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Outrage as desperate Tory press office renames its Twitter to ‘FactCheckUK’ to fool public during #LeadersDebate

Desperate Tories pass themselves off as independent – and get hammered for it

Actor Ralf Little made his own point by renaming his own account as ‘Conservative Press Office’:

The Tories have already been rightly shamed several times for putting out a number of fake videos and claims during the general election campaign.

Dishonesty goes from top to bottom of the Tory party – and never has it been clearer.

They are rightly being publicly slammed for it, including by actual fact-checking organisations.

How afraid they must be of the drubbing Jeremy Corbyn and his integrity are inflicting on the evasive and blustering Boris Johnson during the debate.

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  1. Where are plod how many times and why do we put up with it from the broadcasters and toilet papers,
    Its AS all over, its the financial crash was Labours fault, both of which came up tonight and were not kicked into touch
    At the next debate call out the lies, ask the host to put the record straight and be prepared to call him a liar and a charlatan and walk off

    1. I disagree Doug I was more than happy with the way Jeremy dealt with the questions/ Also I think it would be counter productive to walk off in a strop.

  2. Disgraceful but totally understandable that the Tories should resort to such dirty tricks given Jeremy’s superb contribution tin tonight’s head to head debate and the warm response to our policies he received from the studio audience.

  3. Smartboy
    Same old game plan from Tories and we dont deal with it
    How many lies were called out, why was the host not challenged for allowing it

    Did not mention Tory hatred of public services, record under investment in NHS

    Its not about me, it does not matter how i vote, what does matter are jobs and standards, what matters is clearing up this cheap and nasty Tory party Eton mess and putting 2 clear choices back to the people
    Then we can bring country together

    40 hospitals
    20, 000 police what was his record as mayor

    It will be the same again at next debate

    We have dealt with our AS problem and continue to come down like a tonne of bricks when any member falls below the highest standards we set ourselves, unlike the Tories led by Mr Johnson

    1. I think you are being a bit harsh Doug but I know that is because like me you are desperate for a Socialist government and are concerned that people will believe Johnson’s lies. I don’t think they will. I listened to the applause Jeremy got on most issues – the audience was clearly much more impressed by his answers than Johnson’s.He also came across as more of a gentleman than Johnson who was very impolite on a number of occasions.

      1. Agreed on result, agreeed on audience, that was noticeable,
        Just watch how its framed, it will be scored a bore draw, no mention of oft repeated lies and personal attacks due to complete lack of policies
        Did like the bit of paper detailing negotiations with Team America on NHS
        He is there for the taking and calling him a liar and a charlatan would be entirely justified

      2. You are absolutely right about how the reports on the debate will be framed – it has started already.Also Swawkbox has noticed that the You Gov/Sky on line poll showed was time that was before the debate started! The Tories and their allies are getting very anxious and in their panic are slipping up big time.

      3. Yes you can see the panic bubbling up. Priti Smirking Tiger Patel was photographed yesterday frowning angrily at a school boy without a hint of a smirk! First time ever!

  4. Surely it is illegal for a party to deceive the electorate by misrepresenting themselves in this way.

  5. Mr Far Too Cleverly looks into the camera and says deadpan ‘if we deem what they say is wrong then we will lie and cheat to Er, prove our point?’. With that and the Starmer video he suddenly doesn’t look so pleased with himself; the smile has gone from his face, it’s going to be a long 3 weeks for him, I wonder if he can make it? You can see a glimmer of panic in his eyes when he squirmed around the simple question; did he know? Turns out he did of course but My Goodness how he wished he could have insisted NO!

  6. As Cleverly become the most odious of them all?
    He’s an absolute obnoxious lying bull*****er and is one of many that are wheeled out to waffle and weasel their way around picking up the pieces after the many car crash interviews and policy announcements.
    He as no dignity.
    I wouldn’t be him for anything.

    1. He was clearly struggling on politics live earlier. He looked like a man trying to breathe under water!

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