Swinson’s excruciating PR video self-own backfires entirely predictably

No, it’s not a spoof
The closing shot of the painful PR piece

Jo Swinson’s painfully embarrassing video with former Labour MP Luciana Berger has backfired entirely predictably, provoking both mirth and derision for its stilted dialogue and awkward performances – and for presenting an open goal to Swinson’s detractors:

The video served as a perfect tee-up for critics to point out the LibDems all-too-obvious failings – and previous damning comments about the party, not only by Ms Berger but by other defectors:

Some simply went straight for Swinson’s own personal record:

Others – hundreds – simply couldn’t help deriding the sheer, excruciatingly awfulness of the video, or of the thought of a LibDem ‘glee night’:

And in case anyone’s wondering, ‘Glee Night’ was just as awful as you might imagine:


The Twitter response was brilliant – but nobody parodies the LibDems as well as the LibDems.

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  1. What expression was Notwinsome aiming at in that first image? Coy?
    “OK, but tits first, handsome”…?
    There’s a picture of Giorgia Toffolo (I believe), further down the page – otherwise known as ‘the toffee’ – got the rarest form of self-aware-negative gene from both parents, and if SHE’S cringing what she’s looking at must be sphincter-clenchingly, rip-my-eyes-out-now, projectile-vomiting cringeworthy to actual, real people.
    ‘Liberal’ you say? ‘Democrats?” Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

  2. All the wasted airtime on the news re LibDem policy to redact Article 50 when they win the election.!

    When Hell freezes over.

    1. Just couldn’t watch the whole thing yet when I was 7 my uncle showed me where ha worked. It was an abattoir so I ain’t thin skinned but that was just too much for one set of bowels. Regards.

      1. My thoughts exactly. I genuinely had to switch off fairly early on as I felt embarrassed for them.

  3. I felt sick just listening to Swansong and cheeseburger…my god to think that people like that are inside our party and Jeremy as to smile and sit next to these obscenitys …I genuinely have to admire the guts of Jeremy Corbyn and the commitment to a new Britain . I couldn’t do it and many of us would give the traitors both barrels…Get the scum out of our Labour party and then we can work for a democratic socialist Labour government!

  4. A turn up for the books – even the Groan is unimpressed by the ConDems. Editorial :

    “The Lib Dems still have no distinctive pitch for issues beyond leaving the EU”

    … and an opinion piece on the dire situation in Palestine gets top billing!

  5. Only someone as duplicitous as Swinson can demand another referendum vote, then denying one, call it principled.

  6. This woman is more embarrassing than any other leader of the the Libdums, and there has been quite a few! She’s ridiculous!! Both of them in the clip are actually The clip is like watching 2 x 3 yr old at nursery playing politics!

  7. We can all come together to secure our bums on green seats while we abuse the Brexit circus to stop the only party from having a socially democratic state that reverses austerity, helps the poor and cuts us rich folks, (Labour).

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