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Video: on day Johnson’s NHS lies explode in his face, the BBC shows… him discussing how to put jam on a scone

BBC’s shameful abandonment of general election impartiality continues

On Wednesday, Boris Johnson’s lies about the NHS blew up in his face.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn revealed unredacted meeting notes that showed the Tories are at an advanced stage in negotiations to sell out the UK public to Donald Trump by forcing the NHS to buy expensive US drugs and parcelling out NHS contracts to US corporations.

And in Cornwall, a Johnson PR stunt backfired – again – as nurses challenged him to explain why he has suddenly found a ‘magic nurses tree’ as well as a ‘magic money tree’ – and at least one even refused to shake his hand because she doesn’t trust him.

Not only did the BBC fail to mention Johnson’s NHS embarrassment and its political editor Laura Kuenssberg spend considerable effort in dismissing the significance of the Tory-Trump talks – but the BBC’s @BBCPolitics Twitter account spent its time showing video of Johnson eating a scone and discussing whether to put jam or cream on first:

Labour’s Louise Haigh was stunned:

It was a day of utter scandal for the BBC – as the broadcaster was also revealed to have lied to Labour about Boris Johnson’s intention to appear for a tough interview with Andrew Neil, in order to secure Jeremy Corbyn’s participation.

Johnson had made no such commitment – and still has not – yet the facts only came out after Corbyn’s interview was broadcast and the whole media estate had used its contents for yet another wave of attacks.


The more the Tories fear defeat in this general election, the more the BBC is revealing the full extent of its rottenness, bias and disgrace.

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  1. This is the dirtiest election in history of Britain and the BBC will never be forgotten or forgiven along with the establishments MSM I hope we don’t hear those words “its the Beeb that won it guv” ?

    1. Nor are we likely to see a Sun headline on 13th saying “it’s the Jews that won it!”

      1. I wont copy/paste your comment but edit it for more than one reason.

        Nor are we likely to see a Sun headline on 13th saying it’s the racist and vicious western led axis imperialist establishment complex that won it!

      2. The Jews and their tragic history have been shamelessly used as a political weapon with which to beat Jeremy Corbyn.

        The legitimate fears of that community have been used in furtherance of a totally illegitimate purpose,with little or no regard to the effect that this has on the lives of individual people within it.

        There is not much that is more antisemitic than that!

  2. Pounds rising….BBC business online section by Faisal Islam reports that apart from discussing pharmaceutical prices their is no secret plan to sell off the NHS in the documents the Labour party have got.Well I suppose we and the business community should be reassured by that little gem from Faisal and the good old reliable BBC.Doesnt it make you proud to be British?…..And then I woke up to a living nightmare of a Tory Blitz against the last chance for Britain ,The Labour party…

  3. Yes Laura Kuensbergg bent over backwards rubbishing the unredacted report re Bojo & Trump: On Twitter she tweeted unredacted reports ran to “July 19” when actually they run from July ’17 to November ’18. So what is Kuensbergg saying?

    1. What I found astonishing was Kuenssberg claiming that what Corbyn had produced did not show Ministers approving the proposals.

      FFS. Does she serious expect us to believe that a bunch of rogue civil servants have been conducting unauthorised trade talks with US officials for three years?

    2. Posted several times before on Skwawkbox:
      VALUE our traditional voters. They are the people our party was established to serve. Taking the Midlands and North for granted, as if our niche preoccupations are worth more than the LIVED experiences in our heartlands, is Blair without the toe curling theatrics.

      Arrogance created the laughable and rightly laughed at “constructive ambiguity”. Why be ambiguous over a clear decision❓Why act as a mop for a long running Tory quarrel and Tory CAMERON created EU Ref debacle❓
      Why should we not give clear feedback re the ridiculous fog at once, rather than forever fearing an already hostile press❓ How disdainful to believe we in the metropolitan areas have unique wisdom? NO! WE DON’T!!!

      And why be preoccupied with niche issues rather than FOCUS on the obvious, TANGIBLE concerns of the many❓Universal concerns that affect THE MANY eg SOLUTIONS for homelessness, stopping taxpayers money gushing away to outsourced Tory chums, FOOD-BANKS, Flammable cladding on THOUSANDS of buildings. The floods YEAR AFTER YEAR and the victims of Tory neglect. The poverty in the schools. Working people needing Tax Credits. Amazon, Starbucks and Google NOT paying tax in proportion with their transactions. Sweetheart HMRC deals for the super big corporations. Bankrupting penalties for the small and medium sized businesses. Similar inequities… indeed iniquities in the justice system.

      Why can some of us not see that the niche concerns may often be erased when we erase for eg, the Iain Duncan Smith implementation of UNIVERSAL CREDIT❓

      WHY? Because, some amongst us are well meaning but more out of touch than they realise. Their ideas are unchallenged in their groups. GROUP LACK of FRESH THOUGHT. NO MEANINGFUL SCRUTINY.

      URGENT: Go up North NOW and LISTEN‼️
      A B S O R B ‼️‼️ L EA R N ‼️‼️‼️
      before it is too late🌹🌹🌹

      1. “URGENT: Go up North NOW and LISTEN‼️
        A B S O R B ‼️‼️ L EA R N ‼️‼️‼️
        before it is too late🌹🌹🌹”

        A bit late if LP hasn’t got that covered in a long anticipated GE with two weeks to polling day… I’m sure they ‘listened’ but did they hear is the real question.

        Corbyn is the leader but he isn’t ‘the party’.

  4. Recently unearthed comments by Johnson

    Boris Johnson branded the children of single mothers “ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate” in a magazine column, it has emerged.

    In the same column, he argued it was “feeble” for a man to be reluctant or unable to “take control of his woman.”

    He said it was “outrageous” that married couples should fund “‘the single mothers’ desire to procreate independently of men.”

    And he said a way needed to be found to “restore women’s desire to be married.”

    After saying working class men are “likely to be drunk, criminal, aimless, feckless and hope- less, and perhaps claiming to suffer from low self-esteem brought on by unemployment.”

    He added: “If he is white collar, he is likely to be little better.

    “It is no use blaming uppity and irresponsible women for becoming pregnant in the absence of a husband.

    “Given their natural desire to have babies, and the tininess of what the sociologist William Julius Wilson has called the ‘marriageable pool’, it is the only answer.”

  5. The Guardian recently reported that the issue of drug prices was brought up spontaneously on the doorsteps (presumably by Conservative activists).

  6. BBCs modern twist on ‘bread and circuses’? That seems to be all it is offering in this GE… the chief establishment propaganda outlet doing what it has always done but in extremis in these times of major crisis of financialized Capitalism and flourishing of alternative perspectives that challenge the long established status quo of hegemonic big media deception and spin on behalf of the ‘ruling classes’.

  7. We the people should have more control over the public broadcasting organ that we finance with our taxes.

    It is totally obscene that the BBC all too often employs Tory ratbags like Kuensberg to degrade, distort and debase our political discourse.

    The Leader of the Opposition releases a veritable bombshell and all our public broadcaster can do is ruminate on how the idiot clown BlowJob cannot decide whether to put cream or jam on his scone first!

    An incoming Labour Government MUST hand the BBC over to popular and democratic control.

    1. One sure way of getting the BBC under control, is to stop paying for a TV License!
      Stop watching, and go to other legal means of catching the news etc., such as youtube, Netflix, and Amazon – even Sky, god-forbid! Just cancel your TV Licence – and if enough p[eople do it, the BBC will soon start screaming when their actions hit them in the pocket!

  8. Just came across the following Guardian article in which the BBC claim that they DIDN’T tell Jeremy and his team that Boris Johnson had confirmed:

    Jeremy Corbyn’s team agreed to take part in the series of one-on-one interviews with the journalist after the BBC told them the prime minister would definitely be doing a similar broadcast next week. However, a BBC source strongly denied they had told Labour that Johnson had confirmed.


    They are obviously lying through their teeth, as there is no way on this earth that Jeremy and his team would have agreed to do the interview with Andrew Neil unless they had been told that Johnson would be doing one of course. I mean the very idea that they would have said to Jeremy and Co that Johnson hasn’t confirmed yet, and Jeremy agree to do an interview anyway is just absurd and totally improbable.

    It was of course all a set up. And it goes further than just the BBC and the Tories, and I have no doubt whatsoever that Rabbi Mirvis and the Times conspired in the op as well, and it is no coincidence that he happened to write his article – his demolition job – for the Times and that it was published the night before (and that it was all over the media by the next morning) Jeremy was launching the Faith and Race Manifesto AND then doing the Neil interview. And Andrew Neil knew of course that Jeremy would decline to apologise in relation to what Mirvis had said – and so he could then ask him repeatedly – because the claims made by Mirvis were completely false and unfounded.

    I don’t know when the launch of the Faith and Race Manifesto was first announced/publicised by Labour, but I doubt it was more than a few days beforehand, but the whole thing would have been organised several weeks before, and I have little doubt that a Blairite mole working inside the party passed the information – and date! – onto those conspiring to destroy Jeremy, and THEN Jeremy and his team were approached and the Neil interview arranged et, etc, etc.

    Yep, the Dirty Tricks brigade strike again!

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