Orthodox Jewish man threatened over appearance with Corbyn

Orthodox Jewish Londoner receives threatening call after appearing with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Police involved

Shraga Stern, third from right, with Jeremy Corbyn at Finsbury Park Mosque

Orthodox Jewish activist Shraga Stern received a threatening phone call after appearing with Jeremy Corbyn to support the Labour leader after Corbyn was violently assaulted during a recent visit to Finsbury Park Mosque.

The day after the picture was published, Stern received a call at around a quarter to eleven in the evening, from a withheld number. According to the crime report, the anonymous caller told Stern:

You’re pictured with Jeremy Corbyn… Shame on you, be careful.

The incident report also outlines Stern’s “alarm and distress” at the abusive call and his willingness to cooperate fully with the police investigation.

The incident came less a week before Jewish Voice for Labour Chair Jenny Manson received a vile, antisemitic message from an anonymous caller as well as a similarly appalling email.


  1. The only thing that surprises me (or perhaps it doesn’t) is that the pro-Palestinian anti-racists have largely been ignored in this publicity over every Facebook nut-job.

    … but, there again, that would destroy the narrative of the isr – ael lobby, wouldn’t it.

    One thing to pick up – on this day following yet another *real* *right wing* atrocity (yes – beware of crying ‘Wolf!’ for sectarian purposes) : isn’t this a bit skewed :

    “The caller also appeared to think that Stern was pictured holding hands with a Muslim women next to him, but a proper inspection of the photo shows clearly that this is not the case.”

    Who gives a f. (apart from racists) whether this was the case or not?

    *That’s* the point!.

  2. Who is targeting left wing Jews? Maybe the same people who are targeting right wing Jews masquerading as Corbyn supporters? Time to compare notes if we genuinely want to stamp out dangerous and threatening personal attacks on all Jews.

    Someone once made a threatening phone call to me but I took the power; I said are you a coward?
    Why don’t you give me your full name?
    They immediately hung up, I won.
    Don’t be afraid of little people.
    We are the many they are the very few!

  4. It still astonishes me that the Jewish community is so obsessed with the Left who favour the Palestinian cause, that they completely ignore the very much more serious problem with Rightwing White Supremists. They ignore the Torch lit marches in old Nazi uniforms in Kiev and the ground swell of anti immigrant rhetoric and Actions across Europe, from rightwing governments in Hungry and Poland and a vicious sentiment in Germany which looks back at the old 3rd Reich. Belgium, always a hotbed of fascism, is the same. And in France, if and when Macron collapses? The old Europe of the 1940’s isn’t that far away, within living memory when there were fascist gove4nments across much of the Continent, some of them enthusiastically supported by the population – From Belgium to Germany, Poland and Hungry. There wa# no arguing with the Red Army when they arrived but over the decades the resentments build and mad cap ideas emerge – like massacring innocents for good TV.
    Yet Dame Margaret feels sure that the real problem is Corbyn, a ‘gent’ of the old school (honesty) IMO. WHY doesn’t she concentrate on the real threat? What is going on? Are they just so heavily bribed by Israel or are they profoundly daft?

    1. Paul – I think that you’re swallowing the right’s definition of ‘the Jewish community’.

      That definition is shaped by the BoD establishment and the pro-Israel lobby. It’s actually an exclusionary, political and racist definition. The *actual* ‘community’ is far more diverse.

      The problem is that the right-wing definition is accepted and promulgated by almost the entire MSM. Thus the deception.

      For a wider reality – look at the JVL and sundry postings on YouTube and other media for a voice.

      Also note the venom directed by that establishment directed at the left-wing anti-racists who happen to also be jewish – see, for instance Jackie Walker, Asa Winstanley, Tony Greenstein etc.

  5. This is, frankly, further evidence that the anti-Semitism issue is based on very dubious foundations.
    This assault on Mr Stern – because that is what it is – deserves nothing but contempt, and I am very happy to stand in solidarity with him against such reprehensible behaviour.
    In the same way, I also stand in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters in the face of yesterday’s appalling terrorist attack in New Zealand.
    Racism is a proper, fully paid up right wing activity, and we should never forget that.
    Anybody in the Labour party or the left in general who shows racist tendencies is obviously in the wrong place.

    1. Yes. I’ve cupped my hand round my ear, but still not been able to make out Margaret Hodges screams of protest on that one.

  6. … and on the wider issue of coverage of the ‘antisemitism’ issue : has anyone caught any coverage in the Groan of Asa Winstanley’s suspension from the Party?

    Now, this ‘organ’ (appropriate term) prides itself on its defence of ‘independent’ and ‘courageous’ journalism that kicks against the pricks in charge.

    … but, perhaps, mentioning Asa Winstanley’ independent and courageous pro-Palestinian journalism was a bit too dangerous to mention if it got to a wider audience ….????

    Or am I just an old cynic?

  7. In Constituency Labour Party Meetings members are advised & instructed not to ‘make waves’ & not to make any inflammatory statements. We are not to criticise Zionists nor support Palestinians or Chris Williamson, because MSM will use it against us & report it to the Jewish Chronicle.
    Do you dare ‘get up, stand up’, as Palestinians are being slaughtered in their own land?

  8. Yes, the pusillanimity of the NEC is becoming shameful and chronic.

    If there was a clampdown on genuinely ‘inflammatory’ statements, the JLM would be in a state of welcome silence.

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