Video: ‘absolutely bizarre’ LibDems try to row back on new Brexit policy (a day after making it) – AND keep it

Attempt to change and maintain direction at the same time described as ‘absolutely bizarre’ by BBC interviewer
Struggling: new LibDem recruit Angela Smith

The LibDems have been described as ‘absolutely bizarre’ on live national television after new recruit Angela Smith – welcomed into the party in spite of her infamous ‘funny tinge’ racism scandal and wearing an overdone orange pullover to better fit in at their conference – claimed the LibDems would still ‘prefer’ to have a new EU referendum.

One day after they formalised a policy of cancelling Brexit with no referendum instead:

No no no.”

“It is. It is.”

No, the LibDems’ policy is that we still prefer to settle the issue of Brexit in a new people’s vote, in a referendum.”

Party leader Jo Swinson yesterday confirmed unequivocally to the BBC’s Andrew Marr that the party now wants to stop Brexit and revoke Article 50:

So quite what the question would be in a referendum to ‘settle the issue’ that the LibDems have just said they’ve already settled isn’t clear.

What is clear is that the LibDems are all over the place – and u-turning so fast they’re in danger of spinning themselves into the ground.

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  1. Well Angela Smith specialises in fucking up on Day One, so what do you expect if you let her into your party?!

  2. … so I wasn’t wrong when I thought I heard Cuckup say the same thing.

    Looks like ‘cake and eat it’ time.

    … but I guess it got them noticed by the media (whilst coming up with Labour policy – a point that hasn’t been picked up in the media).

    Clegg to Swinson has now moved the ConDems way to the right (as well as setting off the insincerity alarm loudly).

    Sadly, after the O’Mara saga, I can see them getting back the Hallam seat, although it won’t be as easy if Labour clearly sticks to the referendum idea. In the past they depended on Labour votes to keep the Tories out.

    1. I was chatting to the Labour Candidate for Hallam over the summer (before Labour’s new Brexit position outflanked them on a 2nd policy. I asked her about libdem remainers in Hallam. (I know there are a lot of Labour remainers there – a lof of them are my pals.)

      She told me something I didn’t know, which is that in Sheffield Hallam there are a lot of rare creatures i.e. LibDem brexiteers.

      What? says I, How can this be….. ?

      Evidently it’s because Hallam LibDemmers are really Tories, but there’s no point voting Tory in Sheffield, so they have to be libdems instead.

      Funny old world eh?

      1. Yes, Bay – but it’s actually a fairly explicable – if ironic – world. Both Labour and Tory voters have *in the past* voted to keep the other out. This tactical voting is what kept Clegg in business.

        What happens next will be interesting, given the past gifting of votes. It’ s absolutely useless for Labour to go after Leave votes here – they could well revert to their normal Tory home – or – the same tactical voting will continue and they will stay with the fakers.

        So the strategy has to be more convincing than the ConDems to garner the Remain vote.

        Not much sign of Tory or Labour presence as yet – but the ConDems are putting a lot of continuing resources into campaigning.

        But, of course, O’Mara has really screwed things.

      2. Let’s hope Labour’s massive drive to rebuild the industrial base of the North East and other areas denuded of investment and employment for decades will have more influence than Brexit.

  3. Strong argument is made below: at least the Lib Dems are being honest in being so undemocratic. In reality ALL Remoaners are undemocratic because they want to have a second referendum BEFORE the first referendum is implemented in order to negate that first referendum. AND they’ll skew the second referendum question for good measure. Only referendum outcomes acceptable to the establishment elite are ever to be honoured.

    1. RE “Strong argument is made below”: you’re not doing yourself/ your arguing position any favours when linking to obnoxious right wing populism websites with no proviso – as you know, it’s just too easy to get the wrong end of the stick on the interweb.

      1. Spiked is the drug of choice for Koch-heads, don’tcha know?

  4. She’s not the sharpest crayon in the pencil case.

    So she knows that revoking art50 is not possible, just crazy electoral positioning by a party that no-one trusts. Even Angela Smith knows revoking art50 is as good as impossible.

    But she wants it, because it *WILL* do massive harm to the country, its future and prospects, so she cuts to the real-world chase (forgetting she’s supposed to quote the LibDems’ fantasy songbook), and points out that the chances of the LibDems revoking Art50 is zilch, not because they don’t want to, simply because they will never form (or be part of) the next government.

    The next government, of course, will be a Labour one – and it will (in line with its manifesto) call a Remain/rejoin without shengen and with £sterling Referendum, hopefully about three years into its nourishing and rebuilding administration – by which time pro-capital austerity will stop hurting so much and people will obviously vote remain.

    Labour might not be ‘a remain party’, but we’re not a dysfunctional idiot party like the tohriehys. Even the pink newspaper of Capital recognises that a Corbyn government is preferable to more tory dystopia and destruction.

  5. I can almost forgive Angela Smith because she’s simply a bit nasty and a bit thick, as for Jo Swinson she’s either after power, and I don’t believe she thinks she’s going to get it, or she’s just there to put a stop to social movement with Mr Corbyn at the helm, who happens to be a true Labour socialist. I think Swinson knows it’s the latter.

  6. And I thought liz truss was dense…

    I’ve seen brighter 1 watt light bulbs ffs. How could ANYONE from ANY party possibly campaign for THAT?

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