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Video: BBC slashes shots of headline that Johnson warned of early-release and Labour surging in polls

The BBC’s two nightly paper reviews differed drastically on Saturday evening

The BBC’s two nightly reviews of the following day’s newspaper headlines has often been criticised for effectively providing a free platform for the propaganda of the almost exclusively right-wing press – especially in an election period.

But on Saturday evening, a rare exception occurred. A headline in the Independent was displayed and discussed extensively – for almost three minutes – showing that Boris Johnson was warned about the risk of early release for terrorists before the London Bridge attack and that Labour has halved the Tories’ polling lead in just one week.

Or at least, it was in the 10.30pm review.

By the time of the second review at 11,30pm, it seems word had gone round that this just wouldn’t do – because that version of the review showed the Independent’s front page in a readable resolution for just nine seconds:

Both pieces of news are vital, in the wake of the London Bridge atrocity and in the run-up to election day in less than two weeks – and should be known by everyone.

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  1. Let’s see which papers / headlines are shown on The Marr Show. And which ones are discussed by the panel (and for how long) n the Newspapers Review section

  2. Well this is unusual for the DM, it seems the public are seeing through the ‘Cobyn the antisemite scam’, check out this video of Mat Hancock speaking to an audience in Haverhill –
    ‘Shame on you!’: Health secretary Matt Hancock is booed and heckled at a general election hustings after he attacks Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism –

    1. The “Corbyn is…” MSM meme was brought to us by the same ilk that believes we cannot spell Pinocchio.

      1. Stan really gamed us didn’t he? People really are going around pretending they could spell Pinocchio. It really is the test of educational competence.
        I can’t spell a made up Italian name!
        OMG! I am so glad I got that off my chest.

      2. I’m not sure about educational competence, I just think of Johnson Snr/Jnr and remember there are two C’s.

    2. I’m more worried by people who can spell Pin… whatever … but are dim enough to read the MailSun press.


      1. That’s me then. Always been a poor speller but can actually spell the ‘pin’ name! No surprise there between you and me then.

        I read Hitchens’ (spy thriller type) short blog today in the MoS just 10 mins ago!
        Here’s the link so you will have evidence that I am someone to be “worried about”. Cue spooky spy music or is that Laurel and Hardy music I can hear?.

    1. I still stick with the old concept of proper journalism – largely abandoned in the MSM (actually – more than abandoned. Traduced by the practise of ignoring contrary evidence) – that reporting needs more that one source of evidence.

      That said, the notion that Mr Toad was rat-arsed does indeed fir the missing footage, from the vacant looking around, through the false start, to the upside-down performance.

      But, hey … he was wearing a poppy on the right sort of jacket. So that’s all right, them.

      1. There is a hint in Murray’s piece that there may well have been more than one sauce (pun intended) amongst the “little people”.

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