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Video: they tell us Jeremy Corbyn is not popular. This was yesterday…

Corbyn mobbed as long queues and large crowds form to hear Labour leader speak of hope and real change

Jeremy Corbyn on Saturday

Media pundits and polling companies want us all to believe that Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity is low. It’s an Establishment talisman they hope will ward off a repeat of the Corbyn-surge phenomenon of 2017.

But reality now is as far divorced from the media claims as it was then. This was Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail yesterday – in spite of cold winter weather:

What we are told by the Establishment media cannot be relied upon to reflect reality.

This is what hope looks like. Spread the word.

Vote Labour.

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  1. In 1945 they had to wait weeks for the Army and Navy votes to be counted. Mind you it was the soldiers that voted Labour – and to kick out Churchill.

    1. Twas also the birth of the NHS,
      Methinks this Christmas folk will not want to be responsible for the death of the NHS

  2. They wouldn’t be using the might of the MSM,the state broadcaster,the dodgy polls and the AS scam for good measure if the establishment was not seriously rattled by Jeremy Corbyn and the growth of socialism in the fifth richest country in the world.Even after the 2wars that devastated all of our familys “Socialism was not big on the agenda even for the Labour government.No this time the establishment are frightened because they realise that the neo liberal ideology is being challenged in the green and pleasant land right in their tyrinical back yard.Be prepared for anything and remember that N Ireland was a testing ground of how to deal with a population that gets above there station.and the might of the establishment will not run away if we win .!The proof of the popularity of Labour is in front of our eyes,now we watch the result this week and see if we are allowed to take the next step of a Labour government.

  3. Hmmm dear god he does win through or the poor the disabled the mentally ill even those working will feel the wrath of this government through its policies I pray he does

  4. “… polling companies want us all to believe that Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity is low.”

    Conspiracy theories aren’t going to win this election. ‘Hidden’/new votes will. All the polls do is reflect the impact of the sustained campaign against Corbyn across the board. This is hardly surprising, given the personilsation of the propaganda – and doesn’t contradict the fact that he has a body of enthusiastic support that will turn out to see him.

    Anyone who talks around and listens knows that the polls actually do frustratingly reflect the wider perception of Corbyn, but the good news is that this may be lessening as a factor in deciding votes.

    37% of the electorate bought the rubbish of Brexit, courtesy the plutocrat press. It’s hardly surprising if similar numbers have bought the smears on Corbyn.

    1. RH
      YouGov calling it 52/48 twice is not a conspiracy theory
      Done some research,
      They call landlines during the day to gather data, they dont publish favourable polls, they frame questions to get required answers, they have got it wrong on every major election on the last 5 years, no evidence anything had been done about their uselessness beca6se they setve a purpose,
      He who pays the piper, calls the tune

      1. The point is the difference between flawed methodology and deliberate manipulation. And I agree that YouGov has a flawed methodology (telephone polling is notorious) – I have tended to ignore their results because of the consistent overstatement of Tory support. That said, their recent results have shown a narrowing gap between Tories and Labour.

        But the question you don’t address is why this would be ‘manipulation’. Over-stating Tory support is just as likely to favour the Labour vote as a reaction. Further – producing bent and inaccurate results is not a great CV for a commercial polling organisation. In addition, there are plenty of reputable statisticians around only too willing to call out bad practice.

        The 2017 election is often used as an illustration of the inaccuracy of polling. In actuality, the polls did show a rapidly rising Labour support. The actual result, because of the volatility wasn’t captured – but simply because it lay within the error margins of a comlex system. This election, although not identical also shows high levels of volatility, and, implicitly, a considerable range of possible error, some of which may work in Labour’s favour – given that recently registered voters may not be picked up.

        Better to use old Occam’s dependable razor than conspiracy bias – manipulation isn’t the best or most likely explanation of current poll results.

        If you want manipulation and conspiracy, there’s a fair bit around – but not in the polling.

  5. I am so glad you have risen the issue as I have been puzzling. My experience with JC is so popularity that for me no doubt about it. Some of a Labour Councillor said that JC’s popularity would fade away soon. Instead fading away, from my experience, getting even stronger. How all media could distort the fact. Britain meant to be very democratic and criticise other countries as dictatorial yet, Britain seem heading to the dictatorial country.

  6. The propaganda being churned out against Jeremy Corbyn is reaching preposterous levels I anticipate a photo of him with horns and a tail appearing in the S*n or the Daily Mail soon.
    Meanwhile Boris Johnson gets away with saying that racist remarks etc are dealt with robustly by the Tories – one strike and you’re out, If that is the case he is he still a member?None of the interviewers thought to say that to him – too difficult for him and outwith their role as Tory cheerleaders.
    However despite the bias, the unfairness and the nasty personal attacks by Uncle Tom Cobbley and all Jeremy is still popular with most ordinary people because we recognise BS when we see it.

  7. “Jeremy is still popular with most ordinary people ”

    Sadly, this isn’t true. Balanced optimism is that the effect of the over-the-top campaign is losing its force as people begin to see its blatant fictionalising. But, no – Corbyn is not ‘popular’ in the general sense, although some of his positives are cutting through..

    1. I am an ordinary person . My family members and friends are ordinary people too. We all support Jeremy Corbyn and feel outraged by the way he has been vilified in the MSM, There will always be those who swallow Tory propaganda whole but the majority of people are fair minded and sensible enough to recognise a stitch up when they see it

  8. Take AS as the example
    If folk were taking it seriously then this party would be finished, membership had gone up in last 3 weeks,
    Let’s do the autopsy after we win
    For me No polls during election us perfectly reasonable, most parties do their own anyway

  9. Spoke to one former Labour Blair supporter, who declared ‘ I know I’m a selfish bastard but’
    What we are witnessing is the end of Thatcherism and her bastard offspring

  10. I sincerely hope there is a massive surge for LP in voting out this far right Tory regime. NHS is already privatised in all but name so a LP Gov has major work to do dismantling the Rentier corporate structures and entities that are leeching £billions out into private hands and delivering a poorer service despite the heroic efforts of staff at the front line.

    It will be no good saying ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’.
    I wonder if those with good incomes realize how hard an insurance based model will hit them, especially if serious and chronic illness strikes their family?

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