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Utter corruption as BBC uses London Bridge attack as excuse to back down to Johnson on Marr

BBC falls over itself to give away only piece of leverage it had to force cowardly PM to submit to grilling by tough interviewer Neil like other party leaders

The BBC has caved in and will accommodate Boris Johnson’s cowardice.

The Corporation had said that it would not allow Boris Johnson to appear on the Andrew Marr show – Johnson’s attempt to look as if he is facing scrutiny while running scared from the BBC’s rottweiler interviewer Andrew Neil – until Johnson agreed to appear before Neil in front of the nation.

But the BBC has now backed down from its position – and has used the horror of yesterday’s London Bridge attack as its excuse, claiming it owes it to the nation to allow Johnson to appear on Marr tomorrow.

The BBC lied to Labour that Johnson’s appearance on Neil was confirmed, in order to secure Jeremy Corbyn’s cooperation – but then revealed after the Corbyn interview was broadcast that Johnson had not agreed to appear.

That – and broadcasting the Corbyn interview knowing there was no guarantee there would be a Johnson equivalent to show – was an unvarnished show of contempt for the UK’s democracy and its people.

The coward Johnson is hiding from the Neil test because he knows he would be completely exposed as the sociopathic charlatan he is – and the country would see just how hollow a candidate they are being asked to elect.

Lying to Corbyn was unforgivable – but in throwing away its only leverage it had to force Johnson to submit to proper, searching scrutiny the BBC has shown it is not only utterly corrupt, but just as cowardly as the craven Tory leader it is protecting.

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  1. You are assuming that Neill, who has been licking powerful backsides for profit, if not fun, all his life, would have given Bojo a hard time. You probably know better than me but …

    1. I read they are long term firm friends. True or not, BBC were/are never going to hold (reportedly drunk on remembrance day at the Cenotaph) Johnson to account. As I keep saying, BBC is the chief propaganda media of the British establishment which is a Rentier siphoning and concentrating system from those who work to those who own and their servants in the support are well rewarded.

  2. public broadcaster is not accountable to the public…

    the establishment does not listen to the public it gaslights them

  3. We need to ram every chance we get in front of the camera to spread the message of change to the public .Take our few chances we get and show some passion and beliefs.Johnson’s performance and his fanatical cabinet is apalling and we must challenge everything and agree with nothing coming from Tory HQ The BBC will get their just end after the election campaign and Labour must not forgive and forget the forces of the Tory establishment.And Neil giving Johnson a grilling…..Don’t make me larf mate!

  4. Now where is that Chomsky interview by Marr from years ago? Most appropriate in these circumstances.

      1. Thanks Timfrom. I went for a clip to only scuff my current boycott. Mind you BBC still allowed a broader range of voices and opinions those days (1996).

      2. An aside but still very relevant to our current awful systems and vicious neoliberal era. I don’t agree with Chomsky on some things and I’m no anarchist but this clip from a good interview I remember watching in full some years ago, from the same poster on youtube, is a good watch. He talks of US but similar state Capitalist system applies in UK.

    1. Yes, I like Chomsky and have done for many years.

      He is wrong though about the assassinations. Nobody would go to the trouble of having someone assassinated in order for it to have no effect.

      The assassination of JFK was a coup and did have an effect on policy.
      Before he had JFK assassinated, LBJ had sought to undermine him at every opportunity.

  5. This is an absolute disgrace..Can’t we get a message out there?…Unfortunately not everyone reads Squawkbox…

  6. It was clear. During theTory leadership hustings, BloJon ChickenJob Johnson avoided media scrutiny, from his own biased MSM chums.
    Plus his least weak competitors were eliminated by his handlers. They ¿Russians? via ¿Cummingsthing?… whipped the Conservative principle-free MP enablers to support the weakest punter – the dry… intellectually shrivelled, but still very nasty Tory Unt. Thus Johnson, whom the PCP & MSM wrote off, was chosen by their CCP.

    Good to see that limp responses and failure to anticipate cons by con creatures, is not totally LP’s. Still, as BloJon’s deliberate scrutiny dodging➕ plain MSM bias is clear, 1️⃣Who scheduled JC’s interview, BEFORE Johnson’s❓
    Who ignored facts and assumed any MSM is trustworthy?2️⃣ Who decides to keep that, and many other Conservative failures out of the spotlight❓
    Their nasty commissions and omissions, out of the constant spotlight❓
    Deliberately misleading the public pretending to be independent FACT CHECKERS… fraud. Why let so many things fade out of public consciousness❓ Yet pipe up about any and every remote issue which we can hardly influence without getting the votes of people here❓

    Until we master BASIC housekeeping, grasp REALITY, escape the spirit sapping damp fog of the nich, we may win elections, but we will never smash them out of the pitch… way over the boundary! Not just score the goals, but BREAK THE NETS!! We could have finished the Tories for a generation. What causes lame and unfocused rebuttals in interviews, and properly evidenced CLEAR presentations❓and AUDIBLE ENERGISED VOICES‼️
    3️⃣ Who has approved the too often UNINTERESTED sounding interviews❓ Where are the emphases❓ Where are the reiterations❓ Who is giving constructive feedback❓ We all need honest feedback to improve… especially with voices. We do not hear ourselves as listeners hear us. Busy multitasking people, zone out of foggy voices and dull monotone delivery. It becomes background noise while children are being fed, dogs walked or an interesting bit of cross stitch or adding to the already vast model train landscape….

    Busy people with 3 or 4 poorly paid jobs to make ends meet, deserve at least an audible voice powered by a RELAXED LOW breath rather that forced too high over breathing. They could do without the throat clearing. (Habit, reflex or dairy … especially milk.) Hot lemon & honey of a morning should help and garlic.

    Listeners also DESERVE engaging, clear plans to rescue them from Tory suffering. They deserve to have a few of our excellent plans (No more than 7)… choose the most immediate which will relieve Tory AUSTERITY on the 99%). REPEATE even BEYOND an election victory!!!

    And, the HEARTLANDS, our heartlands, squeezed by the nasty Conservatives,, (despite the similarly programmed ARS H BOTS), Our Labour Heartlands MUST be assured that Jeremy’s True Labour WILL deliver for them the BEST Withdrawal Agreement we can secure OR Leave. WTO leave‼️ It is beyond obvious. It is mutually beneficial for the a collapsing EU Superstate, to give us the best possible Withdrawal Agreement, or we LEAVE‼️‼️

    The constituencies have delivered a CLEAR RESULT.
    We will implement the verdict like our General Elections. Or why not give the Brexit Party a proportion of seats that matches their votes❓ Or why don’t we promise to gave a hodgepodge of policies from all the parties, to try to “bring the country together”❓ HOG WASH! It insults the intelligence of the voters.

    LEAVE. We will deliver. Johnson WON’T. He never has.

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