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“You’ve been in power for 10yrs and done nothing” – 2m18s to see how many times Johnson dodges #Marr key point

Marr is no Andrew Neil, but Boris Johnson flapped and floundered and refused to answer – or apologise

The BBC allowed Boris Johnson to appear on this morning’s Marr programme, in spite of saying originally that he would not be allowed onto the programme until he had submitted to the scrutiny of an interview with the BBC’s toughest interviewer, Andrew Neil.

But even though Marr is an easier prospect, Johnson flapped and floundered throughout – and Marr refused to let Johnson skate by the central issue of the events that led up to Friday’s atrocity on London Bridge:

The Tories have been in power for ten years and did nothing to make the nation safe from terrorists released early.

No matter how many times – and they were very many times – that Johnson tried to deflect the blame onto Labour, Marr kept coming back to that central point.

Johnson had no coherent answer – though his gums kept flapping in an attempt to bluster past the point, even though Marr asked him to confront it at least twenty-four times:


Andrew Marr is not Andrew Neil. But even against the easier interviewer, Johnson was so far out of his depth that he was clearly drowning in spite of pretending to be waving – and the rest of his interview was no better.

It’s not hard at all to see why he and his handlers are so desperate to avoid scrutiny – any examination that penetrates the bluster even a little reveals a gaping absence of any kind of substance other than finger-pointing, weaseling and shifty evasiveness.

Next to the substance and statesmanship of Jeremy Corbyn, Johnson is an embarrassment.

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  1. … and how did the 1 o’clock BBC headlines go? :

    ‘Boris Johnson accused Labour ….’

    not even

    ‘Boris Johnson denied responsibility …’

    Such is the creation of narrative.

  2. And the message is getting through to the public that you can’t believe a word piffel says.

    1. Yes Joseph! Plus he may be reckless not just because of laziness and selfishness. Read on Craig Murray yesterday of another possible reason for his behaviour eg at the Cenotaph. Seem to remember hearing hints of it months ago. Will try to confirm first.

      Still in the meantime, there are many disreputable BloJohnJonnieEndJob doings, which ToryBliar and Campbellend prefer to the rare quality decent man, visionary JEREMY CORBYN. Hope the gross implications of a man like Johnson gets through.

      When I get cast-iron proof of the JohnJob’s latest unsuitable trait, we must all “SHOUT FROM THE HOUSETOPS” (ars h bot that was worded just for you. Reprogrammed yet to understand?😊😊😊).

      Focus on the practical implications of the claim / allegation / suspicion for the serious running of our country. Not the allegation itself as it is a weakness, an illness.

      JohnJohn already has many inappropriate doings… numerous nastinesses. And his reckless words may have been caused by this his alleged problem. Serious consequences though. Ask N. Z Ratcliffe imprisoned by Boris Johnson’s careless words. Has Johnson apologised to her family❓ Has the MSM repeatedly asked him at every interview❓ Does that not matter to MSM❓ MSM, ask her family esp her darling daughter. If your collective had ANY decency and regard for REAL hurt and suffering to people, you would ask Johnson to apologise again and again for the many nasty Tory things he has done and said. NO⁉️

      But then Johnson shows scarce regard for his own responsibilities, especially for his own 10 year old daughter, when he criticised single mothers in the most horrible scornful way. Was the mither of his child not a single mother? Does Johnson ever reflect of his words and their meanings❓ Since the MSM is preoccupied with such, why not remain deaf to any sincere apologies Johnson has given, i’v not heard more than two, FORCED out of him, since 2011. MSM ASK JOHNSON TO APOLOGISE AGAIN.
      JEREMY all decent honest people have heard your at least 56 apologies for even evidence free claims of words and interpretations. DIRECT ACCUSERS TO THE POLICE. AS like all RACISM is a crime. Those claim to have not heard your numerous apologies, never wanted to hear them.
      Even they know that you are the ONLY MP who has fought TIRELESSLY against ALL HURTS THAT ALL SUFFER, Including physical hurts, injustice like the Windrush victims.

      They did not have the luxury of threatening to desert their country. Our country to which their parents and grandparents were INVITED to help REBUILD THE MOTHER COUNTRY. Invited after the war. The Windrush parents and grandparents also FOUGHT in tgat war ON OUR SIDE. Yet they do not issue repugnant selfish threats to seek their narrow interests elsewhere. They were pushed out. PUSHED out. HELD IN DETENTION PRISONS then PUSHED OUT.

      Those who conspired in that atrocity and you who moan SHAME ALL OF US. You are a VILE WICKED DISGUSTING DISGRACE. You put all of us at risk with your duplicitous heartless selfish moaning about words and interpretations, ironically EXACTLY as written in our holy writings. E X A C T L Y.

      You disgrace us all.

    2. Hallelujahs‼️‼️‼️ Just heard again on LBC surprisingly,, a perfectly audible clip of Jeremy, cutting through the BS. Straight to the point. He was RIGHT as on so many points. Jeremy warned against Blair’s poorly judged tagging along with George Bush in invading Iraq.
      It is not hindsight. Jeremy and a few were clear. Invading Iraq based on a pack of Tony Blair lies, for which it is YET to apologise. would destabilise the region and bring that radicalism here. Direct link.

      Predicted by Jeremy. Ignored by Bliar. Price paid by the lives of hundreds of thousands including our “boys and girls”. And the high price paid by two special young people who were dedicated to make our country a better place, RIP. Last week a short walk from my home two more lives lost because of Tory incompetence at keeping us safe and because of the maniacal perverted Jesus complexed Tory compulsive lying Blair. No wonder it loves Boris Johnson. The two fit well in a tight mutual embrace, on a cosy sofa government of lies.

  3. ”You cannot retrospectively change…”

    Don’t even fucking think about it, de piffle.

  4. well i think marr read the commentary about his being a pushover for tory politicians and decided to grow a set!

    however the narrative must be maintained ….tories good ..corbyn bad

    i sincerely hope that the polling is as deliberately skewed as i believe it to be …..

    so far the tories only have lies ….

  5. Well fuck me!

    angela illeagle has just been at my front door wanting my vote. I managed to give it a right piece of my mind this time.

    The rat even pretended not to know what I was on about when I asked loud enough for the street to hear if she was still taking money from maximus lobbyists – disability deniers.

    What? She squeaked, like I was from fucking Mars or something. Well I’VE got YOUR number (ill)eagle. Yo’re well aware of it now.

    And I’l wait for a few of your ‘supporters’ who perpetuated the lies about Paul Davies and the CLP as a whole to come on here and give a different account, or make up shit abar me like yous did Mr Davies.

    But in the meantime I’m happy enough in the knowledge that illeagle will NEVER darken MY doorstep AGAIN.

    (Wish I’d had me phone to hand 🙄 ).

  6. Thought the worst part of the interview was when Bunter tried to turn on the charm and praise Marrs interview techniques. Genuinely creepy.

  7. In fact illeagle’s not even getting my vote now. I refuse to even hold my nose and contain the contents of my stomach to put a cross in the box next to her name.

    I’ll abstain. And without a stain on my conscience.

  8. Only the worst kind of dummy thinks that giving them the evil eye works on interviewers like garlic works on vampires but that seems to be Doris’s only defence.
    That someone so lacking in stature and intellect can rise to top twat in the Tory party is laughable.
    That their party can sometimes win UK elections makes us the number two laughing stock of the world after the US.

    1. I agree – but the twats depend upon duggies on the street. Nobody is forced to vote Tory, even if they are so incredibly stupid that they do.

      And we’re still hearing about ‘respecting’ the result of the duggie’s minority vote in the referendum.

      Emporer ‘Democracy’ in the nude. But some of us pointing out the fact that clothes might be an idea.

  9. Seeing Marr growing a pair at long last. This dangerous buffoon is trying all he can to stay in power. If I was his dad I’d want my money back from Eton, they did a poor job with Boris! Did anyone see the reception that Jeremy got in Leeds & York? So proud to see Yorkshiremen/women support Jeremy. I’m out leafleting tomorrow for our PPC Preet Gill, hopefully the sun will be out and it’ll be a couple of hours we’ll spent.

    1. Marr hasn’t grown a set. Far from it. Neil’s doing the off from the beeb and Marr’s after his perks..

      1. I was REALLY hoping that, just before the interview started, Marr made way and Andrew Neil stepped out of the wings to take the interviewer’s chair. The look on Boris’s face…

        That would’ve been perfect! 😀

      2. timfrom, I had exactly the same thought/hope for one fleeting moment. I’d have helped crowdfund it if It’d been an option.
        Maybe next time 🙂

  10. Was Johnson asked about other issues, record in Gov last decade, policies or Tory manifesto in this interview or was it all based on and around the terror attack?

    1. Doubt it. I don’t do TV. Never owned one. Radio, reading and listening intently especially to those outside my own circle and the metropolitan media / parliamentary / lobby revolving door clique. The clique is afraid.

      TORY BLIAR and its 45 minute WMD hysterical liars, are AFRAID of seeing their cosy dodgy little clubs of same old same old DUMPED. No more OUTSOURCING of everything in and out of sight… the PROBATION SERVICE for the profit of their few like heartless perma tanned bandits.

      No more PRIVATISATION even of TAGGING known terrorist. Failed TRAGIC MONITORING of KNOWN TERRORISTS. Think of it, the shameless bash Jeremy with ridiculous hypothetical speculations while the TORIES FAIL every REAL SECURITY situation.
      E v e r y r e a l problem n o w.

      Rather than FANTASY THRILLER SPECULATION, why do the MSM and JohnJohn not GROW UP and deal with real problems n o w ❓

      We want No more NATIONALISATION of PRIVATE BIG COMPANY LOSSES while they asset strip, PLUNDER £££ billions, and filch every last penny too, then flee to tax havens.

      We want no more Public Subsidies to private scrounging companies. The subsidies totalling £££ b i l l i o n s … grossly exceed ANY amounts of investment in critical assets like BRITISH RAIL when in public ownership. FACT‼️

      No more Richard Branson’s VIRGIN HEALTHCARE SUING our already stretched NHS. Virgin Healthcare – making the NHS another cash cow to be ravaged. How “cool” is that❓ How patriotic is that Branson❓ What sort of “cool” person deprives our NHS for £millions that could be spent on cancer medication? ❓ What decent person sues our NHS because they were not awarded a contract ❓ Is it you right❓ You are another FAKE. You BRANSON to me, are another 1%er greedy grasping grinning bastard.


  11. Grimly comedic.But where’s daddy when iddy BlowJob needs him most?

    How anyone with a quarter of a functioning brain can vote for this blundering, blubbering travesty of a statesman I do not know.

    Calm, focussed, deliberative, intelligent JC for PM. Johnson isn’t fit to lick his boots!

  12. I think (inadvertently) Marr probably did a better job of exposing Boris Johnson than an Andrew Neil. BJ could hardly stop that smile (Duper’s Delight) from playing on his lips. It was palpable that he thought he’d pulled a fast one … and it sat very ill with the supposed reason for the interview. Johnson came over at his worst…. arrogant, careless, unfeeling, insincere, a bully with all the bluster… just treating the whole thing like some great joke.

  13. A straight choice between JC and Cummings glove puppet,
    JC wins hands down
    No Labour supporter will be able to live with themselves on Friday 13th if they vote Tory, never mind the thought of those who have gone before us spinning in their graves,
    Aint going to happen

  14. Am I being too cynical, is it really just a co-incidence that next week’s Question Time is in Hull.

  15. In Marr’s place I’d have turned the fat toad’s microphone off every time he started going off topic into a prepared speech or speaking over me – which accounted for about half of the whole damn interview.
    Give him something unexpected to deal with and his circuits will fry.

    The least Marr could have done was to point out to the viewers that Doris didn’t answer a single question honestly.

  16. On the issue of which government is responsible for allowing this or any other terrorist the freedom to commit his atrocity – we should always explain that no government can prevent all attacks.
    Argue for more spending and better arrangements certainly, but don’t claim policing or prison can stop attacks – leave the lies to the Tories.
    If we explain why detecting, predicting or preventing attacks by lone self-radicalised terrorists is impossible we make the Tories look stupid to any thinking person for trying to blame this attack on the last Labour government – or claiming they can fix the problem with 14 year jail terms.
    Obvious to a child that any sentence short of a full life term only guarantees a delay in the next attack by that one individual.

  17. John Crace rips Johnson apart in the Guardian
    It was almost enough to make you miss Theresa May. At least there was an integrity to her incompetence. You could count on her to be doing the wrong thing for the right reason. And her speech did generally conform to normal sentence structures, even if they were mostly entirely meaningless…………

    ……….Johnson used to at least be able to give a passable imitation of being Boris Johnson. Now he can’t even manage that. The gags and the mannerisms that used to be his calling card, now just fall flat. A one-trick pony whose one trick everyone knows. The surface has been stripped bare to reveal a core of molten need. Someone who craves attention and fears he wouldn’t exist without it. Someone whose narcissism leaves him devoid of empathy. Incapable of either giving or receiving love.

    Let’s not forget the victims, said Johnson at the beginning of a painful half-hour interview on the Andrew Marr Show. Only to do precisely just that. The family of one of those killed in the London Bridge terror attack had specifically asked that no one should use the tragedy as political capital during the rest of the election campaign. So naturally Johnson went on to do that too.

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