOURAGEMENT.

  6. Selling infrastructure of immense national security – The 5G network, nuclear power plants etc – to the (communist) chinese….

    And they question Corbyn’s ‘patriotism’?

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