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Video: extraordinary scenes as Health Sec Hancock gets shredded at own hustings

West Suffolk Tory hopeful mocked – and then shouted down by outraged constituents after appalling comments to divert attention from Tory lies

Tory Health Secretary Matt Hancock faced a searching examination at a West Suffolk constituency hustings in Haverhill on Friday evening – and failed the test in the eyes of the local voters present at the meeting.

In leaked video of the hustings, Hancock is first mocked as he tries to shore up the Tories’ lie about plans to employ 50,000 more nurses.

Then, as he brings out the threadbare Tory tactic of trying to divert from his weak position by finger-pointing at the Labour Party, he is shouted down by the outraged audience until the microphone is taken away from him:


The scenes revealed in the video are astonishing – but extremely revealing about the Tory approach to campaigning. When they can’t carry off dishonest promises, they resort immediately to smears.

It comes across as desperate. It is.

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  1. Suffolk hardly an area of radical left wing politics,,it looks like even the ordinary people have had enough of the propaganda machine and lies being told..The permanent look of anger or embarrassment on Hancocks childish face is testimony to the failed politics of the Tory establishment….Hancocks half hour of politics!

  2. this does not in any way support the “narrative” of the current election polling does it?

    makes you wonder doesn’t it?

  3. Marti. Rigged polls and rigged media that would shame a military junta

  4. You’d hope so, Terry.

    However, IIRC @Wirralinittogether made a formal complaint to the old bill over (IIRC) may’s claim about Diane Abbott ‘allowing foreign criminals to flood into the country’ (or words to the effect of).

    Nowt was done about it. Nowt would happen to that slimy little bastard neither. Toerags very seldom face justice.

  5. The outrage at slimy Hancock trying to play the anti Semitism card was the astonishing -and encouraging- bit.

    1. He does not really believe that. It is pure opportunism.

      Just like Richard Nixon later admitted about his opponent in his first campaign back in 1946:

      “Of course I knew Jerry Voorhis wasn’t a communist, but I had to win. That’s the thing you don’t understand. The important thing is to win.”

      I would not normally recommend the behaviour of Harold Wilson but I think that Corbyn ought sometimes to be more litigious.

  6. Good to see reaction of attendees.

    I’ve just read (on twitter so may not be correct) Lab and Cons have agreed not to do hustings in Watson’s old constituency. Why? Surely LP need to be at the forefront to retain the seat or is it already considered ‘in the bag’?

  7. No wonder Watson left the mps job.He had already realised he had shot himself in the foot after doing his paymasters bidding and destroyed the credibility of labour party and socialism in his own back yard.I don’t know what they promised him but retirement with few friends will leave him a legacy of bitter disappointment at having sold out the Labour party that at sometime in the past he must have been a supporter of.My sympathy are with the public not the CLP that supported his destruction and gave away his constituency.

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