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Breaking: BBC LIED to Labour about Johnson chickening out to secure Corbyn’s Neil interview

Supposedly impartial broadcaster flouts Ofcom rules and misleads Opposition

Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX reported that Boris Johnson had displayed abject cowardice by ducking his grilling by the BBC’s Andrew Neil – and that the BBC had hidden the news from Labour and the public until after Corbyn’s interview with Neil last night.

Ofcom rules require broadcasters to be absolutely impartial in their political reporting during general election periods, so broadcasting a tough interview with the leader of the Opposition when Johnson had not committed to his own interview is a gross and blatant breach of the BBC’s legal obligations and a display of contempt for the UK’s democracy.

But the reality is far worse than the BBC simply omitting to mention Johnson’s spinelessness until after Corbyn’s interview was broadcast – because the broadcaster lied to Labour that Johnson had committed, in order to secure Corbyn’s participation.

And then maintained the lie until the interview had been broadcast, as Alasdair Clark and LBC’s Theo Usherwood have reported:

The BBC has colluded with the Tories to try to damage Labour and its leader, while aiding Boris Johnson’s cowardly evasion of scrutiny.


Broadcasters should refuse to report any Tory policy or PR appearance and broadcast only adverse stories about the BBC until Boris Johnson fronts up and subjects himself to public scrutiny – and must have Andrew Neil ’empty-chair’ Johnson if he refuses, to ensure UK voters have a graphic illustration of Johnson’s cowardice.

If the BBC does not, it is baking in its own guilt, complicity and disgrace and must answer to the public for it.

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  1. There is a growing fury among Labour supporters that the stitch up is so blatant and nobody feels obliged to apologise. It merely confirms the need to vote tactically – Yes LibDems that means you too or you hand the election to Johnson and his hard Brexit.

  2. Who ever arranged this is wet behind the ears .or a possible set up .Tories must be laughing their heads off

  3. Who’s the chicken now?
    Who’s the brazen racist?
    Who is the party bell end who can’t wait to give even more billions of taxpayer handouts to the greedy 1% while snatching everything from the 79% desperately in need?
    Which party leader is bankrolled by dodgy Russian dosh? Which party leader colluded with the CONVICTED criminal Darius Guppy to brutalise a journalist?
    Which compulsive Tory liar was dismissed from at least THREE jobs for… yes… LYING?
    How many of us know even one person dismissed from ANY job for lying ONCE, let alone THREE TIMES???
    Which opportunistic, selfish, sly, reckless careless can’t be trusted to handle security matters responsibly?
    Which TRUMP BLOWN TOOL caused Mrs N Radcliffe to be STILL languishing in an Iranian prison ALL because of his careless words?… Her child thus deprived of a mother, because of an irresponsible SELFISH man, who thinks being PM is a toy???

    EVERYONE KNOWS THE ANSWER but it should be repeated EVERY HOUR from now on:

    CHUM OF confessed DOPE and COKE HEADS – Cameron & Gove.
    Chum of ALLEGED onanist with animal parts, dead animal parts… PIGS… DEAD PIG’s HEAD MOLESTER –
    Chum of those who loooove Nazi’s Fancy dress.
    LOVERS of “blacking up” & GEORGE OSBORNE.


    1. Well summed up! This fraudster is on track to get a majority and he MUST BE STOPPED. Vote sensibly anti Tories! Vote to block that majority. In about 6 seats that might mean voting LibDem but in hundreds of others it means voting Labour. Imagine living in a constituency where Labour and Tory are close and some vote for the no hoper the LibDem. 5 years and no remission.

      1. Would b v helpfull if we get a full list of the constituencies marginal and otherwise, here so all can 1️⃣ vote sensibly to save our country from the Tory 1% gang. 2️⃣ go canvassing strategically to get Corbyn supporters elected. 3️⃣ Would be vital to identify pro and anti-Corbyn candidates so people can vote in the best way to SUSTAIN an effective Corbyn inspired & led TRUE Labour Government. An effective government unburdened by the usual suspects.
        And cease the fear of an already hostile MSM & their lying nasty tools⚫️⚫️⚫️

  4. I cant imagine the public will let the BBC or Johnson get away with this. We need to get this out on social media and MSM to put the pressure on. Its not a good look for Johnson.

  5. I’m sick of seeing John McDonnell on the TV apologising for the way ‘we’, meaning Jeremy Corbyn, have been too slow in dealing with A/S in the Labour Party. By his constant apologising for no reason, he is feeding the Zionists who are out to get Corbyn. What the hell does he hope to achieve? This smear campaign is organised and orchestrated from Tel Aviv. Does he think Netanyahu gives a damn about what he, McDonnell thinks or says in response?

    The whole episode has been mishandled from the start. It was a cinch it was going to kick off, therefore help from the antiZionist Jewish community should have been enlisted from the start to formulate a plan to deal with it. Instead, Labour has staggered from day to day on the defensive, issuing apology after apology expecting the attacks and smears to stop.

    Labour’s actions, which have obviously been supported and encouraged by Zionists within the Party, have resulted in the suspension and expulsion of some of our best people, Chris Williamson being one of them, whilst leaving behind some truly reprehensible characters such as Margaret Hodge and Ruth Smeeth.

    1. “Labour’s actions, which have obviously been supported and encouraged by Zionists within the Party, have resulted in the suspension and expulsion of some of our best people, Chris Williamson being one of them, whilst leaving behind some truly reprehensible characters such as Margaret Hodge and Ruth Smeeth. ”

      I am sure this was a major part of the establishment plan to rein in Corbyn and limit his influence and especially his ideas. Socialism, in any form, has always been Capitalist’s, Rentier classes and robber baron’s greatest fear. What better than the same old majority of neoliberal, warmongering, pro establishment, self serving MPs and people in positions of influence in the party? Not one deselection of the many disloyal, back stabbing, anti-Socialist MPs has taken place as far as I have read.

    2. I don’t blame McDonnell or Corbyn for their stone walling of the flood of accusations. It really is a Non-issue and to get into a fight about is what they want, then they’ll be able to drag it out for 2 weeks. I don’t think ordinary voters are influenced by this special pleading from one minority in the country – as it happens the wealthiest and highest status of them all. We all know who REALLY suffers from discrimination and in your face racism.

    3. Very very sad 😢 to see a former firebrand degenerating into an apologist for the AS scam.Age obviously does not mean wise in the case of a former loyal socialist John McDonnell.Corbyn needs to watch is back if even McDonnell been got at .

    4. Thoroughly sick of the apologies. McD TOTALLY ignores the views of Rabbis expressing the truth. Debunking the repeated lies of a bullying but extremely well funded, organised and MSM amplified few. They claim to speak for the majority as if we are all as devoid of basic decency and honesty as they are. THEY SPEAK FOR THEIR OWN FOUL CABAL.

      McD persist with his whining undermining of Jeremy. As if he feels the many apologies over the last three years which were kicked back in his face, the unfair dismissals of many, will suddenly be appreciated and rewarded with some tawdry obscene approval by the FALSE ACCUSERS & the little helpers. Quite astonishing that one person could be so deaf, blind and stupid. And that a few prefer to try to muzzle us who speak the obvious, rather than bring sense to McD.

  6. Who’s the Party dodgy job TORY leader hiding the Security Select Committee Report re: Suspicious shady dodgy Russian involvement with a BloJon AND others in the cosy Conservative Central Office cabal?

    Why sits on a report LONG cleared by the security services for publication re Russian funding of the Tory party??

    Why has Dominic Cummings resigned???
    Is the net finally closing in on a dangerous Boris Johnson & Dominic Cummings❓
    Who controls Cummings and Johnson❓❓
    TRUMP or Dodgy Russian Dosh⁉️⁉️⁉️

    1. “Who controls Cummings and Johnson❓❓
      TRUMP or Dodgy Russian Dosh⁉️⁉️⁉️”

      Oh dear. I think personal arrogance and greed along with being a member of the established Rentier class ‘controls’ Johnson.

      1. yes controlled by blind crass ambition, ➕ dodgy money from any corrupt shady sources… same base slimy nature as Tony Blair. No scruples. No morality. Only ambition twinned with entitlement.

  7. IMO I don’t think the punters careless about AS , the message sticking right now seams to be dangerous and weak , so JC and the team needs to work on that , standing up to twats like Neil is a must , like CHris W said all along , stop apologising Labour has done well in tackling real AS in the party and not fake AS.
    Its about time we had an attack dog to unleash on Neil and BBC hatchet job jurnos , just tell em to the face , fuck off with your loaded insincere questions and the rabid bullying to get the only answer they want to hear , if you don’t like my answers then piss off ,, end of !

  8. Andrew Neils….A blatantly Tory sympathiser would never have been seen subjecting Johnson to the same type of insulting behaviour that Corbyn was treated to.Not on the BBC..don’t you get it?

    1. More than just a Tory sympathiser he has been Rupert Murdoch’s man most of his working life – in other words a hard right Believer.

      1. I read Neil and Johnson are long term firm friends…. no idea if true but there might be more than one side avoiding the interview… media reputation to uphold don’t ya know.

    1. You need a serious cull of the senior management who are traditionally High Tories who believe the BBC should support the Monarchy, the Armed Forces and stable conservative governments. When you have people like Rod Liddle as Editor of R4’s Today programme for many years it tells you how they think. The best way of culling the elite out of the BBC is to SLASH their vast salaries; that will see them scuttle off double quick.

  9. What’s fear got to do with it? But what is it anyway that you seem to think they could do if they didn’t have this ‘fear’?

    And given that A/S is the only issue they are reluctant to fire back on – and for glaringly obvious reasons – I assume that THAT is what you’re alluding to. Yes?

    So what would you have them do, and how do you think the Blairites and the Jewish papers and the MSM et al would respond/react?

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