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Johnson supporters in panic after ‘Votey McVoteface’ canal-boat owners register to vote him out in Uxbridge

Boris Johnson’s supporters appear to be in a panic today over a hilarious campaign to oust him as an MP.

The ‘Votey McVoteface’ campaign encouraged canal-boat owners to register to vote in Uxbridge and South Ruislip and other tight Tory-held constituencies, under electoral law allowing voters with no fixed address to register in constituencies with which they have a ‘connection’.

Johnson won the seat in 2017 by a shade over 5,000 votes. However, his poor performance and relative absence as a constituency MP, as well as his litany of lies and poor campaigning, have led many observers to believe that he is under serious threat from local Labour candidate Ali Milani.

If Johnson loses on Thursday, he cannot serve as Prime Minister even if the Tories were to win.

The fear among Johnson’s supporters is great enough that the Murdoch Sunday Times has today published an article attacking the campaign as ‘in touch with Labour and Momentum organisers’.

The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust provided almost £13,000 to fund the campaign, which was named as a nod to the winning entry ‘Boaty McBoatface’ in a competition to name an arctic exploration vessel.

Earlier this year, the Tories did not deny that Boris Johnson was planning to register as the candidate for the safe Tory seat of Melton. However, the plan appears to have been abandoned after it was revealed by the SKWAWKBOX.


Wouldn’t it be hilarious if boat owners sank Boris Johnson?

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  1. This does pose an intriguing question. If Boris loses his seat (please God), and the Tories win (please not God), who gets to be PM?

    1. yes timfrom. Crossed mind but too busy to check😊 Think Tories will pick a new OPPOSITION leader. Won’t even go to sleep in the Lords. His preferred quarry are not there… too old, too wise and have already learnt a serial philanderer and liar needs miracles to change. Boris Johnson is too lazy and shallow to even try to serve the country in the hopefully soon to be slimmed down iver bloated Lords.
      Buffon of piffle is only guided by personal narrow ambition and an inability to exercise discipline over his todger. Don’t expect the grinning BloJon to chase every despot like the liar Blair… to market “mosquito nets” like Tony Blair with Gadaffi… I kid you not. Ask our ex AND current diplomats.
      But JinJohnJonnie has compulsions obsessing him more than despotic filthy cash… Another Acuri to have more IT lessons. JinJohnnie l o o o O O O VES IT. One Acuri after another. They each think they’ll change him. Yet, Jonnie’s only instinct is to use abuse and change them.

  2. good news sunday. Better news Monday. Even better news Tuesday. Enthusiastic push on Wednesday for a thrilling, fantabulosa, sparkling GLORIOUS FRIDAY

    Then, then savour the sweet discombobulated grief of the MSMs nastiest most biased propagandist for the same old same old Thatcherite fertilised wickedness of Tony Blair WMD IRAQ LIAR!!!

    Get rid of them for good and silence the A R S H bots too. They are nothing but automatons with controllers unable to detect that they cannot bully and silence everyone.

  3. The Tories intend to argue that there is no ruling or law to prohibit him from being PM. This is very worrying however as it means a PM without a democratic legitimacy holding all the powers of the monarch – what an opportunity for a coup inspired power grab! This executive has already shown itself to be quite capable of stretching our rule-by-precedent constitution.

    1. To be honest, this is the least of the problems if the Tories were to get an overall majority. Their constitutional kite-flying is just that – with not much of a breeze. I suggest worrying about more immediate issues.

      Meanwhile, it’d be great for Mr Toad to be evicted from Toad Hall, although I doubt that boat owners will make the difference. But every little helps. 🙂

  4. The BBC has used Alec Douglas Hume as precedent for a PM who was not elected – but only for a matter of weeks until he won a by-election.

  5. Boat owners like a sense of freedom and usually have a good sense of humour. But nobody who values freedom would vote for Johnson and there is both my amusing in his plans for Britain.!

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