Video: Tory chair ‘Notso’ Cleverly squirms on Newsnight over ‘fact-check’ scam

Tory chair left squirming

Experiencing serious challenge from media presenters is such a rare experience for Tory politicians that it invariably leaves them looking like stranded fish.

Tory party chair James ‘Notso’ Cleverly was no different last night when Emily Maitlis put him on the spot over the Tories’ desperate decision to rename their press office Twitter account ‘factcheckUK’ to mislead the public – while Boris was (to the audience’s great amusement) talking about integrity during the leaders’ debate:

Tories lie about lying. Vote Labour.

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  1. Well….What did the dunce have to say this time? Woulda been better if we could see his resulting squirm…Although in his defence he’s too f**king moronic to believe anything other than what comes out of his trap, the gormless bleeder.

  2. It’s becoming very clear that debates aren’t the real issue but the LibDem vote which ironically promises a hard Brexit and 5 years of Britain’s most right wing government since the 1820’s. Most LD voters are indeed ‘liberal’ but their Leaders aren’t! Every day the penny is dropping; Labour must take the fight to these Tory-lites.

  3. I thought dummkopf-schmitt was thick – until along came grayling.

    Then I though grayling was their main idiot – until up popped liz truss

    And I couldn’t believe it could get any worse – but along came raab; and then they made cleverly party chairman.

    …Remember this pearl fo wisdom from ress-smog?? How we laughed.

    Except even he actually believes in his own party’s self-congratulatory bollocks.

    Frightening, really. 😕

    1. I tell you what’s REALLY frightening.This from the excellent Peter Oborne in Tuesday’s Groan:

      A big reason for Johnson’s easy ride is partisanship from the parts of the media determined to get him elected. I have talked to senior BBC executives, and they tell me they personally think it’s wrong to expose lies told by a British prime minister because it undermines trust in British politics.

      I shit you not. Lies are now synonymous with British political credibility. If the Tories can drag the nation through the looking-glass like this and they manage to steal this election, we’re all going to have to take up arms pretty soon.

      The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum…

    1. Yes yes yes
      Get stuck into them, show you up with it you will not put and off they must fuck,

    2. RH 20/11/2019 at 12:25 pm

      Richard – You may find this article of interest, the comments section in particular is well worth a read. I found the comment by Pilgrim Slight Return that I have linked to below chimed quite closely with my own views.

      Also the results from the other four polls that took place last-night (as highlighted by Howard Reed) in the comments section are encouraging.
      “The YouGov poll was the only one of 5 polls to show Johnson as winning, and then only marginally. A full round-up of polls is as follows:
      Britain Elects (sample size 33,000) – Corbyn 57%, Johnson 28%
      ITV (sample size 30,000) – Corbyn 78%, Johnson 22%
      Martyn Lewis (23,000) – Corbyn 46% Johnson 25%
      The Times (8,000) – Corbyn 63% Johnson 37%
      You Gov (1,646) – Corbyn 49% Johnson 51%”

      In the article that you linked to Aditya Chakrabortty summed it up in his last two sentences “He [Corbyn] and his team have a fighting chance. But to take it, they need actually to fight.”

  4. Swinson’s virulent attacks on Corbyn could mean that if LibDems did hold the balance of power she’d be completely in Johnson’s pocket.
    There’d be no reason to offer any sham ministerial posts this time when she’s stupidly pissed away her only negotiating chip in a no overall control situation – the threat to put Corbyn in government instead.
    Johnson & Swinson both suffer from an excess of self-regard – I doubt he could bear giving her the title of Deputy PM and I doubt she could accept anything less – so a whole series of general elections could follow a no overall majority result.
    We could end up like Italy.

    1. I think we’re more likely to end up like Portugal with a stable left government prepared to be radical.

    2. Jo Swinson has got to be elected to her Dumbartonshire constituency first. It is by no means certain she will be because from what I hear the electorate in her constituency are naturally enough heartily sick of her.The chances are that the Lib Dems will end up with Chuka as leader. I wish them good luck with that. We are just so glad to be rid of him.

      1. 5.2% is the swing the SNP need to defeat her.
        Also, by no means certain that Chuka will be elected either.

  5. Twitter said it would take “decisive corrective action” if a similar stunt was attempted again, the BBC reported on Wednesday.

    “Twitter is committed to facilitating healthy debate throughout the UK general election,” a spokesperson for the social media giant was quoted as saying.
    “We have global rules in place that prohibit behaviour that can mislead people, including those with verified accounts. Any further attempts to mislead people by editing verified profile information – in a manner seen during the UK Election Debate – will result in decisive corrective action.”

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