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Analysis shows Tories’ Facebook ads have swerved to defending their seats – ‘Something has them spooked’

Major switch to defending Tory seats – including some with significant majorities – over last week

The Tories’ huge spending on Facebook ads has taken a sharp swerve over the last seven days, according to analysis of their Facebook targeting – suggesting, as an analyst of the figures has observed, that:

Something has them spooked.

Twitter user @Centrist_Phone, apparently a statistician, has been tracking the Conservatives’ spending on constituency-specific Facebook advertising – and noticed the dramatic change:

‘Dr Moderate’ noticed that the Tories had been winding their neck in – lowering their ambitions and switching away from all but a handful of leave-heavy Labour marginals

A few hours later, new data made clear what it was that has the Tories spooked:

Labour’s has closed the gap on the Tories significantly and consistently over the past week – and not even the Establishment’s most desperate gambits have changed the trend.

It’s on. Stay focused and give it everything between now and 12 December.

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  1. And out come the polls rallying to the cause aided and abetted by the establishment broadcasting machines the MSM and that old establishment broadcasting corporation propaganda machine the wonderful BBC….Its now the referendum of the intelligence and morality of the British public….?

  2. Analysis shows Tories’ Facebook ads have swerved to defending their seats – ‘Something has them spooked’

    Probably the very polling that the MSM-billionaires finance with citizens who use landlines. Even here, this tremendously loyal conservative demographic/segment isn’t buying the Cummings/BloJob Conservative message

    McDonnell and Corbyn were right: we must stay focussed on the issues and comletely POSITVE. Only Labour’s manifesto addresses the climate emergency, the poverty traps built into our rigged economy and the many and various community and family issues that the country must fix.

    TWO WEEKS to go – please make them count.

  3. ” out come the polls rallying to the cause”

    No they haven’t. They are showing what might have given the Tories a bit of a wobble : some narrowing of the gap between the two parties, if the extremes are discounted.

    This may reflect Johnson#s car crash on Friday, which provoked the establishment god-botherers into action on Monday.

    It remains to be seen whether the latter will have had any effect. My optimistic side says that people may be getting more wised up about the antisemitic scam – it is becoming so obviously a partisan set-up..

      1. The CAA have organised a demo for the 8th which will undoubtedly get shed-loads of coverage by the corporate media and the semi-corporate BBC. THAT’s why they are doing it, cos they know that it WILL!

  4. The “Torygraph” today leads with an interesting story. Apparently Dominic Cummings thinks the election is “too close to call”

    This is a very different story to the leads of other Tory papers, of a poll that predicts a 68-seat majority for Johnson.

    A discrepancy of this magnitude cannot be explained away by reference to differences in sampling methodology.

    Of course the Government commissions its own private polls and their results are not communicated to the public.

    I smell a rat. Someone is lying.

    There is also the story that Cummings has been sacked from his job as senior advisor to Johnson. Maybe he might just have inadvertently spilled the beans…….

    Remember Pompeo’s declaration that he would stop at nothing to prevent Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister of the UK

    Looks like the Great Puppetmaster might also have caused Mirvis and Welby to move.

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