Video: 86yo Tory voter on Johnson – he’s a ‘buffoon’ and an ‘idiot’

Molly Bennett from Hampshire tells Sky why she doesn’t want to vote for Boris Johnson – and hopes Theresa May’s husband is laughing ‘every time the buffoon puts his foot in it’

86-year-old Molly Bennett from Hampshire usually votes Tory – but she doesn’t want to vote for Boris Johnson because he’s a ‘buffoon’ and an ‘idiot’.

She also thinks Johnson and his supporters behaved appallingly toward Theresa May – and thinks May’s husband Philip will be laughing at Johnson’s inept campaign:

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  1. Christ! They’ve actually managed to have found one!

    ….And broadcast her!

    Game arl’ bird ‘n’ all. Made my day,she has 😀

  2. And people like her still vote Tory …Poor Teresa May and her wonderful tax dodging bankster husband.We are scraping the barrall if we think that sweet old ladys anything but a Tory supporter ,its a religion for them.. Not impressed with that report!

  3. Fuckin’ hell…Always something or someone ready to put the boot into the feelgood factor, isn’t there?

    Sky have managed to find AND BROADCAST the ‘contrary’ views of an OAP who DOESN’T say they’ve voted labour all their lives, but won’t because of Corbyn… And STILL the moaning continues.

    I’m perhaps the biggest cynic on here…But fuck me, moan for moaning’s sake? Wheesht!


  4. The Toffee….I lived next door in Surrey and I know a sweet old Tory when I see one,don’t like johnson she says but she will still vote tory and not be ashamed.and thats the problem we face.Some people especially in that part of the country think they are stepping down a bit to vote Labour…I was elected in Surrey and know what a soul destroying exercise it is to try to sell Labour to bigots.Yes really is almost a religion to them….Simple Snobbery!

    1. Fair enough, Joseph.

      How many complaints on here (And everywhere else) have you agreed with, that go on about vox-pops (From all channels) being stuffed with pro-brexit (former) lifelong labour voters who will not now vote labour because of their stance on brexit and/or Corbyn?

      It’s all of them isn’t it? Not a couple; you agree with the lot of them.

      So if I said to you that they’re all gonna vote labour despite what they’ve said on the telly; because people like that don’t change – would you believe it? In each & every circumstance?

      When I said people will turn away from labour over brexit in droves I was laughed at by the very same people who are now complaining about the amount of anti-Corbyn biased vox-pops in the tv.

      They’re complaining even though they were told what would happen. Yes – some HAVE said it’s because they ‘like’ boris but they simly cannot disagree that most of them are about the brexit 2nd ref policy and labour reneging on respecting the referendum result.

      1. You may be right and ignoring Seventeen million is a gamble and we might pay for that,but I would do almost anything for a Labour government and I am maybe becoming too wound up about the real and present danger to the country of a Tory regime.Keep posting I enjoy your sense of humour and some days I smile 😃 ,but less and less getting to the election.

      2. ‘Respecting the referendum’ = Country-trashing, total bullshit for consumption by Mail/Sun-reading Tory-voting Duggies who haven’t a clue.

        Don’t get sentimental – go with Labour.

      3. OK, rh.

        I’ll be keeping an eye out for the time when you either you yourself complain about the biased vox pops showing the instances I mentioned, or your posts in agreement with – or sympathetic to, them.

        And I’ll remind everyone of your hypocrisy – yet again.

  5. And while we are on about sweet Tory voting of ladys ,..we need to find a lot more sweet old ladys in Bolton Accrington,Wigan and Lancashire instead of piffing around Toryland listening to what the Torys think ,about Johnson….

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