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Unmissable: working-class north-east caller gives Boris Johnson and Tory-loving media 78 seconds of hell

“We don’t mince our words up here” – Laura Pidcock

A working-class north-east caller into a right-wing radio station has set the airwaves alight with a fiery attack on the Tories and defence of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The unnamed Labour supporter called into LBC radio and tore into Boris Johnson:

  • “the biggest liar on two feet”
  • “if we put him back into power, God help this country”
  • “an absolute disgrace to this country”
  • “I’m sick to the back teeth of all these Tory idiots saying they’re going to do fantastic for this country”

and more.

And the killer line was a clear-eyed assessment of the Tories’ intentions for the north:

They don’t give a damn about the north-east. They don’t give a damn what happens up here. All they’re bothered about is ‘Oh, I was mayor for London, I was mayor for London, I’ve done well for London…

The Tories have done nothing for the north-east and never will do. They’re an absolute shambles.

It’s unmissable – and dead right:

Labour front-bencher Laura Pidcock responded to the clip:

We don’t mince our words up here.

Damn right.

North-east, north-west, Midlands, Devon, Cornwall, Scotland, Wales – or anywhere else working-class people live – the message is simple:

The Tories have done nothing for you and never will do.

Well said lad.

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      1. with the sentiment. 20% re working ckass but overall no mire than 6%.

    1. Why should we care what some anonymous tw*t on Twitter claims without ANY source whatsoever? Stop spreading bovine manure.

    2. ps Tories are NOT 20% ahead. Approx 6% and by GE i expect we will be 4% ahead of the Conservatives. Possibly 8 % if we dump the remain tangled mania. I hope the heartlands can forgive us then fight with all their might to get the Ref implemented.

      1. I think ignore 17million in the mainly working class areas,at your peril.?…But its a risk Corbyn was forced to take ,and one he’s been clever t to give a compromise vote on.I think hes a canny operator and like me the Labour voters will make the decision to vote Labour because the alternative is too dreadfully to contemplate.We deal with the situation we have leave or remain its full steam ahead and a socialist Labour government.!

      2. I hope our Labour heartlands might hold their noses but offering the losers another dib at remain is plainly disingenuous. It takes people for fools. Jeremy must not be forced by metropolitan losers. Compromise with an out of touch PLP happy to undermine him. NO!!! It should be the other way around. The PLP LOST THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE. Their eagles have crashed featherless to the floor. WHY strive to appeal to them? It is unnecessary.

      3. and think of it: why be “forced” to ignore the working class voice, while caving in to losers who FAILED to convince? Why champion the few but not the many?

    3. Lets all focus on leave/Remain meanwhile children go to bed hungry. Sick and disabled people are dying through cuts. 50,000 pensioners died last winter due to the Tory cuts. Foodbank use goes up and up. Homelessness also rising and are dying on our streets including ex servicemen. Cuts to our public services, cuts to the Police and Fire Brigade, NHS on its knees. But lets vote for the Tories who are causing all this shit. Get in the sea the bloody lot of you.

      1. that’s precisely why Jeremy should have spent all energy, presence and his voice highlighting those issues you rightly highlight, everyday rather than even one minute tying himself in knots promoting the laughed at position of the remain fanatics. Lecture them and encourage Jeremy to carry out the result of the electorate. Try that. You cannot make matters disappear by avoidance, eg dusting behind the fridge when a thesis is due, or dangling a rattle at a child to distract it, or postponing what needs to be said about decisions. The need for decisiveness does not disappear when you pretend it can be postponed. Lecture the postponers and those who have given more hot froth ignoring a democratic vote, than any of the important areas you accurately highlight.

  1. Danny
    What is on offer that would make working class Labour Leave voters turn to the Tories
    We will never forget
    The destruction of entire industries and communities by Thatcher and her bastard offspring!

    1. Traditional Labour voters should not be caught between the devil that despises them, and angels who take them for granted. Odd logic to be forever appeasing losers and enemies within, while expecting loyalty from those who need and deserve meaningful change most. Not too laye to sod those who only accept democracy when it suits them. And who pushed remain to frustrate an historical skeptic of the European xenophobic protectionist corporate boot filling project.

    2. they may turn out of righteous anger. Just as they voted for the LibDims when the Brexit party did not stand in the Local election. They could understandably turn as a protest vote. Do you like feeling ignored? Taken for granted? Told we in London know what’s good for you?

      Around 2005, the debate re having another EU ref was being discussed by “the great & the good”. The setting was a pretty impressive attempt to create a heaven on earth… as ever, impossible without hundreds of hardworking people on i expect minimum pay. Anyway after a lavish dinner of several exquisite courses and entertainment. Later at more drinks, two suave chaps were expressing their firm opinion that a REF should not be done. My position was why not? If Blair sent our troops to bomb democracy into foreign countries, is there no more democracy left for us? To my dying hour, I will never forget the response. Me of the long posts was left speechless. I was told “the people never know what’s good for them”.

      Now all can see, those were were seriously meant. Some people really believe they were born to IMPOSE their will on others. Not exchange ideas but IMPOSE their view. Myzzle any alternative views. Frightening to think suppose I had grown up to be like that. It is sickening to think of it.

  2. Goodwin says economic protection needs to be complemented by “cultural protection” – academic speak for making racism a protected characteristic under the guise of patriotism.
    Eat shit and die, you moronic fucktard.

    1. Goodwin
      Is still fighting 2017 GE,
      Definition of insanity is doubling down on your losses

  3. i heard the call. BRILLIANT😊😊😊 Iain Dale said he would put the call on the podcast so all could enjoy. Iain is a Tory but seems less unfair than the ghastly ferara one. No Labour person should go on ferrara’s gig or the obnoxious brian and another ill mannered rude one . Very first impression of the loud crass one who’s idea of a “conversation” is to give trails, and 15 minute monologues then fade down any caller with an alternative view. Not sure why people call rude people like that. Worse yet, it keeps them employed. Don’t call bullies and brow beating faders who have no idea what a conversation is nor the “Scientific Method”.

    Who has a “conversation” by monologuing for 15 minutes, then long stretches repeating their biased views but puts their hands over the mouths of others? Strange manners.
    Contagious too, as i’v heard Sheila Forgathy over the last 22 or so months, copying the same uncouth habits and even boasting that she has banned callers who don’t want a conversation. Her monologues are much shorter that the most poorly brought up other three but the fading down and cutting short of alternative views is embarrassing. Shows them up as propagandist. Iain Dale rarely descends to that level and put that call on the site. That is decent… especially in a Tory.

    1. That’s like calling a pervert “decent” because he draws the line at children under eight and ungulates.

      1. Oh, ungulates! Good word, David. Just had to look that one up.


  4. Talking to my bairns 24 and 30, the deal is dont care who they vote for, as long as they vote,
    They have to work it out for themselves and live with it,
    Good news is, for them its

  5. Apart from having Jeremy Corbyn in government, we also need decent, honest, Socialist MPs such as Chris Williamson along side him. who will not try to back stab him in support of the Israeli Lobby.

    Because Chris Williamson is the ONLY candidate who has always supported Jeremy Corbyn, the word from Derby North is that Chris Williamson’s campaign has taken off in a way which has terrified the right wing of the Party.

    There are Labour members in Derby North who naturally are reluctant to favour Chris over the other ‘Labour’ candidate because they don’t want to split the vote. The truth is that the outcome of the General Election is not going to depend upon the results in ONE constituency. However, the result in ONE consituency i.e. Derby North will, if Chris Williamson wins, have a seismic impact on the corrupt right wing who are running the Party. The message to the right wing who favour the Zionists and are intent in removing Jews who support Palestine and MPs such as Chris who has been hounded by them for years is: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND DEMOCRACY MUST BE RETURNED TO THE MEMBERS.

    Many members in Derby North now realise that rather than fall for the mantra ‘don’t split the vote’ they should do what is right and insist that the Party returns to democracy and due process. If enough of them do that by giving Chris their support, they will win the battle on behalf of all of us, for which we will be ever grateful.

    1. Jack thats one of the best arguments I have seen for voting for a socialist mp Chris Williamson.and giving Corbyn a selfless supporter in government.of this country….never thought that I would say that.!

      1. Thanks Joseph.

        I fully understand the dilemma of the Labour voters in Derby North. They know how appallingly Chris Williamson has been treated by the right wing of the Party and why he had to resign but they do not want to chance allowing the Tories in by splitting the vote.

        However, many now realise that the result in Derby North is not crucial to the outcome of the General Election but it IS crucial to the future of the Labour Party. Do we want a Party which is forever controlled by the right wing bureaucracy as it is now. Or do we want a Party which is democratic and controlled by its members? This is the main issue at stake in Derby North which Labour members are now recognising and this is what Chris is fighting for.

        Labour constituencies up and down the country are having candidates imposed upon them by the dictators in the NEC while local members supported in the area do not even get a look-in. A good example is Jo Bird a fantastic local Jewish councillor in Liverpool who didn’t even make the short list. Maybe it was because she supports the JVL and not the Zionist JLM? I’m sure Skwawkbox readers know of many more similar cases.

        Voting for Chris Williamson is in no way being disloyal to Labour, it is the exact opposite. It is the one way Derby North Labour members have of showing solidarity with all the rest of us in the country who can see the massive injustice which has been deliberately planned and inflicted upon Chris Williamson, a true Socialist. We are fighting for the soul of our Party.

        Labour members in Derby North are perhaps the most important in the country right now and by voting for Chris Williamson they can help to reform the Labour Party into a Party we can all be proud of, a Party which listens to its members and not just mouths the word SOLIDARITY but practices and affirms it.

    1. JACK T, you are excellent on this✅✅✅ Great to read thoughtful defence of what is right📣📣📣

      1. Thanks ‘signpost’. I hope Labour members in Derby North will reject the guilt trip which the right wing is trying to place upon them if they vote for Chris. If they get Chris elected they will be nothing less than heroes not villains.

      2. TOTALLY AGREE Jack T. ➕ giving Chris a resounding victory will send an URGENT MESSAGE to slanderers.
        ➕ Chris will not vote to bomb countries nor undermine Jeremy.

        This very afternoon, a VILE Bliar pumped MP NEIL COYLE who voted “bomb Syria”, has again OPENLY undermined Jeremy in an EVIL RUSSIAN OWNED RIGHT WING SKID RAG. This very day‼️
        That’s exactly the reward i expected from the turd & its connected drips… repayment for appeasing them rather than treating Chris, and our traditional working class voters in the Midlands and North with respect and fairness.

        A R S H BOTS’ chips can’t stand that fact. They’ve been programmed to whirr into inanities when their sensors detect plain facts and truths like LABOUR HEARTLANDS.

        Their screens are dimmed and sleep through the onvoluted laughable tangles like “constructive ambiguity”.

        The ambiguities only delude the tangled tanglers who are out of touch, arrogant, and charm themselves with their legalese.
        The salt of the earth people, who have borne the brunt of decimated industries BECAUSE of our EU membership, LAUGH at their FOGGY legalistic sheep tariffs TOSH. Can NZ lamb not be found all over the world??? Are fizzy sweet drinks, and Man U … even Bolton Wanderers’ strips found ALL OVER THE WORLD ❓ Even in very difficult parts of the Amazon❓❓

        Cut the fog‼️ Our heartlands have seen our manufacturing outsourced to the east esp China, which last time i checked are not EU members. Check around your homes. Almost everything is manufactured OUTSIDE the EU. “Finished” on the continent to comply with obfuscating “laws of origin”. Plus, transhipped via Rotterdam … more obfuscation esp of import / export trade data.
        Plus multi-location of Ownership, Operation, Licences, Intellectual Property etc etc or this post will be even longer. The flow of “payments” around what are actually the same commercial entities, has been ALLOWED to FLOURISH A L L T H E WHILE we H A V E been I N the EU.

        The working classes can see that. NEVER TAKE THE LABOUR HEARTLANDS for granted.

        I apologise to our traditional voters. All true respecters of democracy are with you and NOT the metropolitan niche obsessed like the muck slime 45 minute WMD, money craving BLAIR and his air pumped Neil Coyle who ALWAYS love spending billions on bombing deadly foreign invasions.

        They accept a majority of ONE for an INVASION of lies. But not even one MILLION to leave what has MORPHED RADICALLY from our parents 1975 vote. Forty years of that fraud is enough for the parents. They deserve to see the deliberate deceit put right.
        We younger ones should research the facts. Which is racist and xenophobic: to restrict free entry to nearby right wing Hungarians who look like us or to kick out the Windrush generation and children, who helped to rebuild our country after 1945 and fought to defend it from the Nazis’ ⁉️⁉️⁉️ Which is the racist decision❓

  6. If Bunter really wants to boast about his achievements as London mayor perhaps he could explain why there are three London boroughs in the list of the twenty most deprived areas in the country,and why London boroughs make up almost the entire list of places with the greatest gap between the wealthiest and the poorest. Him and his kind despise the working class which is why it makes me sick to my stomach to hear so many have nots saying they intend to vote for the bastards.

    1. indeed, The MSM never asks him that. His record is —-
      Public millions spent on Joanna Lumley’s Private GARDEN BRIDGE. Lumley, another friend of BloJon. He denied it. Lie as usual. She baby sat him as a child, if i remember correctly. Public money. Private bridge.
      Acuri anyone?

    2. it is a protest vote out of anger… feeling condescended to. Loyalty taken for granted. Would you like that? Why not take the metropolitan areas for granted? The decision to appease the losers is incomprehensible. To come up with “convoluted constructive ambiguity” made the matter worse. They feel taken for fools. I hope they hold their noses for now, then demand their votes be respected even by recalling MPs who campaign for remain. Maybe the heartlands did not make as much as the unrepresentative PLP. Proves you must make your feelings known as best as you can or you will be ignored. Even in nature the chick that calls loudest gets the worm. Stay too quiet and …

  7. Johnson was absolute shite for working-class people here in London, too. As we know, when he was Mayor he took hundreds of thousands of pounds of our money and gave it to…friend for her businesses.

    What a useless turd.

    North, South, East or West, you’re a prize mug if you give this chancer another opportunity to wreck our lives as PM.

    Let’s hear it for Jezza!!

    1. SING – 🔊🔊🔊Oooh J E R E M Y C O R B Y N 🎵🎵🎵😊😊😊

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