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Video: truth about Corbyn’s popularity – “public love him”, he’s PM material. How the hell did it get onto BBC? (An hour later, it didn’t)

A newspaper editor’s frank account of Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘rock star’ popularity ‘wherever he turns up’ and his ‘prime ministerial’ status astonishingly made it into the 10.30pm newspaper review. By the 11.30pm review, the article in question was not discussed at all
‘The public love him. Wherever he turns up he’s greeted like a rock star’

Saturday night’s edition of the BBC’s nightly review of the following day’s newspapers featured an almost unheard-of event – a frank, unfiltered admission of Jeremy Corbyn’s massive popularity with the public.

Even more astonishingly, it also included the confession that Corbyn is ‘prime ministerial’.

So great is Corbyn’s popularity, according to the political editor Nigel Nelson, that “wherever he turns up” he is greeted like a “rock star” – and his personal qualities are so great that he is both prime ministerial and the same in private:

Astonishing slip by BBC News allows unfiltered positivity about Corbyn onto the airwaves

Corbyn’s phenomenal energy, stamina and work-rate were also covered – and as if that weren’t enough, the strength of Labour’s social care policies versus the Tories’ complete absence of any was also included.

The BBC presenter had asked “Very quickly, what’s he like engaging with the public” – leading to an instant response: “Well the public love him.”

This must have created some panic in her earpiece, because she quickly attempted to divert the discussion onto whether Corbyn’s public persona is at odds with the man in private:

The public persona and when you get one-to-one with him are presumably very different, because you see so many, you know, differing, conflicting reports.

It didn’t work.

The BBC couldn’t take back the presenter’s ‘error’ or undo the impromptu honesty about Jeremy Corbyn’s huge popularity that it led to.

So they did the next best thing.

In the second edition of the review an hour later – even though it was a minute longer and didn’t need to be shortened – the BBC made sure the ‘mistake’ could not be repeated.

The Mirror’s article on Corbyn was simply not mentioned.

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    1. That’s jo philips, if it’d been melanie they’d hardly have got past the first topic iscussed (which was alleged labour antisemitism) without her head detonating.

  1. bernie and tulsi blackout in the states …corbyn blackout in the uk….

    funny how the establishment works the same on both sides of the pond.

    please santa we need a socialist christmas

    1. We have an awful lot of the ‘lifelong Labour voters switching to Conservative’ stories.

      Channel 4 News had one on Saturday from the Rother Valley constituency. But the questioning is very superficial:

      “Momentum” and “Corbyn” were given as reasons for not voting Labour. And there the questioning suddenly stops.

      This example from a 2016 Channel 4 interview with a Trump voter shows what a big difference just one further question can make:

      The interview went something like this:

      Interviewer: “Did you vote for Trump?”

      Interviewee: “Yes”

      Interviewer: “Why did you vote for Trump?”

      Interviewee: “He’s going to make America great again”

      Interviewer: “How’s he going to do that?”

      Interviewee: “Well….er…. I don’t know”

      Big difference.

      1. The “life long labour voters” are frauds. They never were. It is similar in the run up & post Tory Bliar’s Iraq invasion. I was in TV studios and saw ALWAYS in front row, ALWAYS attractive young head scarfed women. NEVER wearing the total head covering. They were always immaculately turned out with apparently BRAND NEW outfits straight out of Harrods , Harvey Nicks, Liberty’ and such like. I always believed they were ferried to the studios via Selfridges Food Hall eateries. GOOD! Guess what. EVERY SINGLE ONE, always, A L W A Y S, had “cousins”, “an aunty”, “an uncle” who suffered under Sadam whom we created from scratch and armed. Not once did any of them say they had a brother father or mother who suffered.

        Not once did the presenters press for any substantial proof. Not even a real cousin or aunt or as is common in many countries, even here at one time, to call adult family friends, uncles and aunts. In other countries young friends or even acquaintances are called cousins or even brothers.

        But the brand new “Iraqis” needed no slight proof as it was DELIBERATE MSM PROPAGANDA to deceive the gullible to swallow LIAR TORY BLAIR WMD BUSH POODLE IRAQ INVASION.

        It is the same now on the radio & i expect the TV. Planted pretenders. DECEIVERS … even paid curiously all beautiful fragrant actresses re Blair’s IRAQ and todays election frauds. The BBC arm of the MSM, should be especially ashamed, CRIMINALLY investigated, and sued for MILLIONS, and made to voice and print DAILY APOLOGIES.

    1. Better still – force the newsreaders to read the news in broad regional accents.

      For example, that godawful fiona bruce likes to think she’s Northern mediterranean when she reads a french, spanish or italian name, stretching out the letters and such (eg faaaa-bio capelllllll-llo) so make the witch read their names in a thick glaswegian accent or she gets sacked AND fined AND jailed for being horrible.

  2. The problem with the Corbyn Labour Party is that by betraying Brexit it has turned its back on the working class voters, the vast majority of whom voted Leave.

    Labour Party members having mainly voted Remain don’t realise how angry Leave voters are at being asked to vote again and moreover in a rigged Remain versus Remain poll.

    This anger has seeped into the standing of Jeremy Corbyn. He may be greeted by a rock star but there is now a gulf between his fans on the one hand and the general public on the other.

    The consequence of Labour’s chicanery on Brexit is that the Party is now seen as the party of the middle class.. Hence the threat to Labour in the Midlands and North.

    It is beyond disappointing that Labour finally under Left-wing leadership (supposedly) did not become the overt, partisan party of the working class on Brexit and more generally, particularly since many of Labour’s aspirations (e.g. nationalisation and public spending) cannot be implemented within the EU’s neoliberal template.

    1. Danny boy
      There is no evidence Brexit trumps the NHS and
      First rule of Brexit is
      Dont throw half the country under a bus
      Finally polls will need to be thrown into a bucket along with MSM and toilet papers bleached

    2. So the working class Labour supporting leave voter fell betrayed by Labour supporting another referendum on Brexit and will vote in the referendum – sorry General Election – on Thursday to show their anger! Ironic what!

    3. Your distanced image of a fictional lumpen ‘working class’ betrays you as one of the metro middle class who needs to get out more.

      1. The self-delusion of both the regular (paid) pro EU trolls on here constantly, plus those genuine , but sad, Labour Lefties who have now belatedly ‘supped the current Labour pro Remain coolade’ (via the trickery of a second Referendum and Labour’s dishonest proposed offer of two Remain options) ‘policy’ out of loyalty and desperate hope over political analysis, have now only got until the Exit Poll on Thursday night to maintain their fantasy of a Labour victory. Then it will, tragically, be quite clear that the millions of leave-supporting voters in our heartlands who either abstain , or vote Brexit Party or Tory, are indeed our traditional working class Labour voters – not the lumpen working class traditional Tory voters the Guardinista pro EU middle classes like to believe.

        So you trollsters just keep on slagging off the socialist analysis of the likes of Danny for a few more days – until cruel reality finally hits . Then what ? Jeremy will be gone as Leader, and there is NOONE on the PLP ‘Left’ capable of taking on the likes of that total Right Wing opportunist, Lady Nugee/Emily Thornberry, in a Leadership contest. So, thanks to endless internal sabotage by the PLP and wider Labour Right, and the daft attachment to the neoliberal EU of most the ‘Corbynista’ (actually merely Left Liberal) ‘Labour Left’ , the Labour Party will return to its ‘Centre Left’ politics – competing with the Tory Party merely on the fine detail of neoliberalism.

        Go on trollsters, lets have some dismissive abusive posts, in response to my post . After Thursday you will all disappear, because your pay cheques from Mandleson/Blair will no doubt dry up – and it will be ‘job done’, and the Labour Party not ‘rescued for business as usual for the careerist Right’, but actually permanently electorally destroyed as a mass party, just as the French Socialist Party, German SPD, and the Greek PASOK , and most of the other European traditional social democratic parties too, have been.

      2. “… lets have some dismissive abusive posts, in response to my post ”

        Happy to oblige.

        As usual, you are uttering a chain of rambling bollocks, with the usual markers of certifiably delusional loopiness :

        “paid trolls”
        “internal sabotage”
        ” the trickery of a second Referendum”
        “Labour’s dishonest proposed offer”
        ” socialist analysis”
        ” our traditional working class Labour voters”
        ” our heartlands”
        ( again note the possessive adjective used in these fictional representations about majority Remain voting Labour working class support)

        Once again, the ineffably middle-class entryists of Tooting, who have difficulty finding their own political arse, let alone the door knob to a mass movement, are lining up for a Labour defeat so that they can continue complaining from beneath the duvet and to continue slumbering undisturbed by reality.

        The honest conclusion is that they actually like a Tory government : it saves having to confront the failure of their Toytown politics. It can remain someone else’s fault, and a continuing promise over the Rainbow.

      3. AS a humorous PS to Ha’Penny losing touch with reality (again) :

        Glancing at the newspaper stand in the supermarket today, I had a really good laugh at the way in which the Daily Bile’s headline on the front page was almost a replica of Ha’Penny’s rant, with fulminations about ‘betrayal’ by Labour and Corbyn in the ‘heartlands’.

        (It may be on line if you want a laugh)

        The way in which the Toytown ‘left’ ‘socialist analysis’ ends up replicating the worst of the Tory MSM propaganda is a wonder to behold as they descend from the ethereal sphere of Judaean politics to lecture normal sentient beings about the true path to redemption. 🙂

  3. “This must have created some panic in her earpiece,”

    Well to be honest that conversation seemed quite spontaneous and rather convivial to me. Didn’t get the impression the presenter changed her tone due to a producer’s panic or anything like that.

    It seemed as reasonable to have asked that question of Corbyn as it would just about any other MP and there didn’t seem to be any urgency in the presenter’s voice that could be expected if they’d made a faux pas. Yes, I’m aware of a calm appearance being a part of her profession .

    That said, there does appear to be evidence that once again the corporation seems to have put the kybosh on any positive Corbyn opinion/news when the 2nd programme’s aired an hour later.

  4. You must name the person, I searched, is Nigel Nelson. I see him time to time on the Paper’s review. He seems very sincere and descent, very different from another political editor Kevin John Maguire is a regular for Sky does not sound much of his own man. Like you, I also noticed a broadcaster realised that she made a mistake. But Nigel Nelson was not intimidated. A great guy! Also a good thing was that a woman next to Nigel (Sorry I did not search her name) totally agreed with him, very sensitive and honest person. Those people are very unusual to appear on TV nowadays. Most of them are ridiculously slavery of their employers. It seems that people are noticing how the medias have been treating Corbyn and their ridiculous reckless and mocking behaviour especially after the great mistake of ITV This Morning Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. This morning on BBC Breakfast interviewed a Black football coat (Sorry I couldn’t get the name). He was great. He said that the language the politicians use influence people in the society so that those people have to be careful what they say. It is not only politicians but all people well positioned in the media particularly seem out of control and they influence some certain people in great deal. There is a huge misunderstanding among people that bully is the form of strong. It is other way round, bully is the weakest form of human behaviour. I never forget Cameron and May how they used not just languages but very childish comment which lowered the value of the nation.

  5. The MSM have ridden a coach and horses through democracy this time.I have been involved in politics and activism from a teenager and have seen a lot of disturbing things across the water in Ireland and in SArika,.There is no violence involved here with enforcing the status quo,but the one sided propoganda I have never seen before even in Ireland and Pretoria.. “The truth will out” but not from my veiw as a semi detatched resident living in france but spending a great deal of time abroad in the Mekong.I always help in the campaigns but I have never seen anything on this scale in a total capitulation to the establishment and the Tory election machine.Laws have been trampled and the non existent constitution needs refoming and in writing.But what do we do if we are elected and allowed to rule.The MSM need stopping,but how ?

  6. Although a certain Sticky Troll seems to think that there is mileage in rubbishing the ‘antisemitic’ issue as in opposition to concern over the NHS, (the Tories love that sort of divisiveness, of course) the more mature and better informed here might continue to see the connection between the two.

    So – just a pointer top a new take on the BBC Panorama documentary, form ‘The Press Gang’ who are looking to submit their own complainf to Ofcom :

    1. ”Although a certain Sticky Troll…”

      That referring to me? If so, at least have the bolocks to name me directly.


      ”…seems to think that there is mileage in rubbishing the ‘antisemitic’ issue.”

      You mean like your mate Jack? Also, show me where I ”rubbished the antisemitic issue.”

  7. But is he primeministerial? She did not like the reply. Her facial expression says it all. Loved it.

  8. And on purely economics our Business section of the BBC announced the pound raised against the dollar and the euro on a 2 yr high(not true)and concluded that “its not surprising considering that a Tory win will strengthen and stabalise the markets and the pound failing to notice the stocks having slipped which normally means a rise in the pound.Our BBC fearless news on business and economic reality goes into a nosedive on the crumbling British economy…Rats on a sinking ship comes to mind . Where do they recruit these clowns?

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