Video: YouGov ‘snap poll’ saying Johnson ‘won’ debate shows time more than 1hr before debate took place

A ‘snap poll’ published by YouGov has found ‘viewers split on who won ITV general election debate‘ and states that Boris Johnson narrowly won among 1.646 respondents polled.

However, the date and time on the page highlighting the poll result is one hour and ten minutes before the debate started at 8pm:

The page has been archived here – and the SKWAWKBOX has made a video of the open page to show that the image above has not been doctored and that the page address is genuine:

YouGov has been contacted with a request for an explanation of the apparent anomaly.

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    1. This is a legal mine field, the betting on last night’s debate was based on the yougov poll. Now if anyone bet on that debate it is fraud by the poll . Just one person who bet needs to contact the bookies and get this can of worms open. I have this on sky bet as I checked last night. I’m sure a wee call from squakbox could kick things of, as the bookie will not want to be caught up in a betting scandals .

      1. Or better still contact the Gambling commission. If this proves true Yougov is in trouble.

    2. Paul

      I predict that in a last ditch attempt to win, Boris will have Parliament burned down on Dec 11th!

  1. Totally disgusting – who knows what they will do next to keep out a socialist government? I remember reading somewhere that government papers released under the 30 year rule showed that a military coup to displace HAROLD WILSON was considered because he was seen as a treat to the establishment . There are no depths to which the rich and powerful will not sink to safeguard their wealth and power and this fake poll is just an example of how low they are prepared to go.

  2. It didn’t need the 30 year as it was known about st the time (1968) and the various right wing groups, some Generals, newspaper owners were seeking to fly kites testing the waters and getting support. The highlight came when a group of 3 men , military and political media had lunch with the Queen Mother who they wanted to Head Up the coup. Famously she is said to have replied “Not today Darlings”.

    1. Didn’t know that Paul – thanks for the info. I am shocked that they were able to get access to the Queen Mother . I wonder how they managed it.

      1. The Wikipedia entry is under Harold Wilson Conspiracies. The 1968 Plot is number one. He was of course the well known Marxist, Senior Officer in the KGB, Socialist Left Winger, very brainy – a danger to Queen and Empire, MI6 were quite sure of that even before he became Prime Minister. In May the big wigs got together and said they had to gather forces, soldiers and newspapers as Wilson was about to strike! Or the lower classes were behaving In threatening ways. Out of several very big wigs there was Huw Cudlip, Cecil King the biggest publisher in the country – and Enormous Wig, Lord Mountbatten, the Queen’s Uncle – he however withdrew with another when they decided the discussion was Treason. The others carried on with one crazy idea after another over into the 70’s getting tied up with Ulster politics and growing ever closer to the military and Secret Services. In 1968. Paris was erupting as was America with assassinations , the Chicago Democrat Convention, anti Vietnam protests, Prague later. Their fat fingers were trembling on the triggers. There was fake news too; I remember my father showing me a creased and well read letter headed Ministry of Defence and marked Top Secret saying the Security Services were satisfied the PM had been a Soviet Agent since 1949 bla bla. Believe it or not it created excitement in the drinking clubs of the City where he worked. Just what they thought, a Commie Traitor probably recruited before the war. Harold Wilson suffered from constant sometimes clumsy surveillance and planting stooges in his midst. It made him quite ‘paranoid’ (which wasn’t true!). Every stroke pulled on Corbyn was pulled on Wilson. Interesting times, then and now. Plates are shifting.

      1. Do you remember the Mail and others raging about a photo of 4 (?) year old Princess Elizabeth waving at her Uncle Edward which, they said, Lefties had declared to be a Hitler salute? That was rubbish of course BUT what they never mentioned was that the Queen Mother WAS indeed giving a whole hearted Hitler salute. It’s a reminder of just how close the British Establishment came to accepting Nazi ideology in return for the extermination of Communism (led, the Nazi’s thought, by Jews). We were a breath away from sitting back and watching the fascists destroy the Soviet Union and European Jewry. If we had taken that route there wouldn’t have been much resistance; then as now Brits just ‘take it’ believing the educated know better than they do.

  3. Our leader is a clear threat to establishment,vested interests,the wealthy,and the Monarchy and the titled..They are throwing everything at us because they know that their days are numbered..we will loose the deadwood in the party along the way,but that can only strengthen the Labour party..I am convinced that the only solution for a modern society is a managed economy with more goverment input not less.The public have a choice,but they are not frightened enough yet,but they will be if they return anything other than a Labour government with a strong majority to rule..Lets hope that the fear factor and the penny drops before the 12th of December.The polls,the debates are all a distraction and only ‘re unforced the Status quo and the established order that has run this Kingdom for centurys.We have a chance this time lets take it and if we get in again then we really must Do somthing thats revolutionary and will destroy the establishment that are the true and present danger to the majority of this archaic kingdom

  4. Watching the debate clearly shows who owned it . Boris Johnson would not shut up when asked too. He was not credible, came across as not very coherent or detailed, Jeremy Corbyn has ( despite the media been dismissive of him )done a wonderful job, he and labour will win this general election. Contrary to what the likes of Jo Swinson think there are more important things that the public want doing something about ,our NHS, education, jobs, housing , social care . They want security and not inequality , where we all come together and get this country back on track. To get on with Europe whether we are in or of it.

  5. And expect to hear Professor SIR John Curtis on every MSM, as he is now this very second on Talkradio 07:22, regurgitating his same pro BloJob rubbish which he was throwing up last-night in every MSM studio.
    Beware every pollster & politician, Tory owned YouGov and the other john, Curtis, and Tory owned Bliar and Blanket, who are always on EVERY MSM, and NEVER forensically questioned.
    Think about it, if the Tory owned pollsters are sound, why don’t they believe their own pollster and stop speaking of the threat of a Jeremy government??? Are we not sooooo behind???
    Why bother to consort with ever dodgy oligarch, oil soaked stoners and headchoppers??? And, why bother to publish the YouGov 51/49 poll just repeated AGAIN on Talkradio to Curtis to spill his propagandist tosh??? Ah‼️ My goodness‼️‼️ 07:37 Julia Hartley- Brewer just admitted that she “would have given it to Corbyn”. So even JHB cannot escape the obvious that even a Jeremy in need of improvement, is a far superior debater than the overblown Johnson. Come Dec 13th, YouGov & in my opinion, dodgy suspect Prof SIR John Curtle, will all have to suck up their over recycled sick.

    1. Signpostnotwindchimes. . Even the public are waking up to the Hatred of socialism and the Labour party now shown by the flouting of Election law by the MSM and championed by the Tory party .This election bias,or”Hatred “of the party is even worse than the last election and thats saying somthing.Before we were a joke now we are a threat to the country..My thought are often coloured by the early years of the civil rights movement in Ulster and I am scarred both physically and mentally by the brute force of the British establishment when challenged by a political ideology opposed to the status quo.We are not there yet and many might say that the situation was different.How far will the establishment go to stop a Labour government.Vigilance is important and the safety of Corbyn…Worrying times and somthing is not the same as l ast time.How far will they go for a Tory regime with a working majority. and I don’t just mean disappearing ballot boxes or dead voters.resurected to vote Tory..We shall soon know.!

      1. ‘The brute force of the British Establishment’ is spot on. It’s unfortunate the election has squeezed out the Panorama programme on Army abuses in Iraq and Iran. The utter contempt for life and truth was outstanding. Nothing has changed in the UK since 100 years ago when the General in charge of the massacre of innocents in NW India was given a fortune by a grateful English nation and a State funeral by the Government. Then AS NOW they simply didn’t respond to questions put. When the right wing were determined to close down the enquiries set up by the Labour government they rounded on the human rights lawyers like Phil Shiner. Basically they were saying he MUST be buying complainants because he’s already stuck up 1,000. After that programme it seems perfectly possible that several thousand might have very good reason to complain. Summary execution, burning of houses and farms, helicopter terror raids that guarantee to leave bodies. Every night. And it’s POLICY not rogue soldiers. On Tuesday none of the right wing press mentioned it. The hysteria about ambulance chasing lawyers had vanished. England remains a very racist society that has barely moved on from the days and instincts of Empire. It’s Aristocracy remains in control after a thousand years since the Conquest now replenishing itself with hedge fund capital and tucking it away in tax havens. The country still retains powers for a monarchy and has an absurd 2nd Chamber where most members are simply appointed and others because they were born into the aristocracy. Elton, Trinity College, Guards, Tory MP, Lord Filth of Mucktree. It’s kinda funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

      2. The 1% will go to ANY lengths… Even to continue to shielding the Prince Andrew, or even make him disappear. He knows too much and has broadcast his limitless stupidity to the world. Not his fault. Andrew has inherited in abundance all the mal effects of centuries of ruthlessly enforced entitlement and centuries of inbreeding.
        As many MANY highly placed creatures WORLDWIDE are involved. Certain forces are DETERMINED to keep things EXACTLY as they are… eg international sec trafficking of children for the consumption by the 1%. A ghastly bit of baggage of discarded bric a brac, tried to argue on MSM, that Epstein’s trafficking of children for sex is NOT paedophillia. SO Andrew she implied was not friends of a paedophile, just a trafficker of children for sex. SO Prince Andrew is not a paedophile, I think i heard her say.

        Note well that Saville was tightly welded to the most powerful in the UK. Thatcher, The Police and royalty. Note well Rolfe Harris, the PR fellow… name slips me… ALL in the same super exclusive 1% Tramp and Annabelle clientele. Know them by the friends they pursue, adore, protect and keep.

        So that lot will do ANYTHING to keep the charade going – Conservatives or New Labour. Across the pond, Republican or Democrats. Same old same old. Different masks. Same muck.

        Don’t be afraid Joseph. Speak up. Speak out boldly. Those who don’t are more easily bumped off… in the shadows. Jeremy Corbyn needs to do same. NEVER be intimidated.

  6. At the very least shout it out from the rooftops, detail what will change under a Labour government to those who hold democracy in contempt
    The class of people who think they are entitled to rule and those who kowtow to them
    How low will they go, well this is fraud and corruption, so the question is what are we going to do about it,
    What can you threaten the millionaire disaster masters with, how about jail, at the very least get legal advice and put it out there

  7. Why do you have a visceral hatred of public services in general and the NHS in particular
    We know your priorities its tax cuts for the rich,
    Your a liar and a charlatan and when the dust settles we will see you and your like in jail for fraud and corruption

  8. Some things can’t be changed, BoJoke Won the Debate Category for being the most Obnoxious Liar, so that date could be months ago and relevant, for last nights debate! 🙂
    TBH these TV Debates are not effective for one they are far too short and what we saw last night should just be one round of several. There could at least also be a Solo round each where they can answer the same questions. Probably over a week if not one 3 hour debate.
    There is too much that needs to be discussed for that time frame, There should also be a round where the two of them talk to each other directly, seated relaxed and at a human level, I have a feeling that I know who will dominate that conversation!
    Nonetheless for me Corbyn won by a mile!

  9. For the next debate the microphones should be switched off if they (de piffle) persist in going over their allotted time, and/or continually repeating soundbites ad nauseam.

    In honesty Corbyn didn’t do as well as I expected also he still came out on top imo.

    1. Agree,I was a bit disappointed with Mr Corbyn but couldn’t believe how badly Johnson ,billed as the great orator,came across. Brilliant idea about microphones that cut out at the end of the allotted time,would love to see that. As regards Tories pretending to be a fact check site,I understand they were initially going to call it “Fact Hunt” but felt some might think it referred to Johnson.

  10. I am setting up a polling organisation called “OK Gov”. If Skwarky wants to commission a poll on some issue indicating of course what kind of result you would like I guarantee that I shall be able to provide you with a few interesting figures.

  11. “YouGov has been contacted with a request for an explanation of the apparent anomaly.”

    Has a reply been received yet?

    1. I note that the Groan has had a reply. Which is a more likely explanation than what would be a peculiarly inept – and also pointless – conspiracy.

      Occam’s razor :

      The methodology of YouGov’s sampling has been suspect for a long time, with its telephone polling clearly giving a bias towards the Tories in comparison with most polls. This is a much more believable explanation for their poll result than such a fix that would be pretty pointless in any strategic terms. A slightly different question, which, essentially, moderates political preconceptions and perceptions, actually gave Corbyn a greater edge in terms of performance – an illustration of how political allegiance.

      So – you don’t need a fix to explain result which is much in line with the expected situation in this election

      (Disclaimer : I don’t give a flying f. about YouGov’s reputation)

      1. For those who simply think that YouGov is simply the spawn of the devil or a Tory fix, this comment by Peter Kellner also puts a different complexion on the results of their poll :

        “Among voters who have yet to decide finally how to vote, Corbyn seen as winner by 54%, Johnson 38%, don’t know 8%. Mainly firming up wavering Lab supporters, but still significant.”

    2. ‘anomaly’ is one way of describing it, I suppose, ‘FRAUD’ is another!

      1. Only if you can substantiate it as willful manipulation more convincingly

  12. “No, we’re not planning a coalition with Sturgeon – and to answer your next question – no, we’re not plannning to bung Sturgeon OR the DUP a billion pounds to buy ourselves a majority – because we’re not a bunch of charlatans.”

  13. I get we play fair, we are honest and principled, we will be judged on our policies, which are progressive and desperately needed,
    Now what is wrong with calling a spade a shovel, people like to see you standing up for your beliefs,
    Your a liar and a charlatan and your party is fundamentally corrupt, now factcheck that

  14. If you hunt through the HTML for the 24-hour version of 6pm, “18:”, you find several interesting timestamps. The most interesting seemingly showing the content was created and last modified an hour before publication at 17:50:41 (line 597 and onward). Interesting:

    “dateCreated”: “2019-11-19T17:50:41.859804+00:00”,
    “dateModified”: “2019-11-19T17:50:41.859804+00:00”,
    “datePublished”: “2019-11-19T18:50:20+00:00”,

    “headline”: “YouGov snap poll finds viewers split on who won ITV general election debate”,
    “description”: “Snap YouGov poll reveals the winner of the ITV general election debate”,

    It could just be the clock is wrong on their content editing platform, though you’d then expect to find all their articles had the wrong timestamp.

    1. … and to be fair, the 51 to 49 “performed best” bar chart graphic on Cloudfront (GE2019%20ITV%20debate-01.png) used in the archived page has a HTTP last modified time of 10pm:

      Last-Modified: Tue, 19 Nov 2019 22:00:47 GMT

      A nice spot though on the article time given.

  15. It’s interesting that none of the MSM are taking on board ITV’s own poll of viewers that showed 78% thought Corbyn did best with 22% for Johnson. The Guardian dribbles on about the YouGov poll of 51-49% weirdly not commenting on the fact it was published BEFORE the programme even started. Apparently they all ‘reject’ the ITV poll because it’s ‘isn’t weighted’ (whatever that might mean!). Yet most people find 30,000 votes more telling than 1600.

    1. Do a bit of reading up on the basics of statistical sampling (I’d recommend ‘The Art of Statistics’ by David Spiegelhallter). It’s a self-selecting sample with no known parameters – even more deadly than an unrepresentitively stratified one. Another thing that isn’t all about size.

      If you think that the YouGov is untrustworthy – how much more must be the ITV result, given the current range of known allegiances!

      Also missed is the YouGov finding that amongst the ‘undecided’, Corbyn was rated as performing better by 54% Johnson’s 38%, and that in terms simply of effective performance, Corbyn again scores a lead amongst respondents. It’s not all the one way beloved of conspiracy theorists – a funny sort of bent result that overall awards Corbyn credibility – as do most commentaries I’ve read.

      1. Agree but my point is if the time on the poll is correct it’s betting fraud i.e. The fix was in,if that was any other bet the cops would already be called in. It proves the polls are a scam from yougov.

      2. In the great scheme of things, it wouldn’t be a criminal offence if it was a scam – and it’s nothing to do with betting.

        But the idea that it was a deliberate scam is pretty unlikely when all the poll information (favourable to Corbyn) is looked at (see other comments and articles). How the headline figure was reported in the press is another matter.The likely explanation is the one given – i.e.
        the way in which the internet pages were set up.

        It fails the test for a credible conspiracy theory.

  16. should have read”sex” trafficking. Please excuse other typos. sorry, too much multitasking.

  17. Doug, Definitely long jail stints & stop & search. Thats what Tories ALWAYS promise the poor.

  18. In a decent society, anti-semitic terrorist-cheerleading Britain-haters like Corbyn would be on the gallows.

    1. Sorry WHS, only the works of Shakespeare are accepted as proof of the Infinite Monkey Theorem.
      And that redundant comma… Jeezus.
      Keep trying though. We all like a laugh here 🙂

    2. Do you read the Daily Mail by any chance WHS, or perhaps the Daily Express, or the Sun maybe?

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