Vid: Johnson’s dad went to BBC today to defend his son. Then called you semi-literate and insulted your intelligence

Seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Stanley Johnson this morning

Yesterday, Boris Johnson sent his father Stanley to Channel 4 to try to represent him in a party leaders’ debate.

Today Johnson Senior appeared on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme to defend his son, who has suffered a ‘car-crash’ week of exposed dishonesty, shiftiness, arrogance and snobbery, as well as being challenged by nurses over his shoddy election promises.

But Johnson Sr immediately found himself at the centre of controversy after insulting the literacy and intelligence of the UK public.

When a viewer tweeted calling Boris Johnson ‘Pinocchio’ – a reference to his dishonesty – Stanley Johnson launched into a verbal assault on the brains and writing ability of UK citizens:

“That requires a degree of literacy, which I think the great British public doesn’t necessarily have” was bad enough – but when pressed Johnson admitted that he didn’t think the public could “spell ‘Pinocchio’ if they tried”.

And when the presenter told him that was a pejorative thing to say, Johnson appeared to find that amusing.

Johnson S rounded off the interview by saying that he was amazed that anyone was allowed to call ‘the Prime Minister’ a liar on social media – it didn’t seem to occur to him to say how terrible it is that ‘the Prime Minister’ is one.

It seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – and Boris Johnson’s old man is just as prone to arrogant comments and car-crash interviews as his cowardly son.

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  1. I can imagine the reaction of s&n readers in essex (& elsewhere but especially the SE) right now …

    ”Ah yeah, but he was great on that celebrity thing…wasn’t he? ”

    Gobshites, one and all.

    1. I think it’s in our favour that he’s given as much air time as is humanely possible, that’s why Boris de Pfeffel is being kept off the telly.

  2. Strange. I thought he was different.

    Maybe that’s because of his willingness to go on RT’s Going Underground more than once. I just had him down for probably being thoroughly embarrassed by his son.

    I guess when push comes to shove, though…

    1. Them Tv appearances pay well, timfrom. Ask that one that johnson jr did nothing wrong by giving her our dosh and places on business jollies abroad.

    2. Yes, they are mostly all the same when the chips are down/when “push comes to shove”, British Rentier, entitled classes live in an entirely different world from the majority of Brits.

      He must be a ‘Russian asset’, ‘useful idiot’ or even (drum roll or sinister riff) a double agent going on RT… *rolls eyes*

    3. Timfrom the retrabates proud of what he and his brood are,and thats normal behaviour for the elites

  3. I’ll just copy paste my comment on the ‘Coward Boris Johnson tries to send his 79 year old dad…’ topic, no point in adding more of the same opinion is there.

    Maria 29/11/2019 at 11:48 am · ·

    Make no mistake, like father, like son. Arrogant, sneering entitlement of the venal British Rentier classes drips from both of them.

    Pinocchio. I can actually spell it but can either spell or exhibit, truth, morality, human empathy, fairness or humble. Not likely.

    1. Like farter like sin. Batty self declared EU Superstate lovers. The sin said approx or exactly “if we did not have the EU we would have to create it”. FACT. Gave tit bit re the farter earlier today. Like farter like son also re alleged philandering of the farter, well known re the sin…. that’s why other than the long long list earlier… bigotry, racism, hatred of the poor, insensitivity to his own young daughter, etc etc cannot be trusted with anything, let alone deliver what he is DETERMINED not to deliver : BREXIT.

      Other than long lists of badness, Piffle the piffled pif-feller BloJobson is clearly quite brilliant.
      Brilliant pretender. Brilliant deceiver. Brazen liar about anything for no reason. Even WMD Tory Bliar, lies to get super rich, befriend despots, beg and bend over to become the first (“traffic stopping” ©️David Milliband) glittering grand empress of the European Superstate, or to betray Ruppy Mudrock with Dengy Wenky of the fine reflexes.

      But Boris Johnson, the “Epic Europhile” ©️ Louise Mensch and the one brought up on “EU MILK” ©️ Pascal Lamay ex EU Commissioner & WTO Head…that BORIS JOHNSON is brilliant at putting himself before, girlfriends, partners, wives, children … even 10 year old ones … the Johnson before everyone. Even before the whole country.

  4. London Bridge terrorist has just given BloJob a massive boost – in a week when he’s looked like a complete wanker he’s just been given the perfect opportunity to look all serious and prime ministerial.
    Fuck’s sake it’s probably worth three seats to the Tories.
    Watch them fucking milk it.

    1. David He will not look to clever when the downgrading of the threat level is scrutinized….trained officers stood down DIY take down a Terrorist by the public…..but you are right Corbyn will still catch it from the media….But it doesn’t have to be this way if we show truly righteous anger when we are on the TV from someone who actually believes in the people rather than the usual carreerist mps we have in droves.

    2. This was a cast iron false flag attack, staged to save the Tories when they’re election campaign is going tits-up and Labour’s coming up fast IN THE POLLS, JUST LIKE THE MANCHESTER ARENA BOMBING IN 2017!!! Ffs!

      1. “This was a cast iron false flag attack,”

        I don’t agree, certainly not at this early stage. So far, it seems to be largely due to a catalogue of system/agency/Gov failures in a collapsing state. Of course, the most guilty is the perpetrator himself. The illegal murderous, destructive, destabilizing Middle East wars and subversion UK has committed, especially over the last two decades and Gov collusion with terrorists as armed proxies against non aligned Govs may be a factor.

        I am not a great believer in coincidences so I remain open minded.

      2. tinfrom,
        Presumably there will be a full and transparent inquiry, wont hold my breath in either respect. I am very uncomfortable with how the suspect was shot dead though, after a long, close contact scuffle in which it appears the suspect was disarmed and presumably cuffed/immobilised… I don’t think we should be complacent about possible implications of the death penalty being publically executed in such circumstances with no trial.
        It will be interesting to see what detail emerges in future.

  5. ”in a week when he’s looked like a complete wanker”

    That’s been every week since 1976 at least!!

  6. On a more serious note, de piffle will probably try to pin it on khan. Knife crime statistics ‘n’ all that….

    And that fella that took the knife and ran with it is a VERY lucky lad…

    1. There’s something extremely suspect in the way he was allowed to remove evidence from a crime scene. One hopes it was returned to the police…

  7. Hearing the Johnson clan pfiffle and pfaffle is an eloquent reminder that their politics, and that of their exploitative and dishonest supporters like the Chief Rabbi and Stephen Pollard who pretend to speak for ‘the Jewish Community’ are far closer in their views to the perpetrators of real antisemitism throughout history than Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party could ever be.

    1. Yes but anti-Semitism isn’t the issue they are concerned with, it is that British/western/allied foreign policy remains on course. The British entitled Rentier classes have lived off brutally oppressing, repressing, impoverishing and exploiting much of the world for centuries. Only the methodology and broad alliances with like minded foreign Rentiers and robber barons has changed, their collective exceptionalist ‘values’ remain deeply entrenched.
      Now they are also impoverishing and hollowing out their own ‘first world’ countries in the modern wealth accumulation siphoning system.

  8. This muppet erroneously believes that the ability to spell Pinocchio is an indicator of intelligence. What if someone were highly intelligent and yet had a learning disability such as dyslexia?

    1. David Chritos….Anybody with a disability unless wealthy are screwed if the torys get in….Thats why I am getting angry the nearer we get to the election

  9. All the Johnsons are EPIC Europhiles. Daddy BloJon was a founder member of the Pro EU Superstate group. So extreme was their Superstate planned treaty, it had to be broken into two. One of which was Maastricht

    As badly disrespected those in our heartlands are by the Islington brigade. they will be DESPERATELY disappointed with Johnson. BORIS will NOT deliver BREXIT.

    We can help Jeremy to fight for what he has always believe, instead of being pulled to where he obviously and rightly does not want to go. But no one on earth can reform Johnson. He is an inveterate liar. He lies for fun. He is a disturbed person. It is cloaked in buffoonery but the bigotry, racism, homophobia, heartless words about Hillsborough, misogyny, downright nastiness, degrading language about single mothers and their children being illegitimate while his own 10year old daughter is illegitimate and her mother (an affair) was made illegitimate by him.

    So what does that say of his regard for the single mother of his daughter and the feelings of his OWN 10 year old child…. Ah! But BORIS is sooo funny. That’s what we need to help our homeless, our housing less, the school place shortages, the stretched privatised by stealth NHS , the sweetheart HMRC deals with the big corporations, the street crime, fuelled by his confessed drug use and that of the coke head Gove and self-confessed “were always off our heads” David Cameron ©️2019,…
    the terrorist attacks during Conservative Governments … Don’t say Bliar, same thing. Thatcher claimed her spawn and the WMD famed creature just hissed again recently, that it prefers Johnson to Jeremy. All these attacks take place when CONSERVATIVES ARE WRECKING the country. But Johnson is soooo funny.

    Leave voters in the Heartlands, lets end the same old same old trickle down ThatcherJohnson claptrap & fraud.
    Many here in London, even ex deep Tory-land (location – not belief) and Islington me, respect and feel SURE your decision is the right one for the whole country and the poor countries that the Europhile are always bleating about. The exploited rest of the world needs fair non protectionist trade. NOT FRAUDULENT SCAM “Foreign Aid”.

  10. Their sense of entitlement is profound, they totally believe that tax-payers r stupid. These people need a lesson in how to use power from JC

  11. I always thought that their was a law against inbreeding,if not then lets get it in the manifesto.The father of that brood should be ashamed of himself.!

  12. And I thought that Stephen Kinnock wandering around with his dad in tow at the last election wa bad look……

  13. This Brexit thing..Are Johnson and his cronies so desperate to leave because the E.U. are going to change the rules on off shore tax havens?..Or have I got this all wrong?…Can anyone answer this?..

    1. You know I saw three tweets yesterday saying EU Parl had voted down the rule changes you mention but I have been unable to find the tweets again… strange because have a limited number of accounts I look at though not on twitter myself so don’t follow anyone in twitter sense.

    2. It is purely long planned pretence to become a TORY PM.
      Johnson never was nor is, even a Eurosceptic, let alone a Europhile. He and his dad, both despicable in despising anyone with less money and education than they have love the European Grand Project. Sadly JC by doing exactly what BloJob expected, ie bullied into supporting remain. BloJob gets to act the “they r stopping me delivering what u voted for”. JC should call the John’s bluff. If Brexit is EVER delivered in ANY meaningful way, it will NOT be by Johnsons. Shame our traditional voters are understandably torn as BloJobJon acts and lies so well. I urge people to read up on BloJobs own words re his EU sceptic act. Read the surprise of Nicholas Soames, Pascal Lamay, Louise Mensch and his journalist colleagues. The earth has never supported the combined weight of such EU Superstate devotes in one family, The Johnsons.

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