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Andrew Neil destroys Boris Johnson with ‘piece to camera’ on Johnson’s cowardice and untrustworthiness

Johnson pays for running scared of tough interview as Andrew Neil lists his lies and misrepresentations straight to camera as questions he should be asked

Boris Johnson’s cowardice in evading a tough interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil has exploded in his face.

Neil spoke straight to the camera as he listed questions he wants to ask Johnson in what functions – in Johnson’s cowardly absence – as a straight-up list on the national broadcaster of Johnson’s lies, misrepresentations and complete unfitness for office.

It. Is. Dynamite:

Johnson paid for his cowardice on TV. He must now be made to pay at the ballot box.

This must be seen by the whole nation.

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  1. Johnson reckons he’s the man to take on the EU, Corbyn, Trump and press that big red button BUT won’t do an interview with Neil. Johnson is all gob and no dinner !

    1. Running scared – He ran away to the place where black pepper grows – Er iz antlofn vu der shvartser fefer vakst.

      My grannie (may she rest in peace) used to say that about abject cowards – and two-faced Boris is certainly a coward , and not very bright.

  2. Tomorrow night
    JC to Cummings glove puppet
    You are a liar and a charlatan and your party is fundamentally corrupt
    Then just read out a list of evidence, dont engage with BBC debate,
    Finish with until you face Andrew Neil and face his questions on trust we will not entertain you or the BBC who also have questions of trust to answer,
    Then walk off, should take about 3 minutes,
    Why should we play fair with cheap and nasty Tory party and BBC

    1. In the meantime the Jewish labour movement have decided to go public yet again with their false claims from 70 past and present labour staffers (apparently) and dredging up stuff that has already been dealt with in order to damage Corbyns campaign. This is utterly despicable. I pray that the public can see through this disgusting witch hunt. I am seething.

      1. Indeed. Proof positive of the real corruption that has afflicted the Party, and exposed in ‘The Lobby’.

      2. Why is a group who’s loyalties obviously lie elsewhere and who have repeatedly demonstrated that they will do anything to stop a Labour manifesto from being implemented still affiliated to our party.

      3. I think it is time that the Jewish Voice for Labour were given the full honour they are owed for their clarity and virtue in calling out the deceptions of certain members of the JLM.
        And the Labours staffers who are apparently giving “evidence” to the enquiry ought to be asked why they sat on complaints of anti-Semitism, and dragged their feet instead of dealing with them swiftly.

      4. The irony in the fact that certain Jews are collaborating with the party that will install a fascist dictatorship if elected is quite overwhelming, is it not…?

      5. By full honours, I assume you mean they should be invited to affiliate to the LP? Oh, right, and if that happened the corporate media and the Blairites and the Jewish newspapers wouldn’t be screaming blue murder of course that JVL dismisses the fact that the LP is rife with antisemites and that it’s all a smear campaign etc, etc, etc. Of course they WOULD. And you ALL know it!

        And needless to say – and SteveH knows it (but pretends that he doesn’t) – if the LP disaffiliated the JLM from the party all hell would break loose and ‘moderates’ resigning en masse etc, etc, etc!

      6. Allan I’d far rather we disaffiliated all religious pressure groups from the party. I fail to see why any particular brand of sky fairies should exercise undue influence within the party.

  3. Neil makes one mistake at the end of his statement: he assumes that Johnson will have to stand up to Trump, Putin, and Xi, i.e. that Johnson will be the Prime Minister. Your dirty underwear is showing, Andrew!

  4. More than half Tory candidates in North East live 100s miles away from constituencies

    There are 22 constituencies in the north east of England during the election, where the Tories are trying to make gains across these northern and mostly traditionally Labour held areas for the first time in their history.

    The Tories however are probably hoping no-one has noticed that more than half of their candidates – 13 to be exact – live hundreds of miles away from the constituencies they’re hoping to win and represent:

    Follow the link and see where they live

    1. Let’s face it, Steve, it’s not just a Tory malaise. Remember Blair quoted as saying something along the lines that he wouldn’t go near his constituency except when it was necessary?

      Start counting the Labour PLP members who are metropolitan tourists, although one hopes this may get a bit better this time round.

  5. I notice he hasn’t accused anyone of being “frit” in a while.
    Maybe we can get the guy who shouts “STOP BREXIT” outside parliament to shout “BORIS FRIT” instead?

    Can’t wait for the EHRC report.
    Any impartial observer would at least concede that the possibility of the accusations being political must exist.
    With an election imminent they should release a preliminary report – given what we know of the motives of our accusers and the machinations presented in “The Lobby” the EHRC must by now have seen many, many contradictions in the “evidence” presented.
    This may be the most significant example ever of ‘justice delayed’ being ‘justice denied’ – and with the most far-reaching consequences.

    1. David
      When money is no object and your supporters control MSM and toilet papers you can bluff and bullshit your way through an election,
      I’ts the same strategy at every GE because it works
      So we have to blow it up, stop playing the game and call it out

      1. To:

        Like all reasonable people I deplore antisemitism and every other form of racism.
        The accused in this inquiry being a political party, any impartial observer would at least concede that the possibility of the accusations being political must exist. I’d go further – given the evidence of “The Lobby” I’d argue that the political motive is blindingly obvious.
        If this election is won by the Tories and the EHRC later declares that the accusations do not amount to institutional antisemitism this may be the most significant example ever of ‘justice delayed’ being ‘justice denied’ – and the one with the most far-reaching consequences.

        Your examination of the evidence must by now be nearing completion and you must be in a position to release a preliminary conclusion.
        Please do that immediately.

      2. On the other hand … what if the EHRC comes up with criticism?

        One thing that hasn’t happened is the much needed clarification of the definition of ‘antisemitism’. If that deliberate confusion was swept out the way, the legs of the vast majority of accusations would be ruled irrelevant to the inquiry. So that not being the case leaves a massive barn door wide open.

        Let’s hope the EHRC is forensically neutral. The fact that this event didn’t include an examination all political parties’ procedures and actions makes me twitchy about the impartiality. The pre-judgement expressed by the head honcho (which took as a fact that it was a unique ‘problem’) makes me even more so.

      3. Just received from the EHRC:

        “Our Labour Party Investigation is ongoing and will not be concluded before the end of the year. We cannot give any further indication of a timeframe but we are committed to concluding it as quickly as possible.”

        RH, I too doubt the EHRC’s impartiality, not least because there has been no criticism by them of our political opponents using the existence of an investigation as evidence of guilt.
        Obviously I hadn’t expected more than a proforma reply but it doesn’t hurt to let them know we’re watching.

      4. Indeed, David. Beyond the immediate, I am concerned that if the EHRC investigation comes out as a partisan sham, it will knock out yet another plank from the scaffolding of a civilized society. Scepticism is useful, but all-embracing and justified cynicism is destructive.

    2. The guy who is constantly shouting ‘Stop Brexi!’ is apparently a member of Channel 4’s o/s broadcast unit. I wonder how impartial the EHRC report will be & which definition they will choose to define anti-Semitism. Everyone waving Palestinian flags @ the Labour Party Conference are by definition anti-Semites & must be investigated immediately.

  6. Wasn’t it Johnson who, a few weeks back called Corbyn “chicken” because he wouldn’t play the game and consent to a GE before a ‘no deal; Brexit was off the table?

    Johnson is without a shadow of doubt, a coward, a liar and a hypocrite.

    Three compelling reasons why he should never again be Prime Minister.


  7. Evidence of antisemitism in Labour:

    Chuka Umunna MP, 16th. October 2016
    “Some have suggested that there is institutional antisemitism across the whole of the Labour Party – this is not a view I share, NOT LEAST BECAUSE I HAVE NOT SEEN ONE INCIDENT OF ANTISEMITISM IN ALMOST 20 YEARS OF ACTIVISM”

  8. Boris Johnson is a pathological liar – – a philanderer – just check out across the press – a racist – ditto the press – and an utter lightweight incompetent to take us out of the EU: His Brexit is a variation on May’s fake Brexit #1:He even lied about that in his tv debate with Corbyn, saying the UK will leave in one piece – omitting to mention the border down the Irish sea for which the DUP will never forgive his treachery. Likewise his dissembling re deal with Trump – carried at Daily Express website (linking to Scribd) and at Reddit – in which our NHS is on the table.

    He personifies all that the left worries about re the EU, from Tony Benn onwards.

    All rightwingers are fake Brexiteers!


  9. If Labour are a anti-racist party, why are the Labour Friends Of Israel and the Jewish Labour Movement still allowed to be members? They are both zionist organisations and anti Palestinian. I believe that to be racism. They’ve also never done much to combat antisemitism.

    1. Endorsing the JLM & Labour Friends of Israel does indeed make the Labour Party an institutionally racist organisation. Ask yourself why the Jewish Voice for Labour is constantly ignored?

      1. Oh you’re so transparent Steve it’s a joke! But perhaps you’d like to explain in what sense the LP DON’T ignore the JLM and LFI, but DO ignore Jewish Voice for Labour.

        And needless to say, if the LP allowed JVL to affiliate, the corporate media and the Jewish newspapers et al would be screaming that they have allowed a group who constantly dismiss the allegations of A/S and that the LP under Jeremy Corbyn is infested with antisemites etc, etc, etc, and JVL understand that completely.

        And I must say that I don’t recall Paul Rechnitz posting a comment on skwawkbox before, and if that’s the case – and maybe he can confirm whether or not he has done – then isn’t it odd that the very first time he DOES, he says something critical about the LP. And at 5.40 in the morning!

        If the LP was to remove one or the other or both of their affiliations to the LP, all hell would break loose, and Blairites would be resigning en masse etc, etc, etc, and both YOU and Steve know it, and you are being totally disingenuous and just trying to foment negative feelings in readers of skwawkbox against/towards JC and the party!

      2. Allan – What is it with you, what are you trying to achieve. You constantly pick fights with anyone who is in the least bit critical of JC but your response to false accusations of anti-Semitism is to just capitulate and wave your little white flag again.

      3. Don’t waste your time on the cretin, Steve. We’ve all got his number!

  10. The cynic in me believes that this is as much Brillo self promotion as the interview’ll be a damp squib.

    Brillo’s just making a song & dance about it but in reality he’ll hold back from giving de piffle the roasting people think he will.

    It’s common knowledge that neil’s a dyed in the wool toerag. A diehard as well as a blowhard, I don’t know where this reputation as the hardest interviewer has come from, because I’m yet to see him rip into the toerags with the same gusto as anyone else.

    Even though he’s doing the off from the corporation he’ll still have the spectator. He’s not gonna risk his legacy being that of one which sold his mates out because that will affect his readership.

    A lot of people are gonna be let down IF de piffle agrees to this interview. They’re expecting too much from him.

  11. The IHRA definition; the Jewish Labour Movement; Jess Phillips threatening to knife JC in the front; Margaret Hodge constant accusations of racism; Alastair Campbell & Tony Blair’s advice not to vote Labour………..& you wonder why the Labour Party is such a shambles? JC get up off your knees & grow a spine.

    1. He did last night in Birmingham. I was there to see the inspirational Angela Rayner and of course Jeremy Corbyn. A great speech once again and he called out Antisemitism once again as being vile and has no place in the party or our society.

    2. Yeah, yeah, yeah Steve, and you say you’re a supporter of Jeremy?! What a joke!

      And I seem to recall you coming out with this slur against Jeremy on more than a few occasions before………. Yeah, Repetition was one of Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler’s favourite propaganda techniques, along with the Big Lie, which is EXACTLY what your slur of Jeremy IS!

      1. Allan Howard 07/12/2019 at 1:33 am

        What purpose do you think it serves for you to scour the comments sections looking to pick a fight with anyone who has the ‘temerity’ criticise JC. It would be naive in the extreme to believe that any political leader is infallible. History teaches us (or at least some of us) that treating political leaders and politicians as deities seldom works out well. When I became a member of the Labour Party I joined a political party not a religious cult.

  12. …………also interesting to watch the deification of Murdoch’s boy, Andrew Neil as he becomes the darling of the ‘Left’. Weird!

    1. Indeed.

      May as well rely on Bernie Madoff to look after your savings as Brillo to do the left any favours by doing the job he’s exceedingly well-renumerated for.

  13. Turn this around. If you were advising Johnson what to do – what would be your advice be?

    I’d tell him to keep on ducking out – just as he is doing. All the rest is chip-paper and can be ignored.

    The last thing the twat needs is more exposure, no matter how much Neil postures about it.

  14. Dear Allan Howard I have posted on Squawkbox before, and it was at 5.40am because I’m semi nocturnal and that’s when I seem to come awake.
    I’m not necessarily criticising Jeremy Corbyn so much as pointing out the fact that the continued lies being told about antisemitism, the so-called Chief Rabbi speaking for the “fearful Jewish community”, when he is only the chief rabbi of a section of Jews, not the vast majority, and the rubbish that Labour were responsible for the 2008 crash, the failure to fight back gives the impression that those things must be true.
    I desperately want Labour to win the election. Their manifesto is the best ever but the failure to counter the lies is sapping their strength. And ridiculous announcements by members of the Shadow Cabinet that even
    before the new Brexit Agreement is negotiated, they will campaign against it regardless of what it contains, sounds like they’ve given up already and don’t trust their own leader.
    Don’t they want to win the election and get rid of the vile, callous. criminal scum that have been ruining this country?

    1. Just for the record, the only way you can ‘fight back’ – ie refute the lies etc – is through the MSM, the very MSM that has been totally hostile to Corbyn and the left since he was elected leader, the very media that has smeared and demonised Jeremy and the left during his tenure as leader – and since! – so given that THAT is the reality, there is no way to ‘fight back’, and it is either misguided or disingenuous to criticise someone for something it is impossible for them to do.

      It’s tantamount to blaming someone for being responsible for a bunch of thugs beating them to a pulp. The thugs – the fascist psychopaths – own and/or control the MSM and, as such, they have total control of the narrative. And needless to say, they were never-EVER gonna give Jeremy and the left the opportunity to ‘fight back’ and expose the very lies and falsehoods that THEY were dissembling!

      PS Yes, Steve, I’m doing some more research for my book, just in case you’re still policing the site!

  15. I am precisely one day older than Jeremy Corbyn & would advise the youngster thus………embrace your friends, especially Chris Williamson & stop pandering to what MSM say, we seem to have Labour Party policies determined by the ‘Perception Industries’. No more “Things can only get bitter,” to be replaced by Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up!” Tough Love.

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