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Joan Ryan to step down at next election

Joan Ryan during a bizzare ‘CUK’ moment earlier this year

Former Labour, former TIG, former CUK MP Joan Ryan has announced that she will not stand again in Enfield North at the next general election.

It seems the demand for defunct MPs who quit their party after losing a no-confidence vote, call local Labour members ‘Trots Stalinists Communists’ [sic], make unlawful use of Labour members’ data and then refuse to give local voters a by-election is not that great.

Who knew?

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  1. Again if it wasn’t for MPs taking the actions themselves it looks like we would never have got rid of them.

    1. Labour List claims trigger meetings have not been as successful as expected. But then I am not convinced LL is impartial.

  2. If you want to know why she’s quitting, Just look into her hands and there is the answer, Yes, It’s there. 🙂

  3. I’m sure I posted a comment earlier about Ryan’s support for the racist State of Israel??? Did anyone see it?

  4. There was also a comment by rob about Ryan off to her little mansion in the occupied territory of Palestine, which seems have disappeared. What’s going on Skwawky?

  5. Back in the day in the 80’s Ryan was a councillor and vibrant force of nature for feminism that I’ve only seen in a few, whatever happened

    1. She could have been a reincarnation of Jesus for all I care, what she had become was a thoroughly objectionable 5th columnist.

    2. Tim – It’s interesting how often ‘feminism’ as a cause isn’t necessarily radical. It’s not difficult to come up with female PLP members who boast feminist principles, but who are less enthusiastic about other, more difficult, forms of discrimination like the Palestinian cause.

      But … perhaps, also, parliament can be very corrupting.

      What may be interesting is what Ryan does next. I doubt she’ll starve.

      1. It takes no intellect at all to understand feminism’s inherent rightness so activism itself is nothing to judge by.
        I don’t know her history but judging by her attempt to convince younger, probably smarter activists of the antisemitism of a Labour member who baffled her with very basic logic on West Bank settlements – and the puerile “it’s in your hands” thing – a five year old would humiliate her in a pub quiz.
        Presumably Blair selected his ‘babes’ to be reliable lobby fodder rather than future stars who might challenge him.

  6. Ryan like all of our treacherous mps was corrupt from the start of their carreers on the gravy train.What I feel sorry for is the constituencys that go into the next election with baggage like Ryan all because of the right wing death grip on the structure of the Labour party.I can’t imagine the hurt many feel at being asked to campaign for scum that I wouldn’t trust to look after my cat?

  7. Does this mean she won’t stand anywhere else? Or perhaps she has had an offer difficult to refuse?

  8. Oh dear, things aren’t going very well for Joan’s mate Netanyahu 😏

    Netanyahu has failed for the second time to build a 61-seat majority for his centre-right and religious bloc of parties. They are likely to have 55 seats, whilst the centre-left and Arab bloc of parties will have 56, leaving Lieberman exactly where he wanted to be, as kingmaker with 9 seats. Netanyahu’s Likud doesn’t even look like it will be the largest single party, with a projected 31 seats (down 4), behind the centrist Blue and White coalition, led by former head of the armed forces Benny Gantz on 32, down three

  9. Asa Winstanley has written an interesting article on Joan Ryan
    18 September 2019
    Israel loses its leading British MP
    A leading Israel lobbyist in the British Parliament will step down at the next general election – expected within months.
    Joan Ryan, longtime chair of the Israeli embassy front group Labour Friends of Israel, announced her imminent departure on Monday.

  10. It looks like the members of Enfield North are non too happy with the NEC’s input.

    Enfield North longlist excludes local Labour left from selection race

    Local members on the Labour left in Enfield North have been left off the longlist drawn up by Labour’s national executive committee (NEC), in what is being called another parliamentary selection “stitch up”.

    LabourList understands that Ed Poole, Maria Kyriacou, Mark French, Tolga Aramaz and Delia Mattis – all on the local left slate – have not been longlisted. Haringey councillor Khaled Moyeed and Momentum’s Laura Parker were not included either.

  11. The following have been shortlisted for Enfield North PPC
    Dean Gilligan
    Margaret Greer
    Sanchia Alasia
    Feryal Demirci

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