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Excl: BBC covers up as Cornwall NHS staff refuse to shake Johnson’s hand

Staff tear into Tory PM over false promises and cuts

On the day when Jeremy Corbyn dramatically revealed the Tories’ secret documents on their sell-out of the NHS to the US, Boris Johnson appeared at West Cornwall hospital in Penzance in another attempted PR stunt.

It backfired spectacularly. Again.

NHS staff tore into Johnson about his sudden promise to magic up thousands of nurses after a decade of understanding:

So you have a nurses tree now as well as a money one?!

At least one nurse refused to shake his hand because she doesn’t trust him:

But in spite of its obvious relevance to the huge revelations about the Tories’s negotiations with Donald Trump about NHS ‘markets’ and drug prices, the BBC has not mentioned Johnson’s roasting. A search of the BBC News website reveals no relevant results:

The BBC News channel has not mentioned it.

And yet we know the BBC was there. A BBC reporter put out an anodyne tweet about locals telling Johnson about bus services:

But not a word about the only interesting event during Johnson’s stage-managed visit – the outrage of NHS staff that the untrustworthy Tory showed his face to tout his fake nurse promise.

Yet again, the BBC is covering for Johnson’s unpopularity and inability to meet real people.

This election is the Establishment vs Corbyn and the few vs the many.

As it has ever been.

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  1. I am absolutely sick of the BBC ‘s pro Tory bias , the editing”mistakes” etc.They really have tied their colours to the mast.
    I believe that their blatant electioneering for the Tories is in breach of the BBC’s charter and the election rules. I have made complaints about the way we have been treated in the past but got the standard brush off
    I think there is little we can do now – any collective action would be portrayed as an attempt to silence critics – but once we are in government we need to take urgent action to ensure this never happens again.

  2. 😀 Anyone want to chill out with Boris for over an hour 😀

    ‘Boriswave’: Johnson quotes sampled for hour-long dance track

    The Conservative Party has shared an hour-long dance music track which samples Boris Johnson, in an apparent effort to attract younger voters.

    The song, which was posted to the party’s YouTube channel, uses segments of the Prime Minister’s speeches and is captioned: “lo fi boriswave beats to relax/get brexit done to”.

    The music video is accompanied by a moving image of the Prime Minister checking notes while sat on a train and lasts for over an hour and 11 minutes.

    1. Relax to??
      Lol would an hour listening to that not be classed as self-harm?
      There could be no other reason to listen to that buffoon’s verbal diarrhea

    2. On eleven.
      On a loop.
      On a boombox.
      On Thatcher’s grave.
      Karma 🙂

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